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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Surprise ! Surprise!
Bush isn't on the ballot. Besides his parents were married even before he was conceived how many liberals can make that claim?

We just need to force the democrats OUT. That is the only cure for our nation. Get rid of the marxist criminal pieces of garbage. They can go live under uncle hugo.

Typical left wings nuts. The moonbats sitting there in their ponytails, and Birkenstocks, and the women knitting as the men stroke their beards.
Face it - Bush is rich, educated, and became President, and will have a good life and has protected America for 8 years - no attacks.

God help us, McCain, Hillary or Obama - America's national nightmare is about to begin.

The vast majority of the media, nearly all of it, is made up of hard-core partisan DEMOCRATS. Thus they shill and cover for Democrats on a daily basis and have done so for the last 60 years and will continue to do so. This is a major reason why the print media is in a complete collapse and why people like Olberman and Air America's ratings are in the toilet. This is a major reason why a huge chunk of the populace has utter distain for the media. When you are constantly one-sided to your own party (The Democrats) then you need an equal number of counter viewpoints or you loose all credibility. Only Fox News offers even the slightest balance to the Liberal Media and everyone knows it.

Mrs. Clinton must have been too shocked to offer a proper rebuke. I mean, we all KNOW how much the Clintons disdain "the politics of personal destruction."

What? You mean the liberal media would actually inject bias into the news cycle to advance the Obama agenda? I'm shocked.
By the way, Ralphie (post above Feb. 4 at 11:25), before trying to insult Pres. Bush, a Yale graduate, you might consider using less vulgarity and spell "piece" correctly.

Compare her to his speaking of the Clintons at the White House:

I don't get the Obama fans on here. Where is the kool-aid you've been drinking because I don't get it. After the debate in LA we saw Obama supporters screaming at Mrs. Clinton, yelling she was a "white bi**ch" and tearing down posters and treating it like riot. The level of crudeness, ugliness and down-right unfairness of them is disgusting. I have looked at both candidates and I see no substance to Obama. Just lofty words -- and Americans are lapping it up, just like we did with George W. Obama's embrace of a twisted brand of Christianity disturbs me -- I don't want another Christian that has to wear his faith on his sleeve and takes the bible literally in the White House. Obama is scary. He thinks he is a christ figure. He talks of hope and then runs a nastier campaign than any Clinton could. He started attacking her in the second debate when he was no where in the polls. Now he has a dishonest campaign straight from GOP Harry-and-Louise to spread lies about Mrs. Clinton's health care proposal. The proposal that WORKS -- the Times today showed how Obama's would insure 26 million people at over $4,000/person; hers would 46 million people at less than $2,000/person. Duh. We all know if she doesn't get the nomination she will suck it up and work for his election. He is a weak baby whiner that if he loses will go and sulk and hope for another GOP victory. SHAME ON OBAMA!

Bush is not a bastard, he is a son of a lubitch. Barbara's maiden name is Lubitch.

It is not the same comparison because the "bastard" comment was not about McCain or Obama. The "bitch" comment was about Hillary as McCain's opponent.

Um, are the wacky conspiracy nuts so delusional that no one questioned how President Bush planned "to implement the secret agreement in 2010" when he's leaving office in 2009?

The poor fools will truly be lost without Bush as the focal point of their hatred.

I am sure the next time Hillary is in the presence of Barbara Bush, she'll highlight the factor that Barbara has a Bastard child. If not she isn't a woman of her convictions!

Posted by: Jenna
"The word bitch is steeped in sexist undertones in a way the word bastard is not."

Talk about a dumb bitch.


And how much whiningfrom right wing nuts did we hear when a bitch at a mccain ralley asked "How do we beat the bitch" and mccain just smiled...

The smile says it all...I think she, "the Bitch", was thinking of HER husband the REAL Bastard.WJC concerned himself with his needy BODY PARTS...Mrs. Clinton's JOB...she was most definitely remiss, to our detriment. If HE was doing his JOB he might have prevented the MESS we are in. Thank You, Clintons for the MEMORIES... NOW GO AWAY!!!!

I shudder at the thought of Obama or Clinton taking the helm at the White House.
Its amazing how far leftists go out of their blind and unjustified hatred for President Bush or anyone on the right.
May god save America from these America haters on the left.

Jon. Let me understand this.. If someone calls Clinton a bitch without mentioning her name it is more wrong then calling Preisdent Bush a Bastard while using his name? In fact you then downgrade the Bastard statement to "It's as if she said "I disagree with that darn fool, President Bush!".

Apparently you have a warped sense of Morals, and are being defensive of that woman with the Trailer trash mouth, and support her. What space # do you live in? Do you also play the Banjo?

All of you are wrong. Bush is the President, and when insulted like that, you are disrepecting both the Office and this Country.

Get some medication so you can think like a normal person.

Slander aside, here are the candidates' positions on global warming:

No, Bush isn't a bastard, but yes, Hillary IS a bitch. She's always been a bitch and she'll die a bitch. Why else do you think Bill kept sleeping with the interns? He wasn't getting any at home. Hell, if I was Bill I wouldn't want to sleep with that bitch either.

I am from ILL. and would someone please let me know what if anything Obama has actualy accomplished . All I see is another Media played out candidate. Wait a minute that is what Bush was . I can still remember the phrase lets have a beer together type media play for his nomination . Look and be sure of who you are putting trust in . We can't avoid another Bush . Vote Hillary Clinton and stop the media elected candidate now.

With all the issues on the table with this coming election, this is what the media chooses to focus on? As long as the American public is ignorant enough to allow no-issues such as this to be headline news, this country will continue on its downward slide. Wake up everyone, and grow up. Bush has done more to destroy the standard of living in this country that any president in US history. His collusion with business interests is unprecidented, and if we are not careful big business will end up trying to emulate the Chinese system of state sponsored indentured servitude here in our country. It's a race to the bottom for us, and a perfect way to maximize profits for business interests. How about we focus on what we are going to do differently this time around and leave the games of "sticks and stones" to the children. LA Times editor should be ashamed for ev en posting this nonsense.

Ok all the talk about how "bitch" is way worse than "bastard" is just another example of leftists making blind excuses for a Clinton.
1. McCain does it, not ok, HRC does it, its ok, not the same.
2. Exploitation, groping and rape of women is bad, but when Bill does it, it must be trailer trash and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy out to get them.
3. Cronyism is bad when Bush does it, but when WJC pardons a wanted fugitive whose wife donated $1 million to his library, its all good...
4. the list goes on and on and on....

Even Charlie Rangel one of the most liberal reps in Congress did not stand by when Bush was called all sorts of childish names by Hugo Chavez. He stood up and had the courage to say it was wrong, inappropriate and that "although we disagree on things and have our problems, he is still the President of the United States" Once again, that was Charlie Rangel telling the hero of the Anti-American Left Hugo Chavez to shove it.

If Hillary cant stand up to a room of cheering elderly leftists and call out the person for taking an immature and childish cheapshot how can we depend on her to be a strong Commander in Chief???

yet another reason to pass on Hillary.

As I understand it Miss Hillary wants to garnish the wages of workong people to buy their insurance. Unless you're in the insurance industry this sounds awfully Hitler like. Are we looking at a meglamaniac here in skirts.

Well I don't supose my little blog will see the light of day either since you guys are pro HRHC. Just remember that she said it. I am just making note of what she said.

This just goes to show the character of Hillary and her compatriots. They have no character or class. What a shame to teach our children that this is acceptable behavior to be disrespectful to the most powerful man in the free world. Maybe we should all show her the same respect; that would amount to none.

Oh yeah and all those attacking Obama for his lack of experience? What experience does Hillary have? She is merely in the beginning of her 2nd term as Senator as well. Its not like she has this long list pedigree and resume. She has 2 more years of experience in the Senate than please drop the "inexperienced" arguement because that is a double edged sword and is just as applicable to Hillary as it is to Obama.

To all you Bush haters: you typify liberals. It is the modus operendi of a liberal to pat himself on his own back about how compassionate and caring he is, then spew forth the most virulent hate. I dispute strongly the contention of one Bobafett who says Bush has secured his place in hell. I believe Bush did what he had to do keep us safe. Go ahead and roll in the dirt if that's what suits you. I have no regard or respect for either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, but will leave the name calling for ignorant liberals. If you think that there is room for that stuff, please remember that if Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama gets elected President that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words, to keep it simple enough for you, that it will be fair for conservatives to go after your guy with the same moronic hatred that you exhibit. Is that simple enough for a liberal to understand, or do I need draw pictures with crayons.

To compare antichrist George Bush with bastards is an insult to bastards everywhere.

Okay, she has every right to smile! However, would she smile if a random heckler called Bill "the cigar-smoking adulterer?"

Typical liberal hate speech.

wow.... makes me realize why i don't want to be an obama supporter. it seems that most of the obama supporters are over the top. a little too hateful for me. kinda weird because obama positions himself as the coalition builder but his ranks seem to be filled with divisiveness.

Your politician seem so very polite. In Australia our politicians can at times be very colorful in their descriptions of each other. In one example a former leader of the opposition called the prime minister and his ministers a "conga line of suckholes". Great entertainment.

Joanna Pardue and Ferenc Lukac, both of your complete ignorance emanates from the dribble being typed out of your pea sized brains. I wish we had sent the two of you to Iraq ahead of the troops to find out just exactly what we removed when we ousted Saddam. Our constitution allows you to express your displeasure of the policies of our President but if you are an American citizens then you may have something to be concerned about. As an American, when you advocate the execution of the President of the United States of America that is in fact an act of treason. I expect the Secret Service will be following up with you once they receive your comments which I can assure you... they will.

go hillary!

And they wonder where the new hate speech IS coming from.

Mr. Malcom,

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but for one to be a "bastard" does it literally mean that one had or has a father who is an "adulterer?" So, praytell, if Mr. Bush is a bastard, then what does that make Bill? Ooops, forgive me, Bill "really" did not have a "full-on" relationship with Ms. Lewinskiy, so I guess he's just an "adult." No wonder Hillary is smiling, she's proud to be married to an adult and not a bastard!

Hillary is the true trailer trash. She and her spouse will do whatever it take to win. Ask Vince Foster.

Yeah...great. This is what our elections have come down to.
Hillary Clinton is nothing but a socialist that will destroy what is left of our country.
Barack Obama will finish what Osama Bin Laden started in 2001. The "apple" doesn't fall far from the tree if you know what I mean.
Our country is in peril against islamo fascism and these people are worried about "universal health care"?
Well, there won't be much need for "universal health care" when everyone is dead.

It never ends.

Notice how the Democrats are now down to 2 candidates.

"Vote for me because I'm a woman"
"Vote for me because I'm black"

Notice also that people like Oprah and Will Smith can never give any reasons for voting for Obama that have to do with policy. Democrats keep getting reelected by people who think politics is American Idol.

Bush the Bastard comment is typical of these folks who are suckered in by all the low simple minded political hype. This is exactly WHY Obama is doin so well, there are some intelligent thinking democrats out there ready for a change.

What many don't realize, is the NAU, North American Union has been proceeding for many years. In fact, Bill Clinton has helped this initiative move forward during his time as preseident. Opps! Do more research before blaming one president of another......

This "elderly lady" was a plant and Hillary, and/or her campaign people, knew what she was going to say before she said it. Since the target of her comment was the President, there will be either not much coverage, or a lot as an excuse to get a chance to broadcast someone, especially, an "elderly lady" calling the President a bastard, instead of one of the media - or comedian's out there that people are turning to in increasing numbers for their news. A good indication, to me, of the stupidity of some of the members of our society.

" would never hear him using such school yard name calling.!!! " Have you forgotten some of the "choice" comments he and Cheney exchanged concerning a Jewish reporters parentage and personality. Have to love those "oops - didn't know it was open mike" moments.

Bastard is as bastard does............

Not surprising. The Clintons have no respect for the oval office.

The only bastard in this story is the one that hillary is married to

Just like Hillary tio disrespect the office.She is only for herself.Hillary hates the military and the US ,She only loves herself

I think that no matter who our president is, he deserves respect as being our president. And definitely if another politician hoping to become the president hears a slander against the current one, they should say something to admonish the speaker.

This just confirms to me that a person's character (or lack of) will be evident no matter what they (she) may say they espouse to.
Just more of the same

What is it that the democrats do not understand here. Last time I checked President Bush is not in this race. Why can't they come up with something relevent to discuss in regards to the job they want to do as president as compared to their actual competition..(Other than to trash talk about the current or past presidents, they aren't running either))..By the way come up with some substance while your at it...other than just saying its "time for a change"...that slogan has been used as a campaign slogan for 200 years .

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