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Obama backers plan Texas phone barrage

Texans who've made up their minds between the two Democratic presidential contenders,  who don't want to hear anything more about the campaign or who simply don't care to chat with strangers best head for the hills this Sunday.

That's because the political arm of, the liberal online advocacy group that is nothing if not energetic, plans to swamp the state with telephone phone calls that day urging support for their candidate of choice, Barack Obama.

Most of the incoming rings apparently will come in the evening, in conjunction with close to 2,000 "Yes We Can" house parties the group is convening across the country. Overall, according to a MoveOn release sent out today, its members, "armed with cell phones," aim to make over 400,000 calls to Texas to help Obama prevail in the state's Tuesday primary.

Before the nighttime calling begins, folks at the parties will get a political pep talk from key Obama backers -- Sen. Ted Kennedy, liberal talk show radio host (and one-time Texas pol) Jim Hightower, and actress Halle Berry.

Unclear from the MoveOn announcement is whether any of that trio will be part of the massive phone bank. Too bad; we'd guess a call from Berry would be mighty persuasive for a fair number of males.

-- Don Frederick

[UPDATE -- A couple of readers pointed out, appropriately, that our original headline for this item, "Obama backers set to jam Texas phone lines," might be open to a nefarious interpretation, given the dirty tricks scandal that featured a Republican official a few years ago in New Hamphire. We agree, so we changed the head. And we very much appreciate the input.].

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I don't think 'jam' is the appropriate word for GOTV calls, especially after the republicans' New Hampshire phone jamming scandal in 2004.


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