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Mike Huckabee's strategy: Deadlocked convention

In an interview with a San Antonio radio station this morning, Mike Huckabee essentially confirmed the suspicions of many analysts. He's hanging on in the Republican presidential nomination fight hoping to keep John McCain from winning enough delegates to get the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in September.

Huckabee's thinking: With no clear nominee, the conservative wing will move to him, and he might be able to snatch the nomination in a floor fight, he told station WOAI-AM (1200). But it will take an upset win in Texas on March 4 to do that, he said.

"If we win Texas, I think it changes the dynamics of this race," Huckabee said. "It could well go all the way to the convention. If the convention delegates pick the president, chances are they would pick the most conservative. I would be the one they would end up picking, if that’s the criteria."

That's a lot of "ifs." Polls in Texas vary widely, but the Real Clear Politics aggregate gives McCain a 12-point lead, which might be close enough for Huckabee to pull off a surprise. Especially if McCain's base believes that the nomination is all his and doesn't bother to vote.

-- Scott Martelle

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What do you think election means! Why just hand it over to one person... regardless of the people who would like to have the chance to vote for their person?
If we as a country give up our election process, what are we living for? This country was founded on EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE VALUES!..

McCain had a terrible day yesterday.. The FEC says he cannot opt out of matching funds just yet, the NYTimes casts doubts on his integrity, and his AZ co-chair is indicted .
If he's severely hobbled by these issues at the convention, Huckabee may have a chance at the convention...just may.

I wonder what Romney's thinking....

The partys can choose whoever they want. We get to vote in the general. primary elections are relatively new in th US.
They are a big waste of time and money.and ratings for the media.

I won't vote for a liberal.

"Confirmed the Suspicions" WTH? Suspicions These idiots are getting paid to analyze what is commonly Known! This is a Presedential Election and RACE! And Huckabee has made it plainly known that he is Campaining to Win!

Come On...

Unfortunately, Huckabee would have to convince about 950 delegates like myself to vote for him, against the wishes of our constituents and to the candidate we have pledged to support. I'm sure Mike's a good man, but I will not vote for him at the convention.

Huckabee isn't a true conservative either. He's pro-life yes, but other than that he doesn't have any good ideas for the country that will work.

He plays base guitar but I don't need a wannabe rockstar in the White house. We need a leader.

The media must be populated with people who did very poorly in school. The delegate counts are always wrong, the logic is always wrong, and the conclusions are always wrong. The media treat the American people as though they are stupid, but the American people see through the sham.

Nice article. Wouldn't it be so amazing to see Huckabee get the nomination? I think I'll vote for him either way.

Personally, I am disappointed in GOV Perry asking Huck to drop out before the Texas primary, essentially taking away the power of the voters of Texas. It smelled of favoritism and did not represent Texas in a favorable light. I am voting for Huckabee to send aq clear message. MY VOTE MATTERS!!!!

"In an interview with a San Antonio radio station this morning, Mike Huckabee essentially confirmed the suspicions of many analysts."

Is this new? I guess not to Huckabee supporters since we have been talking about the possibility of Huckabee going to a brokered convention for a little over a month now.

I think we on the Christian values end of the spectrum, may have been taken for granted one to many times. I like many others cannot vote for stem cell research, therefor McCain cannot win in the general election. If Huckabee loses the primary, I will write him in the general and leave the rest to God.

on my researches and findings, I come to the conclusion that Huckabee is a real thing. The media has been extremely bias against him and has been twisting his record. I found it very interesting that he is not the media's pick for sure, yet the people keep cheering him. Are we voting for the president of media or the people of America? :) If we want to vote for a president of the people of America, we should turn off the TV and find out for ourselves.

Mike Huckabee has my vote if he can hang on until PA!

James, Governor Huckabee is all around conservative. He is pro life as in for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect all human life. Also, an amendment to keep clear the definition of marriage: one woman with one man for life. He is pro 2nd amendment as in let's not water it down. He has a clear 9-Point Strategy for immigration enforcement and border security. He is so conservative on lowering taxes that he advocates eliminating the IRS and implementing the Fair Tax, and if you don't think that's doable just wait, it will happen, but I'd rather it happen sooner than later. The political elite is fearful of the elimination of their power base, as they are all for themselves, not we, the people. We need to educate ourselves above being a pawn.

Well this delegate is ready to switch to Huckabee.

After seeing all of the unethical things the Romney camp did it is very easy for us to switch to Huckabee.

So, YES. It is very possible for Huckabee to win at the convention.

This is the utter beauty of a democracy. A brokered convention is just what we need (I'm not being sarcastic) Lincoln won this way and Harding did too (among others). My state's primary isn't until May and I want a CHOICE on the ballot. I don't want to be TOLD who my nominee is. One of the things that is so "mental" about this election process is the way they draw out the primary. For example the states yet to vote especially those a few months away - don't really get a voice. One of the media talking heads put it nicely without meaning to the other night. On FOX one lady said, "For the first time in a long time Wisconsin's votes actually count." DUH!! That's what's wrong with the system. Wisconsin's votes should ALWAYS count. I wish SOMEBODY would get a hold of that and CHANGE the way we do primaries so EVERYONE'S voice can be heard equally. If AMERICAN IDOL can do it, shouldn't the US government be able to do it?

Mike Huckabee has the most executive experience of any candidate running, Republican or Democrat. He was re-elected Governor of Arkansas until his term limits expired. He was their Lt. Governor prior to that. He was voted one of the Best Five Governors in America by Time Magazine. He is a true conservative in every sense of the word. He is the best communicator since Ronald Reagan. Mike Huckabee is for real and he is authentic!

And we will stand by that vote again in November!

" Unfortunately, Huckabee would have to convince about 950 delegates like myself to vote for him, against the wishes of our constituents and to the candidate we have pledged to support. I'm sure Mike's a good man, but I will not vote for him at the convention. "

I bet you've never listened to a whole speech of Gov. Huckabee and didn't know his change of many lives in Arkansas which made him re-elected twice. He is a great communicator and a govennor with undeniably great records. (Read News Magzine).

I think you as a delegate need to at least listen once to each candidate's whole speech before you actually plege at the convention floor.

Mike Huckabee IS a true conservative. Here are some FACTS:

1. Yes, Huckabee is 100% prolife--the REAL thing!However, there are many more issues where Huckabee is obviously an authentic conservative:
2. Huckabee supports the marriage amendment. And, he has always consistently stood his ground for the sanctity of marriage.
3. Huckabee is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
4. Huckabee is the only candidate to sign a pledge to not allow amnesty. His 9-point immigration plan is more extensive than any other candidates' plans.
5. Huckabee cut taxes more than 90 times in his state. He is a fiscal conservative.
6. Huckabee believes in a strong military. He holds to the Reagan doctrine of strength through peace.
7. During his 10+ years as a governor, Huckabee showed himself to be friendly to homeschooling. He signed into law homeschooling-friendly legislation, and he even had a homeschooling parent on his education board.
8. Huckabee's plan to abolish the IRS and have a Fair Tax is as conservative as you can get on taxes. He also wants to remove the tax burdens on small business owners.
9. Huckabee will help this nation to once and for all be free from dependence on foreign oil, and he has established a timetable to do that. Politicians have been talking about this for decades, but Huckabee has gone a step further: he has committed to doing it and has set a timetable
10. Huckabee believes that we are one nation *under God*.

There is no other leading candidate in this race who even compares to the authentic-conservative credentials of Mike Huckabee.

I hope Huckabee does stay in the race, even if to a convention delegate floor fight. We have had our primary decisions, like it or not, controlled by the TV "News" : FOX, CNN, MSNBC "polls' and commentary, who suddenly fell in love with McCain when they (and the RNC) saw Huckabee might be the one to come out ahead. Huckabee would be better than MCCAIN, the egotistial career Washington deal maker, with a much checkered past, politically and personally.I will NOT vote for MCCain ever ! I LIVED IN ARIZONA LONG ENOUGH TO SEE HIS TRUE CHARACTER. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF THE EVILS WHICH HAVE BEEN PRUNED DOWN BY THE PRESS FOR ME.
Huckabee does have a platform which is on his website, if you take the time to look for information. (And his website UNLIKE MCCAIN'S WEBSITE does NOT make you sign an agreement to let him change the wording on comments you send in.

I am going to vote absentee in theTexas primary for Huckabee, because we need some fresh blood of a conservative nature as our president. He's more than a Baptist preacher, as the press would have you believe. I am not at all religious, but believe we should have morality and ethics represented by our elected officials for a change.

Obama may tell everybody, in his unrealistic exuberance, they can have the stuff they want, and that is just fluff and the dreams of a utopia, not relistic thought.
One thing he is dead right on. "The fence alone..." Won't work unless we put our military on the border with it. That very expensive "Virtual fence" is going to be a joke! When the Mexican Mafia finds those cameras they will simply blow them away with grenades and AK-47 rifles!
Just another big waste of taxpayer money! Use it instead to post our soldiers on the border. At the current level of invasion this is bo longer a civilian issue. We need manned machine gun pits, not empty promises and hi-tech. This job requires more old fashioned supervision. Hi-tech solutions only work in a protected environment!


Who do YOU(not the media or party bosses) consistently and clearly ARTICULATE the CONSERVATIVE cause in the general election?

Can McCain??? He (like Dole in 96) is an honorable man but he cannot be counted on to COMMUNICATE our cause with CONVICTION like Governor Huckabee CAN!

Huckleberry is dilusional if he thinks he's going to win this nomination. I"m fed up with Huckleberry Hound sticking around in this primary when it's completely obvious that he has no chance. At this point, Huckleberry is only getting egg on his face. He reminds me of the lap dog that hangs around the dinner table hoping for the dinner meat scraps that mistakenly fall from the table. It's shameful. Let me lay this out straight.... I'm not at all excited for McAmnesty but, one thing for certain is the that the only thing more annoying than McAmnesty getting the nomination is Huckleberry Hound hanging around waisting money for a hopeless cause. Two weeks after Super Tuesday and a candidate that has dropped out (Romney) still has more delegates than Huckleberry. Enough is enough......hang it up Hucks.

Yippee! A brokered convention. Let's do it. Vote Huckabee!

I don't like to believe in conspiracy theories, but the way the mainstream media from the major networks to AP and the hometown newspaper, there has been a news blackout on Huckabee. Huckabee is the only candidate among three senators running for office that actually has executive office experience as a two-term governor. The media gives the impression that Huckabee's only credentials are that he once was a Baptist minister. They are afraid of Huckabee because if they would let the American public know fairly who he is, he woujld dance circles around McCain in a debate on substantive issues. Tim Russert tried to browbeat Huckabee and Mike didn't give him an inch. Go Huckabee. My vote counts. Hang in there until I get to vote in North Carolina. Right now I feel like I'm watching an election from a foreign country with "presumptive nominee" McCain waiting for his coronation. THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we forgetting Ron Paul? Do so at you're own peril. He is the ONLY candidate who is fit to occupy the WH! ALL the rest of them, republicrat, demepublican alike are NWO sock puppets and need to be run out of town on a rail.

Ron Paul will get the nomination. The other four candidates are influenced by or are member of the Council on Foreign Relations (NOT a Godly org). Many know that McCain doesn't have the temperment for the job, rarely tells the truth, doesn't abide by the Constitution, and is considered a traitor by many 'Nam vets. Huckabee has a voting record in Arkansas that very clearly shows his disregard for the rule of law and his oath of office. Phyllis Schlafley (Eagle Forum) states Huckabee as the GOP version of Bill Clinton. Ron Paul has the only voting record that upholds the rule of law and the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can and will defeat the 'One World Order' effort of Clinton and Obama. Don't forget: Zbigniew Brzinski is Obama's foreign policy advisor, and we are dealing now with Zbig's 'seeds' (sown during Carter) in fruition in the middle east. Support Ron Paul or get ready for a One World gov't complete with microchip implantation (real i.d.)!! I challenge everyone to websearch this info. Thanks for your time.

Wake up Sheeple!!! Ron Paul is still in the race!! He has not dropped out!!!

I have never seen a major party (the Republican) beat up on one of its own candidates like what they did to Mike Huckabee. Pundits like Rush Limbaugh was declaring the end of the Republican party if people like McCain and Huckabee are nominated. Sean Hannity was treating Huckabee like he was a Democrat running for office. Hugh Hewitt was selling Mitt Romney from Day One.

Huckabee was portrayed as taking away conservatives' votes from Romney over and over again. Even after beating Romney by 9 points in Iowa despite being outspent 20:1, Huckabee continued to get hammered. Fred Thompson skipped Michigan to concentrate on S. Carolina where he hammered away at Huckabee. Huckabee lost S. Carolina to McCain by 3 points. After S. Carolina, Thompson quit!

Huckabee raised taxes in Arkansas for schools and roads. As a result, the schools in Arkansas rosed from the worst to 8th best. The roads improved from worst in the country to most improved according to Truckers'magazine. Gov Romney raised fees by $500M. Yet the Club for Growth (527 organization) spent thousands of dollars attacking Huckabee for being a tax raiser.

Republicans pundit also attacked Huckabee for being soft on crime yet he alone among all the candidates had sent not one but 16 convicts to the gas chamber. Soft on crime? I think not!

But by going nuclear on Huckabee, the GOP had grossly miscalculated. Instead of Romney, they probably got McCain. and also lost millions of conservative evangelicals as well. Everytime I get a Republican letter asking for money, I trash them right away. And I am not alone.

The only way the GOP can redeem itself is to encourage Huckabee to continue campaigning as long as is mathematically possible and allow further debates. Simply pressuring Huckabee to quit is not going to help at all.

I can't believe it took so long for a Ron Paul comment to appear here!

As a long time Arizonan, I know McCain changes his position with the wind, and Huckabee won't stop the flood of illegals ruining our economy and job market. We need a true Constitutionalist to end ALL the problems at the federal level, and there is only one who was EVER in the running...RON PAUL!

Hargrove08, at least Mike is a good man, maybe you can take lead from him and try to become one by voting for the only electable conservative left-Mike Huckabee.

James-It is small-minded, unread liars like you who have allowed the likes of McCain into this race. Do your research before you open your ignorant yap. Mike Huckabee has the best second amendment record of anyone in the race. He cut taxes 94 times and had his tax burden rise LESS THAN HALF of Romney's in almost three times as long. Mike is the ONLY candidate left who supports a life and marriage amendment (something that 92% of Christians polled say they want). Mike supports the Fair Tax and tax cuts until it can be implemented. Like, Ron Paul, Mike has called for controlled spending to end our unbalanced budgets. Mike Huckabee has spent less in total than McCain took in special interest money LAST MONTH according to CNN. SO get your facts straight. You are a complete embarrassment to our party.

yeah right, true conservatives! just write in huckabee in the general election and god will reward our political stupidity --- with a president who is the exact opposite.

Be careful of what you wish for, Huckabee. If it goes to a brokered convention...Ron Paul will crush you!!!!

If Huckabee wins the nomination, the Republicans have no chance in November. With McCain they might.

Ron Paul was the only honest candidate to begin with, and he's the only honest candidate left. He's one of the only politicians in the world with true integrity and a consistent voting record to match. McCain claims to be against special interest and corporate donations, but his pockets are lined with their money. Paul is the only politician truly against special interests and has raised more money that any other Republican except John "100 more years in Iraq and more wars anywhere" McCain. Vote for your constitution and true liberty. Vote for Ron Paul when it comes down to the brokered convention.

Ron Paul was the only honest candidate to begin with, and he's the only honest candidate left. He's one of the only politicians in the world with true integrity and a consistent voting record to match. McCain claims to be against special interest and corporate donations, but his pockets are lined with their money. Paul is the only politician truly against special interests and has raised more money that any other Republican except John "100 more years in Iraq and more wars anywhere" McCain. Vote for your constitution and true liberty. Vote for Ron Paul when it comes down to the brokered convention.

Brokered convention may very well lead to a Ron Paul surprise win.... Congressman Paul has more delegates than you think or the war-media will admit.

"If Huckabee wins the nomination, the Republicans have no chance in November. With McCain they might."

What? He defeated the Clinton machine in Arkansas - Twice!

Go Huckabee! I am voting for Huckabee in Ohio.

To all of you that keep talking up a "FAIR tax" it will place the tax burden squarely on the middle class' shoulders. Imagine 23 percent what Huck is talking about and your local tax on EVERYTHING you purchase, (8-10 percent average) Say 9+23 is 32. 30000 for a car plus 32 precent, groceries + 32, new water heater +32, washer/dryer +32, new LCD TV 1500dollars +32. THAT is WAY more than anything I have paid on my 50-90k a year I make. IT WILL BREAK the middle class and the rich will have the let off the hook they have been wanting. You will be in servitude. Imagine a car, water heater, groceries, and a new TV in a year no deductions a conservative estimate is 13k. Median income 40k that is a HELL of a tax burden. That doesn't include Huckabee having a cozy relationship with Mexican gov't officials helping facilitate illegal immigration in AR to benefit Wal-Mart and Tyson chicken. Read up on that before you set you "heart" on some guy. Would Jesus support exploiting 3rd world immigrants for below poverty wages, abusive work practices, and pillage of our southern neighbor?

You want to change your tax burden? Do something about Gay marriage? Do you want an advocate for positive change for all your "social issues? etc etc? Then Huckabee fans need to realize the only "hope" for a true Conservative in this election is Ron Paul. He has taken first in quite a few states, and 2nd in others, he has more money on hand than any republican, and will ABOLISH the IRS, and eliminate YOUR tax burden all together. And he advocates positions that all you "Social issue" voters will love. People say well he can't win? He has won already and if more people got informed and chose with principle over "lesser of evils" we'd have something not EVIL AT ALL.

But really people please get the focus right. Social issues are just tools that they use to separate us and fighting among ourselves while the destruction of our Republic goes on unabated. GAY marriage, abortion etc, NONE OF THEM WILL change a damn thing on those. They will continue to play you all like a drum if you don't get away from thinking about those "social" = divide and conquer issues. They play these up to keep you focused away from the REAL problems in our nation. IE broke Treasury, borrowing from China to pay for Iraq, scandal after scandal, YOUR loss of liberties and rights, (IE Patriot Act) PEOPLE WAKE THE **** UP!!!!!

A true conservative understands that if faith could solve the problems of men, there would be no need for government. Huckabee has done some good things as governor but like the Muslim clerics of Iran, he's a theocrat who thinks that public problems can be resolved through a specific (Christian) personal morality.

Unfortunately, Huckabee is the wrong conservative even if a brokered convention is possible. He has a Gomer Pyle persona and can not win nationally in a general election. Mitt Romney (whom Huckabee curiously denounced while schmoozing up to McCain) has the national appeal and record to win including winning Blue States like Massachusetts and Michigan in a general election. That is a strategy for conservatives winning a national election. While McCain has won many Blue states in the primaries, these are largely the states that are overwhelminging Democratic in the national election (like NY, NJ , CA, etc). I detest McCain as a turncoat on many issues important to conservatives, especially on immigration, so I hope for a brokered convention where Mitt Romney can re-engage and win. Huckabee has been a spoiler in the race because he refuses the see his lack of national appeal and cared only about his own self-promotion. He split the conservative vote and allowed the weakest candidate to emerge who is viewed as too old, out of sync on major issues, with a bad temper and too willing to make deals with liberals. Huckabee has also behaved badly as a pastor with his name calling and demeaning insinuations against his opponents. He needs to run by himself as a Third Party candidate...then he can see what support he has across the country....and it won't be a winning ticket.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TEXAS!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VOTE HUCKABEE!<<<<<<<<<<<

Hang in there Huckabee! McCain is going down. That oder .you smell coming from his campaign is burnt toast.

Get the old fart to a nursing home where they can deal with his little memory lapses. And moral ones as well.

I am a 55 year old woman. Been happily married 35 years, have 2 grown sons and 6 grandchildren. All of us are devout conservative and born again Christaians, and we are Republicans. I know in my heart and according to scripture, this world is not going to get any better. As a Christian, my purpose is to love the Lord with all my heart and to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. I like Mike Huckebee. I like his heart and agree with his beliefs. I have ALWAYS liked President Bush. I know he is a man of faith and every day for almost 8 years I have prayed for him to have wisdom. I also know that John McCain understands the situation in the world, that we face. So...the bottom line is that the Bible says to pray for those in authority, and I also know that the Bible says in Romans 13 that there is no government that God has not placed there. We need to pray, seek God's direction for this election and then vote.

You all seem to be forgetting that God is ultimately in control and quite a few of us Christians are praying and believing that God will make a way where there seems to be no way! Gov. Huckabee is a great leader, a great communicator and he will be the best president this country has ever had! He will be the people's president, elected by the people - not the pundit's, not the media but by we who believe! If God is for us, who could be against us! Keep the faith, stay the course. Go Gov. Huckabee! You will have my vote, even if I have to write it in the general election!

Huck's down with the CFR. He is a wolf in sheep's clothes. More war, more huge profits for globalists. ..and he lied about having a degree in theology. Huck's no good for us and will not beat the dems.

Ron Paul is the repub party's only hope, whether they accept that fact or not makes no difference. As a delegate i will not vote for the NWO. My message to the repub party is join the revolution or lose. We are not going to waiver in our support for Paul, and the republican party stands no chance to win without us. (without vote fraud)

Huckabee can not win against Obama or Clinton. McCain might have a slim chance against Clinton, but no chance against Obama. Ron Paul, if his message is actually heard (and understood) by the masses, could beat Obama or Clinton. For the Republicans to win the White House, Ron Paul is the only chance. The "all powerful" but extremely corrupt establishment has black balled Paul since the beginning. The only conclusion; Obama, the man with the least experience, must take the job to further the direction of global control. He will need many, many advisers. Fellows from the "think tanks" will be his only choices. But, then again, all of the "chosen" candidates we have to choose from are CFR members, so it really doesn't matter who we vote in, it will be the same stuff, different day, just a different face mouthing the same rhetoric. If America is serious about wanting true change, Ron Paul is our only choice. He is still in the race contrary to the media reports.

This is in response to Jenny's comment, "this country was founded on EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE VALUES." To all you people who think that our founding fathers were conservative christians, maybe you should do some homework! Washington and Franklin were Deists (believed god created the world then LEFT for us to figure it out), Jefferson was an atheist, and only of the 1 out of 56 of our "founding fathers" was a church clergy member. Before you start spouting off your religious rhetoric, maybe you should check to see if you're right.

Ok. Listen up. McCain is a traitor. FIND OUT WHY there are groups like Vietnam Veterans Against McCain out there. LISTEN TO THEM. FIND OUT WHY McCain single handedly shut down a GOVERNMENT INQUIRY ino bringing the known to be EXISTING VIETNAM POWs home. SINGLEHANDEDLY! Find out why!
Read Ron Paul's record of voting!
Then read Huckster's voting record.
McCain is "proud of his record of service" to Amerika??
Oh puh-leeese...
Huckster is a democrat in drag. I don't care if he does say he's a "christian"... I wouldn't vote for that "tax hike Mike" if he was the ONLY candidate running for the nomination. I LIVE HERE IN ARKANSAS... and the schools are WORSE THAN EVER. Check out how much money is spent on education here PER STUDENT. And we're still turning out kids who can't write a coherent paragraph. I took my daughter OUT of public school in the 9th grade because of the CURRICULUM. is what we have now instead of advanced placement classes. FROM UNESCO!!
Huck signed it into law that school districts would be allowed to use this COMMUNISM-LADEN curriculum.
I protested by taking my daughter out. I fought it from the beginning by exposing a middleschool principle who used SCHOOL DISTRICT MONEY for him and 2 teachers to take a trip to the east coast to SEE THIS CURRICULUM in action, and then lied to me IN A PUBLIC MEETING when I called him on it. He dodged me left and right until I cornered him.
This is what you can expect if Huck OR McCain wins the White House: McCain is a member and Huck has the PRES of the CFR as his chief foreign policy advisor. That's the only thing that matters. CFR wants to dissolve the US as we know it; merge the US, Canada and Mexico into one region and eventually merge the already existing OTHER REGIONS into A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Go to Youtube and search for CFR Candidates. CHRISTIANS!!!!! THIS IS PARAMOUNT FOR YOU TO KNOW!!!
He's the only candidate who can BEGIN the fix on our economy and bring consumer prices down.
Our economy is only the verge of implosion and we could not even BEGIN to be in Iraq 100 years... WHAT A RUSE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!
My 26 year old son returned from Iraq from an 18 month deployment. IT IS ABOUT THE OIL!!! NEVER ABOUT "the war on terror"...
My son's chief job was to guard the pipeline as it traveled from the wellhead to the coastline. His orders were to "guard" it from anyone trying to molest the freeflow of oil. Oil is coming here to the United States and is being stored in underground storage facilities in the upper midwest. Believe me when I say there are literally millions upon millions of gallons ALREADY HERE and more is coming every day!!!!! I don't care if you believe it or not, it's the truth. It is the "pay" for our being in Iraq. The Iraqi people as a whole DON'T WANT THE OIL. They say it causes misery and heartache. This is what the local populace told my son's unit. They were very friendly to our guys there and very sympathetic. One little old lady crocheted a cap for my son to keep his head warm while it was cold. They knew why we were there and appreciated it, but they knew we would be in trouble later for being there at all. They are very smart people!!! But apparently the general population of the United States is not and that's because

Healthcare is already in a mess. Ron Paul who is the ONLY physician candidate KNOWS what it will take to fix the healthcare mess...and nobody is listening!
The BEST indicator and predictor of future behavior is past and present behavior...

fact: McCain is a gun-grabbing liberal.
fact: McCain is the one who pushed McCain-Feingold finance "campaign" reform (abrigement of 1st Amendment)
fact: McCain wants to be in Iraq "100 years".... (our economy won't last that long... we're teetering on the edge of bankruptcy now)

fact: Huckabee only changed parties to Republican from Democrat to get the pro-life vote
fact: Huckabee spent and raised more taxes here in Arkansas than Clinton
fact: Huckabee's foreign policy advisor is Richard Haas, the current PRESIDENT OF THE CFR... (world government pushers)

Still think Huck or McCain are "good choices"..?????
VOTE RON PAUL.... look at his voting record!~!!!
I cannot stress that enough...

He's the only guy telling us the truth!!! Yeah, I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but it's time for TRUTH...

Patrick Henry said that he would rather know the truth and prepare for it....check it out.

One who knows... I live in Arkansas and have since Clintoon was Gov.

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