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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Well, he is a bastard.

Hilary showed no class in not admonishing the ignorant woman who made the comment.
In fact she missed a major opportunity by not doing so. The press would have been gushing with her "graciousness" and "respect for the office" had she done so. It would even be deemed "presidential"



Hillary intimately KNOWS what a bastard is. Her husband is--literally--a bastard: The son of a mother who was not married at the time of his birth. As I understand it, in Obama's autobiography he stated that he chose to not look into the marriage of his parents--with the worry about what he would find. (His father had other wives.)

Bushes parents were and still are married. The same cannot be said of her husband's father and mother. Do the research. He was a car salesman and there is no record of their marriage. However, no matter who is the President, they deserve respect especially from a Senator. This just shows how classless she is. No matter how many names President Bush has been called, he has never retaliated.

I'm pretty sure this post is about equal to the amount of coverage the "bitch" comment got.

I am sorry, people, but both were rude and undignified. We have so many serious issues to address, study, and decide who will be our best candidate to handle the Presidency, and it is really out of line to besmirch people's characters. It also reflects mostly on the individual who says it....

Can you not see the Republicans jumping up and down with GLEE ?? Hiloray or Obama dosn't matter now, the Dems have split the vote right down the middle. Come election day, either the blacks will stay home because they feel cheated or the women will stay home because they feel unrepresented. Win , Win for the Rep.

Speaking of bitches... I have three dogs: two bitches named Code and Pink, and a mutt name Kucinich.

Jon - do you believe your own spin or do you just play puppet for Hills? Being able to think for yourself is something Obama should try it! the case of billy blythe/clinton...his mother claimed that Mr. Blythe was billy boy's daddy after Mr. Blythe died (convenient!). Further, Mr. Blythe was already MARRIED to someone OTHER than billy's mama.

Now, THERE's a bastard close to hillary's roost.

it is astonishing that people forget that bill clinton implemented NAFTA which is a big part of the vision of a united north america, if hillary is elected she won't be able to stop it ,she supports it fact we are so down the road of the united states of north america that no one can stop it ,it is called globalization...
it is just a matter of time....

The woman who used the phrase seems a bit off keel to begin with. Saying that President Bush is going to implement this "plot" in 2010 when he leaves office in January '09 displays a very basic misunderstanding of reality.

He is a Bastard !! I lost a brother in this damn war that the SOB in the white house lied us into .And if I saw the old lady say it I would shake her hand .

Dear Liberals, Dear Hillary,


Just keep slinging the mud that is pissing off more and more voters, and see which party wins the election.

Yet another wonderful example of the classless garbage that is the democratic party's base. Can't come up with legitimate policy questions? Fine, just start the name calling. Morons....

Funny, I didn't think GW could run for President again. You wouldn't know it by the way the democrats are running their campaign. LOL

Truth be told Bill Clinton is a Bastard and Hilary is well most of the people know what she is. Hilary if you don't get elected who is going to have sex with Bill?

You may not like Bush but he made the hard calls and took the heat from losers like the Clintons, Carter a world class loser. He could have easliy coasted his last four years but he didn't. I have no reservations Hilary would have sat on her big behind. Think about it - do you really think Bush enjoys hearing our boys are being killed? If so your very sick - He was defending us.

You have already stated you will have no guts - but you will withdraw and keep the status qou. As Hilary often says she will call a meeting - there is always safety in numbers.

Just think of it we are at the level of calling the President of the United States a Bastard - And the Democratic friont runner says what? Nothing just smiled -- what a loser but she has had a good teacher.

Why won't FOX NEWS put Ron Paul's picture on the front page lineup as they did the other candidates. It's as if they are wanting people to believe there is no such person as Ron Paul. My friends, Ron Paul is very much real. So real in fact that the government and news media are trying their hardest to make you believe otherwise. Ask yourself my friends, why are they trying so hard to make him non-existence?????? Then go look Ron Paul up on the internet and read his biography and his voting record!!!!!!!!!!!! I am begging you people to please open your eyes and hearts to Ron Paul. I promise you infront of God himself that Ron Paul is here to help us and is the only person in politics that is trust worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That does it for me. This if typical Bill and Hillery stuff. Who in their right mind would vote for her when we all know they lie. And, to laugh or snicker at a awful remark like that, I don't care who said it, she should have said something. Maybe she would have lost that womans vote, if she had I would have more respect for her. You know, if she had divorced "Bill", I would most likely vote for her. They brought more discrase to the White House and our country than any other President or First Lady.....My vote will go to Obama.

As a British person observing these elections from afar, I have to say Barack Obama is already seen as an icon over here and has already been unofficially endorsed by every single British newspaper.

I hope the great people of America will not pass the on the fantastic opportunity to make Barack Obama their president. He is lready beloved around the world and his words inspire all of us.

Dee4Obama....Obama has RESPECT and DIGNITY?!?!?!? This man won't even put his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played and will not join in reciting the pledge of allegiance. I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone in the highest office in the US that won't even show respect to the flag and the foundation that our country was built on. At least Hillary is honest about her ridiculous intentions. Obama is running on a platform that he will drop the second he wins the nomination. Personally, I fear for our country if either one of these people are put in to office.

I find it so humorous how the pantywaste libs here are defending the senile old bat calling Bush a bastard while stating that calling Hillary a bitch is much, much worse. I'll clear it up for you all: Hillary *is* a bitch, and Bush is *not* a bastard. 'Nuff said.

well, Bush is the spawn of Satan.....wouldn't that make him, technically, a bastard as well?

200 years to a 1 trillion$ budget (Reagan)
Bush hit 2 trillion$ in 2002 and just announced a 3$ bagger today.

In the book "Unlimited Access" by Gary Aldrich, you can read all about the Clinton administration's complete and utter disregard for authority (that isn't theirs). Senator Hillary Clinton's response to the woman's calling the current president a "bastard" is quite consistent with the portrayal of her in the book. I'm greatly offended at her contempt for the dignity of the presidential office, and the person in that office. How can Senator Clinton expect such respect towards her if she has such insolent disrespect herself?

Senator Clinton is TOTALLY classless and the "Clintons" thrive in the dirt. I absolutely hate the thought of the Clintons back in the White House. With no "internet boom" to claim as her own, Hillary will make miserable leader.

Predident Bush is still President of the USA and like him or not, the kind of crass, self-serving, public hate speach does nothing to improve the standing of the USA internationally. No wonder idiots like Chavez and Ahmajinidad feel free to use the same kind of language freely.....gutter politics stinks!

All that happens is that the demeaning language and attitude will only get worse! It is time to restore some dignity to the process. Fight yes......but respectfully! President Obama, you have my vote!

The person that called our President a bastard is an idiot. Hillary is just as bad for not replying in a positive for President Bush.

I am astonished people actually wade through this bilge.
Ladies and gentlemen, get a life, make dinner for your children, have a lobotomy.
Get over the BS

The issue is not the name calling. Bush is a bastard and Hillary is a bitch. So what!

The issue is that the questioner asked about a economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Of course, Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled. Then, she proceeded to answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it."

THAT IS THE PART THAT SHOULD BE ADDRESSED. Hillary is a liar. Plain and simple as that. But don't believe me. Check out these sites plus do a little research into the SPP, CFR and such. Politicians lie...that's a fact!

Trans-Texas Corridor


Can you not see the Republicans jumping up and down with GLEE ?? Hiloray or Obama dosn't matter now, the Dems have split the vote right down the middle. Come election day, either the blacks will stay home because they feel cheated or the women will stay home because they feel unrepresented. Win , Win for the Rep

I think your wrong since most Democrats don't vote on principals they will switch their votes to whoever puts them back in power. Remember they controlled our government for many more years than the Republicans have. They abandoned family values, God, and turned their back on the widows, poor and homeless as well as the unborn, just to become the new elite. They pander to the rich and famous. They have become exactly what they accused the Republicans of being. So whenever you hear a Democrat make an accusation take a close look -- he's probably doing exactly what he accuses others of.

Hey DeDe, when you remarked about Hillary not controlling her husband, what do you think of Ted Kennedy killing his girlfriend years ago? if you are going to throw dirt, then check out all of the facts. So you like Obama being supported by dear old Ted???????? Then you would support Ted if Obama puts him in a powerful position?

I have never seen so many people scrutinize Hillary more than any other candidate. I would have voted for Obama, but now I am voting for Hillary because of the constant criticism of everything in her family, to her clothes, her hair, smile, nod, her campaign etc. What about her genuine intelligence.

Why don't you discuss real, important facts.

She isn't doing anything differently then anyone else. Oh, by the way, I liked Bill Clinton's presidency. At least the country had a trillion dollars in reserve, social security was safe, and unemployment was down. NOW THOSE ARE REAL can you dispute that??????

And it's okay to bus blacks down from Montgomery County, MD and Prince George's County, MD to the south to vote and make a show in southern states. They were paid too! And were required to wear Obama's shirts.
Don't tell me I am wrong, I work with people who did it!

After reading as many of these as I could stomach I have a began to feel a lot of sympanthy for the contributors, not respect, just pity. Republicans and Democrats are human beings, some right some wrong, but no one shouod be hated because you disagree with them. The language isn't calculated to make me respect most. The user of "the bitch" and " the bastard" show a ral lack of class. Many need to go back to English 101 and get a decent vocabulary.

I used to be a longhaired pot smoking anti-establishment rock and roller. What happened to me you ask?I I simply stopped drugs and alcohol (not easy) and grew up. I marvel at the liberals today in that they can still keep their heads in the sand with all the truth and reality out there. The old liberals really make me wonder about their sanity. Oh well,they have lived a life of fantasy and distortion of the truth ,so we can't expect anything more from them.

NO, andrew, It WON'T "arouse as much criticism", because everyone knows that Bush is a GODAMN BASTARD!!!

McCain all the way. He is experienced. He knows the military. Obama has a sweet smile and is very likeable but have not seen any toughness in him at all. That worries me when it comes to our military. This nation needs someone who has been there, done that. I just wouldn't vote for a democrat simply because they don't seem to make the tough calls when needed. President Bush has guts enough to make the call. Bush is honorable. Has anyone forgotten about honor? He loves his wife and he values family. If I had to pick a democrat and no choice for a republican, I would pick Hillary over Obama for the fact she doesn't seem to need props (famous people)for her to make a decision). We need a person who listens to the people and at the same time has the guts to make an informed decision and who does not care about being popular. Just the posts on this site made up my mind. I am voting for McCain period. He is the best for all of us. It is too risky for Obama to be president in this day and time with so much going on in the world. Our military must be strong with a strong leader. Obama doesn't have that and if it were a peaceful time, maybe, but not now. Better think about it as our future depends on our leader and the calls he makes. We need to be a strong America as it is hard to trust anyone this day and time. Let's go for the one we know will lead and for one who didn't break under the worst conditions (McCain as a POW). That ,my friend, is a true American.

No wonder our children have no respect and no idea of what it means to allow and respect differences in all of us. When adults such as those of you above, continue to use language such as "bitch" and "bastard" all the while knowing how disrepectful and ignorant it is, how can you expect our elected officials to be any different?
it is long past the time when we return to civility and decorum that allows for differences without the degradation of "titles".Since when did the ignorance and uncouth mouths of the uneducated become the standard for all of us?

I swear, you people will be arguing over who is calling whom names even while they are constructing The NAFTA Super Highway in your backyards.

You all remind me of little children who refuse to grow up. :rolleyes:

You can't equate the two. The Bush reference is inaccurate, his parents are married. Calling Hillary " the bitch" is completely accurate. Those who support her are the only ones that can't see the difference.

What has happened to the dignity of the people of this nation? There is no place for name calling, even if you disagree with the people in office. The person who made the comment about Mrs. Clinton several months ago was out of line, as was the one who called President Bush a bastard. Obama was making fun of Cheney by saying he was embarrassed to find out they were cousings. Is that the kind of person you want as President. Also, I think it's a disgrace that those running for office are not addressing the President as President, but just calling him Bush. I find it hard to respect someone who disrespects the office. If Clinton or Obama is elected, I won't like it, but he or she will be MY President, and I will respect their position.


Thats all right to call Bush "The Bastard" because around our house we refer to Hillary as the "F*CKING C*NT BITCH".

Vote OSAMA... um ... OBAMA!

'It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the ***.'"

Mr. Malcolm -
Being Laura Bush's former press secretary, don't you think that there might be just a bit of prejudicial bias on your part? You are so sure that Hillary ''nodded her head and smiled'' at the comment but might not that have been an uncomfortable acknowledgment to the lady's question or possible embarrassment? Granted, Hillary should've denounced the remark immediately or something to the effect, but implying that she ''assented'' (i.e., agreed) is mighty presumptive I'd say.

President Bush has been and still is our President; in all due respect, he does not deserve this kind of treatment!
Definitely not an easy job, as some may think, and is doing what is best for this country. Granted, some things
may not be to our liking, but as things are going, may be the best of what's yet to come. God Bless the USA!

At least we can still "swift boat" the two dems running. It's like the media has already decided this thing. LONG LIVE THE VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why Hillary's "TEARS" are questionable. She doesn't tear about---the thousands DEAD because of a war SHE voted for, the disasters of Katrina and California, the intentions of garnishing CHECKS of the middle class and poor for insurances, etc. It does not bother her not one iota to demean another for gain. Who are we, AMERICANS, to believe that Hillary will get up every morning, as she says, and think passionately and aggressively about OUR needs?

It's not so much about issues either----IT'S WORKING VIGOROUSLY FOR ALL AMERICANS----- PLACING US FIRST.

That nod of Hillary's was a textbook example of classic Clintonian disrespect. As far as I'm concerned, when speaking of our nation's leader and the most powerful man in the free world whether you like the man in charge is not a factor. Mr. President or President ______ will do very nicely. However, the liberal media (or MSM in general, as Fox News is also guilty) applies no title of respect towards our President, showing an inherent lack of respect for the office. At least is Obama is superficially civil; his opponent is a ruthless, deceiving, Socialist control freak in an appealing wrapper with a philandering ex-President husband for a tag partner. I thank God I have enough clarity of mind to see through her lies.

Reading the majority of the comments here, I wonder what the Obamanian promise of hope and unity is all about. This page is simply depressing--not hope-giving at all. And the anti-Clinton vitriol says all about the emptiness of the haters and it makes their embrace of Obama understandable.

Vote Obama! That's all I hear these days. Classy rhetoric is nice but it does not a president make. Obama is intelligent, articulate and will initially look like a wonderful president. However, we must remember that our president has to win over the Chinese, the Russians, re-engage in Europe and Africa.

I have little doubt that, internationally, he will be welcomed with open arms. The truth is, any alternative to Bush and Cheney would be - they have been that bad. The problems will come when Obama has to make those non-idealistic decisions about trade, immigration etcetera. The country will definitely not be united around those issues. We need a president who combines vision with competence - I am very sure of Obama's vision - less so about his competence - in the sense of getting legislation through congress, fixing or getting rid of entitlement programs, redeploying the military from Cold War positioning etcetera.

I believe that Obama is a better campaigner than Hillary Clinton - but not necessarily the better presidential candidate. Much of what she already knows by being by her husband's side he will have to learn in office. As an inexperienced president, he will have to be very sure that he is not mislead or misadvised by the people he appoints to the intelligence services, Treasury and State Department. While the entire country wants a major change from Bush and Co., I think that it is safe to say that we want a president who is wise enough about the ways of the world to set policies that make sense both domestically and internationally. If elected, Obama will have to prove that he has that knowledge - on the job. Otherwise - it's "the return of Jimmy Carter ...."

You have got to be kidding? It is ok to refer to President Bush as the *astard but Hill can't be called the *bitch? We don't have a double standard here? One idiot made the comment that over half the country agrees that Bush is a *astard. Guess what? over half the country thinks Hill is a *itch. If she had any class, and she doesn't, she would have openly rebuked the woman for making a comment like that.

Would someone PLEASEEEE tell the Dems that Bush isn't running for office?

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