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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Absolutely no chance im voting for Obama. The audacity of a person to run for President when they have only been a one term senator is ridiculous. If he doesn't want to be "changed" by the washington establishment (which some would consider learning the ropes) he should run (and hopefully win) for Governor of Illinois. And then run for President in 8 years. The guy is all bark and no bite at this point. The fact that anyone would vore for a candidate just because he is a good speaker is borderline stupidity.

The difference is that Bush literally is not a bastard and Hillary is in most people's opinion a bitch. Even my 77 year old grandma calls her that.

Shrillary will never be my president. Never, ever, ever. She will never have my respect, ever. She is a complusive liar. She will do anything to win. She is a socialist. And she is a bitch. Facts, baby, all facts.

Considering Mr. Bush is war criminal and traitor to the U.S. Constitution which he swore an oath to uphold, I think the elderly woman let him off easy!!!

Well, Bush is a bastard. Should Hillary have stopped and lectured the woman and crowd that Bush is still our Commander-in-Chief for 351 more days? Or, should she have demanded a translation like Senator McCain did when that old bag called HIllary a bitch?

I am an Obama supporter who thinks that this is just much ado.....let's discuss real issues. Like how to repair the country after all the damage that bastard has done to it.

Well said Diane. Hillary Clinton shows her adolescent upbringing by her disrespect of the President. How can she expect us to vote her into the highest office of the land when she has such disrespect for it, like her husband having a blow -job in the oval office. These two behave like immatured high-schoolers who lack manners, dignity and decorum. There is no comparison between the words "Bastard" and "Bitch". Both are disgusting and used primarily by uneducated, ignorant people. Hillary, being the educated woman, should have corrected the caller forthwith. Failing to do so, shows her as a crass and uncouth human being.

(ooops...did i sent that last post early?)

i'm in agreement with pullo...the real story is the question itself. the economic union has been in the works for a long while, starting with NAFTA, as hillary doggone knows...check out the security and prosperity partnership with the governments of canada, mexico and the USA. see

the north american union is no joke...soon we could be purchasing our goods with an "amero"...and heck, google the north carolina driver's license. they've got the spp logo already! the alberta gov website already has a map of the proposed NAFTA superhighways (one's called the CANAMEX) and the trans-texas corridor in the south has long been an issue...

hillary has been a bush-basher from day's part of her game

the more important issue is that she's lying!!

Lets get real:

Bush is a bastard.

And Clinton is a bitch.

Let's see. GW has nothing but respect for the Oval Office, his wife, and does not flip his views every time the polls change. On the other hand, the Clinton's are corrupt, used the Oval Office for BJ's, rented out the White House and then later stole the furniture, sold pardons for contributions, and flip their views on a routine basis.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Defending your husband is one thing defending a stranger is another. Most of you are brainwashed by all this soaring rhetoric over Senator Obama. Go ahead vote for him. If he wins the primary I voting for Mccain. I will not let Oprah or Caroline Kennedy or the other Kennedy who's husband is a republican convince me to change my vote. It's not about change with Senator Obama. It's about taking a gamble on an unseasoned player. No thank you. This is not a personality contest.

If I had a chance to ask Hillary a question, it would be:

"What do you think of open marriages, and do you and Bill Clinton have one?" My guess is that Bill and Hillary haven't "gotten together" since to 80's. Does anyone really believe that Hillary didn't know about Bill's philandering? The reason she got so mad at him over Monica is that he was dumb enough to get caught with his pants down, so to speak, which made her look foolish. She had to look like the poor unknowing spouse. What else was she going to say--that she knew and it was OK? I think people have a right to know if they have an open marriage, and then let people decide how important it is. I personally don't care, but I think a lot of people would.

If I had a chance to ask Hillary a question, it would be:

"What do you think of open marriages, and do you and Bill Clinton have one?" My guess is that Bill and Hillary haven't "gotten together" since to 80's. Does anyone really believe that Hillary didn't know about Bill's philandering? The reason she got so mad at him over Monica is that he was dumb enough to get caught with his pants down, so to speak, which made her look foolish. She had to look like the poor unknowing spouse. What else was she going to say--that she knew and it was OK? I think people have a right to know if they have an open marriage, and then let people decide how important it is. I personally don't care, but I think a lot of people would.

You miss the point. Bush isn't a 'bastard' because he knows who is father is. However, Hillary is 100%, dyed-in-the-wool, US Grade A Prime 'BITCH'.

So that doddering old fool lied (or more likely was an ignorant twit, given she is a democrat, and a Hillary supporter to boot) about Bush, but those that call Hitlary a BITCH have it 100% right!

Clinton is a divider and polarizing figure for good reason. Remember FILEGATE, WHITE WATER. TRAVELGATE, HOG FUTURES BONANZA. BIMBO PATROL THAT SHE LEAD,ENEMIES LIST, NO MILITARY UNIFORMS IN THE . The list goes on and on. She is dishonest and has no right or character to be in the White House. Her smile is yet another arrogant gesture that she is full of Hillary and only cares abut herself, power and money

>>What a sharp contrast this to the class, manners and CHARACTER
>>of Barack Obama. He teaches us to give RESPECT and DIGNITY to
>>one another regardless of our differences.

Oh please. Call the vatican, Obama is up for sainthood.

I usually call him, traitor.. or peice of $hit.
actually.. its usually "peice of $hit"

Not only Bush is a bastard, but: He is a terrorist, a murderer, a liar, a thug, an imbecile, an enemy of the state (and all peace loving nations), who should be impeached, prosecuted, tried and EXECUTED, along with Dick Chaney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, (Traitors in war time should not allowed to roam free in any country!!!) In the last seven years this great country became the home of the cowards. Everybody is afraid expressing his or her political dissent, in fear of state retribution by being labeled a terrorist or a traitor. How come that our "leaders" always find money to fight illegitimate wars, but none (or very little) to save the uninsured, the needy or unfortunate. Where is the collective social consciousness of our nation? What did we become as people?
(By the way I wouldn't be surprise if you would not post my remarks!)

Could Hillary's assent to this woman's crude comment degrade her any further? Afterall, she stayed married to a man who not only cheated on her openly and throughout her marriage but whot knowingly put her on national television to lie on his behalf and in the process humiliate herself even further. When's the last time you heard a woman called "asshole?" "Bitch" is no more sexist than asshole. To say it is, especially when coming from the lips of a woman, is to play the gender card. Obama! 08!

The story is something of a cheap shot, whether you're a Hillary Clinton aficionado or not. Old ladies' cussing is inherently humorous. As for the noun in question, Bush is most certainly not a bastard. He has a father who, at last report, still claimed him. I believe that's the word the lady was reaching for is ignoramus.

Is anyone else looking forward to 4 years of an Oprah love-fest that will be an Obama presidency? Also 4 years where you cannot criticize your President without someone implying you are racist? If Obama is elected he will make mistakes. Look at first term Bill Clinton and GWB. We are now living in an awful dangerous world for making mistakes. Look past the fancy rhetoric. Who looks more prepared? Obama hasn't even served one term in the Senate. His voting record in the Senate is not great. We know a couple of things with Hillary. She is well prepared to do something about Health Care. She will do good with the economy. She will at least not make Iraq any worse. The correct choice is clear to me. I also cannot stand how Obama is viewed as so squeaky clean when his campaign has slung plenty of dirt. "Senator Punjab", MLK/LBJ, Walmart comments, Telling Nevada Republicans to register democrat to defeat Hillary ... All underhanded yet people swear up and down he is a saint.

If you want another stubborn, egotistical, christian male in the White House; vote for Obama. Hey, black men got the right to vote before women did, so this would be following the status quo. If you want a real change; vote for Hillary. Your daughters and granddaughters will thank you.

This is bad. Not one word in the whole blog about the insult to fellow First Lady Barbra Bush!!! What's wrong with you people?

While I may not agree with all of our president's policies, I show him and the office he holds a great deal of respect. Too many opinionated loudmouths today feel it is acceptable to call someone anything they want, just because they "feel strongly" or are "angry" or are "upset". GET A GRIP, people, and show some restraint. The more vile things said about the president, the less meaning they have. Fortunately, GWB has a thick skin and the insults just roll off his back. I know that when insults are directed at me, I laugh all the harder! That makes the insulters all the more furious, and they are so funny to watch in all their rage.

I have always understood that it takes one to know one, whatever the ugly name one choses to call another. The office of the Presidency deserves respect even if you do not always agree with the President. Those of you who enjoy hearing name calling of the president have to realize that you are also calling the more than half of the voters who elected the President in effect the same name. After all, it was they who put the man in office. At least President Bush knows enough to keep his pants zipped up which is a lot more than the last President knew how to do while in the White House. Hillary's smile at the bastard comment tells a lot about her thinking process.

of course, as pullio and few other have pointed out, the issue of real substance is totally lost in this debate. who cares what the lady called bush? she is entitled to her opinion, even if expressed in a marginally crude way. at least she cares and is passionate about the issues! everyone on this board is concerned with the name calling, but consistently gloss over the issue of the North American Union, which is a very real thing. of course billary was able to dodge the question and the times chooses to gloss over it as well. pathetic. the real truth that gets ignored in this story is the fact that bush and hillary both support the NAU and the further erosion of our national sovereignty. but who cares about real issue when their is mudslinging to be done!

Hubby Bill IS the literal Bastard. Pappy was out of the country when Bubba was concieved.

Hillary isn't going to admonish a statement like that! It fits into her belief of Bush and gently pats her on the back! Now if the same reference were used to describe her husband.....well, then she'd be very upset......maybe even Cry!

She disparages Bush and believes in the North American Union. That makes sense. Who does she want Hillary to run with as VEEP? Bigfoot? Why is Bush going to wait until 2010? The Mayan calendar has the end of the world in 2012, that doesn't leave much time to get all the homosexuals lined up and into the concentration camps. oh, wait, he did that after the last election didn't he?

obama is an empty suit.

he reminds me of the SDS crowd organizers during the 1969 - 1970 campus anti- war rallies who tried to rev up the crowd against Nam.Loud speakers. Open mouth. Nothing comes out.
Lame. Lame. Lame.
he is a fake preacher.
Elmer Gantry

hill is worse. Cahonies fill with bottled premarin. Empty 5X pantsuit. PIAPS>
It isn't the size of the suit. It is the size of the emptiness inside.
For them both.
And mcvain / mcpain / mcblame...loser.
liar and loser.
God help us all.
I will never vote for obama farakhan
hiltlery foster hsu whitewater lewinsky jones willey etc.....
john mcpain.
Never never never.
No mattter how much the main stream enemedia thinks it can dictate and control our thoughts and deeds.
If you vote for these people, you will rue the day.

this use of offensive language has to stop. what has become of civility I am totally outraged by this bitch's characterization of our president as a bastard. then that other bitch smiles. How offensive is that.

Just more liberal diviseness.

As long as democrats are prominent, society will always suffer from the rot of the divisive and uncouth democrats!!!!

The proof is in the previous comments - real liberal crass.

As usual, the left gets a pass from the mainstream press, unlike conservatives. Any misstep is reported as headlines on CNN, etc. However, let yet another low class Democrat make an outrageous comment, and we hear nothing about it on CNN.
This story about Hillary may be an attempt by the Times to shift some votes to Obama. this guy has such a lovefest going with the media it's sickening. He gets zero tough questions, and nothing but slobbering from the interviewers on the morning shows. Obama has been named the #1 most liberal Senator for 2007. Why have we not heard this in the mainstream press? It's amazing how dumb people are to follow this fraud. He offers no specifics on his policies or how he will accomplish them. He can give a good speech --- but so could Adolph Hitler.

Well, when all is said and done and if either Hillary or Obama are elected President... we can all sit back and watch as our country is further destroyed.

And I would put John McCain in the same category. He is just as conservative as Hillary. He will not protect the borders... and the North American Union (NAU) will happen in the near future. Then we won't have to worry about illegal immigrants.

Bush has never lied to the American people. He said exactly what Clinton, Kerry, U.S. intelligence, and every world leader said. He was apparently wrong, as were the others. And while the nation is awash in bastards, thanks to the slutty females who cannot keep their panties up and don't have the decency to take common precautions, Bush is not one of them. So 'lying bastard' fails all around with respect to the president. The Democraps from the beginning have done all they could to destroy Bush and nothing at all to destroy the enemy. Democrat treason at home gives our enemies a bottomless well of hope. Won't it be interesting if in a week or a year or ten years we find the essentials of Saddam's weapons programs hidden in some neighboring country. Not that the savages on the Left would care.

It depends on the meaning of bitch.

Help me did Bush get rid of that contemptuous smirk, he was famous for, prior to stealing the Florida vote??? Come on, folks...was it a 44 gallon drum of Botox (all at once)? Is it a drip, every minute, of every day? Was it simply a quintuple bypass lobotomy? Either way, let's NOT prove, that after swallowing the BS of Geo Bush for 8 AGONIZING YEARS, we're untrustworthy idiots, too stupid for Democracy, by being fooled by Clinton again.

The only bastard in that mix is the one (or more) that Bubba left behind.

Those poor uneducated dems do not know the meaning of the words they use:
Bastard: W's parents were married
War Crimimal: Congress signed on to this war
Nazi: W is not trying to take over the world
Neo Con: Even I do not know the meaning of this "made up" word
Torturer: Making a terrorist wear underwear on his head is not torture
Racist: Bush has more persons of color in his cabinet than any dem
Liar: If he lied about the WMD's, so did Gore, Clinton, Kennedy etc.
Go back to school people, you look ignorant!!!

For those of us that do not spend every waking hour attempting to find something to label Clinton with, it means nothing. bush has been called worse and deserved it. I would suspect some of you that are critical of Clinton and are Democates are probably guilty of that.

Just another peice of meat for the Clinton haters that have troubles finding anything of negative substance to whine about to chew on. When all you have on Clinton is hate, her smile and her tears, straws are easy to grasp at.

This is why me and my independent friends will never, NEVER, vote for Hillary Clinton. As much as it pains me to have to vote for John McCain, I will hold my nose and vote for him, if it means sending Hillary Clinton back to the Senate.

She doesn't belong there either, but it is the best we can hope for this November. Her in the White House, with her lying husband in tow, is a nightmare I cannot fathom repeating.

Bush is not a bastard, people -- his parents were married -- unlike the children of Tom Brady, Dave Letterman, and countless Hollywood celebrites who support HusseinObama and Billary.

Hillary Clinton IS a bitch -- all women are since that's a term referring to the female of most species.

However, it is absolutely ACTIONABLE to call President George W. Bush a "bastard" on the grounds that it is easily proven that his parents were married to each other at the moment of his conception AND his birth.

And finally - for Mrs. Clinton to smile and not admonish this moonbat who believes in the North American Union AND speaks in a highly disrespectful manner about the President of the United States (an office Mrs. Clinton aspires to and one which her putative husband once held - although heaven knows he demonstrates none of the dignity of other former presidents) - then Mrs. Clinton should be chastised forcefully by both sides of the aisle for being a trailer park bitch.

Shrillbillly now tells us if we don't do what she say she gonna "garnish our wages". Due process, hearing, Hell no. What a nice warm ball of fuzz that bitch is.

Am wondering just how far and low will "Clinton Crime Inc." sink. I suspect that it is a bottomless pit.
Rember: If you do not become involved in politics; politics will become involved with you!

Call Bush anything you want... the radical Neoconservative Republican crowd screwed up the economy, democracy and America… big time.

The mortgage crisis is just a “catalyst.”

What the average American, Bush Administration, Fed and Wall Street can’t see coming is the American Economy, which purchases over 30% of all goods manufactured in the world, has been “debased.”

This is a small part of what the Neocon-Republican Bush Administration foisted upon the American Taxpayers-

• The Bush Administration has cooked the books concerning GDP, employment, inflation and other numbers released monthly by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

• The manipulation of energy prices and refineries by big oil has sucked trillions of dollars out of American Consumers’ pockets and the World Economy.

• Thirty-seven years of support by Republicans of Supply-side Economics, radical Think Tanks and PR Campaigns to convince Americans Unions are bad brought membership down to 11% of all Americans. Unfortunately, both wages and benefits went down with the loss of Union memberships.

• Bush’s Neoconservative Republican administration legislated tax breaks for corporations and the Elitist top1% of Americans at the expense of the other 99%. Couple this with a catalyst such as the collapse of the mortgage banking industry & housing prices, a liquidity crisis and pending credit card catastrophe. Then add in years of Union busting, NAFTA, CAFTA, Vietnamese, Central America and other Trade agreements, hundreds of thousands of H1-B & L-1 work visas, years of outsourcing jobs to 3rd world countries and open borders all which help eliminate the higher paying jobs, pensions and benefits for a majority of Americans. This was the foundation our economy was built on and now it’s gone.

• The huge amount of spendable income/benefits these high paying jobs formerly supplied America and the World Economy has disappeared... gone forever. Resulting in a gigantic transfer of wealth from average Americans to the world’s Elitist top 1% and coffers of Corporate America.

• The "staged" Iraq war has maimed and killed thousands of American Soldiers along with tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis' while sucking billions of dollars of tax money out of the American economy that could have been used for social projects and paying down the national debt. America fights this war for Israel alone without their aid or troop support. Lobbyists, AIPAC and Radical Zionists within the Neoconservative Bush administration blindly led America into this war while they deregulated corporate America and channeled billions of US tax dollars to Israel, Armament companies, big oil, military contractors, corporate friends and "misplaced billions." This helped place Americans and America on the road to bankruptcy as the country with the largest national debt, and growing, in the history of the world.

As Hitler did during World War II, the Neocon-Republican Bush Administration utilizes “Authoritarian Rule” and the "big lie theory"... the bigger the lie the more likely people will believe it.

Republicans and the radical Neoconservative Bush Administration have created the perfect “Financial Storm.”

The American Economy was debased while our political system went from Democracy to Corporatism.

It may be news to some of you but respect for the Office of President is not the same as respect for the President. Respect is earned and a president such as bush has not earned respect and in fact, is instrumental in his own right bring disrespect to the Office through his acts as president.

Take a look at the polls and listen the the Large majority in this country that denounce him. bush lost all creditability, trust and respect a long time ago. Some of you may not have noticed but the most of America and a majority of the world have. As we get closer to national elections, even Republicans are getting braver in publicly showing that.

Regardless of what you think of someone you should respect the position of the President. Hillary should have spoken up and stated that. She wouldn't like to be called names such as that either.

What happened to cilivility? Please put emotions aside. People never make good decisions when emotional.
I certainly hope citizens vote their pocketbook. All 3, Clinton, Obama, & McCain will tax you, employ more Gov't control, regulations, more nanny state rules, increase all cost of everything, and inch by inch entent efforts to control everything you can & cannot do. Very scary to see U.S. "leaders"
trying to move toward socialism, which has not worked anywhere it has been tried. We the people must watch very carefully this so called progressives..another word for more Gov't in every part of your life & elimination of choices. VERY SCARY.

this just goes to show how much sexism still exists in america. people calling hillary a "bitch" without any connection to any issue - purely for the sake of calling her such. this is sexism, pure and simple. she has worked hard in her life, made tough calls, gone through tough personal battles publicly, and because she comes out on top battle after battle, she's called a "bitch". when are women going to wake up and realize they are doing just as much harm to their daughters when they bash a successful woman and call her a "bitch"? i work in a "man's world" profession, i certainly know how difficult it is to defeat female stereotypes and make tough calls without being called a "bitch". enough is enough. just because a woman is strong, it doesn't make her a bitch.

What should Hillary have admonished the speaker forr? Not using strong enough language to descibe the worthless disgrace in the whitehouse who has condemned the Repubs to at least 8 years of irrlelvance. If the guy (bush) had a grain of integrity or value, I'd agree that she should have corrected her. Instead, our nation is floating in the sewer as a result of this loser's big adventure in the whitehouse. The only thing the media is guilty of is not reminding us how much of an utter failure bush is every day.

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