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Ohio governor predicts Hillary Clinton will win there

And oh, by the way, he's endorsed her.

Gov. Ted Strickland made the prediction for his state's March 4 primary in an appearance on Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital With Al Hunt," though he acknowledged the obvious: It's a fight for Hillary Clinton.

"It will be hard fought and perhaps a narrowly decided victory, but I do think that she will win Ohio,'' Strickland said, according to a transcript of the program to air several times this weekend.

Strickland shrugged off the union support, important in union-strong Ohio, that has fallen Barack Obama's way, including endorsements from the SEIU and the Teamsters. Strickland said he asked Andy Stern and James Hoffa, leaders of the two unions, to delay their endorsement calls until after the Ohio primary. Obviously, Stern and Hoffa didn't heed him, and Strickland was sounding a bit scorned.

"There are reasons that are perhaps not always noble that determine why labor leaders do what they do," he said. "But I can tell you there are many SEIU employees in Ohio who are for Sen. Clinton. There are many Teamsters in Ohio who are for Sen. Clinton.''

The back story in Ohio: The Democratic Party is as split there as it is nationally, with Strickland backing Clinton and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, one of the state's top African American political leaders and a one-time front-runner for the job Strickland now holds, backing Obama. And there's not a lot of love lost between the two men.

But the question for the presidential campaigns is whether Strickland's prediction is more Anthony Smith than Plaxico Burress.

-- Scott Martelle

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Gov. Ted Strickland is now joining the tactics of undermining Unions cohesion. This is pathetic.
I do not how the so called experience from Ms Clinton helped her in managing the finance of her campaign. As on December 31 she had a huge surplus.
One month later she was in deficit. I frankly do not know how her experience helped. How could you trust someone to manage our economy and budget during four years if she cannot manage her campaign donations over two month?
Let's face the fact. This election is not about saving a country. It is about saving a couple from collapse.

Ohio people are too smart to follow someone blindly without reasoning. They can see the truth after all that is happening around us.

They are going to VOTE FOR CLINTON. Not because, she has been a target of the press and public, but because SHE IS PRESIDENTIAL.

There is an interesting article in the NYT describing how the Clinton campaign is not paying its small vendors for services rendered. Some of them have had to file in small claims court or go to the news media to collect.

I think this is pretty pathetic from a candidate that claims to be for the working person. Senator Clinton is apparently mismanaging her campaign finances.

(We had that item here more than a week ago. See, you gotta come here more often.)

Go Hillary! GO Hillary!! GO HILLARY!!!!!!!

So Jkan, Clinton is "presidential?" Did you check out her whiny rant today against Obama's mailers? She can't even run her own campaign.

Integrity, intelligence, leadership and change! That's Obama! Vote for Barack Obama! He would be a great asset to this country and to ALL AMERICANS!

The only thing more reprehensible than Obama's blatantly sexist and dismissive attitude toward Hillary Clinton (and all women) is the L.A. Times' biased, subjective and blatantly sexist reporting on every aspect of the Democratic primary contest.

The response Obama has given to the bogus mailers his campaign people sent out against Hillary reminds me of a delinquent kid who is caught doing something wrong and shrugs it off as if it were nothing. Is that the way he would respond to a foreign country who accuses the U.S. of wrongdoing? Just shrug it off? If anything, this has swayed my vote to Hillary.

Clinton's mentality and that of her followers is that if she yells loudly enough and gets mad and indignant enough, people will perceive this as strength and start to believe that much anger must have justification behind it; that she must be speaking the truth if she is that adamant. (This is the way dogs ascertain strength. Not by truth and integrity but by physical expressions of strength and loud noise.)

This is where her appeal to the less educated comes in: Those who are less able or inclined to check the facts or follow the thead of logic, checking for soundness and validity of argument, are at the disadvantage of mistaking Mrs. Clinton's raging accusations for strength and authority; and would mistake Obama's honesty,decency and diplomacy for weakness. Like Teddy Roosevelt, though, Obama speaks softly and carries a big stick in the form ofTRUTH. It's an incredible weapon and it's the reason she can't knock him down with lies. There is enough information out there now and people (those who are inspired (yes, dirty word INSPIRED) to do so can check the facts for themselves. She DID support NAFTA and her health care plan WOULD force people to buy it or have their wages garnished. She asks since when do democrats attack each other over health care---but she has been attacking Obama every day not with the truth but with LIES--saying that he doesn't have a universal health care system. As Abraham Lincoln said "If they don't stop lying about us--we're going to have to start telling the truth about them." Well Obama has now done this and Hillary responds by throwing a temper tantrum. What kind of leader would act like this? By the way, until about a year ago, I actually liked Hillary and would have supported her. But when I have seen her low and ugly tbehavior compared to Obama's inteligence, decency, and efficiently-run campaign, there is no question who is the better leader.

As a 32-yr old African American male that lives in Ohio and (the inner city), I'm not one to jump on the Obama mania that's going on. Americans are very vulnerable right now and his charasmatic ways came at the right time, however, I've researched all the facts between the (2) candidates and I have to say that on Tuesday March 4th, I will vote for Hillary Clinton, but if Obama wins, I will be just as happy, but my pick is Hillary!!!

A Must Read For Hillary.

Look at the horrible crap that this Obama website is saying about Mrs. Clinton. She should be made aware of this as soon as possible before the entire campaign falls off the cliff because of the rotten lies on this blog called It starts with:

The Revolutionary Party endorses Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.
This is the most important election America will ever have, possibly the last if Obama is not elected.

The Revolutionary Party derives its politics from the equation for evolution we have imprinted on the flag. This function, which underpins our thinking, has been accepted by science for the last eighty years and we trust in it as well as true religious believers trust in God. Mathematics doesn’t lie. An analysis based on the equation indicates that the so-called war on terror will inexorably ratchet up to world war, a genuinely terrifying thought given a world heavily armed with nuclear weapons. For that reason we support Barack Obama as the only real anti-war candidate.

Hillary? In our opinion, she is the more all round competent candidate and has been upended by Obama to a great degree because he is trim and youthfully enthusiastic. But before Hillary came Bill, which should cause us to stop and think.

The value of our mathematics based analysis lies in its ability to objectively distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. The technical aspects of the analysis make it slow reading for those without a science background, so we will give its conclusions first here and save the detailed reasoning for later.

Put simply, the Clintons are what is known in the political science textbooks as populists, those who achieve political success by playing to the people, to their needs and pains and wants. But there is a difference between patter and delivery. We are all familiar with artificial soda. The Clintons are like an artificial banana split, very likable, but with no real food value.

Recall President Clinton and his first lady. During their tenure America’s favorite political couple sang a song of health care delivery, but delivered rather on prison construction and on the number of police put on the streets. The Pew Report that came out the end of February said that one American in a hundred is locked up in a prison or jail. To put this into better perspective, the report said that America has 7 million people in jail or otherwise under the control of the penal system. This is 16 times more per capita than the communist People’s Republic of China, where, we are told, there is no freedom or human rights. Clinton legislature took America to the highest prison population in the world, a statistic historically associated with police states like Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa. This is not to say that America is a police state, of course, for if it were you’d have heard about it on the evening news.

Also notably absent in the media is another creation of the Clintons, the near million homeless people that wander the streets of Sacramento and Las Vegas and our other big cities. This sharp upsurge in homelessness came about inarguably as a result of Clinton legislature that ended LBJ’s war on poverty by terminating effective social protections for out of work people, something many more will become more familiar with as the stock market collapses from the cost of the war and the recession takes hold in full force.

What the Clintons did with prisons and police and welfare protection and NAFTA and failed to do with health care very much pleased the moneyed class and the conservatives. Our technical analysis objectively shows the Republican social and fiscal conservatives to be bad guys because their relationship to the working class and middle class is basically that of master to servant. This fact is also muted by populist politicians like the Clintons whose tax returns, were they to be made public, would show that they are members in good standing of the moneyed class too.

This deep secret of class control and abuse is also kept under wraps by the media, whose personalities are hired and controlled by the moneyed class. Other than the few raisins stirred into in the poison muffin of TV to make it seem fair, media people who don’t keep the secret of class control and the unhappiness of most of us that derives from it don’t last long on their jobs or are not hired to begin with.

The ones who do make the cut endlessly spout the lies of the so-called American Dream in one form or another. The power of the media to control people’s thoughts and actions in conformity with American ideology is difficult to assess for people who get their information primarily from the media, which is most people. This power of media to control thinking was dramatically illustrated towards the end of WWII in Germany just before the fall of Berlin as the Allied and Russian troops converged on the city. Most Germans even in those final moments still believed Hitler’s media propaganda that they were still winning the war.

In our own times, hidden by the media from public sight are facts about life readily observable even by doing something as simple as riding public transportation. Here the observer notes that the common people are unhappy, fear and personal failure showing clearly on their faces and in their behaviors. This effect of control and abuse in the workplace and at school is not made clear from TV where all the media personalities act through their endlessly smiling and bubbly days to show to the audience that America really is a happy place, the steady stream of mass murders in schools, workplaces and malls not able to be kept out of the news notwithstanding.

And much as the ugly facts of our present existence are air brushed out in the media, so also is the future we realistically face. Not made clear is that the dollar is fast becoming as worthless as the paper it is printed on to keep the war going. Or that the stock market and the housing market will soon halve their value giving those who have been spared homelessness and jail to date a taste of these hells on earth firsthand. The Clintons will not care because they are a part of the apparatus that brought us to where we are at in America today.

Hillary should be given credit for being an ambitious and a profoundly adept social climber and a very talented actress, our American Evita. We have no problem applauding her for her personal successes. But she is never going to go against the wishes of the money class that created her and Bill and supported these two as their adorable political puppets. She will not stop this war.

Yes, she says she will, despite her voting for the war. And, of course, there are those of you that think that Hillary would never lie to us. But Bill said he would never lie to us, too. And he said it so well that I yet don’t believe he lied to us about Monica. Monica who? She never existed. That is how good an actor Bill is. And this suggests that his mate is no less of a self-serving liar.

Of course, transgressions are relative. Yes, the flag pin wearing conservatives are more disgusting than the Clintons. Who of us is not totally revulsed by the smell of a public rest room emanating from the Bible squeezing, boy hustling conservative senator from Idaho caught with his pants down? Nobody has caught Bill at something that viscerally gross yet. Still, what character is there in a first family when the head of the most powerful nation on earth sticks a penile object, not even his own, up some college kid’s vagina? If the Clinton presidency were a movie, they would not be playing the Star Spangled Banner in the background during that particular scene.

And to be completely and totally unkind – and very logical -- doesn’t it make you wonder about the guy’s wife? Really, does any intelligent female over the age of 22 think that Hillary actually felt bad about Bill and Monica? Judging from the observable obvious that Bill is no more than Hillary’s showboat, the best educated guess is that is Hillary is lesbian, a married one, not that unusual in modern America. If Hillary was mad about anything with Monica, it was that she didn’t get a shot at her too. Watch one of Hillary’s girlfriends surfacing soon to clarify Hillary’s preference as to penile object.

The smiling Clintons are so phony and so odd in this area that one would not be surprised to find that the unconfident Chelsea Clinton developed as such as a result of some form of child abuse. Chelsea does not look happy. Neglect by the Clintons is hardly to be overlooked as this ambitious pair had better things to pay attention to in their furious political rise to the top than their daughter. And sexual abuse is not to be totally ruled out either given Bill’s sexual tastes.

The best bet to end the war and end our American style police state is to vote for Barack Obama. Not for Hillary, who is sufficiently self-serving and devious that one would not be surprised to see her team up with Huckabee on a national reconciliation ticket to satisfy her political ambition. Hopefully Obama will not be removed by the ruling class by assassination or some such stratagem. But if so, and we dearly hope not, the Revolutionary Party is ready to offer a sensible replacement candidate. If enough people get in touch to say they are interested, I did run for President in 2000 as a write-in candidate and would consider it again. But only in the event that Obama is derailed by the conservatives, which we very much fear because these people would do anything to retain power....

Please quick tell somebody on Hillary’s campaign staff what is going on with these trashy Obama sites.
Martha Turner


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