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Ron Paul's big chance for a modest splash

This could be a big weekend for Rep. Ron Paul's longshot but determined campaign to acquire some Republican delegates in the race for his party's presidential nomination.

The 72-year-old, 10-term Texas congressman has been largely dissed and dismissed by party politicians and the media in this lengthening primary race. But his loyal followers have been more than generous in recent weeks, donating nearly $20 million in the last three months of 2007 to make him the most successful GOP fundraiser then and the only one to increase his donations every quarter last year.

According to Paul's website, supporters have given an additional $5 million-plus since Jan. 1.

On Friday, Republicans started three days of caucusing in Maine, a largely ...

rural state where Paul's brand of independence and smaller government might well fit. He's got several hundred volunteers working the caucuses with the same kind of determination and imagination that drove Paul to a distant second-place finish behind Mitt Romney in Nevada's caucuses last month.

Paul is using his funds judiciously, traveling around the country and speaking largely under the major media's radar. He did well in the Louisiana caucuses and even beat out Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson elsewhere, though he finished dead last in the Florida primary.

Earlier this week Paul campaigned in Washington state, speaking to a sizable crowd of enthusiastic students in Seattle about the economy and a possible recession. "The most important thing you can do is nothing," said the onetime Libertarian candidate for president, who recently voted against the $146-billion economic stimulus package.

Paul holds that the market should be allowed to correct itself while a restrained and reduced federal government stops trying to protect millions from the economic consequences of their bad decisions.

Paul was the only Republican candidate to actually visit Maine, a fact that could go over well with locals. The nonbinding caucuses are the first step toward picking 18 Maine delegates who'll travel to the national convention in St. Paul in August.

A win in Maine on a slow news weekend as the only presidential preference voting underway just before Super Tuesday could garner Paul priceless free publicity.

Paul's message of strict constitutionalism has attracted an eclectic crowd of disaffected Democrats and Republicans and libertarians who've formed more than 1,400 meet-up groups across the country. They see their freedoms threatened by such legislation as the Patriot Act and want to bring the troops home from abroad and spend the money on domestic priorities.

Although Paul typically gets the least speaking time during GOP debates, if he isn't barred from participating altogether, he makes the most of his time. He drew numerous positive reviews after the recent Republican debate at the Reagan Library when he said it made no sense to bomb bridges in other countries, only to rebuild them with American taxpayers' money, while the bridges at home are falling down.

"The Constitution was written for one specific purpose," Paul recently told a Seattle crowd, "and that was to restrain government, not to restrain the people."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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(Au contraire these days as so many have pointed out in these comments. This story will be here forever and thousands have already read it. Had it been in print, it would be lining a parakeet cage by tomorrow morning. Online is the future. That's how you got here. Thanks for reading and hope you check back often.)

You are correct in this statement - thousands do read this - but millions of baby boomers who vote still read the print and that is the audience that needs to see his message on a consistent basis. Don't you find it interesting that the only candidate, on either side ,who truly opposes the war, and not just through semantics, gets the least amount of print? There is a conspiracy of silence and it gets more and more obvious each day. Thank you for at least trying - I'm sure your heart is in the right place. Otherwise, job security is no guarantee in a deep recession that can only be fixed through the "radical" ideas of Ron Paul. I hope you do, at least,vote for this "unelectable" candidate.

Here's a good story...NPR polling suggests that most voters do not even know who is running for president. They know more about who the judges are on American Idol. The average citizen remains uninformed about most politics.

Ron Paul's message takes a little bit of thought or enlightenment to understand. Any Ron Paul supporter will tell you that they have spent considerable time pondering political issues and events.

One of the major rolls or purpose of the media is to inform and enlighten. It seems that the media and press play into keeping voters and citizens in the dark. Couldn't the LA Times contribute to helping their readers find out what Ron Paul stands for?? Wouldn't that be a service to their readers??

"...he said it makes no sense to bomb bridges in other countries only to rebuild them with American taxpayers' money while the bridges at home are falling down."

It doesn't make any sense to me either.

Mr. Ryan,

The truth is that Dr. Paul does not even need to "win" in order to be a success, although it certainly would help. His goal on the outset was both towards a "real" campaign and an educational one. He has already succeeded at the latter, and the former remains a possibility despite your opinion on the matter. He doesn't even need to win Maine, but it would be nice heading into Super Tuesday. He need only to prevent McRomney from gaining a majority of delegates on Super Tuesday to force a brokered convention. This is likely Huckabee's goal as well. Ron Paul is well funded and backed by a motivated group, meanwhile at least one "front runner" needs to win a majority of delegates on Tuesday or fail for lack of funds.

I think Alan Keyes had the right idea in the Iowa debate when he said,

"I think we need to stop listening to these phonies and start looking for people who will actually fulfill the words that they speak". Furthermore he states,

"Ask yourself who represents the people they don't let you hear from and you will know who you should vote for?"

"We need to restore the credibility of the Republican Party a credibility that has been destroyed by the betrayal of promises to keep government limited that resulted in outrageously high budget deficits at a historic level in this country."

Now I am sure Keyes was speaking about himself but it perfectly fit Ron Paul. There is a reason there is a media blackout on Ron Paul and his campaign and there is a reason for the persuasive journalism and media coverage. Ask yourself and answer for yourself. If you truly want change you need to look outside the mainstream because you will get more of the same there.

It's interesting that you mention that smart people tend to lean towards Ron Paul. Recently I read an article about the 999 club, whose members are required to have an IQ score that is in the top 99.9 percentile of the nation. These people (the most intelligent in our country) are by majority Libertarians. They believe in small Government, for they understand the inevitable consequences and conspiracies that occur when bureaucracy becomes too big for the good politician to make a difference, and too confusing and inaccessible for the everyday person to have a say. This grand and inefficient bureaucracy gives a leverage for the ones who have the money and power to access the bureaucratic mess (by lobbying for special interest groups) and corrupt the legislative system with greed.

Hence, it is imperative that we keep the Government as creatively efficient and small as we can, so that compartmentalization, needless wars, and world imperialism STOPS. The big government needs to STOP, because our history tells us that every great nation that has stretched itself beyond its own limits (resources, troops, debt, etc...) has collapsed shortly afterwards! This is what Ron Paul is trying to tell the US. However, most Republicans are too smug, arrogant, and self-righteous to understand that we, the people, are heading for times of major conflict and possible collapse. These Republicans are the ones that lack the strict moralistic stance that Howard Roark so gallantly displayed in the epic novel "The Fountainhead," by Ayn Rand. Such high morality includes not needlessly harming others, as we have done with the IRAQ situation. Most people don't understand their own complex often contradictory moral stance. Let alone Ron Paul's, which is not so contradictory like major Media often advocates, but requires time and scrutiny to understand the intricacies that makes it what is. The people don't need one liners that entrap their minds with some absolutist, general, and highly unprovable concept. What the people need it to start doing their homework.

It is interesting to see that the only people that dislike Ron Paul, or think he has no support are those that watch only FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and other major media stations. They are not the ones who do real research and current day "muckraking," if you will. Yes, Ron Paul supporters aren't exactly the majority, but that should show you that intelligent people are not either. I believe that the American people DO have the potential to become more intelligent, and they must. Ron Paul can only become president if we support him, and believe that he will be. RP '08!

Everywhere we go, people are talking about Ron Paul. The phrase, "Vote Ron Paul!" has become part of people's greeting when they pass others in the supermarket aisle, when leaving the check-out counter, when they end a conversation, they end it with, "Vote Ron Paul!" This is truly a revolution and I thank God for it. Other retail politicians don't really care about the economy, because they will never be poor themselves. They don't care about the soldiers, because none of their children or grandchildren will go to Iraq to come home legless, armless, with head injuries, or much worse. These politicians take the view that our Constitution can be ignored. And most of them want to reinstate the draft. Meanwhile the globalists, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and HIllary Clinton want to pave the best farmland in the world with the Trans Texas Corridor (being built right now) and the NAFTA Superhighway. They try to deveive people, calling it a "myth." We were informed in a meeting in Hempstead, Texas on Jan 22, 2008 that my family will be "relocated by the government" and that we will be "removed by force if necessary" from our home. Under Governor Perry's new "Quick Take" law, they can confiscate our land within 90 days and they do not have to pay us fair compensation for it. No nation is more vulnerable than one that cannot feed it's people. After toasting the global economy, pursuing wars that generate ill feeling around the world, and bankrupting the nation, we will remove our ability to feed ourselves. Do we trust the Red Chinese to feed us without demanding that we follow their global agenda? Don't be led into danger by men who are not capable of strategic thinking.

I was told Ron Paul has dropped out, is there any truth to this? I'm curious to supporters reaction to Ron Paul accepting a donation from a white supremacist, and am also curious if there's any truth in that....

Although I'm a Ron Paul supporter, I agree with most of the comment from Ryan | February 02, 2008 at 02:22 AM.

This article isn't really telling anything new, except that RP supporters donated $5+million since Jan1st. So, RP supporters are dedicated, but the money isn't translating into votes. What we need in a RP article is to read more of the meat-and-potatoes of the media black-out, how RP's policy will affect the face of the world, and also why the crap other people are writing about is wrong, [also what people should be doing to help make the change (join meet-up?)]. This would be informative to me as a news consumer and RP supporter.

On a different note, the topic of money not translating into votes... what does this mean? Does this mean that the system is not corrupt? That votes aren't bought with money? Does it mean that RP is spending his money properly?

Why doesn't the millions of dollars donated to RP translate into votes? Is it a bigger conspiracy? Like, who'ever's not on the payroll by now isn't going to be considered for President? It's all very strange to me.

After all, Ron Paul is a representative for TEXAS! George Bush's State! Why aren't Ron Paul's group playing that up? Texas sounds pretty liberal to me from what I hear. Hasn't he done a good job? And if there were some kind of "club", then why is Ron Paul a representative for Texas, but can't get the votes for president?

Your career as a blogger is "a longshot."

Good luck, Andy!

Andrew Malcolm is just fitting in with his big media buddies and it goes along with the mentality that it's currently cool to pick on Paul, so why waist time going after a beloved "Main stream" candidate? It just frustrates the shit out of me when there are scandals that are far more dangerous and possibly treasonous involving other candidates that get no air time.

It may not be of your doing, Mr. Malcolm. But you work for a paper that lies.

From the McCain endorsement:

"He alone among the Republican candidates has condemned torture in all its form."

"Alone among the Republican candidates, he would close the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which has become an international symbol of U.S. arrogance."

These are only the most blatant, there are plenty of others. How can the LATimes be so bald-faced in its deception? I mean, the other editorial is absolutely ridiculous. The LATimes endorses the man who wants troops in Iraq for at another 100 years and jokes and sings about bombing Iran. THIS man is the one with the "sound American foreign policy"??? Every shred of credibility the editorial board once had is now completely gone. Decades from now this paper will hang its head in shame over this moral duplicity. Unfortunately, by then the paper will probably not even exist to print an apology.

"Restrain the government ... not the people" seems to be something our current politicians have forgotten. Our forefathers fought against King George III and Great Britain for less tyrrany than our present government inflicts against her citizens today. Infanticide has been/is practiced through partial-birth abortions, mothers destroy their babies before they are born as a form of birth control, morality is attacked from all quarters while evil is exalted, everything is tolerated except Biblical Christianity, taxation is out-of-control, our government is out-of-control and Ron Paul is right when he says we bomb bridges in other countries then build them new ones with American taxpayer's money while the bridges in our own country are falling down. Something is terribly wrong with America. Pogo was right. May God have mercy upon us all and may He save us from ourselves.

Thanks for covering Ron Paul, and the respectfull reporting. I also fine more coverage on Ron's presidential campaign from over seas media including of all places Iran. I agree we live in a strange land.

Scott, I respectfully with to disagree with you. Ron Paul definitely connects with the Republican party. But Ron Paul doesn't just connect with his party, he connects with independents, unafilliated voters, moderate democrats, first time voters, veterans, elderly, libertarians and the highly educated. Ron Paul supporters are most likely to watch C-SPAN and are the most informed when it comes to government. Unfortunately the Republican presidential candidates such as MItt Romney, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee have yet to connect with true conservatism.

Dr. Paul is the only candidate with broad base of support. McCain gets a large portion of the elderly vote, Romney gets the Mormon vote, Huckabee gets the Evangelical Christian vote, Hillary gets the woman vote, Obama gets the black vote, but Paul gets the vote of every concerned American citizen that can read past stereotypes and research the issues. Ron Paul for the long haul!

Please don't forget to mention his second place finish in Louisiana, which would have been a win if not for an eleventh hour rule change.

I'm SO glad that we have the internet, so that we are able to access so many various blogs and news writers. To depend on the 6 corporations that own all the radio, papers and tv in this land is to be force fed their corrupted message.

Fact is, Ron Paul represents more character and truth than all the other puppets put together. If America wants a popularity contest, then she'll get what she deserves. The constitution is the most brilliant platform for a country ever written, but we just give it lip service and don't really care about it anymore. A day of reckoning will come if we refuse to wake up and take the pains to get this country back on the straight and narrow.

Why haven't you been fired Andrew! Isn't an honest, impartial reporter usually placed in the copy room where he can't possibly get in any trouble. Thank you for the real news without all the usual negitive comments mixed in.


Why don't you guys promote two debates; one for RP vs McCain and one for RP vs Romney? Demand equal speaking time. That way we can kill two birds with one stone.

This country really is a sleeping giant. Unfortunately, it appears that nothing will wake it up. Very sad.

In response to Scott's dismissal of your article I have a couple of comments. To say 63% of Republicans dislike Ron Paul means nothing. Who did the poll and how were the questions asked? Did it go something like this, "Would you like or dislike a presidential candidate who wanted to remove our precious troops from the Middle East leaving us susceptible to an onslaught of terrorism that would kill thousands of Americans, especially if you knew that the removal would definitely lead to such a result?"

Everyone's favorite pollster Frank Luntz shows us constantly how manipulated the whole process can be (by the way did anyone see the funny You Tube video that shows Luntz using the same "random" guy in two different focus groups). Besides that who cares. Dr. Paul only runs as a Republican because third parties don't stand a chance, and he seems to be the only Republican left who believes in Republican principles. I imagine that so many people have left the Republican ranks because of this ridiculous administration, it makes me wonder who would still call themselves a Republican to actually be polled.

What part of this article was "Sensationalism?" Which part caused a startling and thrilling impression? This article is the furthest one can get to sensationalism. It is matter of fact with some modest speculation based on a conservative reflection of reasonable information.

What is more interesting is that a presidential candidate, who has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media, is given some minor blog space and someone sees it as too much and sensationalistic to the point of wanting to no longer read a lifetime news source. That's sensationalism. A startling impression no less.

Thanks again Mr. Malcolm for taking a few minutes of your day to cover one of the biggest political grassroots movements of all time (not sensationalism, just a fact).

Since Maine was among the first states to eliminate slavery, maybe they will be among the first to take a stance against the economic slavery and loss of freedom that we are all facing.

Scott please post the link about where you read this survey in NH, I am interested to read it myself. Please also post your web usage statistics source that shows "Ron Paul supporters are a small minority of our thousands of daily visitors". I am not a "Ron Paul Supporter" I am an independent, LA Times reader who likes to see cold hard facts. The reporter made a few good points, point one, Ron Paul is basically the only Republican campaigning in Maine. Point two, if the good doctor happens to win Maine, there is a very good chance that he will get more support and votes for Super Tuesday. Now here is the subtle point Scott, pay attention! If Ron Paul does not win Maine, I guarantee there will be 100 articles from the AP, stating how he failed to win a state that he was the only one campaigning in. There is your sensationalism…..

If human intelligence had been passed out equally, men like Paul would be a dime a dozen…and lukewarm journalists would have nothing to sneer at or write about. But, sadly, in a world where laziness, greed, apathy & submissive complaisance rules the moment...we'll all get what we justly deserve in the end…when we're shoveling the ashes out of the furnaces (the lucky ones) and most will still believe they are good and patriotic citizens, for doing so. (It took Our Masters 6000 years to figure out that Economic Slaves don't generally rebel – Brilliant!) Like fat innocent little piggies, we’re freely given all the high interest credit we can fatten ourselves up on, in this trough called the global economy…to keep us submissive, under control and continually working for them – before the slaughter. (Better get your big 1080p HD flat screen TV today folks - with your tax refund - before the big game tomorrow – and don’t forget the pizza & beer!) We’re happy enough to operate the doomed ship, but not smart enough to have seen the iceberg ahead! We’re all too tired & preoccupied with doing our jobs and paying our taxes & bills - hopeless listing from the enormous weight of debt, struggling to keep afloat, as this 231 year old ship on her maiden voyage of freedom’s great experiment, quickly slips beneath the waves…as a few brave band members continue to play ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’.

(Can’t you hear the music or see the ship’s fate ahead, Andrew? Good old boy and soon to be Captain McCain, is angrily commanding us not to ‘cut & run’ and jump ship…as the red veins are popping out of his bright white face, he and his mind-washed crew dutifully believe soon to be Admiral Bushy’s lie, …that the ship in unsinkable.)

Thanks, Andrew - hope you didn't crack a sweat or stain anything…marginalizing a rare and just man. Come on, jump off that doomed ship, (if you have the courage to, or if you are allowed to) there's always room for one more in the Constitutional life raft below (you’d be considered a hero and probably sell a lot of books if the tide changes) …but watch out, the water is terribly cold down here. Just look at the alternatives...pretty scary, huh?

(There are more of us kooks & nuts not drinking the fluoride & aspartame laced Kool-Aid, than the politicians dare admit). In this election, above all others, some common sense needs to prevail, or else we’re all doomed! The stage is set…but where’s our Thomas Paine? …Where’s our Paul Revere, warning us that the British are coming’? …Where’s our General Washington, waiting to command his rag tag group of soon to be patriots? …And sadly, very few are seriously listening to our lone Thomas Jefferson - as he boldly, bravely & tirelessly proclaims our inalienable right to independence & freedom.)

Lets see if I get this right…we’re, (us & the government) are hopelessly in debt…so we all get $600 more funny money to go out and blow on more useless crap (or pay a bill) to keep the ship afloat awhile longer? …Makes sense to me? …Well, I’d like to expound all day, but it’s time for me to do my taxes and pay my fair share…to keep this seriously listing ship afloat. Here’s an idea that would just blow the government’s mind – I think I donate my $600 to Ron Paul’s campaign!

Kudo's to Andrew Malcolm for the above the belt reporting on Ron Paul. He realizes that whether one agrees with Ron Paul or not, the story of Paul's grass roots support and unorthodox campaign is worth telling. He could get twice the traffic, if that was his goal, by aping the majority of bloggers who think it's "hip" to bash Paul without any justification.

To poster Scott above. One should be loyal to their country, not a party. About the 63% of Republicans who actual dislike RP in NH, .. that says more about the sad state of the Republican base than it does about Ron Paul. Of course the MSM and the 294,565 invective laden smear articles on Ron Paul might just have a little something with how people view him.

If there's not enough hate for you here, feel free to move on. Your bandwagon is right around the corner.

"has been largely dissed and dismissed by party politicians and the media"

True.......but if the LA Times doesn't call the rest of the MSM on it,..then it's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Oh,..and this doesn't just pertain to Paul. Look at how many candidates in both parties the media deemed 'unworthy' and eliminated before we had a chance to judge them for ourselves.

CNN's Blitzer refers to them being 'the best political team'. If that were true, you'd think he would at least be aware that there are currently FOUR republican candidates.

Andrew, when you retire, can you write a book about how the "election" media really puts the people to sleep?

I am sure with your experience, you could write a doozy. But until then, gotta earn that paycheck.

So sad that LA times endorsed McCain. I was starting to like the paper, but how can I support a paper who supports someone that is just so wrong like McCain.

It's ridiculous that the campaign of the largest GOP fundraiser is still getting refered to as "a longshot". The "splash" that the Ron Paul campaign has already and is going to make in this race is huge no matter how hard the mainstream media tries to ignore it.

Hey Andrew how about this for your next headline:

"CNN Stages Another False Debate - GOP's Biggest Fundraiser Snubbed Again!"

Thank You for being a honest journalist. Great article.

Ron Paul is the only republican candidate I would feel comfortable voting for. Since my democrat candidates did not make it to the final stages of the presidencial nomination, I don't think I will vote in this electios coming up in November. The only way I would vote is if the republican nominee is McCain. Then I will be forced to vote against, even if the other candidate was Ossma Bin Laden. Giulaini was the other candidate I would vote against. I don't understand how spending years in prison makes this flip flopper a good candidate to govern this nation. It's like Giuliani. A mediocre at best mayor and just because he was the mayor he became a "Hero". Give me a break!

John, the LA Times is not downplaying Ron Paul. They have been fair and report on him quite often online. Please stop making Ron Paul supporters look silly (stupid).

Scott-- I think you need to consider that the media, operating as a single entity, can make a sensation out of any candidate, or, conversely, can throw water on any candidate. If the pundits and corporate news sources chose to celebrate--or even to discuss--Paul and his ideas of the individual liberty and economic liberty, as regularly as they celebrate the other candidates' completely illogical stances on the issues, there would be no stopping Paul. There is a lot of extremely sound reasoning beneath Paul's conclusions. That's why they're so popular among people who don't watch American Idol.

But instead the media, operating as if with a single brain, is making a concerted effort to celebrate the nonsensical ideas of the "top tier" candidates. I mean, considering that the country is literally bankrupt, basically every proposed course of action by every other candidate is literally insane. Every social program that will have to rely on charity from China. Every fiscal program that doesn't address the fact our money is created as debt. Every foreign policy option that doesn't address the fact it will have to be funded by China. Do you get this? It's literally INSANE.

So your argument that Paul's candidacy is irrelivant because the Republican base doesn't like his views, is asinine. If this is true, which I doubt, it only illustrates that Republican base has had their thinking ability destroyed. Ever hear the quote from Aristotle: "Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotism"??? That's because in a democracy fools can be duped into voting for ANYTHING. This used to be a Republic, if you didn't know.

So you may be right, that the Republican base (and the Democrat base) is made up largely of television entranced morons. But this has nothing to do with how relevant Paul's ideas are.

Thanks for the continuing coverage. It's all too lacking in other major newspapers, and especially on TV.

I suspect that even if Ron Paul wins Maine, it will be treated as nothing more than a curiosity by the media. If he finishes 2nd, he won't be mentioned at all

Ron Paul already has some delegates, however, after double-digit showings in Iowa, Nevada, and Louisiana, so the ones he picks up in Maine won't be the first.

Look for him to do well in Montana, Alaska, and Minnesota as well -- states where people still think for themselves.

We're celebrating Mardi Gras this weekend down here in Louisiana Andrew!

After the recent GOP Louisiana Caucus fiasco we Ron Paul supporters need a welcomed break. Whew! I'm getting tired of politics.

Thanks again for the article Andrew.

As for Scott.

Well Scott, Ron Paul is pretty much living proof that our/YOUR Country is slipping into some hidden form of pre-socialsim. When you have a legitimate candidate who is blatantly black-listed from all major forms of media, exluded from debates, not allowed to hardly speak in the debates that he is included,well, that's not free elections. It's free elections under supervision and guidance.

And sensationalism? Sensationalism?

Oh, you must mean like when Hillary Clinton cries in front of the TV camera and the image of her "emotional moment" is repeated over and over across every news network in the entire world. And is given such attention that her tears actually effect the outcome of an election.

That must be what Scott was referring too.

"Yes, yes, I see!" (said the blind man to the deaf man on the telephone)

First I will thank you for being one of the only blogs in a major newspaper to mention Dr. Paul regularly, and as factually as possible, and as unbiased as can be.

Second, I would like to ask, what if Dr. Paul does win Maine and he doesn't get the coverage in the slow news cycle before Super Tuesday? What if they continue to ignore his campaign and successes? Will this blog actually mention that in print in the paper?

I hope Congressman Paul wins and gets coverage but most likely we'll have to continue the struggle without the support of large biased media.

Thank you for the great article. I wish Ron Paul would have come to Atlanta and talked. I hope his strategy of picking smaller states and picking up some delegates will spread the message.

Ha, this Andrew Malcolm guy has changed his tune, didn't he use to write a bunch of hit pieces about Paul. Be honest its all about the Benjamin's, isnt it Andrew. Your articles get more and more "fair and balanced" with every one you write, quit the act, we all know your a slimeball.

The only man who upholds the constitution ! Voting for anyone else does harm to our country! Ask yourself, who actually benefits from war? Who got the money from the embassy construction in Iraq? The military industrial machine is all too real people. Would you send your child to war for a corporation? Approximately 1 million Iraq people have died since Bush invaded. The survivors of those families are now enemies we didn't have before this illegal invasion. When does it stop?

You guys are coming around!

Your paper endorsed McCain, inexplicably since his determination to stay in Iraq for the next century is seemingly anathema to the editorial board's stance, but kudos for some honest coverage.

They rant at you when they feel you slight him, so it's only fair to acknowledge real coverage. Sure, your blog isn't the front page of the dead tree edition, but it is significant nonetheless.

The only man who upholds the constitution ! Voting for anyone else does harm to our country! Ask yourself, who actually benefits from war? Who got the money from the embassy construction in Iraq? The military industrial machine is all too real people. Would you send your child to war for a corporation? Approximately 1 million Iraq people have died since Bush invaded. The survivors of those families are now enemies we didn't have before this illegal invasion. When does it stop?

Do you think "Scott" objected when the media was licking Rudy Giuliani's boots even though he couldn't beat Ron Paul in most of the early states?

Without media attention it's difficult for Ron Paul's message to get through. If he had equitable exposure in New Hampshire, I have no doubt that his approval rating would have been much higher.

After Super Tuesday we will still have 13 state primaries left to go all the way up to the first Tuesday in June. There will be 612 delegates up for grabs. It is my hope and prayers that Congressman Paul will campaign up until that point. I want to see a brokered convention.

As a last resort The National Constitution Party may nominate Dr. Paul as its 50 state party candidate.

Nevertheless I urge a vote for him. This campaign sends a signal to both parties that a significant number of Americans value their country’s great Constitution, that many conservatives reject wiretaps, waterboarding, and senseless wars. There is far more realism in Paul’s analysis than can be found in those Republicans who believe that Washington’s policy of borrowing billions from China to pay for the occupation of a growing number of countries is desirable, much less sustainable.

Ron Paul has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise desultory Republican campaign. Long may he run.

May God bless Ron Paul, the next president of the USA, please God. May peace and justice prevail.


Thank you for the continued time and interest in Ron Paul. Ron Paul's a man worth reporting on. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate, whether Democrat or Republican, that has a solid plan for U.S. success in economics, foreign policy and domestic affairs.

The Republicans will be a party of the past if the elites of the RNC and media anoint anyone but Ron Paul as the nominee for the Republican Party.

This article sucks. Just more of the same - trying to keep the sheeple brainwashed into believing that Ron Paul is some fringe wacko when in reality he has more support FROM THE PEOPLE than any other candidate. Keep it up and it will be to your downfall.

Yes. Yesterday the Ron Paul campaign had it's 4th largest Money Bomb Mass Donation celebrating the 51st Wedding Anniversary. One Million and near 50 thousand in 24 hours. I'm having so much fun. It does make me wonder when some much hate is thrown at the Ron Paul camp. Is it Ron Paul's love of the USA and it's Future? Why such hate because we believe the Iraq War was a detour from fighting Osama Bin Laden? Maybe because we see the USA going broke because of Iraq like the USSR aka Russia went broke fighting in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is where the USA needs to win. Iraqis have to learn to live with each other and run Iraq not the USA. Donate to Check out the Ron Paul War it's amazing. Thanks for your time and writings. God Bless Everyone.




RON PAUL 2008..........WE THE PEOPLE

Can someone tell me who the ONE person is that decides what almost ALL journalists in this country should and shouldn't write about and should and shouldn't think? One person says, "McCain is the leader."and everybody just puts their brains down and hops on board. And the next day all the print, tv, radio, say the exact same thing. Its like spreading gossip--not news.

I actually feel bad for the supporters of the other candidates. They have either sold their souls, or they are clueless.

Oh--thanks for covering Congressman Paul Mr. Malcolm.

(Well, if there is such a person, which I sincerely doubt, you sure won't find him/her around this blog.)

I wanted to support Ron Paul, but he's done unless he runs as an independent.

I will vote for Romney in the primary because having McCain, Obama or Hillary as president of this country would be a disaster.

Say NO to illegal aliens, say No to idiots who wish to continue the Bush agenda.

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