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Ron Paul reactivates GOP candidacy, vows to fight this year and beyond

Wait, hold on! Don't toss those Ron Paul signs quite yet.

The 72-year-old, 10-term Republican congressman has just vowed to continue his current campaiRonpaul_jvugbqnc_3gn for the Republican presidential nomination. There's been some confusion in recent days since Paul sounded like he was, in effect, withdrawing to refocus his political efforts on a well-funded House primary challenger in his home Texas district near Houston on March 4.

His vocal online supporters have been less evident, effusive and at times abusive in the last couple of weeks. But now they have reason to refocus themselves too.

But Wednesday he struck a different note. "I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to," the Texas congressman promised CNN. "And I say as long as the number of volunteers continues to grow, and the money comes in, and there are primaries out there, and they want me to be involved, I am going to stay involved."

And if, say, there's a scandal or illness among the two remaining Republican candidates ahead of Paul in delegates, he'll be in a pretty good political position for the convention in St. Paul.

Also, guess what The Times' campaign finance guru Dan Morain just discovered....

tonight in records of the Federal Election Commission? Of all the Republican candidates left in the field at the end of January none other than Ron Paul had the most cash in hand -- some $6 million. And, like a true conservative, Paul reported not a penny in debt.

So he's got the money to keep his campaign going, despite being at loggerheads on many issues with fellow GOP candidates. And more funds flowing in each day from his loyal followers, despite being largely ignored by the major media, being barred by Fox News from a debate and receiving short shrift in speaking time there.

That's not likely to have much impact in the actual GOP voting, which Sen. John McCain has almost wrapped up. Paul has been drawing in the single-digits recently, getting 5% of the Wisconsin vote and 7% in Washington state this week. He did score a couple of second place finishes, including the Nevada and Montana caucuses, and beat Rudy Giuliani in Iowa and Fred Thompson in New Hampshire.

But his new re-affirmation of an active candidacy will be exciting news for hundreds of thousands of his diverse supporters scattered about the country in some 1,400 meet-up groups that demonstrate for him and raise money in numerous imaginative ways, including hotties 4 Ron Paul pin-up calendars. Their devotion and noticeable online enthusiasm had waned in recent weeks after Paul forced Mitt Romney from the race and then spent more time in his own district.

Starting last summer the seemingly spontaneous assembling of hundreds of thousands of Paul supporters, many new to politics, has been one of the more remarkable aspects of the current political season.

Although the major media have consistently treated him as a fringe candidate, Paul has raised more money recently and outlasted several more famous Republican competitors once given a good chance of winning the nomination.

In December, the Paul campaign broke the online one-day fundraising record by taking in $6 million and made Paul the most successful GOP fundraiser in the fourth quarter with nearly $20 million in donations. And he was the only Republican candidate to increase his take during each quarter of 2007.

So far this quarter, Paul's website reports in excess of $6 million more in donations, which the candidate said he would use to drive what he called a movement. In the CNN interview he portrayed the movement of Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians disaffected with large government and foreign entanglements as unstoppable, although mathematically the 2008 nomination is beyond their reach.

Paul, a former ob-gyn who recently drew a crowd of 1,400 at North Texas University, said he was overwhelmed by possible congressional candidates who could form a bloc of strict constitutionalists in Congress and carry the movement on beyond the unsuccessful 2008 nomination struggle. But although he refuses to endorse McCain, Paul also continues to reject the possibility of a third-party run.

Paul said students he talked with "hear other candidates talking change and they know it's the same old stuff over and over again. There's no difference with the other candidates. They know it's going to take time. But as I travel, I find something very significant going on around the country. They know we need to turn this country around."

"I couldn't stop this movement if I tried," he added.

Then, noting Fidel Castro stepping down from Cuba's leadership, Paul repeated his call for an end to the U.S. trade embargo on that country. "Fifty years of the embargo haven't worked," he said. "This is a wonderful opportunity to undermine communism."

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo: Bruce Crummy / Associated Press

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John McCain's alleged affair aside, Ron Paul 's message is what really counts here. I don't discount for one second that the revelation of McCain's alleged affair was politically motivated. This just gives more credence to Dr. Paul and his message. Tell me where I am wrong.

Funny you bring this up:

"And if, say, there's a scandal or illness among the two remaining Republican candidates ahead of Paul in delegates, he'll be in a pretty good political position for the convention in St. Paul."

Well, it's not illness but scandal. McCain will be explaining his way out of this mess this morning (thursday).

Ah, and thank you again for another insightful article on Ron Paul and this Revolution of heart and mind that he has inspired! As you have so noted, these are people from all walks of life who have proved once again, they can "put their money where their mouse is" and throw down their hard-earned (and heavily-taxed) dollars for who they believe to be the true herald of Peace, Freedom and Prosperity for this once great country of ours.

How refreshing for some one like yourself, to decry the willful neglect of other media sources such as FOX News! I salute your honesty in recognizing this unwarranted bias and appreciate your dedication to fair and principled news coverage.

Indeed this "movement", or Revolution, as I prefer to call it, has taken on a life of its own above and beyond the presidential candidacy of Dr. Paul. The message, so lasting and so true, resonates so deeply with the American people, because the voice of the New American Revolution is simply the echoing of our Founding Fathers.

In April of 2001, when I was living in Cairo, Egypt (where I was contracted as a jazz singer at the Intercontinental) I was positively moved by the reactions from people I'd meet, upon hearing that I was "from the States". They would get this far-away, misty look in their eyes, and reply in awe, "Ah, the DREAM..!".This touched my heart and gave me the tiniest, yet most brilliant spark of an idea, of how we are viewed by people in other countries. What an awesome responsibility we have! To live up to this ideal, this shining example of freedom and prosperity.

Our New American Revolution, ignited by Congressman Ron Paul is the spirit of this American "Dream". And Ron Paul himself understands this: that we of the Revolution are the embodiment of his ideals. That we will carry on this message, no matter what.

I am reminded of the final scene of the popular movie, "V For Vendetta", as the hero is near death, sacrificing his life for a revolutionary movement he has single-handedly ignited.

His murderer says: [after a hail of gunfire doesn't stop V]
"Die! Die! Why won't you die?... Why won't you die?"

To which our hero, V replies:
"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof."

Indeed. And ideas as starkly original, fearlessly bold and ultimately life-affirming as those put forth in our own United States Constitution, are also timeless and everlasting just as long as there are brave men and women willing to risk everything they have, for what they know is right.

The Revolution continues!

For Peace, Love & Liberty,

Juliet Annerino

ps: See for the future of the Revolution...

Please people.
We all don't want war with Iran. ALL the other Candidates are pushing war with Iran the same as Bush. The exact same things Bush said about Iraq. Please Americans do more research into this fact. I have alot of friends still serving in our military.
Active duty, and retired Military give more to Ron Paul then ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES COMBINED.
Support our troops, and vote in a man who would only ever risk American lives for defense of our Country. Not special interests of Nation Building for profit, and oil.
If you don't want war with Iran, Iraq, and others Ron Paul is the only choice.
For all you Obama supporters thinking he wants no war, LISTEN to what he says about Iran, then LISTEN to what Bush says about Iran, then LISTEN to what Bush said about Iraq just before we went to invade that Country. Then research the fact Obama is RELATED to Dick Cheney AND Bush. They are COUSINS!!!!
When I served in Iraq I spent more time escorting big oil companies then anything else. I say again, PLEASE America stop killing our soldiers for profit. I lost enough friends over there.
As for this "war on terror" We have laws to fight terror type acts on our books for a very long time that Ron Paul wanted to use. Made to fight Pirates not backed by a Country. The same issue. Criminal acts such as those called "terror" are nothing new to America. Ron would have caught BinLaden and not let him escape into Pakistan.
We literally LET HIM GO so we could stay and take over Afganastan. We could have easily sent Ops to get Osama and all others responsible, but the Gov used it as an excuse to invade all their oil interests.
Research this please. Wake up America.

Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul…….
It all started when we saw the first presidential debate over a year ago. My wife and I thought our voice could never make a difference. A government mostly comprised of constitutional traitors holding office. After hundreds of hours of reading, and learning, one cannot help question the workings. When we heard the honorable Dr. Ron Paul speak it gave us hope, and the feeling “Wow, finally a true statesmen.” So desperately needed.. As if something were in the water, in the halls of power and only Paul were immune!”. Began the research, more and more, not just words from faces but the substance in record and content in character. As it progressed, scary and shocking things were stumbled upon. Policies that put fear to ones bones as if the lives sacrificed upon the alter, of sovereign liberty to mean nothing.
Paul a humble elderly congressman from Texas. Him and his wife Carol married now some 51 years. To those hands which have guided thousands of new lives to the light of the world. A voice bringingt chills. Enthralling to the marrow. Searching for a single sentence, A fractured statement. From this hero country doctor, Ron Paul.
Read and watched searched and sought, until finally, triggered to action. I (we) signed on, with heart, soul, wallet and purse. We went for the first time in our life, to a meet-up group for a political organization. Ordered and made signs, cards, slim jims.. Started a family crusade to inform as many people as possible about the good doctor. As I discovered, he was nearly flawless in every way, and was directly in line with my thoughts. A Jeffersonian reincarnation. Just could not believe that we had found somebody that alone had fought so long. A crusader for rights and sovereignty for all , yet so honest, forthright and the will to speak truth to power.
Signs in the yard, stickers on a car, and wherever we traveled, always had Ron Paul items with us. Discovering many innovative ways to get this great message out.Spent days at the Daily Paul, excited and learning. Throughout the entire journey was triggered to research and understanding. To monetary policy. an economic expert on Fiat Currency, The Federal Reserve, The Gold Standard, The monetizing of Debt, IRS, Fractional Reserve Banking, The World Oil Trade, CFR (council for foreign relations) Nafta, The Patriot Act, the central bank and the list goes on. Having dug deep, We have informed our friends and family and strangers. To further seed the continuation of a revolution started our founders. When just a year ago, you could of asked any us about these topics, To receive a blank stare! What could have caused this bend of freedom to fascism, socialist corporate welfare, warfare, globalization industrial war mongering machine.
As we marched, participated in money bombs. To watch our numbers skyrocket, donated to our max. Watched the Blimp go into flight. Ron Pauls race car dream for fruition. Day after Day, the excitement built, and I could not believe we were part of such a great cause. So important to all. To many with excitement… “Have you heard of Ron Paul?” and when they would say no, over and over, to see the excitement. The birthing, another patriot awakened. One by one, day by day.

Blinded by enthusiasm, thinking that with all of this excitement, and with such an awesome candidate, and money raised, how could we lose?
The second debates came, Then came this sinking feeling. Soon we noticed that something was wrong. Ron Paul was not allowed to speak. He was given very little time. Then banned entirely. We started to wonder why? Debate after debate, we all witnessed the same thing. As this was going on, I noticed an entire switch in the media. No photos of the Dr. Not many mainstream articles, and the media calling him a kook, for believing in the constitution and the rule of law.
The continuation to deny the best candidate his due time of air. Belittlization and ignorization .. Then it all became too clear. After doing all of the research the Diebold machines, Caucus events, Primaries, Voter Fraud, To look in the mirror and say, how could one be so naive? Study and research, points to one thing. The powers to be do not want our champion anywhere near the white House. Congressman Paul challenges every single status quo the world government has built upon. Against the corrupt policies of a darkened government at every level. Has taken nearly a century to get these organizations ans policies in place, and they that run this country in high places, to pull out the stops to deny an honest voice.
Day after Day, Caucus after Caucus, Primary after Primary, The writing on the wall. Voting problems abound. New Hampshire broken chains of custody. Not counting all the votes. The Granny Warriors fighting for us in the NH recount. Washington state, Beverly Harris of Black box voting & Albert Howard shouting aloud, Jane Aitken doing her best. Everywhere hour after hour. The election process and the media have chosen there appointees.
Why did we fall into this? Why is the establishment so corruptrd? As if in a coherent deliberation trying to destroy this the greatest nation a blue jewel in blackest space could produce. Why are so many so blind?
I sometimes wish I could just erase this knowledge, had to find out. Had to play the hand all the way.
Don’t get me wrong…I (we) are more awake than ever. It just sickens me to see the continuation. Feeling so lost in regards to god and country. Like a single black sheep in a herd of a millions, trying to scream“Don’t run off that cliff!” Fearing such a small voice can’t be heard as they fall off the cliff unaware.
As we continue on, to march to Washington, I would like to tell you Ron Paul we will never give up. We will never surrender. If this country truly believes in our divinely inspired Constitution. Our leaders must not just promise to support and defend “but obey.” Yes”obey”

Wars, rumors of Wars, war with no end, restarting cold wars with Russia. Singing Bomb Iran. The devaluation of our monies. Oil 27 dollars a barrel attack Iraq under a UNITED NATIONS resolution 100 dollars barrel. The suspension of habeas corpus, Warrantless searches. Millions losing their houses and dreams.
Putting missiles in Poland. Stoking for war..Russia, the threatening of pre-emptive Nuclear
Rights being stripped away, layer by layer, day by day. Attacks upon the 1st and 2cd amendment
Opec switching away from the dollar. China holding $1,500,000,000,000 of our debt. Buying up our lands. Us having $56,000,000,000,000 in debt obligations. Inflation, taxation de-evalution
The list goes on and on….. What the hell’s going on!
As I close this letter, one families personal journey, Something else to say. That is, I (we) will keep up the fight, and will always be here, unless they shut down the net, and take a last bastion of freedom. We will get our chipped national ID, just like you all will. We’ll pay our taxes to continue wars negating our own national defense, allowing millions upon millions of illegal’s who hold no loyalty to our flag. We will continue doing our part. Support Ron Paul. Our champion. Our standard bearer. Never give up. So no matter how the remaining election plays, We will continue the fight! Dr Paul re-kindled the fire that will never go out.
To thoughts come a story my grandfather told “Virgil Gordon”. Of the Ferrol hogs that made (the blue ridge mtns.) their home. That if you put out food pigs would come. If you put up a wall they would scramble to the freedom of the forest, keep feeding, and continuously. They’d return. Put up another wall, and another they would flee,, slowly to return, over and over, until there were four walls with slight opening. Cautiously they’d enter until you could leave the pen open. still they would stay. To a point they’d squeal in terror. If prompted toward an opening and freedom.
And finally to you Dr. Ron Paul. In the days to come, and from what you have done in all our lives, even after you pass from this earth, just let to tell you, you have awakened the drowsing giant. You have showed a path, a tiny light in a vast sea of darkness an opening of light. As you said, “This is not about me, it is about the Message.” My god, you are so right. Tears comes to my eyes.. From every emotion of the last year, for every American, for every soldier that has died for the concept of a lie’s. Sorrow for the American not given the chance to awaken. Dr. Ron Paul, you have left a mark upon the few among the many, etched in stone. You have achieved your goal. An inspiration of soul. You said that this will last way beyond you, to now understand. Some of us have never met you, you sent a signed letter for what we have done. It is framed right over our hearth…Forever you have changed …us....the message will live... though our bones be dust. Promise in Passing a message, to our children and our children’s , children. To live forever. Should they plant you in the good earth prior our passing we will be there. As you ask assemble in Washington. Duty bound be there.
Whether it's at home or in passing. Never let it be said that you heard the voice of liberty and did not answer her call. Tell all of liberty and freedom. Which unites and binds us like no other.
Dr. Ron Paul and Carol……Thank You.
An American Family.


Ron Paul is what America needs, that is certain.

The only uncertainty is whether Americans are intelligent enough to vote for a man that isn't glorified on television.

Sadly, so far they are not capable of realizing that a republican is the best solution to the current tragedy of a presidency.

Wow Andrew!

I didn't think you had it in you to write like this about Ron Paul (except the lone reference to a previous sarcastic post about Ron Paul).

I guess you are now trying to make peace with Ron Paul supporters and looking for readers anywhere you can get them with those 100-150 job cuts at the LA Times coming.

Do you research your own facts? I'm not sure what you mean by "well funded House challenger". Ron Paul's opponent, Chris Peden had $150K on hand (mostly from personal loans to himself). Ron Paul put the word out and within just a few days Ron Paul raised $1 Million just for his District 14 race. Real-time fund raising totals posted here:

You have to ask yourself why so many people continue to support Ron Paul with their time and money (and lots of it) given the odds against him.

Question: Is Ron Paul a flash in the pan or is this the start of a Goldwater/Reagan type conservative movement?

He could just be "the last man standing".

Wouldn't that be grand.

I look forward to his inauguration speech.

What a great beginning to have a President
that didn't even need the media's help.

That would go down in history.

And we might even throw our televisions out.

What a wonderful post. Amen!!!!
Ron Paul for President!!!

Russ H.

The LA Times Rock! I have more respect for you than any other news organization. America is ran by a banking oligarchy using fascist puppets and Zeitgeist to distract us and we are killing our brothers and sisters in war while they are war profiteering. What happened to all the Gold under the twin towers? I heard it was Kuwaits entire reserve of Gold. Why did they only find 200 million of it?

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

"I have found an honest man."

Diogenes of Sinope

I aplaud you my good man let the voice of liberty and freedom ring. I fear there are dark times ahead but the movement must endure.........spread the word! the battle cry of this day we must work from the bottom up reaching the blind and helping them to see the light of truth! It saddns me deeply to see what this nation has become.....people say they want change but do they relaize it will NEVER come from the status quo. If we sit by and do nothing then all the blood and lives spent defending this nation and the american way of life will be lost......this means doing what one can where you can donoatins(if you can), volunterring, getting involved in some way!! It's our responsibility and duty to do this!!! if we continue to sit by and watch television we will have nothing left but hardship and poverty that will rival that of the great depression of the 1930's. We are slowly being reduced to 3rd world policys and wages. The warning signs are abound!! Do we have the courage? Do we have the guts? to preserve our birth-right and reserve this nation for future generations or will we let her slip and fall into blackness silenceing her light?

Thanks AGAIN for the time and attention Mr. Malcolm. Much appreciated...

Nice piece.
But we knew he wasn't going anywhere. He said as long as we want him in, he'll stay in. He's a man of his word.

We will NEVER hear a news report that Ron Paul cheated on his wife. We will NEVER hear a news report that Ron Paul took special interest money. We will NEVER hear a news report that Ron Paul is full of empty promises.
Our country has an excellent chance of wowing itself and the world by electing Ron Paul and continuing to be the strongest nation on earth. No empire lasts forever, and Ron Paul knows this. He also knows how to make sure that doesn't happen. Please see ronpaul.2008 and VOTE RON PAUL!!!

(Now there's also an unanticipated benefit to the media's ignoring him!)

His candidacy was never UNactivated!!!!!!!!!

To say such is to commit vote fraud.

Media Blackout Causing Voter Fraud
Please call and complain that the blackout is causing voter fraud due to the fact that television news keeps repeating there are only two candidates left:

FOX 1-212-301-3000
CNN 1-212-275-7800
Also - email is in order RIGHT NOW:
[email protected]
And you’ll have to wait for Monday-Friday for this one:
Federal Election Commission, 999 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20463 (800) 424-9530 In Washington (202) 694-1000 from 8:30AM-5:30PM ET.
The media is trying to give the perception that there are only two candidates running for GOP nominee now and many people are being denied the right to vote because pollsters are taking RPs name off the ballot, on heresay.
This must stop!
You can also call C-SPAN in the morning when they put up the numbers for the states that are going to be voting.
The media blackout has resulting in voters being denied the right to vote for their candidate.

Thank you for providing support for "Hope for America"!

Nice article Andrew. Andrew and the LA Times is one of the only papers and writers to give Paul a fair and unbiased look.
Keep up the good work. With McCains dirty little secrets coming out who knows..

I was wondering when someone would mention McCains roll in the Savings and Loan scandal..

Lets get the word out about how typically Washington McCain really is and how he uses his influence to help his buddies..

My Question: Is McCain Eligible to the office of President?
Why the question? Well he was born in Panama.. Therefore under the constitution he does not qualify to the office of The President.

Article II Section I of the US Constitution reads:

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."


He is a Citizen of the United States because both parents are but because he was Not born in a USA Territory then accordingly to the Constitution he is not eligible to the office of President.
Panama in 1936 (The place and year he was born) was LEASED and the USA holds no Territory OWNERSHIP.
The founding fathers during the process of writing the Constitution were engaged in a debate as to what kind of Americans should be eligible to the office of President and Vice-President. (Read the founder Fathers papers prior to writing the Constituion)

In 1790 an Act of Congress was passed where it said “"the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens".
But The Act of 1790 was superseded by the Naturalization Act of 1795 therefore the Act of 1790 it is not valid.
So, to be a "natural born citizen," a person must be born in the United States Territory; otherwise, they are citizens by law and are naturalized.
As of Today no court or Congress has yet address again address the key words
“Natural born Citizen”

So do you see the embarrassment that is coming to the Republican party if McCain becomes the party nominee?

Someone respectful newspaper need to print a serie on this important subject.

Respectfully yours,


Let's hope Huckabee comes down with some dreadful disease and has to drop out.

The Ron Paul Revolution is alive and growing. Long live our Constitution of the United States, and our Republic. Ron Paul has my vote and support. John McCain has no chance against Obama or Hillary, and as a true Conservative Republican voter I will NOT cast a vote for McCain if he is touted as the Republican nominee, no way in hell. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that can beat Hillary or Obama. I will be writing Ron Paul's name on the ballot if he is not on it. Knowledge is power people, so start learning, and research Ron Paul if you haven't already.

The problem is not with Ron Paul, the problem is with the corrupted American people. The people no longer want a candidate who has been loyal to his (or her) spouse, the people no longer want a candidate who has had the integrity to vote his conscience consistently over a period of 20 years, the people no longer want the Constitution. America has become, to put it in Ayn Rand's terms, a nation of "whim worshipers." They flit from one "want" to the next "want," from one "give me," to the next "give me," "oh, look at that," "oh, look at that." Most Americans don't even have attention spans to read one of Ron Paul's books on monetary policy, let alone the education that would allow them to understand it. Instead they were would prefer to consume their "politics" in 30-second sound bites, so that they can quickly get back to deciding if Lindsy Lohan's posing nude will be good for her career. (47% say yes, 54% say no according CNN's front page poll today.) Americans doesn't deserve Ron Paul; Americans don't deserve America. No wonder Michelle Obama isn't proud.

If it seems as though the online presence of Ron Paul's supporters has waned, it's only because we figured out that spending our time canvassing neighborhoods, holding rallies, and planning our delegate strategy and getting out the vote is much more important than commenting on articles and trying to get the attention of the so called "news" media. Thanks for the article.

Great article, Andrew. Thoughtful and well-reasoned.

Andrew, thanks again for a great article on Dr. Paul. You are always fair and balanced in your statements. Three areas you should look into in Dr. Paul's campaign are the support he gets among active military personnel; the response from media around the globe who support him because of his foreign policy and the muslim vote because of his non-interventionist policy on Iraq and the middle east.

Ron Paul Revolution all the way!

How convenient that this writer gets the go ahead by Rupert Murdoch and the LA Times to print an article about Ron Paul after the voting is done in California. Seems like they are just trying to save face. It seems like all these media giants are now trying to save face. They are airing him a lot more now that the election is half over. I can say this, I will never look to the mainstream media for my information ever again. I am voting for Ron Paul all the way through, if people do some research, they will do the same.

Thankyou once again Andrew Malcome. I can't add much to the succinct comments of yours and your readers except to say Dr Paul has many proven qualities but his understanding of prudent fiscal matters proven again by his own track history will allow him to address the economic problems we are all facing up. The subject of which is directly tied to his other policies. Esoteric media pundits alike are awakening to his abilities and his conviction politics. Amongst other candidate news, the 'outsider' Ron Paul is smelling of Roses.

Ron Paul or a total police state? You decide.

I agree heartily with the letter from "an american family". In recent months I have been reading more and more about what goes on behind the scenes in american politics. Very corrupt and very institutionalized. Very depressing. I hope and pray that somehow, Ron Paul will win despite the odds.

Thanks for remembering how to spell his name.
Cindy McCain called me last week, and said her husband, John, was concerned about border security.
Sure he is and can spell it, Amnesity. She is as bad as he is. Ron Paul is the only dependable candidate. He has my vote and support. The only true Republican running.

Thanks for writing about the Ron Paul movement. I am confident that America will regain its mind. It is very queer to see so many people swooning over Obama. He is all Show and no go. His published plan spends and taxes more and will be the final straw to break this country. McCain is equally as bad. He will driven by the same companies and elite interests, however he will kill a lot more people (ours overseas and other not taliban or NOT ELQeda) in his efforts to (keep us safe). I hate Air traveling now and all the Europeans hate coming here because the TSA is fighting the problems using SS tactics and low brain power solutions. It is slowing killing the Airline industry to use a phase "the death of a thousand cuts".

I got mad in a conversation on the phone yesterday and suggested that a states delegates shoot a candidate and it occurred to me that SOMEBODY IS LISTENING TO EVERYTHING I JUST said, Holy crap will they show up and shoot me and then ask questions!!!!

American must wake up. We are 12 Trillion in the Hole (using all the unpublished numbers it is this high) and have 53 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. It gets worst!

Our Bond Market is teetering on the edge of collapse and all the credit markets will cave-in if this important market goes in to BK and it is a hair away. This will mean NO JOBS, JOB CUTS, Business failures and massive CIty and state losses of income. Great and I thought the gas crisis was bad. Yeah I am old enough to remember Carter and his 17 percent interest rate world.

It is time to Break the Spell cast by the MSM because it is not in our or our children best interest! Tell everyone that will listen or and wear those blue buttons and bumpers. MOVE there is plenty of minds to change!!

Hello, it's the University of North Texas and not North Texas University.

It used to be called North Texas State University, but that name changed in the early 90s.

UNT Alum

The man and his message are powerful and will live on! VIVA LA R3VOLUCION Dr. Ron Paul!

The problem here, Mr. Malcolm, is that the punditocracy media and everyone influenced by it insists on seeing Ron Paul as just another politician. He's said over and over again that he intends to continue to run for the presidency until the Convention. Yet, because he's a politician, you (the pundit class, not you personally) refuse to believe him, but insist on interpreting them to mean that he's dropping out, he's going third party, and what not; and then accuse him of flip-flopping or changing tactics when he does exactly what he's said he'd be doing all along.

I suppose it's a way of getting his name into the MSM, though; so I can't really complain.

Once again America chooses to kill the messenger but the message lives on. KEEP PUSHING THE MESSAGE! Obamas saccharine "flowers and rainbows" campaign can't stand up to real scrutiny. Bigger national debt will surely save us, right? Weaken the dollar more will make us safer, right? Keep shining the light of day on these policies that are doomed to failure and more Americans will be stimulated into thinking and exploring for themselves.

FTA: But Wednesday he struck a different note. "I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to"


"Paul sounded like he was, in effect, withdrawing..."

Actually, Ron Paul is *not* "striking a different note. He has said, throughout his entire campaign, that he would stay in the race as long as his supporters wanted him to. This is not news; it is repetition...a refreshing change from the flip-flops of the other candidates.

The Times Blog and many others mistakenly thought Paul was withdrawing from the Presidential race, because of a dynamic we Americans aren't used to seeing:

Paul was being (gasp!) conservative.

That's right folks; believe it or not, once you're done campaigning in the Super Tuesday states, it saves money to close down offices you no longer need. It makes sense to pull back the size of your staff. This is called fiscal responsibility. That ZERO debt in Paul's campaign the entire stretch of his run? Which other candidate has had ZERO debt in his/her campaign?

Paul knows how and when to spend the funds he receives from his supporters, an example many other politicians would be wise to mimic. This is wisdom our Oval Office has sorely lacked for scores of years.

And, true to his ideals, Paul does not accept campaign matching funds. Use of these funds directs taxpayers' money to support a candidate they may or may not agree with. Perhaps the Times can inform us of which other candidates are also foregoing use of matching funds.

You refer to McCain's alleged dalliance, and then suggest Paul might benefit from such news. Yeah, I suppose he might. As would Huckabee, Gravel, Clinton, and Obama. If you wish to lob an accusation, please do so directly.

I look forward to your reporting on which other candidates are or are not accepting matching funds, and, your report on which other presidential candidate has had ZERO debt in their campaign throughout the race.

Dr. Paul has already won- He is inspired and educated millions of people around the world, and has had an especially strong impact on young people. I was at a pizza joint in San Diego CA and overheard a group of teenage skater kids talking about monetary policy and Ron Paul.

The Ron Paul Revolution is now inspiring many people to run as Ron Paul Republicans, so the movement is building a nice momentum.

Thank you, Ron Paul. The R3volution lives on!

"they hear other candidates talking change and they know it's the same old stuff over and over again. There's no difference with the other candidates." Ron Paul is absolutely correct when he says this. But don't tell this to Obama supporters.

Although Obama has the voting record to back his criticism of the Iraq war, but like his CFR colleagues, he vows to continue the pursuit of a shadowy enemy under the vague threat of "terrorism" - a policy that has cost citizens their personal liberties, trillions in debt and untold lives. Money will continue to be being printed out of thin air by the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve, while China remains leveraged with over $1 trillion in US dollar holdings. In the middle east, the CFR's blank check for U.S. military operations will deplete U.S. resources while inciting sectarian strife and anti-U.S. sentiment, ignoring the history of blowback as documented by the CIA. Obama is captivating unlike most of his competition but guarantees more of the same costly foreign policy that protects corporate interests and isolates the US. Like his colleagues, Barack Obama's stated foreign policy intentions foment the long term militarization and balkanization of the middle east while resources will continue to be spent in deficit to finance an illegal foreign policy.

Once you know the truth; you can't go back. Now that I understand how much perile our country is facing, I feel duty bound to continue to get out the message of Ron Paul to as many Americans as possible.

What I have found most surprising about so many of my fellow citizens is their desire to remain ignorant. Willful ignorance is difficult to overcome. They already know the truth on some level; but they don't want to take that next step and become truly informed because then they will be required to act.

I'm so grateful for Ron Paul's courage, if not for hearing him in the first debate, I would still be asleep at the wheel regarding my country's future. I"m so grateful for all of his supporters who aren't afraid to speak the truth despite being ridiculed by the MSM.

We need to remember that it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen to set the brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.
Samuel Adams

I will keep spreading the message of the Revolution until we take back our country and give the boot to the neocon warmongers and empire builders, the Federal Reserve bankers, the unconstitutional IRS, and globalists organizations like the CFR, WTO and th UN.

The real fun will come when some media-person puts a video of McCain's "straight talk" about Asians (but he didn't exactly use that term...) on his bus in 2000. Of course, we all know only Ron Paul supporters can be racists. That's why there's not a flood of our young supporters going-over to Obama right now. Lies have consequences. The liars are now feeling them.

In regards to the "illness" comment in the article.

What about McCains malignant melanoma on his face?

Just search Google for “john McCain” + “skin cancer” and you’ll get 35,300 results…

RON PAUL 2008! We aint going to stop until HE is in the White House as OUR President!!
It aint over till it's over!

John L Gulledge
Molino FL USA!

I have nothing to say except for thank you Andrew, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you giving a voice to true American hero whose ideas have been marginalized and stiffled by the mainstream media.

Thank you American Family and the LA Times for an informative and pasionate article and statement. American Family has the correct approach don't believe blindly what you are told, do the home work, become informed and make intellegent choices. That is all any canidate can ask. Above All VOTE!

It's not a republican that's right for the country, it's Dr. Paul who just happens to be a Rebublican. Freedom, liberty and following the constitution is what we need. Dr. Paul is the current John the Baptist of politicians.

WOW! What a great article. Haven't read too many of these about Dr. Paul, the MSM has ignored him so much.

I just can't wait to see how they ignore him when he wins the nomination and the election. We the People of the r3VOLution are still working hard on a grassroots level and we will dominate the convention in September.

Hang in there and whatever you do, DO NOT believe the liberal media when they say McCain has it wrapped up. They are basically reporting straw poll results. Get informed from the Daily Dose campaign blog.

Go Ron Paul !!!

With a little help from Heaven, McCain will withdraw (blackmail from his wife over suspicion of some affair with Vicki Iseman) and 'Chuckhabee' will sprain his ankle at training.
Joking aside, USA now deserve someone serious

Everyone in Washington DC seems so concerned about democracy everywhere in the world but here in the United States. Where are the voices of objective politicians who see what we see? Dr. Paul is being cheated of his just due by the corporate controlled media.
One point I want to make is this: The media outlets are not concerned about profit. They exist to control the minds of the American consumer/electorate. By shutting Dr. Paul out of serious consideration they are exhibiting their power over us. Diminishing influence over our thoughts and deeds (misdeeds?) should be a "revolutionary" objective. Taking control of our personal health; both physical and fiscal, should be other major concerns we share as we go forward.
I don't know what the future will bring but I feel certain that it will include marches by people who are not just fed up; but totally disenfranchised with no place left to go. That means all of us. Soon.


Please do not take the chipped National ID. Contact Jim Guest at Legislators Against Real ID. He will help you stop it in the State you live in.

Dr. Paul has for so many years stood as a mighty American Elm, oftentimes voting alone for what he knew was right. He has to be the most courageous person I have ever seen in our modern times. I can think of no other American leader (no, not even Pres. Reagan) who stands as tall as Dr. Paul. With the mighty waves crashing in on all sides, only he has been brave enough to withstand it. What an amazing president Ron Paul would be!

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