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Look out, Huck, Ron Paul's people are gonna be furious

OK, Disciples of Paul, here's the chance you've been waiting for to get Mike Huckabee, the only remaining contender between your guy, Rep. Ron Paul, Ron Paul Republican Party candidate for presidentand the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, that nobody senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Do you know what Huckabee wrote on Tuesday? You won't believe it. Seriously.

Because he needs the publicity and doesn't have the money to buy much advertising to convince the rapidly growing number of Republicans who see the former Arkansas governor as a lingering nuisance who can't take a hint that his presidential hopes are over, smoked, done, dashed, cooked, fried, kaput, finished, completed and hopeless, Huckabee has challenged McCain to a debate. Hey, it only cost a stamp.

Huckabee's letter says: "I believe a Lincoln-Douglas debate so that voters can better understand our views on critical issues such as health care, education, energy independence, terrorism and national security is just what we need."

Of course, the Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred in....

a U.S. Senate race. There were seven of them, each three hours long. (That was in the 1850s before commercials for bathroom breaks.) And, also, the Republican lost that race.

But nevermind, Huckabee wants the spectacle of a debate before next Tuesday's March 4 primaries, when his campaign hopes could become absolute cinders. He'd also like your online signature on the letter for publicity.

But here's the real outrage that will rock the Internet in the next few hours. After paying the now-required tribute to Sen. McCain as "an American hero," Huckabee writes:

"Now that the race for the Republican nomination is down to just the two of us, I believe this is the time for a real discussion about our vision for the future of this great country."

The two of us? As in 2? One more than one and one less than three? Huckabee has no idea what he is in for, dissing the party's other remaining candidate. Just watch the comments section below for a taste. He's completely disregarded the existence of the 10-term libertarian-like congressman from Texas. Who may not have a realistic chance of beating McCain either, but don't tell that to members of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Paul, by the way, has consistently raised more campaign donations than Huckabee for the last year -- five times Huckabee's total in the third quarter of 2007 alone and more than any other Republican last quarter, nearly $20 million.

Paul has been spending a good deal of time recently in his home 14th District where, like Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he's facing a serious party primary challenge next Tuesday because he's been spending a lot of time not in his home 14th District.

But that doesn't mean Paul's countless thousands of fervent followers are tied up. Huckabee doesn't know the meaning of evangelical until he runs into Paul proselytizers. First, they will spread word of this Huckabee outrage within their chatrooms, meet-up groups, phone chains and message boards.

They will start leaving hundreds, then thousands of comments on blogs like this. They will, of course, politely remember that this blog has resisted the mainstream media ignorance and written often about their man. So they will direct their displeasure at the Huckmeister.

If the Paulunteers can discover Huckabee's e-mail, he'll get an electronic earful. And once they find Huckabee's campaign schedule on his website and realize that the former governor is also in Texas these days, they will march on Huckabee's campaign events as they did Rudy Giuliani's.

And remember what happened to Giuliani's candidacy.

--Andrew Malcolm

Beautiful Republican woman

         Typical Ron Paul supporter

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I'd love to see this debate -- but only if it included Paul.

But Huckabee and McCain would both look moronic. I can see why they wouldn't want Ron Paul there...

Easy, Andrew, easy. :)

Dr. Paul will be back in it once he wastes Peden in the 14th race Tuesday. This was just shoring up his left flank against a neocon wannabe.

As for Hucky, the Panamanchurian Candidate won't debate him anyway since McCain will wind up looking foolish, especially after Dr. Paul's supporters infiltrate and crash the audience anyway. They both know this. Plus, the ongoing chaing of scandals involving McCain (Iseman, funds, eligibility, obnoxious introductory speakers, POW/MIA stuff, Renzi, etc. with more to come!) are starting to wear on him. A focused negative assault on him on those will finish him off, no matter what the delegate totals are presumed to be.

But Huckabee serves a different purpose, which is to keep McCain off-balance for a while and force a brokered convention, at which point all bets are off. Don't believe the delegate counts you read from the MSM, because they are not accurate and are only their political fantasy league. That's alos why Dr. Paul's supporters, while not liking Huckabee very much, is laying off of him as an ally of convenience. His presence in the campaign actually benefits Dr. Paul, at least for the moment.

This race isn't over yet, folks. Things.are getting interesting on the GOP. All the focus has been on the Democrats lately. After March 4 you'll see that completely flip as Hillary will be done and Huckabee will surprise and Paul will "return".

Stay tuned...

Ron Paul must be included in any debates. I hear he is a master debater.

THe seed has been planted, I am a Ron Paul Republican, and have altered my education, from bussiness to politics. Dr. Paul may not win the presidency, but in light of the Revolution, he has resparked the principle of the Framers, and the message will echo, for many many years. THe GOP will be temporaly disabled, or knocked out for a while, but over time, these ROn Paul republicans will take back liberty, and the GOP. Once we push them out, the Neocons will have a hard time finding their place again.

Huckster should be ashamed of himself after being virtually left out of that California debate along with Paul. Now he is leaving his fellow low covered in the MSM comrade out of it. Probably b/c he doesn't want Paul to expose his BIG GOVERNMENT liberality and PERSONAL LIBERTY CONSERVATISM right along side McShaim's. Saem goes for Obamanation and Billary....who all believe in LIMITED PERSONAL FREEDOMS and stealing the tax dollars of hard working Americans and sending their poor children off to be casualties in senseless wars they ALL have supported.

The greatest kind of debate would include all the candidates of all the parties BEFORE the conventions. I would LOVE to see how the potential nominees stand up against his/her most likely adversaries in Novemeber.

I would LOVE to see Ron Paul in this environment. He would shine...

I'm wondering, how many other Americans are experiencing the feelings of relief that I am, these days, since I turned off my TV, cancelled my cable, disconneted the video games, stopped the news paper and magazine subscriptions. I put my tv in storage & replaced it with a brand newcomputer & desk. Now my family gets our news & entertainment straight from the source. You know what ? I don't miss it a bit. Instead of coming home and sitting in front of that box that spews nothing more than lies, deceit, subliminal phsycological & neurological reprogramming of my our thought processes & habits, while stuffing our faces with all of that pizza, fried chicken, burgers & ice cream, cookies & chips that they tell us to eat, to make us keep self diagnosing ourselves with sleep or digestive disorders, "restless leg syndrome", hemmoroids, hormonal deficientcies, headaches, sinus problems, the choice of either using Condoms or taking treatment for STD's, depression or hyperactivity or any of the 2,000 other "ailments" they talk us into having and the products we "should talk to your doctor" about taking to keep them all in business so we can sit in their waiting rooms, waiting for hours, and keeping their privately owned hospital beds fulll, so that they can keep performing all of those "optional surgeries"(that are unnecessary) and writing prescriptions for the myriads of "mediciations" (that we don't need), so that the pharmeceutical companies keep running 3 shifts, so the big beautiful 24 hr "drugstores" can stay in business, ... Nah!
Not anymore! Now I come home, eat what my body needs, actually spend talking to and enjoying my family, taking walks, exercising, think about what I'm doing and eating & putting into my body. When and if I want, I can sit down at my puter & go wherever I want to go. My kids are making better grades, taking better care of themselves and can actually remember my name! ... it's great! Just last night I said to my wife, that had it not been for the way that the MSM had censored and abused my rights to hear Ron Paul's message, so that I could make an informed decission of my choice for President, that not only would I probably have never even heard of things like, the CFR, documentaries like "freedom to fascism", the NewWorld Order, Federal Reserve, I N C., fiat money, Nafta, SPP, TTC, oligarchy, hegemony, waterboarding, Bilderberger, zeitgeist, or this guy named Soros. To make matters worse, ... more than likely, I would have never even taken the time or trouble to learn who & what they really were! And I surely woudn't have spent the time to read... & re-read ... & then re-read again things like the U.S. Constitution, the "Federalist Papers", the Bill of Rights, & the Declaration of Independence. I would have never thought that I would learn anything from re-reading the History of the American Revolution, this time from the actual documents and historical facts, instead of the books we were given in school. Never would I have believed that my own government was capable of conspiracy, lying, cheating, misleading, murdering, torturing, abusing, its own peoplesorof selling us out! Wiping out 250 years of blood, life & limb sacrificed for individual liberty, freedom & rights set out & guaranteed by our Constitution. By what I have learned from the internet ... I am shocked, dismayed, terrified, disgusted & shamed by the realities of what our "real history" in the world has really been. My life is changed forever... and I fear for the future of my Country and for the futures of her children, for generations to come. ,

why shoud huckabee presumptualy include a political rival to debate mcain in a personal letter between thier two cammpains? I dont think huckabee has any reason not to debate Dr.Paul, thats up for ron paul to decide for himself

I am a former Romney supporter but have been fully converted to the message of Ron Paul. Mormons who have been alienated by Huckabee and alarmed by McCain might be interested in considering these thoughts:

In addition to campaigning for president and campaigning for his congressional seat, Dr. Paul actually represents his constituents. Just about an hour ago he was doing his job, calling Fed Chairman Bernanke to account for monetary policies during his testimony in Washington, D.C..
Did Sen. McCain work today?

It all about Paul's message, not about the person Ron Paul.
It is the only message of sanity on the political field these days.

All of this is only relevant if you trust the polls or more importantly the integrity of the voting Diabold machines.
We will never know how bad we have been deceived.
The press should be all over this hoax like flies on --it!!!!!
The truth hurts, and we need to feel some pain to make the gain in our growth as a country.
Debate? Instead of debates, why not challenge? Challenge is for all of us. Challenge the status quo in the press, in Washington, in the coffee shop, and in our own lives.
Wake up,"Tolerance is not ignorance"

Not all Paul supporters are nuts. They really want Paul to win, they are desperate, we are all desperate for someone new. And also, Paul supporters snapped out of the 'brain washed' "they hate us cuz we're free!" or "if its not an American flag, its a bomb!!!" mind set. . Paul supports get even more upset when the media totally ignores the man, the ideas and the responsibility of factual information. Shit rolls down hill man....


You rock buddy. Keep up the good work.

Just goes to show how endlessly shady politicians are.. I agree with most of the above. This isnt about Ron Paul to me.. I love my country and thats what Im fighting for.

Our future.

Revolution? You betcha. Ill bring my own gun and ammo.

I want my kid to grow up with her GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. Governments can only take our rights AWAY government cannot grant something GOD GIVEN.

Until we get rid of the Federal Reserve system, do not expect change folks... They print the effing money. Dont you think they get what they pay for??? There can be no liberty without honest money. We are slaves to the US government and nothing less.

This was a pretty fair article considering the others that have been published over the last few months. I've noticed a lot lately that words like "long shot" and "libertarian-leaning" have been missing from recent articles describing Ron Paul (this one uses "libertarian-like" but that's okay, I guess). Maybe that's a good sign that the media is changing it's attitude about the Ron Paul's campaign.

Anyway, I live in Texas. So time to spread the message! ;)


You'll go down in history as someone who cared about America. Thank you.

To Paul's supporters: after reading this, we can all thank Andrew... then ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES AND GO TO WORK.

By the way- to all of those telling us Paul supporters "'it's over" & "go home", I've got two words for you:

Get ready.

I will see you in texas huck!

-revolution supporter


Nice work again, Andrew! Thank you for your attention to Truth.

Well 7,000 people attending Ron Paul's last rally does show that Americans are still interested in Peace and Freedom, and therefore an American President (much like Thomas Jefferson) who will honestly and faithfully represent that!

I'm sure the good Doctor Paul would love to join McCain and the slick, but copy-catting Huckster in a true debate..oh, you remember the kind, right? Where everyone actually gets to give their answer to a question? Where one debater is not cut off by some moderator for speaking Truth?!

I don't count on this happening...but I DO believe that we of the New Revolution will make our presence known no matter what.

Dr. Ron Paul is the Ignition of Truth. WE are the Fire of Freedom!

"Go forth and set the world on fire!" ~ St. Ignatius

For Peace, Love & Liberty,
Juliet Annerino

ps: The Revolution continues...and I'm even thinking of doing a 2nd printing of the sold-out "Hotties 4 Ron Paul " Calendar, since demand has been so high! (The lovely Krista DiPaola pictured here is our Miss February by the way.)

I believe what has happened is that many of us feel we have lost many liberties because of fear. We have lost more soldiers now than people because of 9/11 and massive amount or Iraqi civilians.

In the moment and in fear many did not care so much about our liberties. And it seems as though the more me let go the more the governemtn becomes powerful.

Eventually there may not be anyway to turn back. You can not tell me that it is impossible for a terrorist to bring another attack here when so many cross our borders now freely.

Maybe what we should have done was put a much better effort into getting Osama Bin Laden and not given up any more liberties. These liberties are what make us different and are what make me love this country.

Reduction of liberties, more powerful and greater spending government equals..... corruption, unconstitutional laws, tyranny, UnAmerican I must say.

No one can show me from a global perspective how the world loves our presence everywhere and therefore can not prove to me that our foreign policy does not need changing. We had global precense and yet 9/11 still happened and can still happen today.

Most presidents can not get hardly anything really done in their first term of office and so to think Ron Paul would put us in the dark ages is just not even right to think. Especially when the opposing party controls the house and Senate.

For me, first and for most I believe is our economy. It is struggling badly and to think we can keep spending like we are is just the dumbest thing I have ever heard. All of thos in favor of the war, give your stimulous check back to the government so they can pay for one more week.

There are years and years worth of records on Ron Paul's platform at the web site. It is for all who are on the internet looking for enlightenment to see.
I don't blame any of the other candidates not wanting to debate Ron. How can they debate against Truth and supreme intellegents and how can you debate the constitution?
Past debates, the others just stood there snickering like kids or else acting like they know something nobody else did..common acts when one might feel pressured to THINK.

I just want to know the home addresses of all congress members, the president, and those controlling the media. Post these somewhere and then let the economy snap. See where the mobs of people go.

Personally I do not need to. The economy may not last long or it could be 5 or 10 years. But eventually there will be no backing of the dollar.

With the way we are going we have less and less percentages of people paying taxes, eventually if the government keeps spending the way they are they will have to continue collecting more of my money and eventually I might as well leave the country. And to keep some focus off of the taxes they will borrow more money also. I do not think it has much longer. It is a scary thought and I am no profit, but we all know it can happen if we keep going this way.

Huckabee, are you REALLY prepared for whats coming your way???

Great piece Malcom!

Huck is broke; trying to get his name printed for free.

Paul is watching; from the right margin of the page.

McCain is probably laughing about this during breaks with his lawyers on his matching funds FCC invest.

That's it! this makes it officially a three ring circus!

I find this kind of 'humor' amazing! At this critical time in American history to trivialize and belittle a grassroots movement to restore respect and adherence to the Constitution is abominable and contemptible! Shame on you!

The Ron Paul Revolution isn't about Ron Paul (the man), even though his personal integrity and his Congressional record is praiseworthy. The Ron Paul Revolution is about hundreds of thousands of individual Americans becoming aware of their Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Natural Law and the principle of limited government. It’s about an increasing awareness of the usurpation of our God-given rights by politicians and bureaucrats and the expansion of government control and regulation into areas of the private and personal sector that are wholly outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. The Ron Paul Revolution is about individuals becoming aware of lost liberty and the ever increasing erosion of freedoms and rights … and responsibilities. Responsibilities that were intended for the States or the people themselves.

Your disparagement of the Ron Paul Revolution is a slap in the face to every freedom loving, Constitution supporting citizen of this country (which includes, I might add a vast portion of our active-duty military!) and indeed, a denigration of the Founders of this Constitutional Republic and the principles that they fought so valiantly to save. We are their posterity - defamation of ‘we, the people’ is to hold the very creators of the Constitution and this Republic in contempt. Again - SHAME ON YOU!

The Ron Paul Revolution grows daily across the nation, fueled by defamatory articles, newscasts and blogs that trivialize and negate its purpose and its goals. Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, the Ron Paul Revolution expands its influence in towns, cities and states - infiltrating the Republican Party, recruiting precinct workers, grooming candidates, disseminating literature and videos, emailing and blogging updates, news and strategies. Only a self-possessed fool could fail to acknowledge the change in the political climate that IS the Ron Paul Revolution.

It’s not Ron Paul (the man), it’s Ron Paul (the messenger) and that message is moving like a brushfire across the American political landscape. Long after Ron Paul (the man) has left the stage the Ron Paul Revolution he started and inspired will continue the work of the Founding Fathers - the restoration of this Constitutional Republic, the limited jurisdiction of the federal government, and expanded individual liberty.

The dogs may bark, but this caravan rolls on!

-Dixon Cannon

Martin Luther King was never President of the United States, but he nonetheless presided over a revolution in it.


Ron Paul's ideas are as old as this country. And its time we bring truth, justice, and freedom to ourselves.

I'm writing to ball Huckabee out. Thanks for the heads up!

This is outrageous! Ron Paul has the best policies by far! Upholding the constitution is one of the most important things we can do at this stage!

Why would we Ron Paul supporters be angry? When you're organizing the 2nd American Revolution, there is absolutely nothing you pray for more than the privilege of being underestimated. The element of surprise is indispensible if we hope to prevail against the Empire, its ostensibly superior forces, and its clear lack of principles.

Hopefully, the contemporary lackeys of today's King George won't take us any more seriously than his equally brain-damaged ideological ancestor in the 1770's.

Who wants the respect of thugs like these? All that matters is that we live long enough to see them all rot in jail, so that there will be some hope our children may inherit the liberties that are their natural right. On that there is no compromise. The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

Admit it Andrew, you will be a little sad when Paul does leave the race. He has sure ratcheted up the traffic on this blog.

At some point a candidate is going to be forced to embrace Ron Paul supporters, or he is going to lose this race. We don't want war, we won't elect McCain, at least not without a serious change of heart and backing from Paul supporters.

McCain is a trigger happy grudgemudgen. Huckabee denies the basic realities of our existence. Hillary has already had 8 years in the White House. Obama appears two-faced and seems to deny the revelance of his personal life.

I am still looking for a good explaination for some quotes from "Dreams of My Father" that refer to Obama's feelings toward white people. I am also looking for a good explaination for choosing a spiritual advisor with close personal ties to Louis Farrakhan.

It looks like I have no choice but to write in Ron Paul.

Ron Paul lectured Bernanke on certain fundamental facts of the economy recently. Can anyone possibly imagine Governor Huckabee having such an understanding? You don't have to resort to mathematics either Why should a privileged sector of society, the banking cartel, be given the legalized capability of creating money ex nihilo and collecting an interest stream on that money? Of course, mathematically the debt to this sector must increase and it eventually reaches a point where the people are indentured servants to this class of glorified bookkeepers. The whole fractional-reserve system of credit creation goes against a legal principle that was recognized as far back as the Roman Republic, and that legal principle should once again be enshrined: you cannot take a demand deposit and make it available to more than the person who has made the deposit. Such practices lead to distortions in the market and benefit bankers to the detriment of the citizenry. In the Den of Charlatans only Ron Paul seems to understand this point, certainly not Huckabee. In a continuing fashion Ron Paul has been marginalized by Huckabee, McCain, Hillary, and Obama. Cui bono? Not the American people who deserve to know the causes of what is happening to our melting economy.


You're just trying to get me rilled up to get a response. Well, I'm not gonna take the bait! So there! I guess I fixed your little red wagon!

Go Ron Paul!!

(You are a brilliant and insightful person. We know that because you come here to read and teach us. And join the dialogue. Thanks.)

Everybody that votes [for Ron Paul :) ], demand a paper ballot. They will give you a provisional ballot, but if you are properly registered, your vote is assured to be counted. You will also get confirmation in the mail that your vote was counted. Let's make sure our votes are heard!

what a jerk .... he is in for a rude awakening ... and mccain is an even bigger jerk ...huckabee doesnt mention dr. paul ... while mccain makes jokes about it ..

i'm a republican ... and this GOP is just full of crap ... it's becoming embarassing to say your republican because of all these cronies and their radical ideas

We continue to go door-door, we will have billboards up - Congressman Ron Paul, like Ronald Reagen vs Ford can become the Republican nominee. He's the only one that can beat Obama. There is NO way McCain will beat Obama..I really wish Dr. Paul hadn't been treated like a third party candidate - this has been a great dis-service to our electoral process. We will continue to spread the word in Pennsylvania. The revolution will not stop-

A debate between a comedian, an economist and a warhawk. Boy, would that be fun.

After I read this article out loud, this comment from my 1st grader says it all:

"Do you think Mike Huckabee knows his colors?"

(insinuating that he must be stupid)

Children can be so observant.

The politcal show in America, thanks to MSM, is all about charisma and name recognition; not truth or facts. Our government educated voters care not about our once beloved Constitution and what it has done for them, nor do they know or care about economics and the blessings of a sound dollar. They will blindly follow the pragmatists and populists into hell if they are promised heaven. What has passed for debate is sickening and we will have to live with the awful results.

Maybe Huck wants a debate with only "qualified" candidates, by qualified I mean greedy, bought and paid for politicians. Ron Paul has more conservative values than every other republican that ran in the primaries combined.

Larkin G. Mead wrote this in a previous comment:

As a Huckabee supporter, I do agree that Ron Paul should be included in the debates. His fiscal conservative values are crucial to this campaign, however, as a Huckabee supporter, I do not ascribe to any of McCain's or Paul's social liberal leanings.

My response to Larkin: I hate to inform Larkin but Ron Paul is no social liberal, where did you get that from? Or maybe you have a different definition of a social/liberal? I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I read that, please enlighten me with a comment.


I simply cannot wait until we get to the convention, McCain is nominated on the first ballot, and the Ron Paul nuts go into hibernation -- at least for awhile. While some of his supporters are extremely intelligent, Paul attracts a large number of unstable people -- 9/11 truthers, paranoids who believe we are all going to be imprisoned in FEMA camps, conspiracy theorists, those who fear the Bilderbergs, illuminati, New World Order, CFR, etc. And, to top it off, so many of them are the most obnoxious people that I have ever met. I cannot wait until they go away.

The nice picture of Dr Paul here even made it to the homepage of Google News just now ( ), which is *very* rare (and good)!
Hope it brings a lot of new readers.

Thanks for the blog.

Interesting to read some of the interpretations of what you said in your blog. I believe reading and understanding is sometimes difficult when a person reads something like this which is of a very serious nature.

As I recall this blog was for spirited comments and debating. This was not a closed blog to anyone.

Fortunately this helped us - the Ron Paul supporters as well as the LA Times including yourself. I would like to see the LA Times put Ron Paul on its front page also and scoop the rest of the MSM.

Huck doesn't have a chance, McCain's under hot water, the only choice left is Ron Paul. You'll see.

Texas meetups, hop to it! Let them know that Dr Paul is VERY much in the race:

I find it hillarious and disturbing how many people are so blind as to think that he is "only running for president in his district." Have you paid any attention at all?? He is focusing on his district so that he can be re-elected to the house of representitives.

The amount of campaigning that we, the supporters of Dr. Paul, do dwarfs that of the other "republican" candidates. We are NOT just the internet. We are on the ground every day spreading the word of freedom.

WELL, WELL, WELL.....the ONLY thing that comes to my mind regarding this self-aggrandizing pipsqueak is this---

How DARE he ignore Dr. Paul as a viable candidate and ACT JUST LIKE THE MEDIA!

How DARE he NOT recognize the UNFAIRNESS of Dr. Paul not getting HIS fair share of "debate times"!

NOPE, ole man HUCK is underneath it all just a PHONY MINISTER WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT "LOVING HIS NEIGHBOR", and.....

HUCK is, in the end, just really an un-Christian SCHMUCK!!

Are you not a little concerned about the states in which our two political parties find themselves?

On the one hand, the Democrats have Super Delegates, whose job is to rescue the party from making a nominating 'mistake' at the national convention.

On the other hand, the Republicans require unapproved 'outsider' candidates to accumulate 1191 delegates (without the benefit of media coverage); however the first approved 'insider' candidate to accumulate 500 delegates will be conceded the Republican nomination, and the media will declare the contest over.

That's where we are, Andrew...

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. It helps to be brave.

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