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Ron Paul scales back hopeless effort, refuses to back McCain

He's not really quitting. He's not really suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. He's not promising victory, just to keep on keeping on. But, in effect, Rep. Ron Paul, at 72 the oldest candidate for president and the only GOP candidate to oppose the Iraq war, is facing reality.

In a statement to supporters on his website, first mentioned here early Saturday, Paul admits, "With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he wants to clarify some confusion

His campaign currently claims a total of 42, 1,149 shy of the total to win and some 650 behind the GOP leader, though other estimates give him only 16. He took third in Washington over the weekend and fourth in Kansas behind even Mitt Romney, who'd dropped out. Even if he won every delegate still available, Paul could not capture the party's nomination in September in St. Paul, which is no relation.

Despite ridicule by other GOP candidates, despite getting significantly less time to speak during debates and, in one instance, even being barred from a GOP debate by Fox News although....

he'd collected more votes than those included, Paul repeated his vow not to attempt a third-party bid, which would drain priceless conservative votes from the party's nominee. "I am a Republican," he said, "and I remain a Republican." He did say he'd be reducing staff and offices.

Now, whether the 10-term congressman with the libertarian ideals, actually endorses Sen. John McCain is something else. Paul has said we should bring overseas troops home and invest the saved money in fixing America; McCain has vowed to stay overseas, especially Iraq, as long as it takes for success.

This morning Paul told one of our sister newspapers, "I cannot support anybody with the foreign policy he advocates, you know, perpetual war," said Paul. "That is just so disturbing to me."

In his website statement, Paul then alludes to probably the largest factor for his refocused campaign: He's trying to run simultaneously for president and his House seat in Texas' 14th Congressional District and faces a challenger in the March 4 primary, Chris Peden, a city councilmen from Friendswood. So Paul will be on two ballots that day.

"If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat," he said, "all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he needs to clarify confusion over his dropping out, that he is just altering his schedule to allow primary campaigning in his home district and he intends to compete fully in all remaining primaries and on to the convention.

Although largely ignored as irrelevant by many media outlets, though not The Ticket, the story of Ron Paul and his thousands of determined, sometimes aggressive, usually good-natured followers is one of the more interesting of the current election season.

Virtually spontaneously, disaffected Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and newcomers to the political process began gathering around the plain-spoken Paul last summer and with their nearly $20 million in smaller donations turned him into the most successful GOP fundraiser in the last quarter. On one day he raised $6 million online and was the only Republican to increase his contributions in every quarter of 2007.

With some 1,400 meet-up groups across the country, letter-writing and sign-waving campaigns and creative publicity stunts, they helped Paul to some second, fourth and fifth place finishes in states such as Nevada, Montana and Maine. He beat Rudy Giuliani in Iowa and Fred Thompson in New Hampshire and financed an eight-state advertising campaign.

His boosters, who worked the Internet assiduously to right wrongs and make Paul's case, maintain that a corporate-media conspiracy to ignore him prevented the former ob-gyn from getting his less-government message out to most Americans. He certainly was ignored and, only recently, included when providing poll results on TV. But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty.

Even the tone of hundreds of comments left here by Paul supporters changed in recent days from aggressive advocacy to reluctant acceptance of the disappointing reality of continued single-digit poll results.

It would be interesting if those supporters took the time here now to leave comments explaining why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience (we already know about the media conspiracy) and what they think about his refocused campaign and their spent donations.

--Andrew Malcolm

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I supported Ron Paul for two primary reasons:

fiscal/monetary policy
foreign policy

Until Barack Obama starts to mention inflation, the dollar, the Federal Reserve's role, the govt debt, I will continue to support Ron Paul first.

I would rather have a pro-life country (I'm pro-choice) and a sound fiscal/monetary/foreign policy than the reverse. Americans are missing the fact that fiscal/monetary policy and foreign policy are BY FAR the two most crucial factors going forward. Alas, just as every other empire has done, we will react instead of acting in advance, and we will reap what we have sown...

OK Malcom -
"But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty".

As Dr Evil states - "You just don't get it, do you Scott?"

The international terroist threats and economic uncertainly are precisely WHY Ron Paul advocates reducing the federal government, abolishing the Federal Reserve and it's "interest-payment" support mechanism of income taxes, and a return to the Gold Standard.

Today, the Federal government must continue to find reasons to borrow from the Federal Reserve (a private bank), through growth in government entitlements and foreign militariism, to keep the fiat dollar afloat ($70 Trillion in debt and counting). But why would "elect me!" politicians, and central bankers want this changed?

We can never repay this debt without returning to a sound currency and stopping entitlements.

The government can only pay the interest on these phony "loans", through income taxes, making every American man/woman/child a perpetual serf, until our economic system collapses, since our currency is not pinned to anything of real value (e.g. Gold Std).

However, the rest of the global marketplace isn't so duped - watch the price of gold, as (unfortunately) the fiat dollar continues to tank!

"It would be interesting if those supporters took the time here now to leave comments explaining why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience (we already know about the media conspiracy) and what they think about his refocused campaign and their spent donations."

1) American citizens are duped sheep. The perpetuation of this ignorance by the major media, serves those already in government, and the media outlets owned by a small minority.
2) He HAS caught on to a wider audience (but not to the sheep).
3) Correct - you DO know about the media conspiracy, and LA Times is part of it ("...reluctant acceptance of the disappointing reality...). Your glee fill your pen.
4) Spent donations - Ron Paul's donors represent true idealists - not supporters of the "big-corporation" political duopoly designed by McCain-Feingold's treacherous destruction of American free speech.

As our economic woes continue (and with the likely Demopublican President) they will, we may yet see, before it's too late, that Dr Paul represents true insight into saving America

He hasn't reached a wider audience because of the media bias you acknowledge.

He also suffers from preaching a philosophy of individual liberty...
Not a, "What can the government do for ME?!?" with a complete disregard for personal responsibility - or care about the cost to your neighbor.

Ron Paul has not lost.
He has started a movement that will surpass him in every way possible.

The Alaska GOP platform has been changed - because of Ron Paul delegates speaking out - to support industrial hemp and Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy.

You're also misquoting the results in Washington - as you are calculating the pre-caucus "straw-poll" equivalent votes.

The undecided delegates are expected to be strong Paul supporters trying to get into the system under the radar of the state GOP - as they were blocked at every corner in Louisiana and suffered losses due to what most consider fraud - where McCain ran on 2 ballots - the "Uncommitted Pro Life/Pro-Family" and his own.

The thing is, Giuliani was on the pro-life/pro-family ticket.
So I don't understand how pro-life or family it could possibly be.

McCain didn't win Louisiana on his own.
The GOP broke the law and changed the caucus rules at the last minute to disenfranchise Paul's supporters who switched from other parties - or were newly registered supporters.

The reason he isn't catching on is because the GOP is united against him - and is using deceit and voter disenfranchisement to keep his numbers down.

44% of the people voting for McCain in New Hampshire believed he was against the war.

The media hasn't been honest - and the people haven't looked for facts on their own - and this article is another show of force against Paul and his campaign.

He did not call it quits - and is still hoping for a brokered convention.

With Romney's delegates still in the air (and Paul's 2nd place finishes in NV and MT - both Winner Take All states - he could have all those delegates if they drop the delegates to the 2nd place winner - after Romney drops out) it is possible for Paul to seize them and still succeed.

But you can't help planting the seeds of failure... Ensuring that those free to still cast their votes do not - for fear of wasting their votes.

It still comes down to the media.
It always will.

From day one Paul has been labeled as a "long shot" and a "dark horse" candidate... With no hope of winning.

Yet he's already won - financially...
He's already won in grass root support...
He's already won in creativity of his supporters...

And now he's winning - because his delegates are changing the Republican platform at the state levels so that McCain cannot be a part of their republican platform.

The revolution is just beginning.
And if the media refuses to acknowledge it, the revolution will be the media's undoing.

It would be interesting for me to explain why people didn't vote for someone they NEVER heard of and knew NOTHING about. Sorry Andrew's THE MEDIA'S FAULT!!!!!!!!!
Give my regards to Anderson Cooper

It is a little difficult to explain Dr Ron Paul's poor showing in the primaries without referencing the mainstream media blackout and the mandatory "fringe" or "long shot" tags in the early days when he got occasional coverage.

My guess is that only quite a small percentage of Americans ever got to consider his message; and that it was quite often accepted by those that did.

I would be very interested in the results of an unbiased national poll that asked, "Who is Ron Paul?" and if they answered correctly that he is a Republican presidential candidate, asked a series of True or False questions about his platform.

OK. The first battle for the presidential nomination seems lost. But I have some hope that a decent number of the Ron Paul Revolutionaries will battle on and win later.

America and the rest of the World would be happier, richer, safer places if his message took root.

I still dream about a world where American foreign policy is framed with respect for the concept of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The vast majority of Americans I meet are friendly, generous, energetic and fair minded. How do they let their foreign policy get shaped by such vicious evil men?

The rest of the world regards America as a bully. And, if a bully doesn't stop bullying, most people want to see him lose his power.

I'm sad to say I saw a lot of smiling faces on 9/11. The people were sad for the innocent individuals killed and injured, but were very glad to see a bully get a bloody nose.

The author stated... "his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty."

The radical principle here is the opposition to such an approach by Dr. Paul. Should the US continue it's feeble attempts at boxing ghosts around the world, selling debt to China and Japan, and outsourcing production, it will shore out it's own foundation.

How obvious it is in what is being 'un'accomplished with the current approach to coach the world to our liking. It is aggravating to other sovereign countries, extraordinarily expensive, and all of us patriotic citizens must continue to push 15 to 30 percent of our salaries so that this madness can continue until our grandchildren berate us for our inane malinvestment.

Funding war that begets war is an endless proposition, and with the almost 10 trillion in foreign debt owed (almost 1 trillion a year), the dollar through inflation may lose its reserve currency status in the world as more money is printed to try to prevent the invevitable.

And so, we will elect a soap opera president to fix it.
Pretty sad, but not unexpected from those who do not pay attention.

Dr. Paul was deliberately shunned by a the corporate owned media. The media owners have their own agenda. It is not the interests of the People. So, those into the internet get the other side of the story. The majority of the population chooses to get information from the media and so are dumbed down to the level of media programming. That's what got us into this war. The public just doesn't get it and so will get the best president money can buy, whether it is a Democrat or a non-Paul Republican. You can call either of them Republicrats.


Thanks for supporting Paul. I think that Paul's, and any such future campaign, is now doomed from the outset.

Firstly, Americans are afraid to leave the nanny state no matter how much in-fighting it foments,

Secondly, warmongering and imperial interests seem to have acheived their coup-de-etat. I have become utterly cynical and paranoid. I've been following politics all my 55 years and am convinced that the 'fix' is in. I've never seen such nonsense. The existing democratic congress has blatantly betrayed their constituency. Celebrity worshipping Brittany-bots seem to have carried the day and now Obama will either get shredded in the general or be a weak president willing to go along with the crap to have his moment in history. Who am I to judge, I've sold out for less. Kids still starve in the world and I've got a roof over my head.

I find it all very sad. We haven't hit rock botom yet, and now rock bottom will be much bloodier. Karma for our sins? I hope the Indians have a good laugh after we're gone.

Thanks again.

The majority of people are sheople, happy with their ever increasing debt that if they really give it much thought hope they will escape by death anyway.

We have been brought up to be good consumers and keep the cycle going.
Our parents were frugal when they saw their neighbours get laid off, and never had the opportunity to get into so much debt so easily....
So inflation is our friend when it comes to debt and the pundits say we gotta keep going they way we are cause it's best for all....

I don't care about the moneys already spent. what was, is.

But for the refocused campaign...
Take a look at the movie idiocracy and come up with a Faux News Monster Truck Show with Ron Paul as Host screaming down everyone else and running over all his opponents in The Biggest Motha Truck Ever Concieved By Man Or Beast, One show every 3 days with lotsa teasers permanently running on all affiliated channels and magazine covers etc etc
And that's about the only way to get the sheople behind you.

Oh, Andrew. Really. "never caught on to a wider audience?"??

8,500 people showed up to hear Dr. Paul speak in Virginia this weekend at the Liberty University; nearly 5,000 showed up at the University of Minnesota last week. What other candidate with a "wider audience" do you know that can raise over $6 million in one day?

You will have no REAL idea just how many of us there are until we show up to march for Ron Paul in Washington in a couple of months (per his own suggestion in his latest message video), which we are now in the stages of planning! No way is he quitting and neither or we!

Of course, Ron Paul and his supporters realize the overwhelming amount of VOTE COUNT FRAUD going on; if it wasn't so sad it would be a joke. Some of us are trying to get our states to decertify the electronic voting machines, but it's all part of the corruption and predetermined winners.

A message from Ron Paul from yesterday:

Ron Paul : Going the Distance

You see guys, there's more to Ron Paul's candidacy than a wish to be president or a grasp for power and influence.

Ron Paul and supporters are fighting for the liberty of us all. You jaded and cynical journos might think it's all idealistic nonsense but have you honestly looked into Ron Paul's message and done your research? Have you read his books? Do you really understand what he's saying? Have you tried to counter his arguments intelligently or do you just take cheap shots at his supporters?

You political journos are supposed to know and understand the positions of all of the candidates in depth but the mainstream media just seems to cluelessly follow the herd and report the latest poll numbers. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

What you don't seem to be able to realize, Andrew, is that we have already won. We continue to win more every day.

We have exceeded our expectations and everything else that we gain is icing on the cake. The money keeps coming in and the number of supporters continues to grow. We continue to educate more people every day. Have you compared the poll results to the actual voting results in the caucuses and primaries? We won.

There is nothing radical about Ron Paul's objectives. The continued presence of the Federal Reserve as the result of an act as opposed to an Amendment is unconstitutional. The 16th Amendment, which may or may not have been ratified, is in question and was created contrary to the Constitution by a Congress that wanted to spend money which is what has gotten us to the point we are at today..

I took the following oath about 40 years ago:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God."

While my service commitments have been fulfilled, there is no expiration date on the oath. Men and women entering the military or public service in the Senate, Congress, or Presidential office, take this oath today. While the Senate, Congress, and the President ignore the oath that they took, the ones who actually fight for your freedoms do not. If you had taken the oath, you would know what we mean. There is nothing radical about it. It is a dear to us as the word of God.

We include more soldiers in our ranks than all of the other candidates put together. The noise leading up to the primaries and caucuses was called for in the face of media exclusion. We are settling in for the long haul now. The longer the battle rages, the more we will win.

Do not begin to think, for one moment, that we have gone away. If you, like many others, misinterpreted Ron's words and commitment, view his latest message here:

I never thought Paul had much of a chance in 2008. But this isn't about him, it's about a free society, something we continue to move away from. Hillary wants to force people to buy insurance. Yes it's a problem but force? Neo-Conservatives want to force our democratic ideals on people who may not appreciate them. How many democratic nations has our CIA undermined for our financial interests and those of our allies? Paul is about freedom not force. The lefts think we can be a Sweden or Norway but they do not realize this sort of socialism will fail in our culture and will not tolerate our tradition of immigration and letting people build their own lives. It's about not hitting rock bottom before we make real change. Paul wants true conservatism, not quasi-liberalism. If McCain wins (In November) the GOP will become a centerish party (and will probably fail). If the Democrats win we will become more indebted. We no longer produce wealth, the rest of the world is slowly buying us. The communist party in China exercises more control over our economy than our own government. Oh well, Free enterprise is over rated I guess.

(Thanks for taking the time leave a thoughtful comment.)

First of all Ron Pauls ideas have not been made public by the mainstream media as you fairly mentioned. That is the number one reason for Ron Pauls ideas not catching on with the publid. Then when Ron Paul did get media attention it was always loaded questions or someone on the attack. Ron Pauls Ideas are that of the founding forefathers that made this nation so great. This nation is quickly losing that and moving towards a mixture of fascism and socialism. The council on foreign relations controlled media and political candidates scratch each others backs and many are waking up to this fact.
Ron Paul would be the president of the United States if the media did not slander and black him out both. How can we tell you what caused Ron Paul to not catch on without telling you the truth ?
Ron Pauls ideas of less tax, smaller governmnet, no preemptive wars , no fascist patriot act, no North American Union , stoping illegal immigration, and obeying the constitution are actually very popular and very much what a Republic like the United States is about. But Im sure the mainstream propagnada machine known as the mainstream media will not tell anyone that.

The rEVOLution has just begun! The biggest march in history is soon to come on Washington.

No. It isn't the media. They didn't give him a fair share, for sure, but they did give him just enough airtime to get his message through edgewise. Anyone with at least one ear who was in a room during the several debates got the flavor of his platform.

People just aren't attuned to his sort of platform. I think people are just so hypnotized by the allure of the welfare-warfare state that they can't imagine life without it.

Well, maybe it is the media. The main failure of the media is that it doesn't do a very good job of reporting on our unsustainable government fiscal policy. When I heard that Congress recently raised the debt ceiling--for the fifth time since Bush took office--to over $9 trillion, I had a Dickens of a time finding the story reported on a reputable news source. Nobody was outraged. Nobody even cared. 60 Minutes did a report on David Walker's Fiscal Wake up tour, but is anyone really following this? Why is it that every time Britney Spears blows her nose, I get a full report, but when America's Comptroller General is on tour trying to tell the American People that our government is spending itself into oblivion, nobody cares? And here our Commander-in-Chief, an alleged 'conservative' has proposed another budget with yet another record-breaking deficit. Where is the outrage?

This is why Ron Paul didn't win. The American people are sleeping. They are hypnotized. The nanny State has lulled them into a false sense of security that things can just keep going the way they have been. It will take an economic catastrophe to wake them up.

First, I want to thank you for your excellent reporting and reflections. I am very grateful for your column and coverage.

It’s probably a very long road for someone like Ron Paul to travel before he will enjoy wide popularity. The popularity of Obama, Clinton, McClain and Huckabee is built on weakly held beliefs of many folks. The Paul supporters are very committed, very focused. They have strongly held beliefs. Weakly held beliefs are rather easy to change and influence, and they are widely held. Strong beliefs take sometime to acquire. The gestation period is longer. There must be big changes in outlook for the average voter to embrace Ron Paul. It’s pretty easy to go along with chronic status quo.

Folks want the security of big government, and they are scared. In deed, big government is built on crisis or at least the image of crises. In the shadow of crises or desperate need, general principles give way to the promise of security, or relief from economic risk and downturn.

So Dr. Paul received fewer vote than hoped because he offers a difficult message for folks to swallow.

Also, perhaps Dr. Paul does not have the booming, articulate voice and style of his professionally polished competitors. I find his manner very appealing. Paul’s speeches and comments are content laden.

In contrast, the speeches of Obama, Clinton, McClain and Huckabee all project a magnificence, although I think they amount to a rather sad magnificence. I see the continuation of chronic problems, erosion of adherence to principles of a free and liberal society, the growth of petty and acute tyrannies and a war economy we cannot afford. But, they are very good orators. They could probably make a decent living in the wasteland of TV.

With other supporter of Dr. Paul, I hope and work for a change, and I will not be deterred. Its rather heartening to see so many others similarly determined - folks who care deeply and will work for a better nation.

Finally, I hope the supporters of Dr. Paul don’t get too exuberant or become nasty irritants to the press or other politicians. The lamentable drift in America is not the result of evil people hatching evil plots. We should keep our good humor, goodwill, perspective and humility.

Thanks again for your coverage and, dare I say, your concern.


Just released Ron Paul video - he wants a March on Washington!

The video is already on Pat Buchanan's blog, as well:

And a great Lew Rockwell article about Ron Paul was just posted, as well:

What we (Ron Paul supporters) can do is very simple: Vote for the Libertarian candidate in the general election.

If Paul supporters vote Libertarian and the candidate wins 10-15% of the vote, I can guarantee that it will get notice. Even though the Libertarian candidate will probably not be Ron Paul, it will be apparent exactly where this support is coming from.

Is Ron Paul's stand on the issue much different from the Libertarian Party's stands ( Some differences, but not that substantial.

Your other other choice is to play the game MSM and the power elites have orchestrated, and that is, vote for the lessor of two evils, of which, there is no fundamental difference between the two.

The choice is yours: carry the rEVOLution forward, or continue to play a losing game and waste your vote on someone that doesn't share your beliefs.

andrew, i have to know. do you believe that there is a media brown-out exclusively against ron paul? why or why not?

thank you.

(Thanks for your comment, Sean. I have to agree with Patrick just above or below here. There is no organized conspiracy in the media. That would be impossible, frankly, because of competition and especially now the internet and your many alternate choices of information, such as this blog, which has written often about Dr. Paul. Also, news coverage is built around "news," something happening, something new. For instance, when the campaign had that record-breaking money bomb in November, how was it released? In a news release at Sunday midnight on the website. Nobody would ever see that, except us because we were waiting for it. So we did an item. But imagine if there had been a pre-announced news conference the next day at noon with Dr. Paul himself receiving a giant $6 million check from his finance chairman for all the TV cameras to see. There's a show biz element to getting your ideas across in a competititve marketplace these days. Also, Dr. Paul never won anything meaningful; straw polls don't count for anything. As Patrick points out, notice how Huckabee's coverage jumped after he won Iowa.)

As someone working in the "mainstream media," I know there is no conspiracy operation keeping Ron Paul from getting coverage. The media don't cover Paul because the media don't think he has a realistic shot of winning. This mentality started from the moment his "hopeless" campaign began, and it continued throughout the campaign season. Paul never garnered enough votes in any single primary or caucus for the media to take notice, so he was ignored. Contrast that with someone like Mike Huckabee, whom the media ignored until he won in Iowa, then was summarily ignored until he recently did well in the South. And Huckabee will be ignored again unless talk of a John McCain-Huckabee ticket starts up.

To the media, the presidential campaigning season is a race to see who will win, not a larger discussion of the candidates' ideas. The media cover the act of campaigning and trying to win elections as a competition, as a sporting event, with story lines -- McCain surges to top of GOP ticket on Super Bowl (er, Tuesday)! But wait, Huckabee lands punishing blow with string of victories in South! But the media essentially ignore the political issues that the candidates espouse. The only time those issues are addressed is when the media need to label the candidates. (In print journalism, that's usually in first, second, or third paragraph of a 20-inch-or-so article.) Once the candidate is labeled as a evangelical Christian conservative, maverick, agent of change, etc., the journalist moves on, rarely touching on why those candidates are labeled as such. They just are.

Even if journalists would do what they should do -- reporting and fact-checking policies and political philosophies that the candidates support, not the pathetic wannabe-sportswriter, political horse-race coverage -- I don't believe Paul would have done any better. And he may have done worse. Here's why:

Paul, with the exception of a few issues, is a libertarian. Although libertarianism is the political philosophy that best matches the Founding Fathers' ideas and what was put in the original Constitution and the first 10 amendments, most Americans aren't familiar with libertarianism and wouldn't accept it if it even were more mainstream. Though libertarianism maximizes personal liberty, that's sometimes inconvenient, and Americans don't like inconveniences. I am a Paul supporter, and of all the articles and videos I've seen about him, Paul never directly refers to the word "libertarianism" or "libertarian," and he shys away from the term if an interviewer brings the word up. Instead, Paul calls himself a member of the Republican Party, even though he ran for president in 1988 on the Libertarian Party ticket and his political have remained mostly unchanged. Why doesn't Paul talk about libertarianism? I think it's because he knows how unpopular libertarianism really is. It's why he tried to frame his libertarian ideas as what the modern-day Republican Party should be embracing but what Bush neocons, et al., have lost.

Additionally, and this is somewhat of a tangent, but I'm curious how many Paul supporters only supported Paul superficially on a few issues or because he was the only Republican candidate supporting "change," mainly in the form of ending the Iraq war and stopping the U.S.'s role as the world's policeman. I suspect a large number of people who say they supported Paul -- and perhaps many who even donated to him -- didn't know much about Paul's other libertarian ideas. It's why you see so many people say they support both Paul and Barack Obama. Both are "change" candidates, but their policies -- libertarianism and socialism lite -- are the most different from each other other than both opposing the Iraq war.

But if these people are consumers of the mainstream media, it's unlikely they would have ever been introduced to those ideas, anyway.

(Patrick, you make many excellent points here. Thank you.)

I am proud to support Ron Paul and I understand why main stream media has shunned Ron Paul. It is 'We the people' not you, the corporations making money from death and sickness. Ron Paul said if he doesn't win the election, we the people won't stop trying to make our country a kind, benevolent nation through education and communication. I don't agree with everything Ron Paul stands for and I am afraid of big change, but the time has come to be morally responsible for our destructive role in the world.

anyone reading this,please do realize...that are rights and our freedom are being slowly ripped from our grasp by the very ones who swore to respect and protect our constitution and plan to sell or sovereignty and our souls right before eyes...the founding fathers warned us...Mr Paul you are my last hope that my children might live in a nation that is still for the people,by the people and that our perfect document the constitution will be respected and will not perish

I think that part of the reason that Ron Paul's message has been slow to reach so many people is that people have a tendency to hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see; we listen and accept things that fit into what we already believe and reject ideas that don't fit. We have been conditioned to believe that Americans are "fighting for democracy" all over the world and to reject the notion that we are essentially killing people because they have something we want. It is too ugly to contemplate the thought that we are in Iraq out of greed and not for some noble cause. I read a story today that claims 1 Million Iraqis have died since we invaded their country. 1,000,000 mothers, fathers, sons, sisters, brothers. Some people would justify that as payback for 9/11 even though Saddam Hussein and Iraq had no part in that. Everyone has heard that now, but since we are the self-proclaimed protectors of the free world, it just doesn't fit our collective self-image to believe we made a mistake. It is just easier not to think about, or to say, "Oh well, we just brought the war to them before they brought it to us." We have to be sending our young men and women over there for some good cause because what kind of evil people would that make us otherwise?
People freak out when they hear that Ron Paul wants to abolish whole departments of the Federal Government. They have the mistaken notion that our income taxes are what pays for everything our government does. They can't imagine how our children would get an education without the feds. People say they want change, but that much change seems too scary. Only a kook would even think that much change is possible. It is much easier to sound sane if you push a flat tax. Everybody knows that Huckabee will TRY to implement a flat tax, and hope he can get enough support to get it done, but somehow they think Ron Paul has the notion that he can just move in to the White House and declare the IRS dead.
We have to keep this revolution alive and continue to educate the masses. I woke up; I have to believe others will too. It is not just about putting Ron Paul in the Oval Office, it's about putting good, solid leaders in every level of government and taking back our rights and responsibilities from those who have abused their right to represent us.


Andrew Malcolm it seems that you write the same ole sorry stories every other mainstream writer expels. Why write something positive about Ron Paul, when you can sell out like everyone else and write about Obama or Mccain. Never have read the L.A. Times but if it is anything like Hollywood, why not focus your energy on some Britney stories. Ron Paul Revolution 2008!

(Hmm, it would seem numerous other commenters here disagree with you.)

We as Ron Paul supporters and American Citzens determined to get America on a track towards success and restoration of the Constitution are more energized and optimistic than ever that we are making progress in winning this war again the criminal terrorists in charge. It will take time and it will be difficult but just like the American Revolution we will win and we will get America restored to a country of good versus evil. Ron Paul is a galvanizing force in this but with or without Ron Paul the desire and drive by many of us in America to get America out of criminal wars against other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq - and keeping America from unilaterally attacking others like Syria, Pakistan, and Iran - will prevail. The candidates now offered by the corporatist gang - Hillary, Obama, Huckabee, and McCain - are not worthy of any honest consideration for president of the US at all. The crimes of the Clintons are well-known and growing by the day. McCain sold out America with his plans to legalize the illegal invasion of America proving he doesn't care a whit about protecting America at all from alleged terrorists or other invaders. Obama seems a nice fellow, but look at who backs him within the corporatist elite and any hope for change fades fast. As to Huckabee, you've just plain got to be kidding. None of these people are even remotely capable of doing for America what needs to be done. Many of us have long ago realized that real CHANGE must take place, and we are working every day on making this change real. No matter what the success of Ron Paul - and I wish him the very best - we will CHANGE America for the best. Many thanks go to Ron for standing up and acting as a unifying force for all of us!

I contributed to Dr. Paul's campaign and I was genuinely excited by his message. I worked for Dick Gephardt, Fred Harris and George McGovern. Dr. Paul's supporters truly represent a "rainbow coalition" that cannot be stereotyped. Perhaps you can speculate as to why this candidate was virtually ignored by the media - especially in the caucus and primary results - when you continually leave a candidate who is still running off of almost every results list - what do you call it? A coincidence perhaps? We as a nation should be outraged and take heed....

The media would rather cover candidates full of hot air that say things that only pander to what Americans want to hear. Ron Paul's message is painful because it is true. People are just so brainwashed into thinking that we are the greatest, most prosperous country in the world when in reality we are THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Our government is over nine trillion dollars in debt, Americans alone hold 1.5 trillion dollars in unpaid debt for credit cards and loans. We as a nation are going BANKRUPT and our only solution seems to be to print out more money when we need it with absolutely nothing backing it!

Dr. Paul has made his diagnosis, and unless we follow his prescription, our country will continue to grow sicker and sicker with each day that passes.

Here's another thing Andrew:

It's not like McCain is acceptable, the media just says he is. If they actually admit he's a racist, angry old crank with no clue on economy, and his military experience is as a prisoner, then no one would vote for him.

I just watch Lions for Lambs last night. I like how, just like the media, the movie stops just short of actually calling shenanigans on the whole system. Also, I like how the reporter fesses up that she's a sell out who sold the war without bothering to report or investigate... she just did what you all do, pass on the BS from Washington.

Do you honestly think, Andrew, that the system we have now isn't the insanity, that Ron Paul is? Every thing's so broke, and you act like McCain or Obama are serious. They don't even know why it's broke, all they have are big ideas on how to spend our way out of it. Well, if anyone in the media would bother to listen to Ron Paul, yes, even you, Andrew, would be able to understand why we're in the mess we're in.

Ron Paul said, "everyone likes to talk about how we're the greatest nation on Earth, but no one likes to talk about how we got that way. Then, everyone wants to talk about how we're going down the tube, but no one wants to understand how we got that way."

The very sad truth is, the media is a mouthpiece for power. The media should speak Truth to Power, not prop up it's misdeeds and undeserved trust.

Will things get so bad that the media aids in our total collapse, followed by aiding in our takeover by a strong man? What makes you journalists think we're so great anymore that this sort of thing can't happen to us? It happened to Rome, and they had the good sense to pay for their conquest. History's not so ancient to the people it happened to, you just weren't around to meet them.

On every statistic down the line, save for most military and debt, USA is slipping. The reason isn't because we don't have enough government, foreign bases, or socialism, it's because we have too much.

Wise up for God's sake. Isn't it bad enough CNN never flinched when Colin Powell said Iraq had nukes? I listened live on NPR and said, "well, Colin Powell said it and NPR agreed so I guess we gotta go."


What an obvious attempt at a hatchet job. Nice try Andrew, but Ron Paul supporters have read his statement and as he said the other day, "There are sometimes surprises." Ron Paul born 8/20/35. John McCain born 8/29/36. Ron Paul-healthy. John McCain-cancer survivor (so far), battered and debilitated. So don't pull the age card. Ron Paul is likely to outlive YOU! We all know that John McCain is the man the media wants for the GOP nominee because he can't beat either Obama or Hillary. We know he can't win the general election. So, let's see how the two candidates stack up. John McCain has only the permanently blindfolded party loyalists and party leaders voting for him who will vote a straight party ticket if Osama Bin Laden was running as a Republican. Huckabee has the voters who actually want to try to pick a winner, and who don't want to see their party lose, but they don't want McCain either. He also has the religious vote and that means Texas. 194 delegates are up for grabs. But, Ron Paul is from Texas and Texans like to put other Texans in the White House. Ron Paul has a huge movement. He has Republicans who have never bothered to vote before. He has democrats who don't like Hillary or Obama, or the socialist movement within that party. Ron Paul has independents, Constitutionalists, many Liberitarians, and every Republican who knows what the REAL Republican platform has always been. If the GOP nominates John McCain, they know, they get only the Neo-Con vote. If the Democrats nominate Hillary, they get only the Neo-Com vote. But, if the GOP selects Ron Paul or Huckabee and puts them on the same ticket, here is what they get. They get all the blindfolded party loyalists who would vote for Osama Bin Laden if he were running as a Republican. They get the Republicans who want to pick a winner, but don't want to see their party lose, and who don't want McCain. They get the religious vote. They also get Ron Paul's loyal supporters, the independents, the Democrats who don't like Hillary or Obama, the Constitutionalists, the Liberitarians, Republicans who have never voted before, and every Republican who knows what the REAL Republican platform has always been. Add to that about 2/3 of the undecided voters and you have a President and Vice President EVERYONE can support. Ron Paul and Huckabee would mop the floor with Obama or Hillary. So, what do you really think the GOP will do at the Convention. This is not the general election. These are the primaries. We'll see you at the RNC. Oh, that's right, you're media, so you are a Democrat. That's why you want Ron Paul to drop out and you want to try to convince his supporters he can't win so it's not worth voting for him. Sorry, Andrew, but most people know that the primaries are only a popularity contest. We will pick the GOP nominee at the RNC and I really can't imagine that the Republican Party leadership is so stupid they would give the White House away without a fight. If John McCain is the GOP candidate, everyone knows, the Republicans will never see the inside of the White House again. VOTE RON PAUL!

Comments like your and the rest of the editorial staff at the LA Times is why I dropped my subscription years ago.

You should apply at Pravda.


(Well, I'm glad you came here to give us some clicks. Really appreciate it, Bob.)

Dear Mr. Malcolm,

As always – nice to read your perspectives -, but you are missing the point. Ron Paul is far from out the race and I don’t know a single Ron Paul supporter who is throwing in the towel! RP for president is a key aspect of this movement – but not the whole deal. We are just getting warmed up!

I do think what you have picked up on is a pervasive melancholy in the ranks in that countless thousands of us hoped that our countrymen were made of stronger stuff and disturbingly they appear completely clueless and this makes us sad for the general welfare of the nation– but despite this disappointment for the millions of our fellow citizen’s ignorance of their constitutional libertarian heritage our spirits are picking up by the hour. You can lead a serf to water – but you can’t make him think.

We knew things were getting pretty weird after this seven years war and complete national deterioration under King George II – but we didn’t realize just how bad things were with the big brother control issues until mainstream media showed us loud and clear and blacked out Ron Paul and then there was so much funny business with the vote counts, polls and media calling the elections with 1% to 5% counted. MSM did such a transparent attempt at election control with the orchestration and jockeying of the top tier democrats and the original GOP gang of eleven – ultimately anointing McCain as King George III to do battle with Hilary or perhaps they will be content to pit him against Obama and of course either will beat pants off McCain in the general election – and this was their whole intent. Many of us called this play a year ago and so no surprises there.

Through this perverse ordeal we have come to realize that mainstream media is potentially the most dangerous force acting in our lives with their pathetic political drama farce of the “making and breaking” of the candidates and the high jacking of the American election process. Therefore in the aftermath MSM will become the focus for the wrath of our indignation. MSM will get the majority of the “blowback” for the unethical role they played with selling out to their mogul’s selfish agendas. In a representative Republic it is essential that a free press operates ethically with objective and balanced election coverage to inform the citizen’s opinions and thereby allow for reasoned choice.

Eventually when the economy crumbles and the dollar crashes and the wars continue with a bi-gender draft, the entire nation will blame MSM– rest assured thousands of Ron Paul supporters have documented the entire sorry affair and we will be very happy to point out in the coming years how and under what conditions the American mainstream media did not do their jobs – nor even remotely fulfill those obligations. Andrew, you have been decent with Ron Paul – but most have not.

Trust me -this American 2008 election coverage will become an infamous world-class example of “media and control and the democratic election process” and used in future university text book case studies for comparative analysis with other notorious controlled elections such as in Russia, Venezuela or Pakistan to name a few.

It is a national disgrace and has actually served Ron Paul supporters as the catalyst for codifying our assumptions, hunches, fears… of the twisted abuse of a government corporatism unacceptably out of control.

Trust me Mr. Malcolm, we aren’t quitting – we have only just now begun to fight!! If you would now please pardon me - I must get back to honing my bayonet.

The main reason he didn't fare well is too many rentseekers are dependent on government handouts. The situation probably will never be reversed because government is it's own biggest special interest group. Another reason is that many people feel that morality should be legislated. This probably was liberty's last chance. Enjoy your police state. I've already moved out of the country.

"(we already know about the media conspiracy)"

Are you denying that *practically every* AP article uses the term long-shot when describing Ron Paul?

(This includes the rather amusing "Longshot Candidate Top GOP Fundraiser" headline.)

It isn't just with Ron Paul that there's a media bias. It's the celebrity-based beauty pageant race in the Democrats as well. Edwards, Hillary, and Obama are the least experienced of the three Democrats, yet somehow Hillary is portrayed as more experienced than either Dodd, Richardson, or Biden, and somehow Obama will bring more change than Kucinich or Gravel.

We'll all be annoying you, commenting you, and standing together on issues for years to come. Mr. Paul just got us organized, now we're just a massive group of people who want our country to go back to following the Constitution, respecting the civil liberties, and fighting for the government to stay out of our lives.

(Well, that's great. Where did you ever get the idea you were annoying? I invited all these comments in the item above. Thanks for coming. I learn a lot from some, like Patrick's above.)

Thanks for pointing out that Paul is the oldest candidate. He's a year older than Mcmonster you freakshow.

(Actually, he was born about six months before McCain, which makes him by my calculations still about six months older than McCain and, thus, the oldest in the entire field of either party. Holds up pretty well, doesn't he?)

Funny how that works in a corporate run government. When you're no longer a threat, you finally get recognition, LOL. But guess what? Ron Paul's message is here to stay, and more and more Americans will be clamoring for a government our forefathers set forth...and understand why they risked everything to escape from the British Empire which is a replica of the one we now disdain!! This isn't the end of Ron Paul's message, IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!

the fact is Malcolm, you could still ask many many people if they've heard of Ron Paul and they would say no. Either that or they'd say something vague like "Oh yeah, I heard something about him on FOX last night for a few seconds, something about 9/11 conspiricies, I'm not sure". Americans are outright lazy for the most part. Everyone knows that if you just sit in front of your TV and expect it to inform you on all the candidates and their positions on issues that you'd be wasting your time. There's a huge number, specifically of older Americans, who still don't use computers. Don't touch them, don't know how to work them, don't know what an e-mail is, don't realize that the internet can be an amazing research tool. Unfortunately they're just stubborn. They've voted a certain way since "1952" or whatever and they're sticking to it. They don't dig. They don't know that Hillary Clinton has accepted $800,000 from lobbyists or that McCain was completely wrong when he threw the term "isolationism" around, and that's most likely because they were too busy watching CSI to even watch a debate. The American public in general are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. We forget things immediately, we want fast food, fast cars, fast news, big televisions, lots of cash and aside from that nothing really holds our attention. More of us vote for the next American Idol than the US President and many of us couldn't pass a 3rd grade geography exam. We are a culture of stupidy. Of reality TV. Of celebrity gossip. Of trends. I truly believe if more Americans bothered to inform themselves about issues, which I feel is a civic duty, and if more Americans could've taken the time to learn about Ron Paul and his beliefs, that he'd enjoy much more support and success. Alas, the voters have spoken. The Republican Party wants to be the party of perpetual war and debt and the Democratic Party wants to the party of the welfare state and debt. More of the same...always more of the same. Long live bumper sticker politics. sigh...

(You know, the media is far from perfect just like politicians and other professions. But it's not really the media's job to publicize anyone in particular, though they do hope around on some. It's kind of up to the candidates to be doing/saying/creating events to make news in order to be noticed. Not very libertarian to sit back and blame some other large force for not noticing you. As I mentioned above, see how the Paul campaign ha ndled the record-breaking money bomb day last fall. A news release posted on a website at midnight Sunday. How not to get noticed by anyone--but me, who was looking for the numbers. But I'm weird. His press people could have scheduled a big ceremony the next day and have a big $6 million check to give him for all the cameras and the new world's record. But no. Do you think any of the other candidates would have forfeited such an opportunity? So while there was significant ignoring, it's not ALL the media's fault. And I say that as someone who has not been ignoring Dr. P all along.)

In the 14 min video mentioned above, Ron Paul proposed a march on Washington.

Count me in!

The message lives and is getting louder.
Understand fractional reserve banking, treasury bonds and the income tax inter-relationships and you will be taking a step in the direction of Freedom rather than Sheepdom.

Forgetting what they say they will do, would someone tell me what difference it will make in the real world actions of our next President, if Hillary or Obama are elected?....Or if McCain or Huckabee are elected? Then please tell me what it matters, if Obama or McCain are elected. What will they actually do differently?
I sincerely do not know. I know what they say. I just do not believe they will act differently. They are all hypocrites in my opinion, who could not tell the truth if our lives depended on it! If any of the top 4 are elected, then we will stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will go broke with deficit spending, inflation is going to go through the roof, and the Patriot Act will NOT be repealed. So what difference does it really make if any of the top 4 are elected?
Why is it so hard for people to see why Ron Paul supporters will not give up?
We simply have no other rational choice. It is all really quite simple if you look at it logically.

The recent endorsement of McCain by Bush is wild.
Bush is no more a conservative than his father and Richard Nixon were. That is the problem. People seem to think that if one is a GOP member that one is conservative. Hardly. Bush is a neocon Republican. Not a conservative.
Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater were conservatives.
Gosh I thought this was obvious.
It is laughable for Bush Jr. to judge anyone's conservative credentials. He does not understand economics or individual rights. He is a neocon. They like war, tax cuts and unlimited budget deficits so that the economy will be destroyed so that we need war to distract the average American from our domestic problems. And so that their rich military industrial complex buddies (ala Eisenhower's warning) can get richer. The next two years will be very dangerous for the world .....And for us! They will need a war VERY VERY badly. By the way this includes ALL the remaining top tier candidates in both parties. God help us all.

Kuddos to the L.A. Times for the objectivity, tone and overall accuracy of this current article about the ongoing campaign of Dr. Ron Paul. The good doctor is offering America the right prescription to cure our ills. However, those who have been so successful in manipulating the GOP - with biased reporting and naysaying, are keeping my fellow Republicans from accepting the diagnosis and taking the medicine which our nation really needs.

It appears that the effort underway to annoint the tempermental old warrior, John McCain, is going to cost our party the election in the fall.

My hope now is that when Barack Obama was teaching law students courses in the Constitution that he really got it right, and appreciates, believes in every word, and directive of the supreme law of our republic. All we really need is a president - and a Congress - who will obey our Constitution.

You see, it makes no difference at all if our president is a man or woman, black, white, brown or yellow, or even which party helps them get into office. What is vital now, at this crossroads in our nation's history, is that our government get back to precisely following the Constitution. The cure to what is truly hurting America, causing our economy to sour and our prestige worldwide to suffer - those can all be fixed by our elected officials following the Constitution.

Ron Paul has explained that it won't be a painless cure for all. There will be a period of re-adjustment, but that once Americans are free of the oppressive nature of the income tax and we return to having sound currency - the sweet jingle of real silver in our pockets, and our brave warriors are ordered back home and focused on defending our borders, America will become healed and our national prosperity will recover. Dr. Paul is a physician and physician means teacher. Dr. Paul is teaching us how to cure ourselves and God bless him for his lifelong effort.

are we supposed to expect to see the end of the american republic before we see media ask, 'when did you stop raping liberty, mister president?'

ADMIT IT, you and Tim Cavanaugh have a bet going to see who can milk the most comments from Ron Paul supporters.

I wish Ron Paul supporters would stop wasting their time being made fools of like this by you and Tim (and the rest of main stream news media).

The LA Times has been declining every year for the past 5 years in a row. Making fun of people who are your customers will not help save your job.

Malcom... look at all these educated comments. You are being owned!
I became a strong Ron Paul supporter when I discovered him by LUCK in reading a user comment on a web site.
This is enough evidence of the media blackout for me. I was a sheep reading tidbits from the MSM and never heard of Ron Paul before.

Mr. Malcomn, there IS no other reason that Mr. Paul did not catch on to a wider is the MEDIA - what else do YOU think it would be? You are asking everyone else for another answer, when there isn't one. Without media support, the American drones who are mesmerized by television (about 80% of them asleep and hypnotized, so to speak) have no other exposure to politics. They believe what they are fed by mainstream media. This includes the elderly, who often get their news EXCLUSIVELY from television. See, what people need to do is first - shut off their televisions...Americans generally are brainwashed by the media, and unintelligent. A slave who recognizes he is a slave will fight back - and these are your intelligent Americans; Ron Paul supporters who actually KNOW a thing or two about the economy, and the amount of corruption in the so called "democracy" - it's all an illusion forced down our throats.

I think most people just don't understand enough about the government to make an educated decision. I could talk to a lot of people about RP and his ideas, and they won't even recognize the worth of what I am saying. He's an intellectual's candidate, and that is apparently not what gets elected.

In order to win, you HAVE to compromise your principles and ideals. This is absurd, but it is the reality of the situation.

Face it, MOST of the people who vote do not know nearly enough about all if the different candidates or about economics or different political philosophies to make an educated decision.


Your only reply that I read was to someone who said that he didn't think there was a media blackout. - this simply isn't true and Im sure your quite aware of the ongoing bias going on in the American media. you only have to look at the broad spectrum to see the slant the media started to put on him when the summer months were drawing in and then this went into overdrive when his money bomb days broke all records. "Maverick", "kook", "crazy", "Racist" these were all terms to describe an honest man runny for president - and you think you live in a democracy? - Get real mate.

its even so in your face as when he comes in second in Nevada they put up the results and have 1st, 3rd and 4th place on the dam screen!!!!

Go splash some cold water on your face and rethink your stance on your reporting (its not as bad as some ill give you that) and realise that if the people who are seemingly in control of your "free contrary" continue on this war path, I predict some terrible times ahead both in war and economic stability.

Just some words from the uk and all the best to the paul supports still fighting on!

Dr. Ron Paul spoke the truth concerning our economic policy,foreign policy and our departure from the constitution.
He has led an exemplary life and is genuine. A statesman. not a politician. America has had years to get its' election process in order, but every election year there are "mistakes", changing of rules in the middle of voting, (Louisiana), use of machines proved to be open to fraud. It is evident that corruption is premeditated. Dr. Paul was obviously and blatantly ridiculed and ignored by pseudo-journalists, bordering on racketeering. It was a combination of his integrity,use of election fraud and media blackout that hampered his campaign,

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