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John McCain tunes out Rush Limbaugh

Now that John McCain can see within his grasp the Republican presidential nomination he so long has sought, he is cognizant of the need to reconcile with those conservatives who have so long sought to deny him the party's prize. But even such an obviously sensible strategy has its limits.

Chatting with reporters as his campaign plane flew from St. Louis to Chicago Friday evening, McCain was asked about Rush Limbaugh's frequent jabs at him. The Times' Maeve Reston was among those listening, and she reports that McCain suffers no illusions on this front.

"We'd like to have everybody on board," he replied. "We'd like to have a totally united party, but I also realize there are some people that just may not be able to support me at the end of the day."

He then acknowledged, with a typical one-liner, that he is NOT part of Limbaugh's audience: "There's a certain trace of masochism in my family, but not that deep."

-- Don Frederick

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I hope Limbaugh doesn't give in to the McAmnsty! I will vote for ANYBODY but John McAmnesty. I don't turst or like him. He is running as a hero when all he did was get shot down and captured. Some hero. NO MCAMNESTY!

Rush Limbaugh is in a kind of catch 22. He teaches his listeners to look for substance, but then he uses empty drive-by media tactics on Huckabee and McCain. Not that Huckabee has anything to do with McCain, but it seems like it doesn't it? That is drive-by media at its best. I will not vote based on media hype and fear tactics. I will vote for the person I believe deserves to be the president.

Mike Huckabee has the most experience, and actually brings ideas, plans, and commitments to the table. Mitt Romney claims to be an expert on the economy because he ran a successful business. However, while Mike Huckabee was warning everyone months ago about a downturn in the economy and the price of gasoline and groceries, out-of-touch Romney was still claiming everything was okay.

Rush Limbaugh asks his readers to look for sustance, then uses empty drive-by media tactics against McCain and Huckabee. For example, Huckabee has nothing to do with McCain, but it sure does not seem that way, does it? Drive-by media at its best, conservative-style. I will not vote for a candidate based on media hype or fear tactics. I will vote for the candidate I believe deserves to be president. Mike Huckabee has more governing experience than any other candidate, has proven he can solve problems while mainaining conservative values, and will get my vote.

I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh and I respect his advancement of conservatism in America.However, I think he is misguided in his staunch opposition to Senator McCain.John McCain is a social and fiscal conservative.He believes in the sanctity of and the right to life.He is for low tax rates.Senator McCain has spoken out against wasteful government spending and Congressional earmarks numerous times.He understands our government must control spending in order to reduce the budget deficit.John McCain has proven his conservative credentials and I hope he earns the GOP nomination.I'm a pro-life Catholic who will vote for Senator McCain February 5th and vote for the Republican nominee in November.

McCain is a RINO, he's proved it time and time again. Won't ever get my vote. Rush is right about him. I don't blame McCain for wanting to be president, but he should be running on the Democrat ticket. If he gets the nomination watch for the sudden media backlash against him to ensure the liberal ticket under the Democrat flag wins.

I think McCain had better start listening to Rush Limbaugh.......Limbaugh has the power of the airwaves !


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