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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Of course it won't. The media elite wants to make sure Obama and Hillary are the only candidates that win and there has ALWAYS been a double-standard. Never mind that there should be a sense of decorum and respect when talking about the President; ANY President. But that doesn't apply when it's Democrats. Only Republicans. OK people, you want a socialist state that will NEVER achieve greatness again because there is no incentive to do so? You'll get it with those two...

Reviewing Hillary's methodical playing of the "Race card", and "The Perpetual Victim" against Obama; and, her recent commentary on Iraq; Pakistan; Energy Policy; the need for her to control the 14 Trillion $ American Economy from the White House ( this from a woman who hasn't managed so much as a corner vegetable stand, or for that matter her own marriage; but, of course you could count Whitewater, and her tenure as Madam for Bill's White House Brothel ); her statement in San Francisco: "We're going to have to take more from you, and give it to others for the common good."; Illegal Immigration; Taxes; Infanticide; Massive new Government spending; Multi million $ Senate earmarks for supporters of Hillary's Presidential campaign; Socialized medicine; and, the Clinton's history of emasculating the military, verifies that this grievously flawed woman would be the female version of the Jimmy Carter debacle that gave us the Ayatollah Khomeini who ushered in rampant Islamic radicalism; block-long lines at our gasoline stations; a severely hollow military; and, a record Misery Index. Only much worse. Considering all of her recent gaffes, e.g. "I voted FOR IT (referring to the Bankruptcy Bill); but, I was glad to see that it didn't pass.", one has to wonder if excessive use of Botox has affected her mental stability. It's no wonder that her campaign staff is shielding her from reporter and audience unscripted questions. Greg Neubeck

Hitlery Clingon has no soul - she is a vile, strident, manipulative hag. I will savor every moment of her campaign going down in flames, and will do everything in my power to prevent her election.

So many comments on the internet are so "over the top" that's it's not surprising when vulgarity encroaches on Town Hall Meetings. The tone of discourse in this country has become very shrill and rancorous. Should McCain or Hillary admonish someone who gets out of line? Maybe they feel they would be wasting valuable time. The crudeness and vulgarity of the Nixon taapes has become the everyday norm.

A peep will not be heard from Cnn. Book it Dano!


Good catch.

You already know the answer to your query. The lying liberal biased media never is going to treat Republicans and Democrats the same. Good news from Republicans is buried, bad news is headlined, and from the lying liberal biased media, the opposite is true for Dem's, good news is headlined, bad news is buried.

Everyone knows it, but they are shameless with their bias.

This just shows that a classless person can ask stupid questions to presidential candidates. As long as you're 18 in this country, you can vote, bad manners, lack of class, and stupidity apparently don't count.

How sad. The President should always be respected, even if you don't agree with him. If Mrs. Clinton had any backbone, she would have called this out to this person. If she is the next President, she can expect the same level of respect as what our current president is receiving.

The repsected LA times has become an Obama shill of late. It is giving importance to crap and instead stories with serous and indepth analysis it used to do earlier.

Only thing Obama is doing giving nice speeches. Every one falling for this "group think" again (It is almost similar to free media ride Bush got to promote his war.) Obama promised in depth policy speeches. Where are they?

Yeah right and the media isn''t wildly liberal and the reality that most liberals are intolerant bigots is irrelevant. What a country.

She should have said "hell yeah he is"

"There's not a lot of truth to it" - wouldn't you get the same impression that I do on that line, that therefore there IS *some* truth to it?

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

As mush as I don't like McCain, at least he spoke the true that time.

Oh My GOD! How dare this woman use her 1st Amendment Rights!

I guess I would be more upset if I didnt agree with her.

So, someone calls Hillary a bitch and, later, someone calls "W" a bastard. Sticks and stones............ As a conservative I must grudgingly admit that in light of 43's performance we might have been better off if the load "W" was in had gone down Barbara's throat instead of into the taco. Oh well, maybe next time.

"Not a LOT of truth to it"??? Typical Cintonspeak. So what then IS the truth to it? As far as the bastard comment, of course it won't be dwelled upon. When dem's say or approve of these comments they get the usual free pass. The left wing MSM has their back. A conservative say or approve of it, watch out... "I'm Katie Couric, tonight's top story, republican presidential candidate XYZ gave a nodding approval to the word bastard in reference to his democratic opponent XYZ".

Hold her accountable for not criticizing the comment? Yeah, right. Good luck with that. Don't hold your breath.

Bush is not a bastard. His parents were married when he was born. I don't have any facts to dispute claims of Hillary being a bitch.

slick willy is the real bastard,he isnt even sure who his real father is.

Anyone is surprised by this?

He IS a bastard, you idiots- wake up!

Surprised? Why would think anything at ALL would be said about the Bitch? She could rip the heads off of bunnies on the White House lawn at Easter in front of the world media and it would be hailed as Visionary and Innovative...

Name calling? That's the news? C'mon LA Times.... Give us something substantive... not this crap. D.

Clearly, the old woman is mentally ill.

And the crowd roared. ? Man I despise you dems

BASTARD may be a word commom among angry Democrats, but wait until Nov approaches and Billary may be the choice of the Demos. Monica and the rest of the many females will rise from underneath the desks of Liberal Journalists where they have been hidden !!

Don't hold your breath watiing for the MSM to pick this up and make a story. Hillary and her ilk get a pass every day. Everyone remembers Trent Lott and the non-story that cost him his leadership role in the Senate. Anyone recall Jim Moran (D, Virginia) and his comment that "...the Jews are behind this war.."? I thought not.

The hypocrisy and media bias is undeniable.

Bastard? is that all?

I call him a murderous thug who should be tried for war crimes, convicted and executed in a public square with a bullet to the back of the head - no,
make that to the face.

Any questions?

Hillary's my gal.

Of course she nodded in consent to this typical Democrat stooge-questioner. Did you expect dignity and respectability from a sociopath who remains 'married' to an impeached, disbarred sexual predator?

"It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch." "

No it won't, because the media won't cover this. They have one standard for Republicans and another for Democrats. Therefore, McCain should have stopped and admonished the lady who called Hillary a "b*tch" but Hillary has no responsibility to stop and admonish someone calling Bush a "bastard".

You might think the press would investigate this double standard. But they are awfully resistant to exposing their own house to the level of scrutiny that they insist on applying to other people.

I do not trust the woman who nodded her head and smiled! As a woman I am livid with the women in this country who has turned this into a gender race. I ask that every woman read "The Women Who Are Invisible To Hillary Clinton" and then if you still choose to vote for a woman who enables this type of behavior then I feel sorry for this country. You can find it at this website under the "Entertainment Section" Even though this is a section for entertainment, the information on the Clintons that is provided is serious and accurate.

Can we have the of the bitch that called the president a bastard.

Please don't tell me my comment was rude

dont expect much criticism from the liber al media

Very typical of the atmosphere in our country Why can,t people be civil? And why does the media only address the republican crudeness? I am sick of all the hatred. I believe it is up to the canidates to stop it. Ms.Clinton has been called alot of names you,d think she would rise above it and at least respect the office.

So Hillary said, "there's not a whole lot of truth to it" when asked about a potential "economic union" between the U.S., Mexico and Canada........

I guess she's never gone to, and actually taken a look at the government website announcing that plan!! The foregoing website lays out IN DETAIL the "fine points" of the "union" that Hillary says has little truth to it!!

Does anyone want someone this un-informed as "President"?????????

Once again, Hillary is either lying, or she's just plain stupid!

The deliciously ironic truth in this whole incident is that Hillary Clinton's husband is the REAL bastard. William Jefferson Clinton was born out of wedlock. He never met & never knew who his father was. Now that is a REAL BASTARD. The truth: the more you run away from it, the surer it is to catch you.

Obvisously, mrs. clinton who is married to the worst sort of b..........couldn't respond. she is such an immoral person. i hate the clinton for this very reason.

He's worse than a bastard. He's a war criminal.

So what if someone called Bush that?? With what he he has done-----trampling the Constitution, committing felonies in office, conspiring against the people----I'm not surprised. And he and his cabal have called Hillary and a lot of other people a lot worse. I'm no Hillary fan but crying for that goofy Bush is ridiculous. To hell with 'im.

Yeah right, CNN chides its candidate, Hillary Clinton? Don't hold your breath. The media is an embarrassment to this country.

Typical democract, not using proper grammar. To be a bastard ,you have to be illegitimate child. She must have been thinking of most of her own parties children. It takes a village.

Hillary has no respect for the Office she so passionately seeks, nor for herself or any of us -- allowing a questioner to call the sitting President a 'bastard' without reprimand is totally classless -- one can disagree with is policies, which the Congress has supported, but Bush is not a serial adulterer, nor a serial rapist, has never molested an intern in the White House, nor has he ever lied to a federal court -- she is a dictator-want-to-be, lecturing us all about what she wants for us -- garnishing wages for health care, for example -- and always more government involvement control and more taxes -- her best quote: I have a million good ideas but you, the taxpayers, can't afford all of them. what's so sad is that CNN and WolfBlitzer are such fawning dogs they don't put the real Hillary before the public -- Mussolini pales by comparison.

Is this a surprise to anyone?

"It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her 'the bitch.'"

"At the time CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator."

Clinton News Network will not only not offer any "criticism", Clinton News Network will entirely avoid saying a single word about the incident. Doing so, does not fit Clinton News Network's agenda.

Hitlery's demure answer to the Amero question was typical for an effete snob insider. Of course she's aware of the new world order's effort to bring about one world government by following in Europe's footsteps and merging the US, Mexico and Canada. The woman is the devil's spawn.

All five of the supposed front runners favor the merging of the Americas into one organization . Only one candidate is vehement about no new treaties yet trade with all countries at our ( USA ) discretion . The voters of the USA have their heads in areas other than voting with knowledge and many will tell you , " Oh so and so is against the NAU " (when it isn't so ) , or , "Oh so and so is against open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens ( when it isn't so ) . These same "sheeples" will cast their vote , with no education regarding the candidate they cose , and elect one of the five who will give more of the same for at least four years , rather than spend time , get an education and see that they should have voted for RON PAUL , of course after it is too late .

Hillary Clinton is bringing down the United States of America!!!!!!!! Every time she opens her mouth, she sounds like she hates America. I am sick of listening to her pandering, her twisting of the issues, etc.

The more Hillary Clinton focuses on George Bush (who is not up for re-election) the better the chances of both her Republican & Democrat opponents are of eliminating her from the presidential nomination race.

It's apparent that Hilalry has No moral compass.

And if anyone called Hillary A See You Next Time and if Bush nodded and smiled the entire mainstream media would attack him.

The hypocrites are Hillary and the news media.


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