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Ron Paul scales back hopeless effort, refuses to back McCain

He's not really quitting. He's not really suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. He's not promising victory, just to keep on keeping on. But, in effect, Rep. Ron Paul, at 72 the oldest candidate for president and the only GOP candidate to oppose the Iraq war, is facing reality.

In a statement to supporters on his website, first mentioned here early Saturday, Paul admits, "With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he wants to clarify some confusion

His campaign currently claims a total of 42, 1,149 shy of the total to win and some 650 behind the GOP leader, though other estimates give him only 16. He took third in Washington over the weekend and fourth in Kansas behind even Mitt Romney, who'd dropped out. Even if he won every delegate still available, Paul could not capture the party's nomination in September in St. Paul, which is no relation.

Despite ridicule by other GOP candidates, despite getting significantly less time to speak during debates and, in one instance, even being barred from a GOP debate by Fox News although....

he'd collected more votes than those included, Paul repeated his vow not to attempt a third-party bid, which would drain priceless conservative votes from the party's nominee. "I am a Republican," he said, "and I remain a Republican." He did say he'd be reducing staff and offices.

Now, whether the 10-term congressman with the libertarian ideals, actually endorses Sen. John McCain is something else. Paul has said we should bring overseas troops home and invest the saved money in fixing America; McCain has vowed to stay overseas, especially Iraq, as long as it takes for success.

This morning Paul told one of our sister newspapers, "I cannot support anybody with the foreign policy he advocates, you know, perpetual war," said Paul. "That is just so disturbing to me."

In his website statement, Paul then alludes to probably the largest factor for his refocused campaign: He's trying to run simultaneously for president and his House seat in Texas' 14th Congressional District and faces a challenger in the March 4 primary, Chris Peden, a city councilmen from Friendswood. So Paul will be on two ballots that day.

"If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat," he said, "all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen." In a new 14-minute campaign video, Paul says he needs to clarify confusion over his dropping out, that he is just altering his schedule to allow primary campaigning in his home district and he intends to compete fully in all remaining primaries and on to the convention.

Although largely ignored as irrelevant by many media outlets, though not The Ticket, the story of Ron Paul and his thousands of determined, sometimes aggressive, usually good-natured followers is one of the more interesting of the current election season.

Virtually spontaneously, disaffected Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and newcomers to the political process began gathering around the plain-spoken Paul last summer and with their nearly $20 million in smaller donations turned him into the most successful GOP fundraiser in the last quarter. On one day he raised $6 million online and was the only Republican to increase his contributions in every quarter of 2007.

With some 1,400 meet-up groups across the country, letter-writing and sign-waving campaigns and creative publicity stunts, they helped Paul to some second, fourth and fifth place finishes in states such as Nevada, Montana and Maine. He beat Rudy Giuliani in Iowa and Fred Thompson in New Hampshire and financed an eight-state advertising campaign.

His boosters, who worked the Internet assiduously to right wrongs and make Paul's case, maintain that a corporate-media conspiracy to ignore him prevented the former ob-gyn from getting his less-government message out to most Americans. He certainly was ignored and, only recently, included when providing poll results on TV. But additionally, his strict constitutionalist ideas for reducing the federal government and abolishing the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank and returning to the gold standard may be just too radical for a country today facing international terrorist threats and the current economic uncertainty.

Even the tone of hundreds of comments left here by Paul supporters changed in recent days from aggressive advocacy to reluctant acceptance of the disappointing reality of continued single-digit poll results.

It would be interesting if those supporters took the time here now to leave comments explaining why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience (we already know about the media conspiracy) and what they think about his refocused campaign and their spent donations.

--Andrew Malcolm

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#1- Paul IS SUCCESSFUL. His ideals have reached a wider audience than ever achieved before. Friends of mine who laughed at me for voting for Harry Brown in 2000 have come full circle & support Ron Paul.

As for why Ron Paul has not been MORE successful...I attribute to a high-level of ignorance in America, due to education factors from K-College. We are taught that:

-A fiat money system is good economics.

-War is good for the economy & brings prosperity

-Our system has "checks 'n' balances" although the Executive Branch has achieved un-forseen levels of power to the chagrin of the Founding Fathers.

-America needs to be the world's police force, although we've been warned by entangling foreign alliances & what that disasters it eventually brings home.

-Left-wing:Liberal:Socialism vs. Right-wing:Conservative:Facism are thought as polar opposites, although both "opposites" bottom-line is: GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

I believe if Republicans need to wake up from what I call "Cold War Sleep." Republicans only talk about limited government when the Democrats are in power. As soon as these people recognize War as Government Spending, perspectives will start changing. The youth recognize this......they were not bamboozled by "Reaganomics." Actor.

BTW- this one of the best responses you have received online? Hmmm.....maybe some major media coverage IS in order.

First of all, it is my personal belief that the term "main-stream-media" is a clasic misnomer. The reality is that the real culprit, this Andrew Malcolm included, is the Corporate Media. The interest of these corporations is very clear even to a child whom actually considers the situation at a cognitive level. They don't like competition. This is why so much of the money thrown around the Beltway is that of the Corporate Media Lobby. They love to donate money to politicians who will sign there beloved anti-trust laws, and help them further the squelching of competition in there markets. The most interesting thing about this situation is how the social psychology of these organizations affect the minds of there own employees. A prime example of this is our friend Andrew. He is not sure exactly why he thinks that the Revolution is a joke, but everyone around him, at work, thinks that way. It doesn't take much time to google studies in social psychology in the post modern (WWII) era and see that this is the way all forms of fascism have gained a foothold in the idividual mind. They are not bad people, and they truly believe that the majority is correct. I also find it very interesting that I have made it 30 years on this planet, and I have never been approached by even one political poll . . . nor have my parents, or my sister and brother-in-law, or my grandparents, or my cousins, and believe it or not I have not been able to find even one person in my circle of association . . . I realize that correlational data is not always causal, but this is a ridiculous coincidence. I mean, who is being polled in this country? All of the Corporate Media as well as the major political parties cite polling data as a reason to ignore someone like Dr. Paul, but how can a Congressman from a small town poll over 10% nationally when his message is not allowed to reach people who don't live in the 14th Congressional District of Texas? The fact is that very few, if any, of us know the positions of all of the 435 Representitives across this once great land. I meet people everyday here in Texas that don't know who Ron Paul is. That can only be interpreted as a complete failure of the Corporate Media to honestly broker information. Thanks be to God that we have the internet and word of mouth to act as the pamphlets of Thomas Paine did at the beggining of this Revolution. Take solace my fellow Revolutionaries for hearts and minds are being won every moment.

Thank you, Dr Paul. God bless you.

Your tagline is totally off-base (RP "scales back hopeless effort"), and typical of the media's bias throughout the campaign. We are not hopeless. The media wrote his candidacy off from the beginning in similar fashion- giving him no chance. Then they dug up the old newsletters and wrote him off as a racist, which anyone who's heard Ron Paul knows he's not. The sad fact is the unsuspecting public believes most of what they see on tv - the mainstream media has too much power over politics, and their intentions are not always pure. It's primary day in Maryland, and I still run into people who don't know what Ron Paul's positions are. That's pathetic, and the mainstream media should be ashamed. But the RP campaign is far from hopeless. We are full of hope, not hopelessness, and intend to get his common sense limited government message aired-- this will get his ideas into the mainstream, and redirect the Republican Party and America in the right direction- upholding the intent of the Constitution.

Nicce hatchet job article as usual For the Doctor. Should have waited a day Ron Paul will have a million man march in Washington in June to get the attention he deserves 25% in Montana 21% in Washington, the good one. If the author understood the deligate situation they would see how his campain is growing every day not slimming, taking voters from other candidate and really changing the GOP. Its not thousands its millions sheeple wake up or get Jaun HusainMCBilery. Take back your country you apathetic dumbed down media types check out the first successful internet campain and the only conservitive left He will lower your taxes and stop the 4000 dead in Iraq from becoming 40000.

There's only one genuine "change agent" anywhere on either side of this campaign.

And it's not Barack Obama.

It's Ron Paul.

That's why Paul's marginalized.

People are creatures of habit.

And even the most perverse speciousness can become so habitual that anyone penetrating its sophistry appears eccentric.

That's where Dr. Paul is at the moment to all but the most discerning.

And to believe that I once thought that FOX news was fair and balanced. Bull! To think that America does not share the thought that government is too powerful and expensive literally sickens me. My God, what has become of this nation and her people? We can just keep spreading Paul's message to freinds and relatives for a future political battle.

Ron Paul speaks for every man/woman in this country. Until the IRS is gone, we are essentially share croppers for the federal government. We produce they take. End the insanity, abolish the income tax and the IRS.


you guys are pooh poohing the media blackout? I bet even you didn't cover him in print...probably only on the blogs since the emails kept coming in...Before you obtusely label the blackout a "conspiracy", check out some of the youtubes documenting the evidence and answer them point by point....Your lack of research on the topic or honesty in reporting is sickening.

The reason he didn't get mainstream acceptance is that he is a MANIAC. Didn't anybody here read the horrible things he said/published about black people and other minorities? The guy is like a cult leader, and he's nearly as terrifying as the scientologists. He had some kind of political meeting here in NYC which I heard was a sleep-over of sorts, and I'm amazed he didn't make his constituants drink laced kool-aid and fly off on the nearest comet!

He could have made a much bigger splash and perhaps won the nomination had he...
1) Simplified his message to try to win over support from the Republican base...e.g. "You CAN be a conservative and oppose an endless Iraq occupation and a war with Iran."
2) Scaled back his talk about ending the Federal Reserve, legalizing drugs, and pulling troops out of every country in the world. After all, George Bush didn't let everyone know in 2000 that he planned to invade Iraq...he kept those plans to himself and then was able to do it later while the electorate couldn't hold him accountable...Clever!
3) Been a better speaker. The man was simply no Barack Obama or Mike Huckabee...he basically sounds like someone's crazy old uncle...Nobody wants someone like that on their living room tv for 4 years.

I find the title of this article interesting, because the only thing that is hopeless are McCain's chances of winning the presidency... He does not have a chance in hell with 70% of Americans against the war....

The country a whole is just not quite ready yet. I'd give it another 10-15 years. Once the post boomer generation ascends to power, you will see the "radcial" changes necessary to save this country. Expect A LOT of pain in the mean time, in both social and financial terms. This will be a slow birthing process.

I think the current power generation (boomers) were just subject to too much war propaganda (both hot and cold varieties) as youngsters (I see this very clearly in my parents around age 70), and they continue to buy into the fear mentality that seems to repeatedly dominate presidential elections. And since they are the largest population block, and also turn out to vote in the highest percentage, you have your answer. Dr. Paul gets almost nil support from this fearful group.

My generation and below, for the most part, do not buy into the fear mongering, and I expect that those who run on the fear platform will be soundly rejected in the future. I expect that we may actually see the first wave of this if Obama gets the democratic nod. I would expect McCain to lose in a landslide against Obama. This Ron Paul supporter will never vote for Bush squared (McCain). I don't want that guy's finger anywhere near a trigger or a button!

In fact, even though Obama is clearly a socialist without much of a real plan as far as I can tell, I will cast my vote for him to help prevent the ghastly scenario of a McCain presidency. Now if Billary gets the nod....well let's not even think those thoughts.....


Most of you all seem so smart and pretty much in tune with each other and there are many of you. Alot of you are talking about sending a message. Here is a message we can ALL send. Stop paying taxes! Stop paying the spineless government worker puppet of greed. Stop his self inflicted paycheck and pension. Stop his blind eye to the 600,000 dead Iraqi people (and how many now of our own?). Stop his blind eye to the FULL BLOWN INVASION of The United States from the whole South American Continent. (its not just Mexicans coming here folks). STOP PAYING THE GREEDY CRIMINALS.
If you told someone to paint your house yellow, and they painted it Black, would you pay him??

I'm happy to report I persuaded a coworker, who was going to vote Huckabee today in Maryland, to cast her vote for Ron. I also picked-up and drove my mother and several of her elderly friends to the polls. They also voted for Ron.
... I'm feeling good today- I voted for Ron, my wife, Mother, 3 of my Mother's friends and a co-worker all voted for Ron.
All told, I supplied Ron Paul with 7 Maryland votes.
I did my part in trying to save a very troubled nation.

I can't tell you why he didn't catch on. Mostly because people didn't hear of him...or if they did it wasn't positive.

Here is the POSITIVE REASON I caught on to his campaign and gave money (my first time ever)....the doors of my church were kicked down. The LAPD said Judeo-Christianity is not a real religion. My life's savings was seized with a warrant that the police officer signed himself. I grew up in Beverly Hills and graduated from UCLA. I used to take the US Constitution seriously and I thought our Dept. of Justice did too. They don't. The Constitution is worthless without someone to stand up for it. That is what Ron Paul did, does and is doing...what you failed to mention on that 14 minute video Dr. Paul plans a march on Washington DC and even though my car has been seized and my house foreclosed on and I am broke....I WILL HITCHHIKE IF I HAVE TO I AM GOING TO BE IN WASHINGTON DC TO SUPPORT DR. RON PAUL AND THE US CONSTITUTION.

I consider myself a conservative and voted for Bush, but now I am disgusted with how he has trampled on my liberty. I want a President who will protect my religious freedom from the New World Order.

In reality I think Dr. Paul's message of peace did him in.

As much as the polls say people are tried of the War in Iraq - they're not tired of war. I think the majority of Americans like war. I think we find it exciting to see our Air Force bombing targets in the same way we like to see the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or the Twin Towers falling on 9/11, or the OJ Simpson Trail. It a car wreck but we can't turn away.

The polling done on the Iraq War probably asks the question: do you approve of the war in iraq.

Most Republicans vote NO, because they think the war was fought with political correctness and that our soldiers were not supported but criminalized when they fired on civlians. They say NO because the injured come home and are not properly cared for. They say NO because they know if the war was fought to protect America it only takes a 100 well placed bombs. They say NO because they knwo the military's role is not to keep the peace.

Then there are the other Republicans - the true sheep that think the War is going perfectly. Those that think Bush is a great president.

Combine those two groups as those who would never vote for Ron Paul. Thats why he faired so poorly. These people are one issue voters. They love the rest of Ron Paul's platform and have been looking for someone like him for years, but to their dismay, he doesn't like war and today's Republicans love war.

Its sad but the Republican Party has become the War Party and Ron Paul is not welcome.

Hey Andrew, did ya hear about the March on Washington D.C. that Ron Paul announced today? He'll be giving us a date in a couple days. A March for Freedom! Wooo Hooo!

One thing that people too often marginalize... it's not the man, it's the message.

And people are ~getting it~.

The number of people that are ~getting it~ is exponential... and once you take the time to figure out the message you will never go back.

So while it is a possibility that we may have lost this battle, there is a growing movement of people that are awake, aware... and pissed.

We may not get our way this time.. we are fighting 100 years of dumbing down. However, people are ~getting it~... so by sheer force of numbers, we WILL win the war. This is not something that is going to go away. It can't... pandora's box is already open.

What we as a growing movement ARE going to do is reverse the trends in this, our nation. Every 24 hour period that passes puts more people in our ranks, from all walks of life. It is inevitable. So you can continue being an observer, or you can break the chains of your self-induced slavery and join us. Either way, we're going to win.

What Ron Paul lacked was a vehicle to capture the imagination of the general public.

Reagan had his history as a film star, and the larger-than-life profile of a CA governor. Obama has his charisma and status and the first legit black candidate.

Ayn Rand (for whom Dr. Paul named his son) had novels.

Paul needed a larger pulpit, a louder voice. A movie, a book, a novel, a memoir--I don't know the medium, but we who share his principles need to find a way to convey them with power, depth, and saturation. Something analagous to other watershed events (for good or ill) like The Day After, or Gibson's The PASSION of the Christ, or Orwell's 1984, etc.

My ideal candidate would be Ron Paul + science, logic based atheist. Oh well, can't have everything. Go Ron Paul!

I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe anything but the media is responsible for Ron Paul's low numbers. Yet, he still get's great results from places like Nevada, Washington, Montana, Alaska. How's that for proof of an effective and popular message?

The media blackout is so effective that over 50% of people haven't even heard of Ron Paul, who is one of only 5 candidates left running for presidency. Outrageous.

So, laugh all you want, but it is your fault that this Great American, who has one of the best resumes of any man alive today, isn't doing so well in the polls. Want me to come up with another reason? There isn't one.

My mom says "they want that war," and she's right.

That's the motive for the blackout, and we all know it.

One reason he did not catch on was he never tailored his messages. By presenting his ideas in a less radical, more mainstream manner, the conservatives hating McCain/Huckabee would have found him to be more appealing. There are plenty of other reason was he may not have won the nomination, but him not catching on was due to his inability to get non educated voters to understand his message.

Honestly, I think it is because he doesn't play the political game. He's not going to be bought by lobbyists. His election would endanger the system in which so many politicians have a great stake.

I know it's been mentioned in the comments already, but, I am a Louisiana voter, and the way "they" (whoever that is) changed the rules as they went to keep Paul from having a good showing is unforgivable. Honestly, he never had a great chance, but the GOP went to great lengths to make sure it stayed that way. He was one of the few candidates who made any effort in Louisiana, and was punished for that.

Perhaps one day this country will see a fair election.

i don't think we can underestimate people's stubbornness. republicans who won't admit they were wrong about the war (and have subsequently been enslaved by the neo-con propaganda) have been a major reason ron has yet to catch on with republican primary voters.

i don't know when this reLOVEution truly started. it started for me when i saw ron on aaron russo's "from freedom to fascism." i see ron's entire bid for the presidency as one big starting point for a powerful movement still in its infancy.

Some reasons:
1. Newcomers to the political process were not polled, this was in addition to no cellphone polling. Low polling=reason for MSM to ignore. In addition, many of these newcomers were disallowed from the more restrictive caucuses.

2. Newcomers to political organizing, many of these meetups had to invent and re-invent the wheel. Especially due to McCain-Feingold, the campaign basically refused to talk/coordinate/provide any direction (which is different than "directing" per the law IMO) until late in the game.

3. Newcomers to the political process screwed up traditional campaigning, since many did not come from traditional GOP groups. Many people on our phone and walking lists were donors/supporters, but were not Republicans or registered or something, and couldn't vote in the primaries.

4. Principles. Paul should have gone for Huck's constituency...he's a religious man, but those darned principles prevented him from wearing his religion on his sleeve and pandering.

5. Principles, again. Political wisdom says that Paul should have disavowed the racist's $500, and the newsletters right away, and thrown whomever wrote them under the bus. Again, principles prevented him...if he returned one racist's money, what about everyone else who ever said the N-word? And obviously, he is a loyal person, preventing him from ID'ing the newsletter writer.

6. Principles, yet again. Frugality may have worked against Paul...I personally think he should have purchased a Super Bowl ad spot before Super Tuesday...can't complain that nobody has seen his message then. Better than a dog at a bowl anyway. Also, the first media ad in NH was terribly fakey.

7. Many people are not paying attention yet, either...figuring that they will do a half hour of reading in October and make a decision...not realizing that the choice has already been made for them. In NH, I heard that some 30+% of voters had not made up their minds within 36 hours of voting.

But, in the end, this turned out not to be so much a campaign, but the beginning of a movement. We already have Ron Paul Republican candidates running for state house in PA.

Let's hope for the best of luck in the future...our country is going to need it.

PGH Co-Org, Ron Paul meetup
Chairman, Libertarian Party of PGH

I am a life-long Republican who voted for Paul in the primary. He is the ONLY candidate on either side who can protect us from falling further into tyranny, as Bush has led us.
I would NEVER vote for McCain - I hated him in 2000, and even more today.

Why did Paul flounder? Yes, the media is the biggest culprit, but also because he never hired the necessary big-wig GOP strategists that ALL Republicans need to win. He stuck with his libertarian strategists, and that was a BIG mistake.

Honestly, he needed a really good speech writer who could have put his message into words that the masses could understand - most people just do not get real economics and monetary policy (I do, but hey, I majored in it).
Also, many people think he is an "alarmist" because they do not do their own research on the facts, so when he points out devastating truths about the path our country is headed down, people call him a "Conspiracy theorist." He's not, but there is WAY too much truth that has been hidden, and people just do not want to hear it.

Honestly, his message IS popular - the Huckster proved it by co-opting Paul's "Get rid of the IRS" slogan, and now he's even saying the government must stay out of healthcare - the complete opposite of what he advocated last year - banning junk food and smoking, and that we are "obligated" to cover everyone.
Just a few months ago the Huckster sounded more like his Arkansas buddy Hillary, now he sounds just like Ron Paul.

Whatever, McCain, Hillary, Obama - the country is doomed no matter what.
Too bad all the "anti-war" voters are all voting for the guy who wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years and start even more wars - and you think the press is not complicit in that?
Same with the Democrats - they destroyed Kucinich - the only truly anti-war candidate among them. Why? Don't ask me. Threatening to nuke Iran (Obama and Hillary in the early debates) doesn't sound very anti-war to me.

But hey, it's only a few technicalities, right?

Oh, to the commenter from Vermont - if Vermont votes for either McCain or Huckster - that is the END OF THE WORLD!!!
Hello, no Evangelicals up there - Huck got 5% in Maine.
And Vermont has arrest warrants out for Bush and Cheney; and VT is suing the Federal Government to bring back their National Guard troops from Iraq.
With laws like that, if Ron Paul doesn't win Vermont, I say that PROVES a GOP voter fraud conspiracy!

The failure of Ron Paul lies not in the ideas and concerns that he presents but rather in an American
Citizenry that has become ignorant of our nations originalfoundations, morally corrupt in their life styles,
and either oblivious to or downright opposed to the simple fact that responsibility for one's own life
is a truth that cannot be escaped. We prefer a PAPAin the White House and Aunts and Uncles in
The Congress who will answer our every need while we complain that all the "rich" who worked
for their money are really evil uncaring beings who are the blame for our miserable situation.
Ron Paul this generation cannot appreciate your wisdom and will not
accept the type of "CHANGE" you think is necessary. By the way- America don't
blame George Bush for all your ills--look in the mirror.

Ron Paul is probably the most important voice in the Presidential race, Democrat or Republican. How desperately do Americans need to hear this voice of protest? How refreshing are his unadulterated views? I think Ron Paul adds to our national political debate in a most meaningful way. I am thankful he threw his hat in the ring and stuck with it.

I think he never really took off with a plurality of voters, simply because he is too cerebral. He speaks intelligently about many esoteric, complicated issues. How many Americans know anything about the Federal Reserve or about monetary policy? About the devaluing of the dollar or about the gold standard? Frankly, I think he is just over the heads of most voters. Just my two cents worth.

'It would be interesting if those supporters took the time here now to leave comments explaining why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience (we already know about the media conspiracy) and what they think about his refocused campaign and their spent donations.'

How astute of you Andrew! (and I mean that in the same tone of voice as your article). It's not so much a media conspiracy as a reality. Do you really believe a poll that Fox puts on the air? I saw countless instances where news anchors FLAT OUT LIED ON THE AIR. Not to mention the obvious - ignoring Paul during the debates, asking him the most slanted questions, repeatedly misquoting him, excluding him from a debate when he raised more money than anyone and was polling higher than other candidates. Did you ever check out the Spin Room? Open hostility towards Paul and open arms to Guiliani. Ron Paul might as well have been eating babies instead of delivering them the way the media portrayed him.

Stop and ask yourself: How backwards has our country become when the ideology of following the Constitution, advocating personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and avoiding preemptive war are all likened to a conspiracy?

Also, I didn't really find Paul's effort hopeless. In fact I didn't notice any real effort for any other candidate. I have seen Ron Paul signs EVERYWHERE since October. Where are all the Hillary signs? How did Paul raise so much money yet have such a low average donation? There's only one way: large numbers of people believe in the message.

I wish you could feel the vibe of hopelessness among my younger generation. There won't be Social Security, Medicaire, or a pension for us. The gap between rich and poor is widening at an incredible pace. Food, education, healthcare, and housing costs are all increasing way faster than income while our education and healthcare system are in shambles. The dollar is going down the toilet. Now there's 10 times more people in the world who hate us. China's economy grew by 11% last quarter. Our deficit is astronomical and growing. Our civil liberties are eroded every day. Oh well, at least Big Oil, the Military-Industrial complex, and the pharmaceutical industry are reaping record profits and running Washington.

I'm tired of the powers-that-be perpetuating the myth that everything is just peachy while they run America into the ground. The wave is crashing and it will be my generation who bears the brunt of it all.

Thank God for Ron Paul making at least some people open their eyes and forcing people to talk about the real problems. I wish I gave him twice as much money.

have a march on washington soon, i will fly in ...get attention and message out , we can make this so big that it will shock the world and show what the best of America is about

two, run as an independant so write in is not necessary , like bloomberg is considering.

he got great support ...and has great support and will win if he doesn/t stop....we are there for him, this is the longest comment thread i have even witnessed...ONward Ron Paul

To all you people who think the race is not over for Paul, did you not read the article? The article clearly states that even if Paul won all the remaining delegates, which is highly unlikely, that still wouldn't be enough to win the nomination. In order to still be in the race, you must have a shot at winning. I give McCain a 97% chance and Huckabee a 3% chance of winning. Huckbee'08!!!

Why did Ron Paul's campaign not catch on with more Americans?

I hate to say it, but the most effective use of donated time and money appears to have been at the grass roots level rather than with the official campaign: Innovative and attention-grabbing advertising done by MeetUp groups with their thousands of hand-made signs...the highly-publicized Ron Paul blimp...and the hundreds and hundreds of fun, informative and catchy YouTube videos made by people like you and me. (Notably in my opinion: ) These unique advertising techniques introduced hundreds of thousands of people to Ron Paul's message of liberty in a way never before attempted.

Unfortunately millions of dollars were poured into the official campaign which resulted in some of least attractive, least inspiring, and least memorable political ads I have seen in many years. I live in North Carolina which has not yet had primary voting, but after seeing online copies of the direct-mail ads funded by the official campaign, I am equally unimpressed with their overall presentation and impact. It's a shame that the "vision" outside of Ron Paul himself was located almost exclusively at the grassroots level.

My hope and prayer is that the folks touched and enlightened by Dr. Paul's message will not let this movement die. Spread the message to your friends, family and most importantly to your children. Run for local and state offices. Run for national office. Run with Ron's message of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The problem with Ron Paul and libertarianism is that only about 10% of the population believe that government should exist for the protection of life and property. The other 90% believe (whether they know it or not) that government exists also to redistribute wealth. Most people want two dollars of government services for every dollar they spend in taxes. Given this mindset, libertarianism will never catch on in a big way. Too bad, because Ron Paul was the only candidate who made sense.

NO WAY that Paul endorses McCain after the GOP beer bust incident. McCain arrogantly disregarded mention of Paul despite dialogue with Huckabee and Romney. Face it...McCain is a democrat. The GOP is in shambles:

Gee, could you turn the knife a little more? I don't think we felt it.

(Hey, Josh. Maybe you didn't mean to be fuinny, but your sarcasm really struck me as hilarious. I appreciate the pain. And for all the others who complain about the word, hopeless, alas, it's true. Ron Paul is mathematically out of the race, even if he'd won Virginia tonight. There aren't enough delegates left to get to catch up to the leader. Thanks for reading.)

No one has given up. Ron Paul will win. It's all in the plan man. We are just waiting with our picked men for the right time.

You heard it here first.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War
16. Amid the turmoil and tumult of battle, there may
be seeming disorder and yet no real disorder at all;
amid confusion and chaos, your array may be without head
or tail, yet it will be proof against defeat.

17. Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline,
simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness
postulates strength.

18. Hiding order beneath the cloak of disorder is
simply a question of subdivision; concealing courage under
a show of timidity presupposes a fund of latent energy;
masking strength with weakness is to be effected
by tactical dispositions.

19. Thus one who is skillful at keeping the enemy
on the move maintains deceitful appearances, according to
which the enemy will act. He sacrifices something,
that the enemy may snatch at it.

20. By holding out baits, he keeps him on the march;
then with a body of picked men he lies in wait for him.


Why has Dr Paul never caught on? In a word, elitism. The power structure in our country is now dominated by a few who claim to know, and desire to control. Consider that one man, George Soros dominates the Democratic Party (e.g. MoveOn) and also has strong connections directly to John McCain. His desire is for global socialism.

Ruppert Murdock, owner of FOX gave Hillary Clinton her first fund raiser. He was fair and balanced when he blocked Ron Paul from the FOX debate after Paul beat two of the elite’s picks for President and won every debate poll open to real people. Those with power now allow our borders to remain porous while shipping our border guards to Iraq to protect borders there. Republican elites removed funding, already approved, for our border fence while we were treated to non stop coverage of Brittney and other pettiness. Open borders cut labor costs.

Meanwhile the Saudi’s are building a $5 Billion fence to protect their country from illegal immigration. How much of that money is ours? 6% of the population of California is now illegal immigrants. At least 12 other states will have similar saturation soon. 84 CA hospitals have closed: a) Due to the gov’t mandate to serve all who come, and, b) No way to collect payment. Health care is decimated. Social Security is next. The elite candidates for both parties support open borders and thus global socialism. Hope for America may be fading like Ron Paul. Who will be the one to shine the light of truth after Paul is gone?

I've waved my flag and said the Pledge and popped firecrackers on July 4 all my life, but supporting Ron Paul is the single most patriotic thing I've ever done.

IF Ron Paul does not win the nomination, and that's still an will be because not enough of my fellow Americans turned off their TVs in time.

The central fact of the Ron Paul campaign is that it requires an intellectually curious voter. One has to actually think and question and rage a little bit before things start to fall into place. Solutions seem strange when problems aren't even perceived.

Promoting this active participation has been a challenge, to be sure. But look how many sheeple broke out from the herd!

You ask Ron Paul supporters "why they think Paul never caught on to a wider audience?"

The answer is simple most Americans don't really care about politics and have almost no understanding of the issues. I would be willing to bet that the average Ron Paul supporter knows at least ten times more about the issues than the average McCain/Clinton/Obama supporter. I suggest your paper take a poll. First ask a voter which candidate he or she supports, then ask them a simple question on where that candidate stands on a particular issue. For example a random voter may answer: Clinton. You could follow up with the question: Where does Clinton stand on illegal immigration?

Warning your results may be depressing,frightening, and embarrassing.

most people are too scared to actually change what they dont really understand. the media. elections are popularity contests these days or about who believes in god the most. it drives me nuts that this used to be the greatest country in the world and it was because we followed some rules called the constitution that people fought and died for. we wonder why things are so crummy these days and its right there in front of everyone ans i cant figure out if people are ignorant or just dont care and just want to bitch. when i first heard dr paul speak it was like a shot of clarity, the things i thought but really didnt understand were explained to me. PEOPLE ARE SHEEP. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Endorse McCain?? Why would anyone expect Ron Paul to endorse a man who has no problem keeping American troops in Iraq for a hundred years? A man who wants to attack Iran?

McCain is just a worse version of the present occupant of the White House. He advocates more undeclared wars around the globe against enemies that he and his pals at the Council on Foreign Relations create for us.

I will never vote for McCain. I would rather see the Republican Party go down in flames. If they nominate McCain, they don't deserve to exist. They can combine with the Democrats and call themselves, the Council on Foreign Relations Party.

Ron Paul helped motivate a few million new people to actually think critically about the status quo, big government, and the US Constitution.

He has already won. We won't see the fruits of this victory for at least 10 years, but the millions of new minds have been expanded. Politics for hundreds of thousands of people have changed from a spectator sport where you pick a side and root for you team, to an open question about how and why our government should be on a fundamental level. Ron Paul has already won, the US Constitution has won, personal freedom has won, the rest of the world just doesn't know it yet.

A million seeds have been planted. Let's plant some more.

I have been a Ron Paul supporter and still am. In looking at those who desire his leadership I have noted that they are the upper echelon of our society. They are the thinkers and doers and the ones who pay the tax bill. That means that the poll numbers are in keeping with the number of individuals in our society that think, pay taxes and are responsible individuals. In short, only 10 to 20% of people in our country fit in this category. My hope now is that Hillary will win. This will complete that polarization of the country and result in the same situation that we faced with the election of Lincoln. That is the only way to get our freedom back.

Drain conservative votes from McCain? You think anybody who is -really- conservative is going to cast their vote for McCain??? If you think that any conservative is going to vote for that amnesty-giving, tax-raising, liberal, you're out of your mind! HILLARY is LESS LIBERAL than John McCain! I'd sooner vote for her!

We will march on Washington. A peaceful march. A march for liberty. Soon after the book is out, I think.

I talk to people every day about Ron Paul and every one seems to agree with his ideas. I encourage everyone to stay the course. Send in more money. Run a Ron Paul ad in your local newspaper. I can not reward the republicans with a vote for a liberal like McCain. I will WRITE IN the name RON PAUL if it is not on the ballot.

Even if he is not the nominee, I will still write him in and vote for Ron Paul. I will not waste my vote on anyone else and there is no way to make my vote count unless it is absolutely for the right man.

Mr. Paul's numbers reflect the only people in our society that yearn for freedom and can think.

Ron Paul is the hero of our times that can help turn our country around and I back him 100%

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