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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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After reading some of the comments here, I have come to the conclusion that I must be the luckey person in the world.....TO BE A REPUBLICAN!

mmmm....Bryan - I agree with you. She did show a huge lack of intelligence didn't she?

To many of us, Bush and Cheney are two of the four horseman of the apocalypse. I am hard pressed to see how anyone in this country could have any respect for either of these two men after what their policies, predicated on lies, deceit and their own self-interest, have done to this country.

Oh my! No wonder many our children are greedy, have little, if no work ethic, and use words that are absolutely filthy! Listen to the exchanges here! Thank God we live in this fabulous country where the PEOPLE, NOT the media, especially FOX "news", make the decisions! Let us vote!

Yes, name calling is important but what about the "rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico"?
why do Americans always dwell on stupid stuff and completley ignore whats really important?
I wonder.

You go Nancy! When talking about murderers, ask Bill and Hillary, who is Vince Foster? There's no proof, right? Didn't they say that when we didn't find what we needed to find in Iraq? Get it, an Iraqi tyrant is ALSO a politician ! So, one of thier own staff members coincidentally and accidentally found dead? Right, no proof, tell that to Saddam Hussein too !

no one like's the uneducated like the CHURCH and the DEMOCRATIC party,you don't have to sell your dogma to them? they just accept it without reason! AN IGNORANT DEMOCRAT ARE A DIME A DOZEN!

bush isn't a bastard? he has a mother and father who are married? HOWEVER BILL CLINTON IS A LYING WIFE CHEATER,THATS A FACT!!!


took the words right out of my mouth....thank you

The woman was correct in her assessement of character.
What's the controversy???

It's the truth... that's why she smiled.

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