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Latino leader predicts voter success for John McCain

Nativo V. Lopez is the national president of the Mexican American Political Assn. (MAPA). The association endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president.

But that doesn't stop Lopez from a rather bold prediction about Sen. John McCain, the Republicans' presumptive nominee.

Lopez predicts that McCain will surpass even President Bush's surprising support among Latinos come the November election. "My prediction is that McCain will do very, very well among Latino voters," Lopez said. "That spells disaster for a Clinton or Obama candidacy."

Lopez said McCain has succeeded in separating his reputation from his party on immigration issues and he'll be rewarded for it at the ballot box on Nov. 4. Lopez calls McCain "a compassionate conservative of substance."

And he adds: "Over the last eight to 10 years, his name has been mentioned in the Spanish-language media tens of thousands of times in favor of immigration reform."

Lopez, who was pleased with the failed candidacies of Reps. Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter and former Gov. Mitt Romney, all opponents of last year's immigration reform plans, says McCain has tried to make amends with anti-illegal-immigration conservatives. But he's always spoken in a respectful tone.

"He's spoken more forthrightly and honestly and not fallen into the scapegoating mode," Lopez said. "It will make a difference."

-- Joe Mathews

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Not so fast! While McCain will erode Latino support for the Democratic nominee, he will most certainly push Reagan Democrats back to the Party b/c the more Latinos embrace him, the more they will see him as pro-immigration. So, it's a win/lose scenario for McCain. He wins Latinos but loses his base!

To help make up for lost time, and HIllary's 35 years of supposed experience and more like riding her husand's coat tails, it's NOT enough (this late in the campagin season) to have mostly surrogates and advertising media and one or two visits by Obama himself (as California proved on Super Tuesday). HE, OBAMA NEEDS TO BE THERE IN PERSON MUCH AS POSSIBLE, IN TEXAS, AND OHIO, PA, to win over Hispanics and fence sitters, Independents, Dems, etc...

McCain should worry more about the American vote, and less about the Latino vote.

The Latinos should be worried about John "I hate the gooks" McCain.

Coming from one of the biggest leftists on the west coast, these are prophetic words indeed...

I'm amazed he'd say this on the record...

Señor Nativo, órale.

Immigration es un grande mess. Los terroristas get in. Los mexicanos die and get abused by the coyotes. Very sad. Mexico has many resources and very intelligent people. They have beautiful beaches, volcanos, chocolate, chiles, fishing, lobsters, mountains, ruins, cool architecture and art, UNIVISION, Televisa, RBD, Maná, oil, and Yuri. And … the richest man in the world—Carlos Slim. But … mucho corruption. If their government would not have so much corruption ... so many Mexicans would not want to/have to come here—only as tourists. Sadly, even some Mexicans try to take advantage of them once they make it across the border. Obama, Hillary will not fix immigration — only Mexico can.

¡Get it together carnales! ¡Viva la raza!

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Its funny how McCain whom I Totally respected to be a Straight Talker and Truthful person thats ticks to his words has Now has CHANGED his Tune on Immigration,

What EXACTLY will McCain do about the 12 million undocumented immigrants?

It's no surprise that Hispanics or latinos are used over and over in the elections like an old potatoe sack.......Every promise that is made by political leaders are just FRONTS...those promises are just left in the back burner....

If Obama had a solid grasp of the issues, he’d welcome Hillary’s proposed debates, not wave them off. In Nov., a Clinton/Obama ticket would win against McCain. But, who's the seasoned leader & obvious choice for president, and who's the promising newcomer & obvious choice for vice president, using that spot to gain much-needed seasoning? After 8 years with an arrogant, smug egotist, convinced he has nothing to learn, rejecting sane advice, dragging us to ruin, we don't need now to be subjected to the turmoil of Obama's learning curve. I trust Obama’s better than that, but I hope he & the DP acknowledge his limitations, since the media won’t. He’s too untested for the ticket’s top spot. If he gets it, McCain will benefit.

Gimme a break! John McCain's idea of compassion when it comes to immigration issues is to build an iron curtain between the U.S. and Mexico, a literal and symbolic divide between families, friends, and a divide that will cause even more disruption to border economies such as the shared one between the thriving cities of Tijuana and San Diego.
Surely Mr. Lopez is deluded if he thinks that Latino voters in this country don't see behind the smoke screen cast by the party which sponsored Proposition 187, Prop. 22, and whose current President referred to his nephew at a Republican National Convention as his "little brown nephew". Ick.

Lopez said. "McCain will do very, very well among Latino voters, that spells disaster for a Clinton or Obama candidacy." Uh... It spells a much worse disaster for illegal immigrants.

When John McCain was speaking about the "gooks" he was talking about the guards who relentlessly beat and tortured him in the North Vietnam prison....where he was for five years. Imagine having very, very little to eat, being hung on a wall with your arms locked behind your head, getting your messages by tapping on the wall. I salute his courage. He has lots of compassion, but more than that, he has an abiding love for America. For those of you who don't know, when he was in prison being tortured, his father was the 3 star admiral commanding the US forces in the Pacific...commanding those forces bombing North Vietnam. And, John McCain might have come home earlier, but did deference to those who had been in prison longer. John McCain has fought for your rights. After he returned from the prison, he did not immediately retire. No, after he was release from the hospital, he set forth to regain his ability to fly jets, and then he commanded the largest flight squadron over the Atlantic ocean.

First, Nativo Lopez is the head of a center-right (The organization that endorsed the Terminator for Governor, the man who applauded the efforts of the hate-group minutemen for hunting immigrants at the border) "Latino" organization. He is hardly a representative of our community. Secondly, going into the general election will force Mr. "I will build a fence and make 'illegals' go back home" McCain to consolidate his base, the (neo)conservative-fundamentalist( activist base) south. Our (latino) community are not ignorant of the fact that the Republican party as whole wish to make immigration the vital issue up until November. Paying too much attention to individuals such as Nativo Lopez is another testament to the fact that the mainstream-corporate (Times) media are more interested in provocative claims than reportimng on the actual sentiments of the Latino community. Even the latest exit polling suggests that Latinos are overwhelmingly supportive of the Democratic(sadly, for Hillary) party due to the issue of immigration. Come November, it is the Democrat's race to win, but if the Republicans hedge their short-term strategy on forcing immigration to the fore they may keep the casa blanca. Finally, next time the Times whishes to guage the sentiments of our community come vist us (or examine the data), rather than relying on individuals who do not share our sentiments.


Ah yes, yet another way our two blogging geezers can try to help promote the idea that Hillary Clinton is not electable.

Why don't you two guys get a job at MSNBC? I hear there's an opening for David Shuster's old job!

(Next time, Chrissy, you need to read the entire article. Thanks for reading what you did.)

I disagree that this affects Clinton and Obama equally. The polls show that Clinton has a large lead over Obama among Latino voters. Thus, Clinton stands to lose much more, and is hardly a disaster for Obama.

Bottom line, it doesn't matter what president is sitting in office, the American people, with conservative talk radio as their vehicle, will stop any pro-illegal alien legislation.

People tend to not understand that the vast majority of Americans; white, black, asian, and yes, hispanic, don't want illegal aliens here. The hispanics may put on a front, but when it comes down to it, they're as much anti-illegal alien as anyone else.

Look, if Bush, with 2 powerful senators from both parties couldn't get the amnesty bill passed, no one can.

I hope Mr. Lopez is right, I voted for McCain because of his sober stance on immigration. I too believe for American national security we must regain control of our boarders and who we let in, but I recognize, as does McCain, the blessing Latin immigration has been to our economy and country in general. I believe McCain will take enough Latinos to win the election. McCain will win, but primarily though for the Democrats stand on Iraq and national security issues.

Latinos who are voting for McCain better think twice before doing so. There have been articles of McCain referring to minorities as "Tar Baby" and "Gook." Please check the facts for yourself at Feel free to check the facts for yourself. You will also see a lot of other things besides McCain. He's just the tip of the iceberg.

I know that a lot of Latinos are against choosing abortion. Well, Ron Paul, on the Republican side is the ONLY one opposed to abortion. Definitely check him out on the same website. Latinos, please wake up and smell the coffee! I'm serious on this.

McCain will be another BUSH, another pansy for the big old guys. The big old rich guys doesnt really want to legalize immigrants, because they would have to pay legal wages when they legalize people, why would they give away their money. They will build borders not to keep out illegal immigrants but to make sure that the illegal immigrants think twice going home to Mexico during Christmastime. They need them during Holidays for their restaurants and shops.

I would rather have Clinton's healthcare to take care of the young kids of the immigrants. Besides, if you legalize 12 million immigrants do you think that there would be no more illegal immigrants, another 12 million will come in, are you kidding me?

Mr. Lopez is dead wrong! To assume that Latino voters will automatically turn to McCain because of his stand on immigration pretty much goes to show that Mr. Lopez doesn't think much of the Latino vote. Today's Latino see beyond promises and are more informed. Mr. Lopez, should keep his personal opinions to himself.

The Latinos are the most ignorant voter bloc ever. They always vote against their best interests. Voting for McCain is right in line with their m.o. Too bad Mr. Lopez wasn't watching the last Republican debate where McCain, caving to the right wing, said he was for building a fence to keep them out. The latinos will vote for McCain and then he'll build a fence along the border that they will need to scale.

Politicians will promise you heaven and earth just to get them in office. The only person who can bring real results is Hillary or HILLBILL whatever you call her. She is part of the Clinton good era when everyone is at home, enjoying good life.

These comments are barely a notch above those seen on YouTube.

Of course Latinos will embrace McCain. We put in Schwarzeneggar. McCain says he's going to bulild a fence. I know of a couple of Home Depots he can get some cheap workers at. They can build the fence and then climb over it.

I lost all respect for McCain when he supported Bush after Karl Rove launched a dirty tricks campaign against him during the 2000 election by circulating fliers (on the cars of churchgoers in the SouthEast) and rumors that allege McCain's adopted daughter was an illegitimate child that McCain fathered with a woman of color. McCain should have proven himself to be a person of character and solid ethics by standing on his own two feet rather than becoming the shill for the Bush/Cheney administration.

As for this pundit, Nativo Lopez, his predictions are on par with those who had the Patriots winning last week's Super Bowl, USC winning this past year's college football national championship and one of the Williams' sisters winning the Australian Open. Just another attempt by a spin meister to dupe Latina/os to support and vote for his candidate of choice to their own detriment.

If McCain is serious about immigration reform, than first OPEN the borders and refrain from building a fence.

If "national security" is a guise for building a fence/wall between Mexico and the U.S., well prompt the citizens living in Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshipre, Vermont and New York to put on their jeans and working tools and start getting busy building a similar fence on the Canadian border.


"McCain should worry more about the American vote, and less about the Latino vote."

Latinos ARE Americans.

The 12 million immigrants who are here illegally are NOT voting.

Remember that Nativo Lopez supported Spanish-language ONLY instruction when he was on the Santa Ana schoolboard, and got recalled as a result...

He is probably the most left-wing politician in Orange County...

As for McCain-Latinos remember that this man almost cost himself his chance at the presidency because of his sponsorship of the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill, and has been front and center on immigrant right bills (in the fact of strident opposition by his own party) for many years. Latino voters will not forget this...

This background will help him most against Obama; less so against the Clintons.

Almost all of the comments so far ridicule Latinos who subscribe to Mr. Nativo's argument that Sen. McCain will be rewarded for never maliciously attacking Latinos. Many of the comments on this blog characterize Latinos as too intellectually immature to vote for President. However, I believe that those comments which insinuate that the Latino community fails to see the larger picture concerning Sen. McCain's presidency are really protests by persons who oppose Latinos having any meaningful participation in the electoral process.

Would everyone please stop the Obama should be VP talk. It's not happening. Ever.

McCain getting strong support from Latinos? It seems like there isn't no analysis here at all. If McCain continues supporting in the general election his so called "comprehensive immigration plan", it means McCain will be defeated by a greater margin. McCain can't just afford that. He'd get a few points from Latinos but would loose even more from the Republican conservative base. Hillary also supports the "comprehensive immigration plan" and she'd get the latino votes in the same way she is getting it against Obama, two to one. But if Obama is the candidate against McCain, then the Latino electorate would support McCain because of his greater dislike for Obama. That's the only way McCain can get the Latino vote if Obama is the democrat candidate.

I'm getting sick and tired of special interest groups and organizations dictating what our laws should be. Almost blackmailing politicians to vote their way.
This Country is NOT Latino, nor Haitian, nor's AMERICAN and all should be for the good of this Country and citizens, not for certain races!!!

Of all the races now here, the Latino's have become the most belligerant and demanding people I have ever seen.


Thank you so much for showing your editorial courtesy by spiking the intense hatred of John McCain by vets of the same era. Thank you for not calling attention to this video:

What does it tell Americans when Nativo Lopez
and other Mexican leaders love John McCain?

Get him out of the White House!

McCain was always for some sort of immigration reform, which angered the more conservative Republicans. Now he says he understands their anger and will build a wall, but, unlike the other GOP candidates, he has not backed off immigration reform.

What that means - he will secure our borders, which 85% of Americans, including most Hispanic Americans, want, but he will not start deporting people or creating a hostile environment for them. After 9/11, most Americans want our borders secure and we don't want to reward law breakers, but at the same time, we don't want to be cruel to illegal immigrants who are working hard, not criminals or gang members, etc. By showing a willingness to be compassionate to these people against the wishes of the right wing of the GOP party, McCain shows true grit in his convictions and leadership.

McCain is one of the few politicians who won't pander. He was against ethanol subsidies in Iowa, he pointed out that Detroit might not get back its manufacturing jobs, etc. He is one of the very few politicians courageous enough to do that.

For those people who live outside of California, Nativo Lopez used to be called Larry Lopez. Let me explain something. He is one of those typical malcontent Mexicans living in this nation, who is at heart a Mexican nationalist--but for some reason, just won't go back there. Now the task of Americans, is to find out why Mexican patriots won't go back to Mexico. Hmmm.

We must network better, become politically minded. We must think of of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics," New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

These people, Latinos, Hispanics, always think of themselves First, Second and always. Why must we think of THEM as Americans when their loyalty lies elsewhere?

Native Lopez has no credibility. He has been investigated for fraud. Also, he was recalled in Santa a 90% Mexican population.

Just do a search about him on
and one will see the articles about him are not very flattering.

Most Americans take a page out of Mr. T's book when it comes to Larry "nativo" Lopez , we don't care what you think FOOOOOOOOL.

McCain can never be president. He is way too liberal for the GOP/KKK to go out and vote en masse for him in November. Plus, after 8 years of the Bush disaster, Republicans do not stand a chance in hell. And, no, Latinos will not vote for Mccain in November, because they got the GOP message last summer during the immigration debate: it was loud and clear: GOP doesn't like anyone who isn't a white-anglo-saxon-protestant.

Latino Democrats for McCain 2008!!!

I totally agree. McCain has to win and will win.

I find it very frightening that the media has downplayed the fact that we need to know WHO OBAMA IS! There is a lot of information available on the internet. Obama has a lot of unsavory connecitons that are alarming. He has been involved in violent attacks on innocent voters in Kenya. Obama has extreme left-wing views, which he is hiding.

Obama was a MILITANT ACTIVIST for poor blacks. This did not involve teaching them skills and showing them how to get out and earn money and work productively. It involved stirring up envy, greed, anger in them so that they would fight to get more tax dollars from productive Americans.

Obama stayed for twenty years in a "church" with a virullently anti- white racist pastor. I am white and I would walk out of any "church" that expressed that sort of venom against blacks.

Obama does not represent poor blacks, whites, middle-class people, the rich. It is hard to see who he really stands for. He elicits love and support from everyone; but if he is elected, we will see that he does not feel love or loyalty for anyone.

Obama will destroy America by taxing the middle class. The wealthy will not stick around to be abusively taxed by him; they will walk away. They are super mobile. The poor will not learn to be productive by getting bigger and bigger hand-outs.

But don't take my word for it, look it up. When people scream "Let's trust him and have a change. We don't care what kind of change it is.", I think of a film I saw of a young woman struggling to survive in Russia. She meets a nice friend who tells her that he can take her to Switzerland where she can get a good job. She goes with him and is confined and raped continuously in Switzerland. She wishes to escape to commit suicide, but is unable to do so.

Do not listen to Obama's argument that if things are bad now, they can only get worse with McCain. They can get far far worse with Obama than anything you can imagine. He will kill initiative and productivity.


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