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Ron Paul makes his move

Rep. Ron Paul, the oldest person remaining in the presidential race and the only one who's also simultaneously running for Congress (you know, on the off chance he doesn't reach the White House), came in second in the Montana Republican caucuses, right behind former Gov. Mitt Romney.

The 72-year-old onetime ob-gyn, who was the most successful fundraiser among all Republicans last quarter, got 25% of the GOP vote in Big Sky Country to Romney's 38%. Paul also beat Sen. John McCain, who got only 22%, and Mike Huckabee, who trailed with 15%.

In North Dakota, Paul, with 21%, fell behind McCain, at 23%, and Romney, at 36%.

Elsewhere, Paul, a strict constitutionalist who opposes the Iraq war and in 1988 ran for....

president on the Libertarian ticket, slipped back to his familiar single-digit showings, despite the determined, earnest efforts of thousands of outspoken Ron Paul Revolutionaries, including an endorsement from THE Jane Roe, an eight-state ad campaign, not one but two appearances on Jay Leno's show and stunts such as hiring a plane to circle downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday dragging a giant Ron Paul banner.

With incomplete results, Paul looked to finish in the Golden State with about 4% of the GOP vote, way behind Huckabee at 12%, Romney at 25% and McCain at 44%. Alaska, where Paul had thought he might do well, also turned out to be disappointing, as Romney easily won.

In West Virginia, Paul's forces did gain three of the state's 18 GOP convention delegates in a deal to throw in with the winning Huckabee supporters and deny Romney his expected win there.

In Maine, where the arcane uncommitted caucus system defies explanation, Paul forces finished third in voting recently but believe they will end up ahead of McCain in terms of state convention delegates and second only to Romney. Paul also finished second to Romney in the Nevada caucuses and ahead of the now departed Rudy Giuliani in Iowa.

In other Super Tuesday states, some with incomplete results, Paul's showing was not so super. He finished last virtually everywhere -- with 8% in Colorado; 6% in New York and Tennessee; 5% in New Jersey, Arkansas and Illinois; 4% in Missouri and Arizona; and 3% in Oklahoma, Alabama, Massachusetts and Utah, though he beat Huckabee there.

Many in Paul's dedicated legions of supporters profess incomprehension over how he does not attract wider support among voters. The only explanation they can imagine is that he would do much better in elections if it wasn't for a mainstream media bias that forces supporters to conspire on the Internet, has barred him from a major New Hampshire debate and often eliminates him from regular candidate listings.

For instance, The Times' recent tepid Editorial Board endorsement of John McCain in the California Republican primary discussed every remaining GOP candidate except Paul, who's outlasted more famous competitors like Giuliani and Fred Thompson and is the only GOP candidate to increase his fundraising  every quarter last year.

Many will now fill the comments section beneath this item with complaints about the mainstream media's bias and little recognition that the words themselves in this item contradict that claim in this forum. And, of course, they are welcome, as always.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Malcolm, I hear you. But there is some validity to the claim that if he had gotten a free conduit to the general audience as have other candidates he would have done better. This blog from West Virginia gives credence to that:

The truth is that we will never know what could have been in an honest competition. But considering the number of people that I hear and read about talking about voting based on values that Ron Paul embodies more than any other candidate I can only assume that they were thrown off scent of a candidate that was worth their attention.

Thanks for the opportunity to soapbox for a moment ; )

"Many will now fill the comments section beneath this item with complaints about the mainstream media's bias and little recognition that the words themselves in this item contradict that claim in this forum. "

Strange wording, Andrew. Surely you're not stating that the fact that you have a Ron Paul blog proves that there wasn't blatant mainstream media bias against Dr. Paul? Exclusion from the Fox debate, six minutes or so in the msnbc debate, etc. Not to mention truly strange things. Why, for instance, such focus on those newsletters, and the question of whether or not Dr. Paul is homophobic when he clearly is not, wearas Huckabee is on the record saying homosexuality is an abominible sin and AIDS patients should be quarantined? There is a mainstream media bias against Paul. But thanks for the blog.

Andrew and Don... thanks for your unbiased coverage of Ron Paul throughout the election cycle. Kudos.

Voter fraud! Do you really think people are that excited about McCain or Romney? NOT. The country has been stolen. I witnessed fraud in my precinct and we're suing, but it won't do any good. A bill should be passed into law that anyone who commits voter fraud is executed for treason.

Okay, my comment on the biased media ;-D
Maybe if the news woulda mentioned that endorsement by "THE Jane Roe", instead of going on and on about some celebraties endorseing mccain the same day.
Maybe a little news about how Ron Paul received more money, from more indivisual donors, of our active service men, then the other three rep. canidates combined. Little news about that on cnn the night before primaries woulda done him some good. I think these leading news agencies need to be sued for their bias, and made to actualy give fair and balanced news.

Voter fraud! Do you really think people braved the weather because they were so excited to vote for "son of" Cain or Romney? NOT. This country has been stolen. Your vote doesn't matter. It's the ones that count the votes. I witnessed fraud in my precinct (candidates for delegate who are old guard politicians were counting the ballots) and we're suing, but it won't matter. A bill should be passed into law that mandates anyone caught committing voter fraud must be executed for treason.

Andrew, I'm sorry, but just because a blog posting is sponsored by a major print outfit does not make it mainstream. It is subject to the same audience that is already educated enough to go out and find out about the candidates on their own.

The problem is that broadcast media is just allowing these candidates to outright lie to the public and they do nothing to counteract that. When Ron Paul DOES get mention in the media, it is often accompanied by some snide or dismissive remark.

But tell me, why do the Fox News goons allow Romney to stand in front of the people of the United States and trumpet that he is the best candidate for the economy because he was a CEO? Or even a governor for that matter? Any dimwit with a high school economics course can tell you that monetary policy, tax policy and government waste (generating more taxes and pouring money OUT of our economy through defecit spending) are THE most important factors to the US economy.

Romney has ZERO experience in monetary policy or currency control, meanwhile Ron Paul has written books on it.

Romney is well-known for underhanded tax raises in Massachusetts. With one hand he cut taxes and with the other hand he simultaneously instituted a complex system of "fees" that resulted in the average taxpayer dishing out more of their hard-earned wages than before. Ron Paul wants to end the unconstitutional Federal Income Tax and abolish the IRS. Which, by the way, would leave the Federal government with the same revenue it had in 2000. To put that in perspective, ending the Iraq war and closing down the IRS would leave us in BETTER shape than we were WITH the taxes.

Romney almost made me puke when I heard him talking about making healthcare affordable for everyone. He takes a near-socialist position on this and wants to do it through government regulation and subsidies. This is just one example of how Romney intends to be yet another false Republican and grow government. Reagan was a great uniter, but even he grew government.

If we're ever going to fix this country, it isn't by eliminating pork barrel legislation and saving what amounts to a few pennies here and there. It is going to be by ending a war that is going to end up costing us $1 trillion dollars. For effect, that is $1,000,000,000,000. To put that a little bit more in perspect, if you counted as fast as you could 24 hours a day with no breaks for the rest of your life, you likely wouldn't even reach 1 billion.

We can save this country by closing agencies like the IRS and National Council for Women that receive hundreds of millions of dollars in financing each year. The NCW is responsible for terrible waste and achieves little to nothing (have you ever heard of them?) and yet they continue to exist. Meanwhile, there are children who are digging through the dumpster at your local McDonalds hoping that someone couldn't finish all their fries. Does that sound right to you? Who is the true humanitarian?

Ron Paul wants to give you 20-30% of your paycheck back every week immediately. That sounds a whole lot better than a measly $300 once every 3 years when the economy recesses.

For educated America, Ron Paul is the only rational choice. We realize that some of his ideas may be a little wacky, but you know what? That is why we have Congress and the Judicial Branch. Checks and balances. Before we can fix anything else, we HAVE to fix our economy and Ron Paul is the only candidate who can do that.

Not Mitt Romney.
Not John McCain.
Not Mike Huckabee.

None of them have the experience.

Ron Paul does. Think about it. It's your country.

For more information on Ron Paul, please visit

I hate to ruin your delusions of grandeur, but an op/ed blog buried in the LA Times website doesn't exactly qualify as mainstream media.

(It must be too hard to find since you did. Actually, it draws so much traffic it's always also listed on the homepage. But I am glad you and hopefully others finally agree with me that this blog is not MSM. I've been arguing that all fall with you guys. Glad you came around.)

Thank you Andrew. I couldn't find any news online last night, nor could I find much through watching either CNN or ABC. In frustration I finally just took a sleeping pill and snoozed. Thanks again for the information I wanted so badly on the candidate my friends, family, military family and I think would do this country so much good! I'd hug you if you weren't so far away.

Thank you, Andrew. We all knew deep down that Ron Paul's campaign was an uphill battle. I appreciate the numerous columns you've written and the obvious desire to take him serious as a candidate and do your part to give him equal face time.

Thank you, Andrew. We all knew deep down that Ron Paul's campaign was an uphill battle. I appreciate the numerous columns you've written and the obvious desire to take him serious as a candidate and do your part to give him equal face time.

America and the world know we Americans say one thing and do another. This is not a big surprise. Too many people I know say they believe he is most qualified and has the right integrity. Someone needs to ask the people if Ron Paul led by 60% in polls, and there were no partiy affiliations, "would they vote for Ron Paul".

If a political party leadership told their members to vote "yes" on a bill they didn't read, is it treason? Afterall they have pledged their loyalty to this group over the american people. PATRIOT ACT

Who will recall/impeach the congress when they are the branch empowered to impeach?

I for one have taken Dr. Paul's course "conservatism 101" and passed. By scientific polling principles the 5-10% of the conservative country represented by those that actually voted translate to about 5 million people who believe in these ideas. That will grow as apathy wanes.

Take a look at those candidates that are now taking (saying) similar stands and compare this to what they were saying just 6 months ago. Once Ron is gone, I am sure you will see the adoption of a lot of his ideas.

Is it possible to "lose" nearly every battle and still "win" the war?

However disappointed I may be by the lack of state victories on Tuesday, it was still a good day. Huckabee and Romney did better than I expected, leaving the Republican race more wide open than it was before.

Ron could be in much worse shape. He still has boatloads of cash and dedicated supporters willing to see this thing all the way through. September is far away yet so lots of interesting things could happen.

Let's hope for a decent showing in Washington state. The first county won by Paul was Jefferson county. If he won Washington as his first state, that'd be sweet.

Paul got good percentages of support in Alaska, Montana and Minnesota, not too bad in Colorado, so hopefully he'll build on that momentum in the NW.

Andrew, thanks for you column.

Hopefully everyone realizes that 'news' does not count towards the 'equal air time' that the FEC requires. And when you have 3 24hour national news stations mentioning nothing but McCain/Romney and Clinton/Obama, that tends to skew the polls they then conduct.

Look at how Huckabee won more states than Romney WITHOUT the media gushing news stories all over him. Just imagine if the media covered Paul with that intensity?

How can anyone not vote for someone who wants to uphold our Constitution?

How can any news stations/paper not report on the fact that the Patriot act directly violates the Constitution, yet there are 3 candidates running for office who violated their oath of office and voted to allow the government to perform warrantless searches/seizures?

Silly person

This ONLINE BLOG may be an exception to the media blackout, but online support is clearly not the issue. Have your blogs been printed in the LA Times? Even then, the LA Times would only be one paper in the crowd of the entire media. On the rare occasion he was mentioned, he was often marginalized. Therefore the media, in general, dissuaded possible supporters from voting for a candidate that "can't win."

"and little recognition that the words themselves in this item contradict that claim in this forum."

Ah yes, the irrefutable influence that the LA Times BLOGS site enjoys, from the breadbasket to the beltway. The Ron Paul Revolution hereby acquiesces to the apparent balance and objectivity that has fallen over the TV, Press, Radio, and any news site beginning in "www" made apparent by a single blog post that may or may not appear on the third or fourth page of a Google News Search today. Fair at last. Fair at last.

Thank you once again Malcolm for even mentioning Dr. Paul. It's more than many other media outlets are willing to do.

Just because you mention Paul here doesn't mean you vindicate the rest of the corporate media for ignoring Ron Paul or for ignoring the fact Gravel hasn't called it quits either.

The corporate media should really clarify its coverage and say---We cover those who we do not disagree with and anybody else who rubs us the wrong way will not be compared closely with those we think can win. "Can" being deceptive because any amount of coverage similar to the coverage Clinton got for injecting race into the election could skyrocket Paul's or Gravel's numbers.

This was a fairly good article until the last paragraph. I think you will find Paul supporters generally praise anyone in the media that gives our candidate any positive attention.

The fact is when people hear Dr. Paul’s message they get it, too bad they are not hearing all sides before they have to make a decision.

I have always been a republican. I voted for Ron Paul.
I will not be voting for McCain if he wins the primary election. I know there are many republicans who feel the same way. As a matter of fact, I have decided to change my party affiliation to independent in order to vote for the independent party who will be in this November election.

The fact that Paul has gained as much support as he HAS comforts me. Republican primary or not, Paul is a Libertarian. Some would call him a progressive Republican but he's really just an old-fashioned Constitutionalist. The man wants this country to be what is was ALWAYS intended to be: a union of states run by the PEOPLE.

The other candidates are opportunists and virtual carbon copies of each other.

Don't forget you guys in the media called him kook/longshot/crack pot... just like children in grade school.

I'm a Paul supporter and maybe it's not the media. Maybe Americans are just plain stupid. They spout "change" yet vote for the status quo. Idiots! No wonder the rich rape and pillage these morons!

Ron Paul is fighting the good fight. You'd think his plan to abolish the IRS and to bring the troops home would be a huge winning strategy. But, voters are sheep, and they can't think beyond what is spoon fed for them on the tube. If there were a history test required to vote, Ron Paul would win in a landslide.

Contrary to your insinuations, I think this was a fair article. You did not start off mentioning Ron Paul as a "longshot" or "dark horse" candidate as EVERY other article Ron Paul has been mentioned in has done. You stated the facts and kept your opinions of Ron Paul to yourself. This is reporting as it should be. At least there's one true journalist remaining in the world.

You do have to admit though, if more outlets have covered Ron Paul's campaign with an open mind, like Romney or McCain - would people still be saying, "Ron who?" But, in a world where Britney Spears makes the Nightly News and Natalie Holloway updates make it on to Entertainment Tonight - it's becoming harder and harder to differentiate between what's considered "entertainment" and actual "news".

Pop-Politics maybe? Sounds like exactly what Romney is looking for. "Let's sit in a debate and argue about who said what when instead of discussing health care or foreign policy. Americans will eat that up." And it appears they have.

Thank you for writing about candidate Ron Paul. I am a supporter of Dr Paul and I am disappointed in the lack of media coverage he gets as are most of his supporters. My local newspaper shows pictures of all the remaining candidates in there coverage of the race except Dr Paul. Whether this is intentional or not I can not know. It does hurt his campaign as it leads the casual reader to think that he is no longer in the race. Now his only viable option is probably a 3rd party run and he will most likely face the same media exclusion. So much for democracy and so much for a free market of ideas. We'll be left with the choice between two pretty terrible evils and a very narrow range of debate. The two major parties only disagree about trivialities. On the man issues like a sound monetary system that does not promote inflation or an insane foreign policy that we can't afford and actually makes us less secure the two parties march in lockstep towards disaster. Thank you for providing this forum.


It's one thing to get mentioned in a blog on the LA Times, it's quite another to be systemically removed from every single broadcast television station's coverage of the elections. Some even go so far as to say there are only three candidates running on the Republican side. The media should be proud of the election they've masterfully orchestrated for us.

Thanks for the objective report - especially reporting the difference between the preference polls (which are the only results reported in caucus states and have no direct effect in getting the candidacy) and the delegate count.

In my precinct in MN Ron Paul had only 18 pcnt of the straw poll votes, yet we captured (at least) 40% of the delegates.

Andrew, I've been following your writing for the past month or so, and I'm pleased with your fair and balanced reporting. As a Ron Paul supporter and voter, I do not see our effort as failed. Congressman Paul has ignited almost a million people over the past year into a very important message. A message of non-nation building, constitutional wars, ending the Patriot act, limited government, and securing our country from terrorism the way the 9/11 Commision report suggested.

As a result of the election there is now a movement to chenge our government. We the supporters will run for office to try and implement these changes. Dr. Ron paved the way, and it is up to us donors to make the changes. This campaign did not fail. It was an enormous success. And in time, I believe we will look back on this election, and remember the message Dr. Paul delivered.

America will come their senses once we bankrupt our young. Let's hope we don't get there, and we can make these changes from the bottom up.

My best to you and our country. Let us together work for freedom according to our founding fathers. Without remembering our history we are doomed to fail.

Nice article Andrew. thanks...
I will forgive all the people who didn't vote Ron Paul but history will never forgive you guys. You guys will keep paying these endless wars for at least four more years.
Ron Paul won already for standing against mass media and corrupt politicians and silly party politics.
Go Ron Paul

I suspect that Mr. Malcolm will begin to miss the paternal I told you so's to the yearning Paul masses.

Ok, it was not the best showing that a candidate could have.
But I could well say that about any of the republican's.
McCain is halfway there and Ron Paul is living on a prayer. (He could well be dead an gone but I would like him to stay and fight on and keep getting the message out.)

To me there still seems to be a long way to go and just maybe with the delegates that he garners he may still be able to make a difference in the current primary.

I know for myself he has already made a difference as I am no longer a life long democratic and I am certainly not a republican in the Bush, McCain , Romney, and Huckabee sense.

Thanks Andrew, good article and thank you for pointing out that he has been left out of many MSM events. I know friend who even asked is he still on the ballot as close as a couple of days ago because they never heard about him on the news and didn't see him listed as a candidate.

Hmm , let me point them to this blog just maybe they will get a better knowledge of what is going on :-)

Man...I'm bummed. I expected a much better performance than we had last night. I just checked the daily dose on RP's website, and a nice post about fighting the good fight and hanging in there, but...I'm afraid he's done. And if he's done, I'm done as well, as I refuse to hold my nose and vote.

Four reasons for Ron Paul's failures:
(1) Certainly, the lack of media coverage figures. Not being mentioned by any of the major networks' Feb 4 nightly broadcasts is indicative.
(2) People don't vote for candidates who are perceived as sure losers.
(3) Paul's campaign hasn't been able to reduce his message to soundbites.
(4) The welfare state is today part of the fabric of America. An old-school, Herbert Hoover Republican is an anachronism at a time when people look to the federal govt for every kind of hand-out, bail-out, and entitlement.

Thank you Andrew, you've been one of the few rare "MSM people" to honestly report on and talk about Dr. Paul and his supporters.

Under FEC rules ALL candidates (even Gravel! ;-) ) are supposed to get equal air time on all shows, papers, etc. and yet that most definitely didn't happen this time. The MSM picked our leaders and we are going to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Dr. Paul isn't done yet, nor are his supporters. People are talking about the actual delegate counts (which nobody is actually committed yet, debate the MSM's idealized view), the half of the nation that hasn't voted yet, and even a third party.

With the continuing collapse of the economy, the Iraq terrorists now looking outside the nation, and more incidents of torture and subversive tactics from our government Dr. Paul's predictions as well as his words will just continue to ring more soundly.


Because Dr. Paul is the only one speaking the truth.

I think a lot of voters think he's a kook. I did, until I actually did some homework. To understand Ron Paul it takes effort. He truly is the only respectable, uncompromising candidate. I think if more conservatives were brave enough to be intellectually honest with themselves, they'd come around to Dr. Paul's views on the Iraq war. His basis for opposing the war is rooted in a completely different ideology than the left's, and a sound ideology as well.

Thanks for the coverage, you are one of the few... ABC's big coverage of Paul is "when will he drop out", while their poster boy, John McCain is shown as victorious though most of the delegates they list are not even bound yet... we all know most of media is just BS. The small portion that is well reported, is for the 20% or so of Americans who have taken the time to discern.

Andrew, a good article summarising Paul's results - especially for a UK citizen like me!

I think Ron Paul is doing very well - both in terms of election polls & delegate counts - considering his censorship by the majority of your national media. I find it' hugely impressive & exciting that the grassroots has managed to co-ordinate their common passions, many of whom were completely apathetic to politics (and especially politicians) before this election.

You could argue that Paul supporters are making excuses for their candidates low polling, but it's plain to see the large news networks have appointed their own front runners, and allowed them millions of dollars worth of free publicity in the form of news articles - Guiliani still gets more publicity from Paul, and he was flattened by the congressman in almost every caucus.

A disastrous consequence to this is many people now believe Paul has dropped out or 'can no longer win', therefore they are choosing to vote for another candidate.

I've done a fair bit of research about the U.S.A - and of late, it has truly lost it's way. I've learnt more of the torture you force people to endure at Guantanamo contrary to UN resolutions, you attack countries & murder innocent people to further your own corporate interests, you have very little regard for the civil liberties of your citizens and your politicians will lie to protect your corrupt actions, you care very little for supporting those who need basic healthcare (or even provide viable alternatives), you destroy your economy by spending trillions you simply do not have, causing widespread economic turmoil around the world, you allow corporations to dominate politics in the form of lobbyists, big military contracts and multi-national media companies - even your elections are severely flawed and wide open to corruption, with evidence they might even be rigged.

But above all that, America has forsaken it's constitution. In light of all the things above (and too many more to list unfortunately), you have ignored the one document which protects everything America stands for - liberty, justice, freedom, prosperity.

The Bush administration has made America the laughing-stock of the world and made enemies with many other countries needlessly. Unfortunately, the national televised media has censored the one man who stands against all the crimes committed against American's citizens and it's values, whose record and public standing are a truly outstanding example.

I have a lot of confidence the Ron Paul supporters will eventually unite and make their voices heard after this election - when many people will be suffering the painful consequences of your existing leader's actions.

Only then will America begin to heal.

here in ct I was handing out literature for Paul all day Tuesday, NO ONE not one person I talked to out of 50-75 people I talked to ever heard of him, NEVER HEARD OF HIM! The media has done an outstanding job of making sure this great man and his message of hope never gets heard

Do you that most American's are not educated enough to know that you can't continue the debt train forever. I don't know how the average American can not see that the government will have to take away almost everything we own one day to repay their debts and what they owe the seniors. No one else will repay them. But at that point will China own all the banks and companies because they have all our money? What will the government do when they have squeezed the lifeblood out of every hard working American with a 40-50% tax rate federally and 15% at the state level? At what point will they stop? Fascism? What if we want to be free? I want to be able to live in my debt free house and have the government leave me alone. Do you think the founding fathers meant this land to be a place that if you worked hard to pay for everything you own you could never stop working because of property taxes? What is wrong with this country is we have become a slave state. We cannot remember what it was like with out the shackles of debt on our hands and feet. Today I am sad for our country.

Thank you for the article Andrew. My husband and I both voted for Ron Paul yesterday. We live in Tennessee. We really thought he would do well in this state. We were a bit disappointed at the results this morning. However, we weren't surprised. I do believe that the majority of the msm have treated Ron Paul unfairly throughout this process. I also believe that the majority of people in this country have been so dumbed down that they have lost all understanding of what once made this country great. My hope is that the few people, especially the young people, who have rallied for Ron Paul will now run for political offices on his platform. I just pray that it's not too late to turn this country around!

It's difficult for RP supporters to believe that the general public just doesn't support Ron. I don't understand why they have such a hard time grasping this concept. Most people who follow the races enough to make the effort to vote last night know who Paul is. And they declined to vote for him in droves. It's not the media's fault.

I hear the waaahmbulance coming.

This Ron Paul supporter is willing to give you credit for covering Dr. Paul, as have several other online newspapers. Television appears to be the medium where the "media blackout" is most prominent; for example, last night a Philadelphia network affiliate showed Giuliani with 0 delegates, but omitted Ron Paul's count! Giuliani still gets more coverage out of the race than Ron Paul, even though Dr. Paul regularly outperformed Giuliani when he was in the race.

Since even local stations are in on the act, I doubt it's a deliberate design to ignore Ron Paul, but rather a symptom of a more general problem in the media to come up with a storyline, and be very slow to change its storyline in light of emerging facts. The media has been fixated on a McCain-Romney storyline for some time, ignoring Huckabee and Paul, even though Huckabee, as it turns out, was surprisingly viable in Super Tuesday. I wonder how he would have done if Anderson Cooper actually let him talk in the debate, and the media actually treated him as a viable candidate. Sadly, perception can shape reality.

i can only think of a few reason why all this is happening; the media bias...the invisble ink(yeah invisble!),the inaccurate counting of ballots and the very low numbers of people who actually voted for Dr. Paul.

I think people Love the IRS, the CIA, Microchips and WAR but HATE HATE HATE FREEDOM thats it people hate freedom and they also hate thier rights and the constitution! Makes lots of sense!




Andrew, thank you for your continued effort to keep journalism at what it should be, fair and honest. As a Ron Paul supporter it is difficult to get the word out to everyone you know when they go home and watch the news and he is no where to be found. Many friends and family explain that they wouldn't vote for someone that has no chance. Where do they get this idea from? You and I know that the medias constant "longshot", "don quixote", emphasis on "Libertarian" was all to discredit him. I can't help but think if the mainstream media gave Dr. Paul equal coverage how different yesterdays results would have turned out. So many programs never mentioned him and yes some media outlets did, but so many more did not. I am disappointed but I will continue to spread his message because it is crucial to saving America. I just lost a good friend in Iraq yesterday and I am mad at our government because he didn't need to be there. Dr. Paul knows we can not afford to continue our current foreign policies they are costing us everything here at home. With my apathy cured I will continue spreading Dr. Paul's message of freedom and liberty!

Sorry to say, but it's over. At least Ron Paul got his ideas out there. I guess the country needs to go further down the tubes and become more broke before more people wake up.

I believe that Ron Paul had a vision, something that is missing from the empty rhetoric of the Minister, the Millionaire and the McModerate. No, I do not believe he can win, nor do I believe that Dr. Paul is naive enough to believe that either, but his vision is what is most important to him. A vision where the states govern themselves, an America free of tyranny, just like our founding fathers saw. No, he won't be the next president, but I have never in my life been inspired any more by a presidential candidate as I have been by the good doctor.
The author said that he expects comments that say the Media has ignored Dr. Paul, which is true, but it is ignorant to think that the Media is the sole reason that his campaign does not attract hordes of votes. The reason is that we have become so apathetic in this country that we BELIEVE the media, and the majority of people follow blindly and do what they are told. If CNN, NBC, ABC and Fox had all gotten behind Ron Paul and pushed him to the nomination, he would not be the icon he is to many of us today. He would be just another puppet. I for one am not disappointed that he is not "winning" the race, for he has changed my entire political outlook and for that I am very excited and grateful to him. I am just disappointed that people in this country have short changed themselves by not believing that our constitution is good enough to govern us anymore.

As for me, give me LIBERTY or give me death. (Patrick Henry)

At least you are writing about Ron Paul.
Thank You.

So when can we expect a 3rd party run?

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