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Michelle Obama's 'proud' remarks draw conservative fire

Michelle Obama graces the cover of the latest Newsweek (headline: "Barack's Rock"). And right on cue with her escalating public profile, a mini-tempest was sparked by comments she made Monday as she headlined a rally for her husband in Wisconsin.

The Newsweek profile noted: "As a political spouse, she is somewhat unusual. She isn't the traditional Stepford booster, smiling vacantly at her husband and sticking to a script of carefully vetted blandishments."

That proved prescient -- she's taking heat today from some conservative commentators and bloggers for telling her crowd: "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm proud of my country."

[UPDATE: We missed a word in this quote, due to a blip in the replay of it we viewed. And, as a reader points out below, it's an omission that could change reactions to the comment. The correct quote is: "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country."]

Obama, 44, went on to say that her feeling stemmed not only from the success of her husband's presidential quest, but also from the yearning for change she detects in the vox populi. "And I've been desperate to see our country moving in that direction ..." she added.

You can check out the pertinent portion of her speech here, along with a blog posting taking her to task. (Sample rhetorical question: she's not proud of "the fact that she and her husband were able to go to Ivy League schools before embarking on extremely lucrative careers?").

On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and ... 

his morning-show partner, Mika Brzezinski, argued for several minutes about what to make of Obama's comment.

Barack Obama's campaign issued this statement on the flap: "Of course Michelle is proud of her country, which is why she and Barack talk constantly about how their story wouldn’t be possible in any other nation on Earth. What she meant is that she’s really proud at this moment because for the first time in a long time, thousands of Americans who’ve never participated in politics before are coming out in record numbers to build a grassroots movement for change."

-- Don Frederick

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Words matter!

Or do they only matter to get votes?

"Pride in the name of self-love"

Is it just me, or did that explanation actually make the comment sound worse? "I didn't mean I haven't been proud of America, just that I haven't been proud of Americans."

And to think the "words" were her own...Shemeful

Of course it drawns Conservative fire. #1) Conservatives don't have any candidate worth getting behind so they have to attack one that seemingly the majority of Americans support. #2) Conservatives are blind to think that the United States under Republican leadership no less hasn't done alot of shameful, dispicable and stupid things.

Many of these things span over decades. Namely the Iraq War, the way we treat our veterans, elderly and children, the exploitation and destruction of whole cultures-- many of these things overshadow alot of good things our country has done. .

Listening to these conservative squawkers, many are saying Michele Obama is being racist because she is meaning that she is proud that "a black man may be the next President". Given Michele's situation, almost middle aged African American and never having seen someone other than a white man in the office, I can see why she said what she did. This country has come along way. Not even 40 years ago, there were places that a black man couldn't go and things they were prohibitted from doing. Namely voting. Running for president and having the chance to succeed presenting on his own merit, intelligence and and drive weren't possible.

The sad part is there are still many people, namely Conservatives--probably these same ones that are making issue of Michele Obama's speech-- that will use deception to rip her and her husband down to satisfy their own racist agenda.

The fact remains, Barrack Obama is a great threat to the Conservatives and their corrupt and sick style of governance. It is certain that no matter how may attacks they levy, in the end, Obama will come out the winner.

The more I read and see reactions to Michelle's statements, the more I'm concerned at how they could be so misinterpreted. I expect it's because they haven't been listening to Michelle for very long - they've come in in the middle and they've lost the plot.

The Obama campaign's statement reflected exactly what I thought was meant. People in huge numbers (just look at Obama's crowds!) are turning from the mean and nasty no-hope cynicism cult of the various rightwing talk radio people, and seeing they have another, better option: getting together and getting involved in their democracy. Michelle's really proud of that, I'm really proud of that, and I'm sure the founding fathers would be really proud of that.

The founding fathers set up a government BY the people. Democracy is not a spectator sport. If it's going to work, WE are the ones who are going to have to do the work - and that means more than waving a flag a couple times of year and showing up to vote occasionally. As Michelle has said since the beginning of the campaign, it's a mistake to think all we have to do is vote in one particular President and he can transform the country all by himself, or even with Congress. That isn't real.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for" means the entire population of the United States. Not just the supporters of a particular candidate or party or interest group, but everyone.

It starts with turning off reality shows and celebrity 'news', and re-examining our priorities. Maybe being a responsible citizen isn't as exciting as a lot of alternatives, but you can't expect the take the benefits without takoing the responsibilities. That means researching the issues, discussing them with friends and neighbors, and being skeptical of politicians' claims without falling into cynicism. Holding public servants to a high standard, and not excusing them with "but they've always done that, they're all alike, there's nothing you can do about it".

This is our country, and it's our responsibility. We can't just blame "other people" (politicians, special interests, lobbyists, whatever) for our government and its problems. Look in the mirror.

More and more people now 'get it', and that's certainly a reason for real pride in our country.

Meanwhile it seems Mika Brzezinski (and many others) assumed Michelle was talking about her own personal experience in the U.S. No, Mika.

Joe Scarborough (and many others) assumed Michelle was criticizing our country. No, Joe.

Take a deep breath and watch the video again. Please.

oh please. let's just be happy we have a potential president and first lady who can articulate the English language like grown ups.
clearly Michelle Obama's comments have been taken out of context. when any candidate (or a candidate's spouse) is speaking in front of a large enthusiastic crowd, he or she is going to say things that may or may not be from the script.
the important issue to consider is that we have on our hands not only an incredibly thoughtful president, but an extremely bright first lady who is sure to bring progress to an ailing nation.

Ron Paul would never say something like this. And, of course, even if he did, we wouldn't know it because nobody's paying attention.

The dossier of Obama missteps is starting to fill. If he makes it to the general election, this is one of those statements that (fairly or not) will be used ad nauseum against him.

I can only hope that she misspoke. I mean, seriously, she has never been proud to be an American until now? Even if you disagree with the party in power or disagree with the actions of the government, you should always be proud of our country. If she really feels that way, (1) I feel sorry for her and (2) her spouse should not be our president. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she mis-spoke, but she needs to be more careful with her choice of words.

I also believe Michelle Obama's comments were taken out of context. If you listen really closely - and I mean really closely - you can clearly hear a voice say, "Paul McCartney is dead."

So shame on you national media for ignoring her true words. YOU GO, GIRL!

This liberal Democrat finds her comments unacceptable in a first lady.

C'mon, now people - we all know what she meant, i.e., simply that we're all proud of America - proud that so many millions of Americans are supporting a black man for president - even half the Republicans will admit that. We're also proud to be supporting a brilliant young man with a vision of a newer, greater America and a compelling yet intellectual speaking style, with charisma and fame and supporters throughout the world, the next and 44th president of the United States of America, Barak Obama!

Mini story is right. It's a five minute discussion, then forgettable.

Michelle Obama is a citizen with her views, she's not First Lady yet. She's not a politician at all.

For the first time in her life, she feels more pride, increased potential of the Federal Government. She feels the energy of crowds she's talking to. They want to make a difference and the civic participation is greater.

More people are voting in every state on the Democratic side because the race is close between Obama and Hillary.

She's a former business executive, mother of two daughters and Barack's wife. She has her opinions.

Her words shouldn't have national scrutiny yet. Her life hasn't changed to give those words some national weight. She had a conversation.

More proud about this country, I'm sure she meant political pride more than anything else. She's proud opportunity exists now for more people to run for President and elections.

She feels better potential of the Country. Everyone has different views where we are headed.

Network pundits discussion doesn't mean it's a story. They had a long talk, so what.

Several minutes discussion on Michelle Obama's feelings, c'mon! Waste of network time and viewers too.

They could have that discussion off camera!

I'm just happy to have someone going to the Whitehouse who can actually articulate a full sentence. NO MORE BUSHISMS!

this is the greatest country that ever was, and ever will be. we have made many terrible mistakes in our history, but we always try to be better. I am offended, not because of race, gender, or political party; but because it was a stupid thing to say.

Michelle, say you are sorry, that you love this country even with our warts and all is ok!

Mr. Independent

Clearly Michelle Obama meant what she said... that for the first time, she is really excited... because she sees visions of herself in the White House.

Be careful what you wish for. We don't really know what kind of a president he would be, do we?

She's lying if she thinks we believe her when she says she's not proud that she and Barack had a privileged life & education. Hell, I would be!

Let's face it, there is so little that we truly know of the Obamas ... but this remark stings of the sentiment of the church that they have attended for 20 years ... very anti-American, anti-White.

This is crazy. Why are people defending this guy so strongly. I agree with the Clinton camp. There is no substance. And everywhere you look, he does not act like a proud American. In addition to this "proud" flap, the people in his Houston office had a Cuban flag with the picture of Che Guevara on it instead of an American Flag, he refuses to hold his hand to his heart when the national anthem plays, and won't ever wear an American flag lapel pin.

I can excuse it once, but this is ridiculous.

Don't blame conservatives for their mistakes. We are going to end up with an incredibly bad President because so many people like what he looks like and the way he talks.

I am an immigrant to this country and find it disgusting to see people running for high office that do not love this great nation. I have no doubts or questions about Hillary Clinton's or John McCain's patriotism. None whatsover. And I'm not talking about the war or terrorism. I'm taking about pure love of country as shown (or not) in displays like Ms. Obama's comments or Mr. Obama's flag flaps (the lapel pin, the office, the hand over the hear).

I have not yet decided for whom to vote in the general election, but I can guarantee you that if Obama gets the nod from the Democratic party, I will be pulling the lever for some other party.

Obama is our Savior. Please everyone, you must realize that Michelle as a African American has been wronged by america. Obama will treaty with our Muslim brothers. Barak and Michelle need to have the opportunity to create change by teaching americans on the errors of their ways!

Conservatives are proud of America despite it's imperfections.The emptier the philosophy of a new generation is the more it will vilify the past one.

JUST WORDS? Michelle? Michelle? JUST WORDS?

Conservative talk shows are stretching Michelle's comment to serve their corporate paymasters -- billionaires who do not like to see the American working people going out in force to vote for a candidate of change.

But for the sake of the argument, let's think about what she really said. Michelle said that this is "the first time in my adult lifetime I'm proud of my country." Given her age, she is saying that this is the first time she is proud since 1982 (when she turned 18 and became, legally, an adult).

When one thinks about it, our country's behavior since that time has been less than pride-inspiring. During the 80's we had a president who promoted a cultural policy of "greed is good". Under that regime, we financed and empowered a dangerous religious fanatic who would later kill thousands of Americans on 9/11. This was followed by another regime which first supported a dictator in Baghdad, then later launched the first Gulf War against that very same dictator on behalf of an un-democratic, oil rich state. The American fighting man was in essence used as a mercenary, and the entire affair led to a prolonged American presence in the Persian Gulf which further inflamed attitudes against us in that region.

During the 90's, this regime was followed by one which was perhaps even worse. During this time, our leaders allowed a potential threat against our safety to build in Afghanistan. We burned up our own citizens in a place like Waco, then brushed the incident under the carpet. Our political system was immersed in one scandal after another. And our president was impeached after lying under oath about lewd sexual behavior with his intern in the highest office of American power.

And finally, we find ourselves in the 2000's. Thousands of Americans lie dead in the ashes of the World Trade Center site because we did not act properly when we could have to prevent an enemy attack. Our government has since used this attack to wage an unnecessary war which has squandered our wealth, created more enemies, and alienated our allies. In the name of this war, we are also eavesdropping on our citizens and engaging in torture. All this while our brave veterans return home to lie homeless on the streets. All this while American cities look more and more like the Third World, with the wealthiest 5% of the population getting richer, and the rest of us getting poorer.

Yes, Michelle is right. There hasn't been much to be proud of in the past 26 years. And the Obamas know, as all of us know, that we can do much better.

The Steadmanns

So basically she said she has not been proud of America for her entire adulthood until now. I'm not sure how anyone can spin their way out of a comment like that. I wouldn't be suprised if she gets villified the same way Hillary did if she becomes the first lady.

Anyone who took the time to read all the sentences in her comments that day ~ not just the one sentence that misquoted her ~ would understand the basis of her pride.

Research accuracy and context matter a lot particularly when we feel our blood beginning to boil and certainly before we go to the blogs and sound off.

By the way, paragraph three of this article is a misquote. It leaves out the word "really" when describing how proud she is. That implies a greater level of pride than any time before.

Regardless of what Michelle Obama meant, did she have to say it at all. It makes it sound like nobody except Obama has ever inspired others to move beyond race.

why does one have to be "proud" to be an American? even if she didn't misspeak, if she's just now proud about being American, that doesn't change anything. If anything ,it bolsters her and her husband's crusade for change. People read too much into comments, I guess. No where does it say that "one must be 'proud' of being an american at all times!"

By the way, Thomas, what do you mean by "anti-American, anti-White." Last time I checked America was not White. Secondly, how can a church be "anti-American?" what does "anti-American" even mean? Care to elaborate without showing some sort of white conservative agenda/bias?

Ooh, ooh, ooh! Catfight! Catfight!

Watch out, home-wrecker.

Who cares what right-wing fascist commentators say? For most of us, there has been very little about America since the late 60s to be proud about. Vietnam, Greneda, Iraq, constant attacks against organized labor, erosion of a woman's right to choose, a President who lied us into an unnecessary, seemingly unwinnable war, America caught red-handed administering torture to helpless captives and a government that either rubber stamps what King Bush decides, with an opposition party that crumples before every volatile issue. Add to that deplorable environmental policies, and oncoming economic crisis. And I forgot our healthcare mess.

Tell me, just what are we supposed to be proud about today's America?

Obama-Clinton-McCain stil more of the same only thing different is the wrapping.

I see nothing controversial in her comments. As an African-american woman, I have no doubt she has been witness to examples of intolerance and injustice that the majority culture could not even imagine. For many Americans, this country has yet to live up to its creed of justice and freedom.

So Mr & Mrs. Obama are Harvard-educated? What does that have to do with how she should feel about this country? Her academic accomplishments, her lucrative career(s) and her affluent lifestyle are all of her own making. Ms. Obama was not handed anything by anyone -- especially not here in the U.S. She grew up in the 70s, poor and on the South Side of Chicago, among millions of other disenfranchised citizens and she created her life by her own hard work and achievement. If she had failed, no one would attribute her failure to succeed to "the country", we routinely blame the poor and disenfranchised for their own misery. However, when one of those poor people succeed -- by her own merit -- somehow we expect that she should be grateful to "the country", or proud to tolerate oppression and the further disenfranchisement of people who are poor. The life she has created for herself and whatever feeling she has about "the country" are mutually exclusive. Perhaps it is her contempt for "the country" as it is, and their steadfast belief that we can do much better, that best qualifies Barack Obama for President. Personally, if I made $1 million a year I could think of better things to do than be President.

Her comments are outrages! And dangerous! The ultimate

It is simply a self-righteous, condescending comment. Period.

quote from Obams's church doctrine statements
We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.

Michelle Obama isn't the kind of lady who would say anything she didn't mean - she has been actively involved in her husband's camapign, and seems entirely comfortable making speeches and being interviewed by the media. She is well educated and has enjoyed professional success in a career that requires excellent communication skills. If Ms Obama says that it is only at this point of her adult life that she feels proud to be an American, then it seems entirely reasonable to conclude that that is exactly what she meant to say.

She enjoys a privileged life by any standard applicable in America today, she has enjoyed the benefit of a world class education - her career indicates that she has not been the victim of racism or sexism. She has witnessed some of America's less glorious moments, but she has also witnessed many of America's greatest achievements. Why precisely has Ms Obama never shared in a sense of justifiable national pride until this point? Now that her husband is on the brink of receiving the Democratic nomination, she can join the masses and share our pride in America? She should be ashamed of herself and we should be glad that we've seen a glimpse of the real Michelle Obama.

Oh please PEOPLE. So what if she said what she said!

Has Hillary been proud of every single thing her husband "accomplished" in the OVAL OFFICE?

You could LOVE something, like one's mother-in-law. However, you don't have to like her !

Americans love this land, doesn't mean they are proud of everything it has done.

Please, I'm not a smart person, by all means. Neither am I that ignorant to know that this sling against Michelle Obama is nothing but a mere ploy all to conjure up political "Neilson Ratings".

Or, one is glad that Monica Lewinsky is doing well in life nowadays, however she'll always be remembered as the White House slut. I'm sure Hillary would agree !

You all need a lesson in generational studies from a different perspective and experience. I can assure you that the African American experience in America is quite different from the Anglo experience. The American experience isn't the same for all. It certainly doesn't mean Mrs. Obama is "unAmerican" - and it's just a very different experience. Before you judge her as being "unAmerican", try walking a mile in her shoes. Think about it...Michelle Obama was probably born in the early 60's and her life experience was likely very different. Sure she probably had inspiring leaders as role models (JKF; RFK and MLK). But, look at what happened to them during her very young age. The leaders she admired were murdered. Plus.. there have been war after war on the homefront and abroad. And, much like me, for more than 1/2 of her life, the only choices for her on a national elections ballot was either someone named Bush or Clinton. Yes, to be so close to the possibility of a new America does renew our faith. It makes you proud. It gives us the audicity to hope in our country again. We can feel proud to live in an America that "does not judge us by the color of our skin; but, by the content of our character". We can be judged by people who will treat us the same as they would treat themselves. I thnk if you look at Mrs. Obama's American experience from the same lens most of you might see; you'd be missing a hudge part of the American history. It's not all pretty and at times it has been shameful. But, it's the American experience. Even the nasty thing called the "presidential campaign" as led by the Clinton machine. I dare to dream.

I sincerely pray that God will lead His people in the way that they should go! We are much more than conquerors through Him that gives us strength.

We have the victory!

Oh mis interpret? Really see can misinterpret but when Bill Clinton was more specific than she was, he was seen as a racist? And when Hillary pointed out that yes MLK fought for change but it took someone in actual power to make the change MLK envisioned she too was pointed out as a racist.

My goodness, some of you people are ridiculous! And the Clinton Campaign, by the way did not jump on Michelle Obama's gaffe the way the Obama campaign played a hand in a racist spin against the Clintons. I am black, for the record...not that it should matter...and I honestly believe the media is really afraid to pick the Obamas apart (policy-wise, because really Clinton and Obama's plan are nearly identical, except that she is more seasoned and tougher than he is) in large part because no network wants to run the risk of being considered a racist, so what do they do? Jump on the band wagon, they didn't talk about the Obama campaign bringing bus loads of people from Illinois to Iowa to part take in the caucuses. They didn't talk much about his arrogance in the New Hampshire debate when he said "you're likable enough..." that showed his inexperience because Hillary cleverly set that bait for him and he took it...can you imagine the General Election? How about Obama just brushing off the whole plagerism issue. I don't know about you "easily swayed" people but I get pretty offended if a politician's speech was actually used by someone else and he or she responds saying he and the original speaker trade ideas all the time....that implies that this is a play thing to them. These words are getting Americans hooked, only to find out they are being pimped out by this all so righteous man? C'mon now, wake up. Ladies, picture those vows your husband read to you at your wedding or commitment ceremony they were sweet right? Now picture how you would feel if you are talking to your female friend or relative and the vows come up in the conversation--you recite them to her but before you could finish, she finishes it for you and then you asked her when she got married, and she tells you 2003, then you remember that you got married in 2006. Yup, your husband got it from his male friend/relative who is actually married to the woman who just finished the last sentence or two of "your" husband's vows...

Think about it, those vows wouldn't carry much weight now wouldn't it. Then again you could probably brush it off if you really married him for the money. Oh, and I dare someone to respond telling me about Hillary Clinton stealing Obama's line of "yes we can." guess need to google United Farm Workers, Chavo thier mouthpiece coined that slogan (in spanish) and oh by the way...the United Farm workers endorsed Senator Clinton!

Ok, go ahead crucify me, bring up Whitewater, the crying in the diner, the fact that she stayed with her husband after the affair, and that Bill Clinton lied (actually, legally Oral Sex isn't considered sex. Penetration is considered intercourse. Go ahead, check it out, I didn't interpret it like that, neither did bill, the law did.) So in legally, Bill Clinton did not lie, he used clever language...didn't Clinton practise Law---therefore he knew this, go figure...Whatever...

"ye that is without sin, let him cast the first stone" ---Jesus Christ. (may not be the exact word for word, at least I owned up to it, unlike Obama.)

I don't like her comment. I want a first lady who was really proud to be American her whole life, not just when she and her husband were riding a wave of political and media support in their bid for the Whitehouse.

As The Onion pointed out recently in what was meant to be sarcasm, but unfortunately seems to always be true, "The Number One issue for voters this year will be meaningless Bull**it".

Colin -- actually, if you are not "proud" to be an American, you are out-of-step with the vast majority of Americans and, hence, un-American. While it's fine if you or anyone else feels that way, someone who aspires to be President should not feel that way nor should their spouse.

That being said, the updated quote including the word "really" does soften the statement a bit. But just a bit. Being proud to be an American is more than just agreeing or disagreeing with the country's current foreign policy. It means being proud of what that this country -- our government and its people -- has accomplished since its inception. If someone doesn't feel that pride, that's fine, but you shouldn't be running for public office (or speak publicly while your spouse is running for office).

Come on. Michelle Obama's comments reflect the feelings of all liberals in America. Libs HATE America and everything we stand for. Michelle was just the first to say it.

This is our country, and it's our responsibility. We can't just blame "other people" (politicians, special interests, lobbyists, whatever) for our government and its problems. Look in the mirror.

True, but don't the Democrats tell us that it's the evil oil companies earning outrageous profits, evil Republicans holding us down, and so on?

The Democrats invented the victim mentality: It's always someone else's fault.

Oh...Now Barack says of his wife's comment that she is now proud to be an American are just words. What BS!! This is a guy who wants it both ways. He complains when people say he is only talk and full of rhetoric and says his words are not just words. But when his wife, his so called "rock",makes a comment that she is only now proud to be an American cuz she might be the first Black Lady and Barack the first Black president, he says that those were only words and that is not what she meant. Like she cares about all the new voters coming into out to vote. Michelle and Barack are so 2-faced.

I haven't been proud since we beat the Russians at hockey

Michelle Obama, co-president. Nuf said.

In reading the previously posted comments on this blog, I've noticed that there are two very distinct opinions about some of the more recent news worthy items coming from the Obama Camp.

Let me first discuss the Michelle Obama quote. First and foremost, I have to argue that most, if not all, of the people who have posted unfavorable remarks towards Michelle are not fully aware of the context in which it is derived from. Secondly, she was in fact misquoted (please reread the updated insert on the original LA times article). She said, ""People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” The word "really" was some how omitted from her quote. As to why it was omitted, I will leave that to the conspiracy theorists to argue. But this one little word changes the complexity of how this quote can be interpreted.

As you can see, the ideas that surround this particular sentence does not refer to how proud she is about being an American. But rather, how proud she is to be part of something that could inevitable change the course of American History. The idea of hope is resounding in her entire speech, if one would take the time out to listen or read her complete speech.

Unfortunately, most people rely solely on what they hear from other "reliable" sources. And if these "reliable" sources have concluded that her statements are unpatriotic, so shall the people who subscribe to their opinions. So, for those who fall into this category, I urge you to listen to her speech for yourself and make your own conclusion. Below is a link to her speech. If you still feel the same way about it after watching the clip, then at least you'd have made an educated conclusion and have formulated a sound opinion about this topic.

Now let’s discuss another topic with regards to Barack Obama’s patriotism or lack thereof. Again, some people have not fully researched many of these claims. First, lets tackle the "right hand over the heart" topic. Most of you may be aware of a newsworthy item not too long ago about how Obama did not put his "right hand over his heart" during the Pledge of Allegiance. First of all, it was not the Pledge of Allegiance but rather the National Anthem. Now, some of you might argue that normal protocol dictates that an American citizen must put his or her right hand over their hearts during the National Anthem as stated in the official Flag Code. Unfortunately, everyone does not generally observe this procedure during the National Anthem. If we are to watch all nationally televised events, be it sporting or military, most people are split right down the middle. There are even instances where military soldiers do not place there right hand over their hearts during the national anthem nor stand in attention holding a salute. Would you then argue that those soldiers are no more patriotic than say the person standing next to you because they didn’t put their hands over their hearts during the anthem? Now, I’m not claiming that Obama can be viewed as a normal citizen because he’s not. He’s a political figure that is currently running for the Presidency and should be regarded in a much higher standard than the rest of us. However, one must also take into consideration the other instances where he has done the proper “hand over heart” procedure. Whether or not you find this distasteful, is clearly up to you. But be mindful that most American citizens, although clearly defined in the flag code, do not generally observe this particular procedure.

It is imperative that we do not get caught up in these types of misdirection, or misleading headlines, or political pundits proclaiming they know more than you do. I do not subscribe to any one specific political party. Nor do I stand to denigrate the views of others. However, I strongly believe that knowledge is key during our nation's current state of instability and understanding said knowledge is vital to change.

I think Michelle Obama's comments are being taken out of context and a moutain being made of a mole hill. When I heard the comments she made I understood that she is proud of the people of this country for being more active and wanting to take part in this presidential campaign. The people are galvanized to take part in the primaries, dontate money and their time to campaign for the person they believe can change the status quo.
For Mrs. McCain to make the comment she is proud of america etc. in response to M. Obama's comments makes her look ludicrous in my eyes. To think that she would mean she hasn't been proud of America or American's prior to her spouse's campaign is ridiculous. The policical pundits now will bash Michelle Obama for the comments she made with their meaning of what they think she meant.

Conservative pundits just don't get it.

Finally, a black person can say this.

I'm proud of Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, LBJ, and Carter.

Then again, I had to suffer the administations of Nixon, Reagan(the imposter), Bush I and Bush the incompetent.

The conservative pundits here need to apologize to our country for their ignorance.


This is simply spin. Michelle Obama gave two (2) speeches yesterday. The first one she said "For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country." Later in the day after a bit of warning about a possible tsunami over her earlier comment she added the word "really" in front of 'proud.'
Is a link that will show you BOTH speeches complete with different clothes.

I was not born and raised in America, I did not partake of public education in America nor did I use my ethnicity to get myself a preferential affirmative action to get myself trained in America’s fine institution post graduate.

I would defend this country to death USA represents- its values, democracy, way of life and its overall decency!
Politicians do not define the finest of what America is, though some defile our nation more than others.

With all our faults, I believe and proud to be an American!

I am saddened and disgusted by OBAMA whose main qualifications, I think, are unadulterated AMBITION fueled with machinations, Plagiaristic oratorical gifts and a chameleon like servitude to please everybody so he can be elected to the US Presidency.

“Character is what you do when nobody is looking”
-anonymous qoute

Who knows what bedtime talk the Obama couple talk about when nobody is there to hear them. But in time of, what they may think are great improvisational speeches/ moments, a great subconscious need to unload their real character to the world unfolds: INGRATITUDE AND SELF ENTITLEMENT and their racial need to right the world that AMERICA IS NOT BLACK ENOUGH FOR THEM!


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