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Ron Paul scales back hopeless effort, refuses to back McCain

He's not really quitting. He's not really suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. He's not promising victory, just to keep on keeping on. But, in effect, Rep. Ron Paul, at 72 the oldest candidate for president and the only GOP candidate to oppose the Iraq war, is facing reality.

In a statement to supporters on his website, first mentioned here early Saturday, Paul admits, "With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he wants to clarify some confusion

His campaign currently claims a total of 42, 1,149 shy of the total to win and some 650 behind the GOP leader, though other estimates give him only 16. He took third in Washington over the weekend and fourth in Kansas behind even Mitt Romney, who'd dropped out. Even if he won every delegate still available, Paul could not capture the party's nomination in September in St. Paul, which is no relation.

Despite ridicule by other GOP candidates, despite getting significantly less time to speak during debates and, in one instance, even being barred from a GOP debate by Fox News although....

he'd collected more votes than those included, Paul repeated his vow not to attempt a third-party bid, which would drain priceless conservative votes from the party's nominee. "I am a Republican," he said, "and I remain a Republican." He did say he'd be reducing staff and offices.

Now, whether the 10-term congressman with the libertarian ideals, actually endorses Sen. John McCain is something else. Paul has said we should bring overseas troops home and invest the saved money in fixing America; McCain has vowed to stay overseas, especially Iraq, as long as it takes for success.

This morning Paul told one of our sister newspapers, "I cannot support anybody with the foreign policy he advocates, you know, perpetual war," said Paul. "That is just so disturbing to me."

In his website statement, Paul then alludes to probably the largest factor for his refocused campaign: He's trying to run simultaneously for president and his House seat in Texas' 14th Congressional District and faces a challenger in the March 4 primary, Chris Peden, a city councilmen from Friendswood. So Paul will be on two ballots that day.

"If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat," he said, "all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he needs to clarify confusion over his dropping out, that he is just altering his schedule to allow primary campaigning in his home district and he intends to compete fully in all remaining primaries and on to the convention.

Although largely ignored as irrelevant by many media outlets, though not The Ticket, the story of Ron Paul and his thousands of determined, sometimes aggressive, usually good-natured followers is one of the more interesting of the current election season.

Virtually spontaneously, disaffected Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and newcomers to the political process began gathering around the plain-spoken Paul last summer and with their nearly $20 million in smaller donations turned him into the most successful GOP fundraiser in the last quarter. On one day he raised $6 million online and was the only Republican to increase his contributions in every quarter of 2007.

With some 1,400 meet-up groups across the country, letter-writing and sign-waving campaigns and creative publicity stunts, they helped Paul to some second, fourth and fifth place finishes in states such as Nevada, Montana and Maine. He beat Rudy Giuliani in Iowa and Fred Thompson in New Hampshire and financed an eight-state advertising campaign.

His boosters, who worked the Internet assiduously to right wrongs and make Paul's case, maintain that a corporate-media conspiracy to ignore him prevented the former ob-gyn from getting his less-government message out to most Americans. He certainly was ignored and, only recently, included when providing poll results on TV. But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty.

Even the tone of hundreds of comments left here by Paul supporters changed in recent days from aggressive advocacy to reluctant acceptance of the disappointing reality of continued single-digit poll results.

It would be interesting if those supporters took the time here now to leave comments explaining why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience (we already know about the media conspiracy) and what they think about his refocused campaign and their spent donations.

--Andrew Malcolm

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This retired economist is in for the long haul. I'm WRITING-IN Ron Paul in November. I suggest others do so as well.

I am not a sujpporter of Ron Paul but I admire him for sticking to his guns and almost all of us agree with many of his points, if not most of them. He was treated rudely by the press and especially FOX.

Folks should not run for president if all they think of is "party unity" and all of that. They should hang tough for what they believe and not walk off the field until they are eliminated. Thus I respect Huck and Paul.

" St. Paul, which is no relation."

Cute. That exemplifies the hostility the media hacks have for Ron Paul and why he didn't get the coverage--was frozen out, essentially--that the other candidates received, even though he won debates and was recognized as the better candidate by those aware of the issues he is running on and his record. Journalists are a true asset to the process.

I am constantly telling people about this great man, and so far most of them have heard very little of him. The ones that have looked into his candidacy have become interested in him. So far, five of my friends and family have become supporters.

Most of the people I know do little or no research on the candidates, and will vote for the candidate who sounds the most convincing.

The other day someone told me he was voting for Obama and I asked him what he thought of his healthcare plan. He had no idea what it was- he just "liked" him.

Our country has been asleep for too long, and more and more of us are waking up. R. Paul will change the course of history, president or not.

Carroll's comment about Obama being lionized when his message is almost non-existent is something I wondered about in earlier election cycles for other candidates, too.

My guess is that Obama is much like those.

When a candidate whose presence creates the general sense that he or she can bring about exciting change for the better turns up -- especially (but not always) when the candidate is energetic articulate and telegenic -- voters project onto that candidate all their individual desires for changes and fresh policies. So as long as that sense is maintained, the candidate does well. Once the candidate begins to define specific policies, that popularity begins to drop off as the candidate's self-definition disappoints more and more hopeful voters who find that those defined positions don't really represent their personal vision.

Obama, like Ross Perot and John Edwards before him, will continue to do fine as long as he doesn't get down to specific policies and programs. After the initial swirl of hope and excitement, every time Ross Perot opened his mouth he disillusioned another chunk of those who had hoped he would embrace their vision and his popularity fell. (Perot's dropping out and later re-emerging was downright flaky, but off point.) John Edwards in the last election cycle was a fresh youthful face and high energy, but by the time the 2008 campaign had gotten far, his 'class warfare' populism defined him out of most folks' views and he sank.

Ronald Reagan began like those folks but his actual substantive message -- optimism always sells better in in America -- did not turn away the electorate of his day every time he opened his mouth.

On that last, one point I should have included in my comments about Ron Paul and how he might have been more effective in the early part of the campaign, is that while Paul scored points for honesty, straight talk and a well-defined program, his presentation had more of the feel of Jimmy Carter's "malaise" and sense that things would never be as good as they once had been, than of Ronald Reagan's "shining city on the hill."

If Paul could have a do-over for the beginning of his campaign -- although media maneuvering still would have damped its effect -- sharing a vision of all the good things that can be once the numbskull policies of the past are jettisoned would have brightened the tone and heightened his appeal.

Like Democrat Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and 1956, who was by all accounts a very bright intellectual guy, Paul's seriousness so far unleavened by smiles and an optimistic vision once his policies are implemented, have not served his cause optimally.

Andrew, we are faaaaaaaaaaar from "over." Ron has ignited an interest in politics from many, MANY Americans (myself included) who had never had any interest prior to this campaign. We are not "going gently into that good night" any longer as we absolutely refuse to accept the status quo in American politics.

The actual "Revolution" has JUST begun...!

Speaking of scales, this election the media reptiles have shed their skin in public.

I am a Liberal

I voted for Ron Paul because he was the only candidate truly concerned about the preservation of our liberties. What is truly scary Mr. Malcom is not Ron Paul's "off the wall ideas." The thing that should frighten us all is the fact that more citizens are not concerned with our personal freedoms being stripped for us in the name of safety and national defense.

I love my government programs and projects just as any liberal but I will happily give all those up to ensure the freedom and liberty granted to us in the constitution. I used to be pro gun control but now I think of purchasing my own weapon because I fear the day I may have to use it on an oppressive government that has stripped me of my essential liberties. Oh but however I should say the one thing I fear most beyond using a gun, is the thought of not having one, should that day ever come that our leaders defile our constitutional rights to such a degree.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

-Benjamin Franklin

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."


"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, It is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-Arthur Schopenhauer

Best Regards-

Brent Baker
Palatine IL

He didnt catch on because of thoughts like this:

"But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty."

You just posed a question and answered it in the same sentence.

Unfortunately this is a common feeling in todays world. Everyone wants an answer about why and how things got to where they are.

The answer is simple. We have turned away from the rule of law in the Constitution.

To correct this, we need to take "radical" measures. Dr. Paul had transitions for all of these issues.

He's a "True Conservative"....and that unfortunately is shunned in our society!! Ron Paul 2008

Semper Fi!

More voters didn't warm up to RP because their mentality is "What can my country do for me", not "What can I do for my country."

They didn't warm up because they obey other sources/party hacks for direction without thinking for themselves.

I have to hear a valid counterargument for Paul's positions, with the exception of the war.

This outcome is a bitter lesson on the dire condition of our body politik.

First, I want to thank you for your column; it has been one of the best in terms of fair reporting and honest assessment. Great stuff.
I support Ron Paul, and have contributed to his campaign. I am sure there are many reasons as to why his message did not stick: arcane sounding ideas; he never used the word CHANGE just for the sake of it; the absence of sexy-charisma (although Mrs. Paul would probably take issue with that one); love of empire; love of war; confusion about who was really responsible for 911; general American ignorance about our past; general American ignorance about the course of empires; indifference.
But, I would suggest that the one thing that did not get him closer to the finish line was this: he made no promises that he could not keep. If he had lied, he would have done better. It always works.

When the media flashes "Only Four Remaining Candidates" across the screen, and doesn't show Ron Paul. When the only mention of Ron Paul on the media, is in a joking way, with word like longshot, dark horse. When primary results don't include Ron Paul. When Barry Goldwater Jr, endorces Ron Paul, and it gets no attention..............

These things are not conspiracies. They are a total disreguard for any journalistic integrity. It is a way to force feed Americans into believing something other than the truth.

Media coverage weighs in about 70% of any candidates chances of receiving a nomination from their party. His/her record doesn't start playing into the game until the final few are picked. For example: Not many people knew (VIA the MSM) that John McCain was so liberal on immigration, abortion and gay rights, until now. Because the media focused only on his stance on the war.
And they did the same with Ron Paul's stance on the war. Which I might ad, is another reason why he has so much support.

If the MSM had given Ron Paul as much coverage as McCain. If they'd broadcast that he was one that voted against subsidies to Pakistan. If they had bothered to cover his voting record, people would know that Ron Paul is against abortion, but itshould not be the roll of the federal government to make laws on abortion.
People would know that Ron Paul has never voted to spend a dime of Social Security. People would know that his stand on the Constitution is solely based on the fact that the Constitution was formed to restrict the Government, not the people.

In this country, every single day, the House and Senate are creating more and more laws that do more than hurt the soverinty of this country. But more-so, divide us into groups. By color, religion, and wealth.

After knowing Ron Paul, and being left to either continue to support him, or support any of the other candidates, is ike going from steak dinner to burned bologna.

Anyone can see from the long list of comments supporting Dr. Paul and his accomplishment in going this far against the establishment candidates, that he has been a BIG SUCCESS and that some voters have been awakened from their political lethargy by his libertarian ideals. Libertarianism isn't new, but it seems to be very new to both young people and to those sickened by the burgeoning Leviathian our government has become. Dr. Paul's messages about civil liberty and the need to disentagle ourselves from dangerous foreign alliances are ones which will continue to gain traction among American voters. Someone said that we need 1000 Ron Pauls. His campaign, even if he loses, will not have been in vain, because he has created a tipping point in looking at the issues we face today in a way every other candidate refuses. Someone mentioned that Dr. Paul's timing was wrong. I say not so. His timing has been perfect. Yes, Americans may grab for the brass ring one more time in hopes that socialism will bail out our society from a multitude of ailments -worthless, fiat money, a credit crisis, mortgage foreclosures, a health care crisis, etc. So one more time, voters may grasp for lifelines thrown to us by the major parties, but they will see very soon that none of those lifelines will save America. When they do, they will have Ron Paul to thank for his wisdom and for his courage to stand up to the powers that be in Washington, D.C. and to be made mockery of and excluded from cogent and gentlemanly debate. So thank you Ron Paul, and thanks to publications such as this one who have given Ron Paul and libertarian/republicans/independents a fair shake.

Dr. Paul is in this race to win, for the American people, and we're supporting him without limit. You're starting to look pretty foolish by claiming he's out when he's in. Those millions in the bank are still going to be spent on a presidential campaign, and you can expect Paul to take Texas and Pennsylvania soon.

If you think Republicans are going to vote for a lunatic racist liberal who says he "will always hate the gooks", who is so incompetent that he manages to crash 5 jets for 20 hours of combat flight time, so corrupt that he covers up his adulterous second-wife's drug habits and embezzlements while simultaneously campaigning as a drug warrior, I think you're quite mistaken. No sane Christian can vote for this madman McCain. Ron Paul will win the convention. I'm a delegate, and I'm not telling anyone how I'm going to vote until the convention.

Ron Paul has gone from ONE man with his ideas of peace and liberty to MILLIONS of people with these same principles. He is a true patriot and I stand with him and will vote for him in November no matter what.

Paul didn't catch on with mainstream Dems and independents because the Republican brand is wrecked. It's like being a gourmet meal at McDonald's.

He didn't catch on with mainstream Republicans because social conservatives and war supporters, both of whom Paul thumbed his nose at, make up a large portion of the dwindling Republican party.

For what it's worth, I'm not really a strong supporter of any of the candidates--McCain and Paul both are good on my #1 issue, wasteful government spending, but both have their drawbacks as well.

Like you said, he was too radical for America. If he toned it down a bit, showed a little more personality and flavor and less drawn out "government inflation is bleeding middle class" drawl he might of been more successful. Instead I am reminded of Marlon Brando from On the Water Front saying "I coulda had class... I coulda been a contender..."

Why he didn't catch on? Besides the media blackout?

There is no other reason.

Even when Paul did manage to score coverage, it was always the same sneering, snarky, skeptical tone.

Do give your media comrades some credit for being as important as they think they are -- the media really does set the country's agenda, and has all the power needed to push a candidate to the forefront -- or bury him.

However, after caucusing and networking and figuring how it works at the grassroots machine level, I suspect there will plenty of Paulites sticking around to make sure that the pro-liberty, small-government wing of the GOP is not entirely shut out in the cold.

I voted in the Va Primary for Ron Paul today.

Fight on.

As for our campaign donations, the majority of us through up less than $50 bucks. Thats the most incredible part of his fundraising, most of it came from first time donors giving very little amounts. Of course media never wanted to talk about that.

Nice to see that the guy most active members of the military want to be elected won't be. Ron Paul recieved more donation than every other single candidate combined!?!?! And yet NO REPORT OF THIS?!


I think its time to show the world the biggest write-in campain in history!

Thank you for the fair and friendly article. "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." MLK
I realize that the majority of voters don't have an extensive (or even adequate) education in history (as evidenced by Jay Leno) and many citizens are too trusting, unsuspicious, or spoiled... this is why THEY don't vote for RP. Those who DO research and investigate the candidates see RP as a man backed by a solid political/professional/personal record. I am sick of the billionaire Bush family influence. That family is too powerful. G.W.Bush seems like such a sweety when he talks all stupid on TV, but he is extensively insulated. He rarely has to confront opposition or the deaths of innocent children in Iraq face-to-face. I am dedicated to RP and will vote for no other. When voting in Nov. '08 I will write him in if he's not on the ballot. End this god damned war.

It ain't over till it's over. Every day of staying with the campaign is a new opportunity to educate a few more people to the beauty of freedom and benefits of living in a free and Constitutional society. I will continue making my little biweekly contributions as long as Dr. Paul stays in the running. This is a true rEVOLution and hopefully most supporters will stay together with, a Paul backed PAC to continue to forward the move to smaller government and a better future for America.

The reason he never caught on is because, sadly, most Americans never take the time to research the candidates that they vote for. Most vote for a D or and R. Those lines are usually based on who's promising who what. All of it is Constitutional. The government has no right to steal money from me to give it to any lobby or welfare state program. It is just like Napoleon said, as long as the people have money in their pockets they could care less about anything else.
Ron Paul never promised a free socialist helath care program. He didn't get mainstream support from the big time, big government Republican liberal media (yes the Republicans are liberals) Establishment because he's never been apart of it. I feel bad that their is no one to replace him and even worst that not that many people had the courage or tenacity to take the time to do their research. Most are content with being good sheeple. It's a GD shame. Don't worry. . . when we all speak Spanish or Mandarin Chinese it'll all be good. I'm sure our Commy overlords will give us a R or D to vote for. Hey look, they already are.

Devoh, what the hell you think we're doing? I'm in talks now to launch my own congressional bid. Who cares if I win, the point is to make someone run against the Constitution and therefor either come closer to it, or distance themselves from it.

And if I do win (don't count me out), Andrew gets an exclusive! =)

If I don't run, I'll canvas for someone who does.

I have enjoyed reading the Top of the Ticket articles. My thoughts: Perhaps Main Stream Americans have become too stupid to understand, want or even deserve freedom. After all it is much easier to grow fat watching someone else enoy life, play sports or make news. I would like to think not.

Why hasn't Dr. Paul gained wider acceptance? I think G.K. Chesterton put it quite cogently: "The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected."
The Democratic and Republican parties are so close together in ideology, language, and ethics, they appear to everyday people as penguins. Only they can tell each other apart, but no one else can see any differences.

I can't tell you why he didn't catch on. Mostly because people didn't hear of him...or if they did it wan't positive.

Here is the POSITIVE REASON I caught on to his campaign and gave money (my first time ever)....the doors of my church were kicked down. The LAPD said Judeo-Christianity is not a real religion. My life's savings was seized with a warrant that the police officer signed himself. I grew up in Beverly Hills and graduated from UCLA. I used to take the US Constitution seriously and I thought our Dept. of Justice did too. They don't. The Constitution is worthless without someone to stand up for it. That is what Ron Paul did, does and is doing...what you failed to mention on that 14 minute video Dr. Paul plans a march on Washington DC and even though my car has been seized and my house foreclosed on and I am broke....I WILL HITCHHIKE IF I HAVE TO I AM GOING TO BE IN WASHINGTON DC TO SUPPORT DR. RON PAUL AND THE US CONSTITUTION.

I consider myself a conservative and voted for Bush, but now I am disgusted with how he has trampled on my liberty. I want a President who will protect my religious freedom from the New World Order.

Although Ron Paul will not get the nomination he has spoken plainly for millions of Americans, including some who did not vote for him. He raised many issues that need to be discussed. Although I don't expect the GOP to accept all his ideas, they would be wise to acknowledge the real dissent against the war and to consider aggressive moves toward negotiation and diplomacy within the war. Ron Paul did create a grass roots movement especially with fundraising efforts and that is something the GOP should learn from and utilize. His ideas never caught on because they are largely, sad to say, out of the mainstream of American thought. That does not mean he is wrong- he stood up for what he believed, never waivered- and any politician that does that should be respected. I can only hope that over the next 20 years his ideas will be heard in one form or another and that we have a serious debate framed around his ideas- and quite possibly putting some of them into action.

Most Americans are stupid, lazy, selfish people.
They disgust me and fill me with shame.

unfortunately the broken government is driven by a voting block that wants more welfare, more healthcare, and more government control not less. we have past the point where people even care about Jefferson and Madison principles....i should say even know of them.

Other than the conspiracy, eh?

Dr. Paul isn't attractive.
Dr. Paul was too passionate, so he seemed overly excited and sometimes shrill.
He didn't seem presidential.
He failed to reach conservatives and evangelicals with his message. Those that I introduced him to, supported him.
The American public is generally uneducated concerning their nation's past and the goals of the Founding Fathers. In addition to saying what institutions he wanted to get rid of, he also needed to educate people on why they weren't necessary at the Federal level and remind them that the States still had their versions for local oversight.
Dr. Paul wasn't able to adapt his message to address the concerns of the public. He also had difficulty adapting to debate questions. He had his message, his set of answers and always went to it to the point of sounding like he was avoiding the question (or at least didn't understand it).
He's a congressman. I think he should try to become a senator when the opportunity arises, then try his presidential run again after serving that term.
He wasn't willing to play the game a bit and be political.

So I believe it was more than the debate moderators, because it certainly wasn't a money issue. You can blame a lot of people, but it really comes down to Paul's inability to connect with the masses.

The media has chosen to defame and malign Ron Paul ! This is why so many have failed to hear his agenda. He is a true patriot whose objective is to uphold the constitutuion of the United States! "The fire has been lit and it's not going to die out"

"But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty."

THAT'S THE PROBLEM! I knew you guys didn't get it.

It is precisely BECAUSE of the IRS/Federal Reserve that our economic outlook is horrible. Why do you think the fed should be allowed to print the money and then LOAN it (and that's with interest) to people???? Americans are not allowed to create money (this was not always the case), so paying back this loan is impossible. Your day to day transaction just shift the debt from one person to another. The reason this has been sustainable is because more and more debt is created and can be transfered from person to person.

You guys at the LA times can't seem to grasp this concept, no wonder other Americans are not able to understand Ron Paul's freedom message. It is a shame people rely on this publication for their news.

"All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects of the Constitution or Confederation; not from any want of honor or virtue, as much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." - John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson

Andrew - are just as ignorant? Cuz I do not like ignorant journalists.

Ron Paul, unlike many other candidates in recent history, has accepted the outcome of the votes. It is unfortunate that most people want more war, more debt, more government, more lies and more taxes but that is what the game is about. The US was great and like most empires before it, it will slowly lose its appeal and will end up just another former affluent country, just like China, Greece, France or England to name a few ... and we won't have no one else but ourselves to blame.

Ron Paul needs to stay in the Republican Party, but according to one article, "Ron Paul Strategy for Authentic Republican Party,"
( ), he can lead for a while a "Republican Party in Exile," so to speak.

The Media was against him.
The Neocon's worked against him.
He disagrees with a president of his own party.
He disagrees with NAFTA and the CFR, the government shadow puppeteers.

And he still pulled in about 10% around the country... and that's with likely fraud. I think that off your "basketball court", away from your fake rules, Ron Paul would kick your #@$%!

Ron Paul's interpretations of the constitution are repugnant to the document itself. His utter ignorance of the constitutionally-granted exclusive power of the U.S. Supreme Court to adjudicate "controversies" arising under it, and his dismissal of the Court's rulings on Constitutional matters reveal him to be unable to properly swear to uphold the foundational document for the rule-of-law in the United States. The American people are wiser than that.

I am a true conservative, and these are my opinions.

I can support 90% of Mr Paul's positions. I am pro-life and oppose legalizing most illegal drugs. I believe that we must continue with the war on terrorists in such places as Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan.

If Mr Paul had a 'presence' (gravitas) such as Fred Thompson, I believe that he would have been better received.

To me what really turned me off was the 'rabid' almost 'cult like' posting of those who claim are his supporters.

I have run for the State Legislature and feel disenfranchised as a conservative. I'd consider running as a Libertarian, but the abortion issue is a real issue for me. Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Respectfully submitted. -JP

Lot o' conspiracy theory talk about.

Ron Paul is a clown leading a troop of mini-clowns who collectively agree that the world is controlled by European Jews and that the moon landing was filmed in Utah.

Paul=Nader=12 Monkeys

Do you feel that the next presidential race is going
to be voting for the lesser of two evils?

The GOP and the media has already “picked” McCain as
the winner. BUT until the GOP officially picks a
winner in August of 2008 it has not been decided. The
media has BLACKED out Ron Paul but he is still in the

The Ron Paul campaign has secured more delegates to the national convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul than caucus straw polls might otherwise suggest. Until the national convention happens, the GOP canidate has not been actually chosen! We will still continue the rEVOLution.

If you feel that you are voting for the lesser of two
evils what would it hurt to check out these few videos
about Ron Paul?

Ron Paul on the IRS and small government! com/watch? v=IWfIhFhelm8& feature=related

If we go to war with Iran can you afford $5.00 a
gallon gas? com/watch? v=NIwlKyz6LvU& feature=related

Illegal Immigration? Ron is against it all.
http://video. videoplay? docid=5652527557 252956008& q=Ron+Paul+ on+Immagration& total=3&start= 0&num=10& so=0&type= search&plindex= 1

http://video. videoplay? docid=7142272576 942429897& q=Ron+Paul+ on+Immagration& total=3&start= 0&num=10& so=0&type= search&plindex= 2

http://video. videoplay? docid=7883981221 668978984& q=illegal+ immigration+ ron+paul& total=240& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 1

http://video. videoplay? docid=-159056909 6844169127& q=illegal+ immigration+ ron+paul& total=240& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 2

http://video. videoplay? docid=-795979287 168306861& q=illegal+ immigration+ ron+paul& total=240& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 3

What is Ron Paul's voting record? What are the other
candidates? If you compare these then you will really
see. com/watch? v=I51k21P_ QV8

Why is he so against the Federal Reserve? com/watch? v=A4kxTkhwR_ Q

Part One com/watch? v=sVCStbbIvDg

Part Two com/watch? v=_8pLpI5rzKI& feature=related

Ron grills them again! Inflate the currency? com/watch? v=wyzXRE1_ fW8&feature= related

Reaction to Ron Paul and a bunch of BS explanations.
LOOKA AT THE CHARTS! com/watch? v=T383qJ0KMwU& feature=related

Ron Paul has a great understanding of the monetary
policy. Please take a look at it. Why is he the only
candidate that speaks about the falling dollar? com/watch? v=nj9KHJRRUbQ& feature=related

North American Union and NAFTA? com/watch? v=GE8FKPH8t0g com/watch? v=_wCdULj6fOQ& feature=related com/watch? v=1udw9xvNNO4& feature=related com/watch? v=Ju5Ar2BWAwQ& feature=related
Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda
Deception com/watch? v=brYWujMC- 0k&feature= related
NAU POLICE??? com/watch? v=wJBZSzIh5Fo& feature=related
NAU AMERO BUCK com/watch? v=yFUo92FVCG8& NR=1

Do we have enough money to keep up these wars across
the world? If so where is the money going to come
from? com/watch? v=zlG4rfxrCfk& feature=related

Why does Ron Paul stand against the war? What is the
history of US involvement in the middle east? If you
don't know then study the subject regardless of who
you are voting for. com/watch? v=PLV7zDhKzDY

http://video. videoplay? docid=9083805058 136557623

BTW if you are going to say bad things about Ron Paul
justify your statements with some kind of facts or
figures. Please study the subject and put out your
intelligent points instead of "he is just crazy or get
a tin hat". "Crazy" Ron Paul keeps get invited to
debates. If he was really that "crazy" they wouldn't
keep inviting him? Don't believe the hype, look into
Ron Paul for yourself. You'll soon come to understand
why Ron Paul is such a threat, and why the mainstream
media wants you to think he is so crazy.

Check Ron Paul on this debate.

Before you vote for I ask you to please look at Ron
Paul and his record.
www.ronpaul2008. com

One reason "they" don't want RP to win.
http://www.worldnet news/article. asp?ARTICLE_ ID=59713

Ron Paul would expose alot of missing gold if he were
to become the President!
http://www.worldnet news/article. asp?ARTICLE_ ID=59935

Ron Paul is not a member of the club.
http://www.wnd. com/news/ article.asp? ARTICLE_ID= 58425

Why the Offline Polls are Skewed Against Ron Paul (Not
just cell phones!)
http://dyn.politico .com/members/ forums/thread. cfm?catid= 2&subcatid= 9&threadid= 165751#165751

Media Bias com/watch? v=aHI8ZboL7U0& feature=related

Other Candidates?
McCain the Flipflopper We didn’t like John Kerry doing
it either com/watch? v=ioy90nF2anI

http://video. videoplay? docid=-846318088 8191636878& q=McCain& total=13522& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 0

http://video. videoplay? docid=-475614493 0446024509& q=McCain& total=13522& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 1

http://video. videoplay? docid=-326908049 2376709459& q=McCain& total=13522& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 4

http://video. videoplay? docid=-893155091 1971286190& q=McCain& total=13522& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 7

McCain on the economy! Boy he sure stumbles on this

http://video. videoplay? docid=-600856053 4116645434& q=McCain& total=13532& start=10& num=10&so= 0&type=search& plindex=5

http://video. videoplay? docid=-544800859 5834205580& q=McCain& total=13532& start=10& num=10&so= 0&type=search& plindex=8

http://video. videoplay? docid=-433990683 3705488516& q=McCain& total=13529& start=20& num=10&so= 0&type=search& plindex=5

Obama the warmonger?

Mitt gets rpwned by Ron Paul!
http://video. videoplay? docid=-616713699 5302324218& q=Ron+Paul+ +mitt&total= 1782&start= 0&num=100& so=0&type= search&plindex= 25

you know LA times/malcom

You have mentioned some good things concerning Dr. Paul Thank you. But some of these articles are not consistent you use certain buzz words and labels that get blown up when written to the public. Hopeless effort? you must surly be kidding? I am sure you understand that to get to be in the top six of persons running for one of the most powerful positions globally is not a task done easily. Not to also mention the education of real freedom towards America Dr. Paul has done it is amazing!!! no lost cause here! I agree with the conclusion in part of NewsMax magazine concerning Ron Raul's efforts, a possible Barry Goldwater influence on a party that has lost its way

Freedom and Truth lives

I appreciate all of the Pro- Ron Paul comments, as for the LA times, I have my account number for my weekly subscription on my desk, waiting to call and cancel, it is a sad day in America, when everytime you pick up the paper or look at a blog it is so full of construed crap it makes you literally ill to read it.

Even though you cover Paul in some of your online "Blogs", you still do so with subtle insults to the readers and supporters of Dr Paul

Evidenced by your comment of "(we already know about the media conspiracy)"

What you and every other major media outlet either fails to realize or blatantly ignores is that by neglecting Ron Paul, and his hundreds of thousands of supporters, you are losing the future readers of your publications.

The supporters of McCain and others are older - once that generation is gone, who will you turn to for subscribers? Every Ron Paul supporter I know will forever be wary of publications such as yours and will not be quick to forget who was, and who wasn't, fair to Congressman Paul.

You have neglected us now, we will neglect you for years to come. Once your articles of Dr Paul end you will have forever lost a huge part of your readership.

Good job.

This is just the beginning, no one is quitting!
Ron Paul won because he comes from the heart, and not out of egoistic selfish interest. We now see a glimpse of the political future in this planet. The internet is a virtual global brain, the first artificial intelligence mirroring the true preferences of the public without biases. Broadcasted popular media is not news, it is reality manipulation through applied science and knowledge of human psychology. Let it be known that "the" mainstream is no longer "main" it is just another current.
The Ron Paul Revolution wins because we have done something that has never been done before in history.
We stood against corporate tirany and information manipulation spontaneously and systematically across the country using web communications. We have done this in creative ways to once again remind the establishment that it is us; the lovers of freedom, the ones who truly create the beauty of the world, and we do it through our brave hearts. Long live the human spirit!

He lost because Americans are socialized in believing in the use of military power without thinking through the consequences of it's use. We are even told that waterboarding is not torture. People look up to authority. The authority figures, policy makers, and moneyed interest want war with Iraq and Iran for varied interests (racism, military contracts, etc)

I guess we just watch until the interests groups bleed the US of every last dollar. The authority figures are ideologically and possibly economically invested in these interest groups so obviously they will want to persuade the viewers to support our interventionist foreign policy.

The only way is to share knowledge about these interest groups and educate every American, one American at a time! American interest means different things to different people. Bush says it and thinks about the interest groups who helped fund him into power. Most Americans think of the wellbeing of the whole country.

Media censorship is bad especially when it is protecting criminals (from some of these interest groups) who sold American nuclear secrets to other countries. This story made it in the Times UK but unsurprisingly absent in the American mainstream media. Here's a link to the story:

media blackout or media conspiracy? Whatever you want to call it...if he had had the same amount of coverage as the guys he trounced...Guliani or Fred Thompson he'd have won the race...if David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Brezinski and Rupert Murdoch don't like you you tend not to get as many questions in debates or free air time as the other just so happens that all those people make more money when the government has huge deficits(profits of financing government), spends it on wars(profits on military industrial complex interests) high oil prices caused by inflation and wars also tend to enrich Kissinger clients and friends in Saudi Arabia.

One of my most memorable moments during this presidential campaign was at the Republican Debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. McCain and Rommney were doing there school yard rendition of 'oh yeah, well let me tell you...' Then Andersen turned to Ron Paul and his statement about how two potential leaders of the only superpower in the world could be acting the way they were was priceless..... for everything else.....
Ron Paul, in my humble opinion, was not afforded the opportunity to raise the awareness of his presidential issues. Without awareness there is no interest. Without interest there is no emotional desire or attachment. Without that there is no call to action.
Then again there isn’t much awareness in the schools (where fundamentals should be taught) either. Ron Paul’s ‘constitutionally based protocol is hindered by minimal awareness or interest in the constitution and its importance and impact on our lives. Hindered yes, extinguished….no.

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