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News shocker: Ron Paul was biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter

Well, it's official, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it or not, Rep. Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texan who hardly ever gets mentioned in Republican political news and the one-time libertarian who always gets the least time on TV debates if he isn't barred completely, was, in fact, the most successful Republican fundraiser in the last three months of 2007.

By a Texas mile.

By the thousands, Paul's fervent followers donated $19.95 million to the "Ron Paul Revolution." He spent $17.75 million, and at year's end, had $7.8 million cash on hand, making him the only Republican candidate to increase his fundraising totals in every quarter of 2007. According to his website, Paul's Paulunteers have contributed another $4.1 million this month to...

fuel the strict constitutionalist's travels and advertising campaign.

Compare that impressive financial success with, say, ex-candidate Rudy Giuliani, who raised only $14.4 million from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 and spent $18.2 million.

Or the departed Fred Thompson, who collected $8.9 million and spent $13.9 million.

Or even the newly-minted Republican front-runner Sen. John McCain, who raked in only $9.9 million, spent $10.5 million and had only $2.9 million cash in hand. Of course, McCain's string of primary victories in January will have boosted his financial fortunes. Everybody loves a winner.

Mitt Romney actually raised only $9.2 million from other people last quarter, less than half of Paul's haul. However, the former Massachusetts governor -- and if he keeps spending at this rate, the quite possibly former multimillionaire -- gave himself $18 million more of his own money last fall for a total of $27.2 million and $2.4 million cash on hand.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who's had trouble raising money, issued an unusual statement Thursday night. "My presidential campaign," he said, "has defied the odds and will continue to do so, as we head into the Super Tuesday primaries, proving the power of message over money and mechanics."

The statement did not include any Huckabee figures for the fourth quarter. Which suggests that the winner of the Republican caucuses in Iowa didn't have a very good fourth quarter.

So a certain suspicious blogger, led by the experienced hand of The Times' campaign finance expert Dan Morain, went to the website of the Federal Election Commission and looked up Huckabee's fourth-quarter report. It seems he raised about $6.7 million, a third of Paul's sum, while spending $7.08 million, leaving him on New Year's Eve with cash on hand of only $651,300.68. No wonder he didn't mention numbers in the news release.

Now, this month Huckabee will have received some donations after his Jan. 3 Iowa win. But it does raise serious questions about how long the Arkansan can continue to compete after Feb. 5 or even how much he can do before other than get on as many free radio and TV shows as possible.

Paul, who's done well in some symbolic straw polls and little-noticed state caucuses until his best showing so far as a second-place finisher to Romney in the Nevada caucuses, has repeatedly disavowed a third-party effort if his bid to be the Republican nominee in St. Paul next summer falls short.

His determined followers maintain that a news media conspiracy is holding down Paul's success at the polls, although obviously word has gotten out to somebody for him to raise such sums. Paul's outspoken stands, including withdrawal from Iraq and drastic downsizing of the federal government, run counter to each of his GOP competitors.

As for Paul's campaign, his loyal troops plan another "money bomb," a big fundraising day, today in honor of Ron and Carol Paul's 51st wedding anniversary. One of the obvious gifts: the undisputed GOP fundraising championship for the last three months of 2007.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Thanks for a fair article on Ron Paul. Other then downplaying the medias treatment of Ron. The last CNN debate was a great example of the unfair treatment he gets.

So Paul has raised the most money? Just goes to show that having lots of money can't be translated into getting people to trust you enough to vote for you. But then, Romney has already discovered that.

Not a bad blog all in all, but it really isn't a shocker of a story. This man is the real deal and to say...."His determined followers maintain that a news media conspiracy is holding down Paul's success at the polls, although obviously word has gotten out to somebody for him to raise such sums." Well if you can not see the bias in the news media, then you are just blind or stupid. He is not getting a fair shake! You and I both know this to be true. The only reason that word has gotten out is through the internet. And that is a big reason why alot of his supporters are younger, because we frequent the net more than the older generations. It is not a conspiracy it is fact! Give him the same FREE press you give these other tools and we will see what AMERICA really wants!!!! THANKS, YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD PATRIOT...

Ron Paul was constitutional, when constitutional wasn't cool.

As a 42 yr old first time voter, and Ron Paul supporter,

I appreciate the refreshingly honest and fair article.

I'm sure it will be by far the most clicked on. :)

We each seem to have our own major issue(s) that make their choice for President seem like the best one. The economy is a big one for me. McCain did not know about the "Working Group on Financial Markets" in the last debate. Romney and Huckabee think the stimulus package from DC is a great idea. Just unbelievable and VERY scary if they are elected! My question is: Would someone tell me why we should NOT elect Ron Paul??

As Ron Paul supporters have known since New Year's Day and BEFORE any REAL voting had even occurred, Ron Paul has raised more money than the rest in the 4th quarter & is spending it! $20 million in the 4th quarter. $3.5 million so far this quarter. And it was all from individual donations averaging less than $100. No PACs. Unlike the others he is beholding to nothing but the Constitution. Yet he has been ignored by the MSM! I wonder why?

The rest, with Richardson and Kucinich out, seem to be talking crazy talk (or did last week, who knows what the Democrats will say next week!) about our military adventures in the Middle East. Military spending is connected to our current economic mess. Additionally, no one else seems to understand the problems with the economy, inflation, and out of control deficit spending. Inflation is going to eat us alive, as it has already started to do so. Do you really believe that the REAL inflation rate last year, the rate that was used by the government for Social Security check increases this month, was 2.3%? Just look at the price of gold up 30% in 2007, now at an all time high and getting higher!

One can not talk about tax cuts without ALSO talking about cutting spending. We have a $9 trillion debt (nearly double since 2000) that must be paid so we can afford Social Security and Medicare. The interest payments will go sky high when we begin to fight inflation with higher Federal Reserve bank rates.

And we must stop inflation or everyone's life savings will go down the tubes, along with the middle class, like what has happened to the middle class in most countries south of our border. And do not forget Universal Health Care, which is coming down the tracks right at us, unless Republicans begin to understand the seriousness of runaway deficits and inflation. And start educating the country. A Democratic President will surely not fight inflation like Volcker and Reagan did!

Please vote Ron Paul and save the country from bankruptcy abroad and at home!

Dear Los Angeles Times, you have been pretty fair on your coverage of Ron Paul. However understand this; Ron Paul is not going away and neither is the money from We the People.
I ask that you be a pioneer in a field censored media and keep expanding your Ron Paul coverage.
Thank You,
Owner of:
The most Ron Paul news anywhere

Great job!
You have scooped the country in reporting the biggest grass roots Presiential campaign success story in US history!
You are a real American in your love for the underdog!
A real patriot.
I could just kiss you!
Thanks again.
Go Ron Paul!!


Today is Ron and Carols 51st wedding anniversary!!!!!!!
Please donate $51.00 or more for thier anniversary gift
Thank You!

Thanks for not being a corporate shoeshine boy A.M.! Go Ron Paul!!

The GOP is in a pickle. The GOP NeoCon's are promoting the old guard (one is really old, the other just thinks that way) candidate's both of whom are war mongers and at this point do not have a chance against Obama or HillBill for that matter. The only Republican with any chance of winning against the Democratic anti-war ticket is Ron Paul. Unfortunately for the NeoCon's, Ron Paul will dismantle their empire (saving us trillions back into our pockets). It is unclear if Obama is deeply into the NeoCon thinking, at the moment. But, my guess is that he is easily corrupted. HillBill is well entrenched with the NeoCon's from prior servitude. This could mean a push toward HillBill or a single ticket (where she is in charge of teaching Obama the ropes of power). In any event, when Ron Paul's message is finally exposed to the general public, the Neocon's will send in Bloomberg to split the vote away from Paul, this will ensure the Democratic ticket gets elected. It seems at the moment, the voters are easily confused and moved. Bottom line, we need Ron Paul to clean up the den of snakes in Washington and get us back on a recovery path. Go Ron Paul 2008!

You can clearly see the mainstream media's bias in coverage.. Thank you LA Times for using your privileges granted under the 1st amendment to report the news.

the treatment of main stream media can be seen in the trends listed in the URL Thank you for using your 1st amendment privileges to report news not Bush machine pushing McCain in Florida..

Thanks for reporting this information, This is not a "news shocker" for those of us who support Dr. Paul and are able to find the scraps and crumbs of media coverage he receives. I have been watching the FEC site myself for this info because I had my doubts that Ron Paul's Q4 numbers would be reported at all, most of hive accomplishments aren't. In fact, I saw an AP story (linked) just a few hours ago that listed every 2008 presidential candidate's last quarter numbers, republican and democrat, those still running and those who've dropped out. All of them were listed EXCEPT Ron Paul. When positive things for the Paul campaign occur they are almost always ignored or explained away to downplay their significance.

It's not surprising to me since I was one of those donaters and have been watching the many donaters' names pass by on his website. Not a shoker at all. The man and his message is LOVED!

What happens to all of this money when this nutloaf finally goes back to Texas?

Just goes to show you the "MEDIA" selects the president - and the "Sheeple" just go ahead and listen to them.....

As pointed out above - the difference between Paul and McCain is who is donating. Sure McCain will begin to receive funds now that he is the perceived front runner. Follow that money trail and see just who is giving him money. Is it everyday Americans or large corporations that do not want to see the status quo changed?

Me, I'm one of the 100,000 + Americans that have donated to Dr. Paul's campaign. Not because I'm rich, but because I have children, and I care about those children's future. Do I want them to be raised in a country of perpetual warfare and debt? Or a country that is strong, with a strong economy.
Tim M - Missouri -

Ron Paul will continue to compete - because he has a rock solid platform and a message of freedom. Freedom is popular.

Also, his message will continue far into the future because he has established an extensive grass roots network of young, well-educated voters.

Rock on, Ron!

That's the way to run a country. Balanced budget & smart guy.

Ron Paul is what this country needs.He is the Dr.of Economics,Truth and Liberty!

Ron Paul has the most cash in hand but the establishment so resists his message he would need to be Ross Perot to get equal time with media established politicians. Part of the problem is the media dismissed his ideas about sound money as kooky instead of taking the time to go to wikipedia
(looks like a bubble getting pumped up to me!)

Thank you for the article about Ron Paul! He's my hero.

This is not a shocker. 800,000 Online Poker players are boosting him.
Look around at the poker and gambling news sites.

Thanks for a good article. This country is in serious trouble, and the only real answers appear to be coming from Dr. Paul. I have travelled abroad (and lived abroad) and what lies ahead for the US is NOT looking good right now - to the point where my family is seriously considering a move out of the country. It is time for Americans to wake themselves out of their media-induced comas & stop voting for the "lesser of evils" if they want to see change. Vote your CONSCIENCE; this is not a popularity contest people - We need to help make America something to be proud of once again.

There is a true power in people that believe in something.
There is a true power in individuals who are willings to stand up and speak out.
There is a true power in the masses who are willing to put their money where their mouth is to spread the truth.

Dr. Paul, saving America, one mind at a time.

Oh, btw Mr Article Writer Man Sir...Got any info for us on the Democratic funding?

Thanks, Andrew.
Unfortunately, CNN didn't help my candidate much with the last televised debate before the primaries. They weren't fair to Huckabee either. I just can't believe what I have been witnessing. There were 4 men on that stage Americans needed to hear, but we only heard from 2. Exclusion has been Paul's problem, because when people hear him, they get on board. It definitely was intentional, and blatant. Really, really unbelievable.

(Yes, we were live-blogging during that debate and made the very same point. You could see Huckabee throw up his hands at one point. Check out our item on that from
Wednesday night.)

Thank-you for this refreshing column! It is important that Americans are allowed to see and hear about ALL the candidates without bias. However,the more we Americans are ignored the louder we get!!!!! We the people will not let our rights to be trampled into the ground. Remember our CONSTITUTION! Read it and then you will VOTE FOR RON PAUL !!!!!!

Of course, this story is reported on a blog and not the print - where the majority of voters get there news. So this only accommodates those that already know his format and are not surprised by the feat. The game plan to marginalize him is slowly losing steam and the message of freedom,peace, and prosperity will be self evident, whether or not the greatest candidate since the days of our founders wins the election or not.

(Au contraire these days as so many have pointed out in these comments. This story will be here forever and thousands have already read it. Had it been in print, it would be lining a parakeet cage by tomorrow morning. Online is the future. That's how you got here. Thanks for reading and hope you check back often.)

We will do anything to get Dr Paul elected. It's that important. The money is just one example of such.

For any that haven't yet, take a good close look at Dr Paul, and LISTEN to what he is saying.

Join us - you will at some point - resistance (to the Truth) is futile.

Thank you so much for reporting fairly about Dr. is so much better to smell the fresh air of truth and fairness in the media after how the good Dr. was treated in the CNN debate.... as ever their unfair and blatant exclusion of Dr. Paul in the debate was more obvious than ever because there were only FOUR candidates in that stage ....we the people is grateful for this article...thank you so much and God Bless always

In any other time period, the story of Ron Paul would have created a daily news story of media interest. No wonder there is so much discussion of bias and conspiracy. I often wonder what ancient Romans were discussing just prior to the fall of their empire.

Great article! Thanks for unbiased reporting on Ron paul, he doesn't get that too often from those in the media. Today's money bomb looks be big - I just donated and please, everyone else, donate today in honor of his 51st wedding anniversary!

Great article Andrew....
Thanks much.
Go Ron Paul

There is an ongoing Canadian poll by the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies:

It asked, "Who do you think would make a better President for Canada?"

Dr. Ron Paul was favored by 42.9% of the respondents.

None of the other talking heads on loan from the establishment/special interest groups in the USA even came remotely close to Dr. Paul...

So if the GOP is dumb enough not to select this guy, please send him up here to run as our Prime Minister...

Jim of bentley: Wrong! Ron Paul is someone that everyone trusts, there is not one person who cannot go back and look at his record. The point is that only 1 out of 10 people over the age of 40 knows who he is (~10%). This is mainly due to the lack of latenight and major media coverage.

On top of that from day one he was labeled a 2nd tier. So much for the polls that the mainstream media used to FORCE down our throats Rudy. It's those nice polls that told us that Rudy was the national "frontrunner". Since Paul (not known to most americans) polled low, they never gave him the time of day. And after watching the CNN debate a few days ago, it is clear who the media has anointed Romney and McCain as the only two in the race. Huckabee and Ron was left clear out of the talk (Ron Paul is however used to being left out of most debates, in all debates he has yet to break 10 minutes of total air time, and he is always asked stupid questions like "Are you running for the wrong party"? - There is not a GOP in the race more conservative than he is). Even though Huckabee won Iowa and Ron Paul has come in second in both Nevada and LA! They were still shut out of the talk.

As I go around and canvas for Paul, I hear from people that they like him but will not vote for him because he "has not shot" at winning! The "media" has done their job. Labeling him a "longshot" from day one put in the back of many peoples mind that a vote for Ron Paul will not mean anything. If the media gave all the candidates equal time from the beginning, millions would know who he is. The average person does not follow the political race, we know that from the low turnouts.

I am kind of happy that Ron Paul will not become president. The US does not deserve him. The citizens of the US cannot see that their country is controlled by the few. We go around spreading democracy, yet we here in the US we have the media tell us who to vote for. I guarantee you, if the media ran story after story on Ron and actually covered him, he would have been president. Why? Simple. He is a smart man who understands what this country needs. He was the ONLY ONE who tried to warn us that America was in a recession from the beginning of March '07. He brought this up in debate after debate. Go back and watch the Michigan debates on YouTube, you will see Ron Paul was warning you America, did you listen? No. Romney and McCain just smile and laugh at him. Well America, as your dollar continues to collapse, the only one being made fun of is you.

I would be very surprised to see the MSM do a Feature presentation on Ron Paul's incredible fundraising last quarter. It will be casually mentioned and dismissed. They won't give him the air time and thus his numbers will lag. It goes to show that the Media moguls are tools of the government and industry and will only promote those that are not threatening to the status-quo

Yes, we scour the new to get any "cumbs" of info about Ron Paul. Thanks for your report. Even if it is old news.... This story would have been picked up long ago if Romny, McCain, Guiliani, or Huckabee had accomplished this kind of fundraising. Who would Americans pick if they were really aware of the choices? Mainstream media offers the least and most narrow selection of information, yet is where most people get theirs. It's been shocking to watch Ron Paul"s heroic, honest and almost impossible journey. He just wants to remind us that we are supposed to be basing our actions on the Constitution. If we don't like it, we can change it. We should not and cannot ignor it.

Nothing shocking at all.

Thank you Mr. Andrew Malcolm!
We Ron Paul campaigners are truly grateful for this excellent article.
Please keep in touch with our progress and report again very soon.
Please consider contacting Congressman Paul for an interview.
God bless you sir!!!


Thank you for being honest and covering this news. My guess is fox(or is it faux) and msnbc and cnn will 'bury it'. But, who knows, maybe they will figure out the irony in that the very candidate that they discriminate against is the only candidate (DEM or REP) that would defend their right to freedom of the speech.

Thank you.


Hi Andrew,
Well, I do not think it's necessarily a media "conspiracy" as much as it's a combination of other variables like 1) the media's casual overreliance on the major national polls, which tend to create the conditions for the polls to self-fulfill and self-perpetuate their numbers, with the cooperation of 2) laziness on the part of national news media "professionals" who ignobly revere the concept of appealing to the lowest common denominator when assembling their coverage of the news, and 3) lazy, unmotivated voters (this is nothing new, is it?) who say to themselves, "Yeah, we need a real change, but the whole system is crooked, so my vote isn't gonna count anyway," so they stay home while the regular crowd shows up at the polls because of the happy bandwagon effect and a perception that their vote "does" count, and the rest is history.
On this, the day of Ron and Carol Paul's 51st anniversary, one thing that probably will not get reported on nor analyzed by the media is the message that is being sent to the troops by the media's avoidance of Ron Paul, and that is this: "Even though Ron Paul is receiving more campaign donations from active military personnel than any other candidate, we will still not give him coverage, because you - the people putting your lives at risk for this country - are merely 'tools', pawns of the powerbrokers in Washington, and your voices in the process of electing your commander-in-chief are unimportant to us."
What are your thoughts?

People who do not support Ron Paul, you should be able to see from this, both the comments and from the money raised, that there is a MASSIVE following for Ron Paul.

Whether you like his ideas or not, you should be at least able to respect that he deserves the same amount of coverage as everybody else. This is for the presidential election, and it's important that EVERYBODY can make an informed decision about all the candidates.

You must ask yourself: why isn't the media giving fair coverage? They'll most likely argue because Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance. But not only do things like this prove otherwise, but it's circular logic. Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance if the media don't cover him! How far would have Mc Cain or Romney gotten without mainstream media support?

Consider these points, and check out Ron Paul's ideas. If you just vote for who you 'like the look of' or who you 'think' will win, then not only are you betraying yourself, but you're also betraying your country and the rest of the world.

the money WOULD be translated into votes if he wasn't predominately blacked out by the media! people need to hear the truth.

*also note, Ron Paul also came in SECOND in Louisiana.

Here's an interesting tidbit: A look at the donor data reveals several NEWSCORP employees donated the maximum amount to HIllary Clinton's campaign.

I guess FOX NEWS is trying to balance out their karma...

Wow...Why didn't we see this in the PRINT NEWS?!? I mean, a candidate "with no chance" drastically outperforming the "first tier" candidates?!? What a story! What is really going on in this election?...I mean REALLY...inquiring minds want to know. Apparently, the elite don't want us to know. THAT, too, would be a great story, wouldn't it?

With your paper needing cash, a guy would think that you'd put such an amazing feat on the FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER and incolude a little reporting and investigation about it...if you guys still do that anymore.

Maybe you're so flush with money that the advertising this story could generate is not needed?

Thanks anyway, but here on the blog, you're just speaking to Ron's choir.

Jeff Livingston

Thanks LA Times for reporting on Paul! Like someone said above, please participate in being a media pioneer with truthful reporting on Dr. Paul. He is America's true hero and answer for the leader we need. Please print articles about him in your paper and spread the word to the good people who do not rely on the internet for political information. RON PAUL 08

anderson cooper LIED when he told a frustrated RON PAUL and Huckabee to wait ...they will get a chance to comment...INSTEAD ANDERSON COOPER childishly disrespected them...why is he afraid Ron Paul's ideas...that's a REAL DEBATE not a beauty contest between his personal favorite candidates Romney and McCain..

In the Czech Republic they use an hourglass to make sure that the time that each candidate gets to speak during a debate is the same. Here is the link (look at 5:45):

Thanks for the fair article. Go ron Paul!

Jeremy wrote:
"The only reason that word has gotten out is through the internet. And that is a big reason why alot of his supporters are younger, because we frequent the net more than the older generations."

I'm 57 yrs old and never voted in my life until now.
us "older" folks frequent the internet just as much as the young generation and know a good thing when we see it.


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