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Questioner calls Bush 'the bastard,' Hillary Clinton smiles

Over the weekend there was an as yet little-noticed incident in Bridgeton, Mo., just outside St. Louis. Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed a town hall meeting there and was taking questions from the audience.

One elderly woman rose and was asking the Democratic candidate about a rumored economic union among the United States, Canada and Mexico that is widely discussed, feared and abhorred among conspiracy fanciers. The woman said the president planned to implement the secret agreement in 2010.

Then the woman called the president "Bush the bastard."

The Democratic crowd immediately roared its approval.

Sen. Clinton nodded her head slightly and smiled.

Then, she proceeded to ...

answer the question, saying "there's not a lot of truth to it." Our colleagues over at the Swamp have posted Glenn Thrush's detailed account of the incident, which you can read here.

It'll be interesting to see if Clinton's silent assent to that crude comment arouses as much criticism and controversy as last year when a Republican woman in South Carolina asked Sen. John McCain about Clinton, calling her "the bitch."

At the time, CNN showed a video clip of the incident and strongly criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman, although the candidate did say belatedly that he respected the New York senator.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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I am disgusted with the lack of respect that people have for the President of the United States. How tacky, rude, and utterly disgraceful. Let's see you do his job - Even if you don't like the guy, at least be respectful in your words towards him. It sounds like a bunch of Jr. Highers in here, calling people names. The citizens of this country have no respect, no morals, and are absolutely ungrateful. Sometimes being an American is embarrassing.

I read these crude, outrageous comments from both sides and ask myself, "Have I wasted the past 35 years of my life defending this nation?" The America I loved and grew up in seems to have degenerated into hate, selfishness, and hypocracy. Take a long, hard look at yourselves. Do you like what you see?

This just goes to show you the low class and non moral upbringing of Mrs. Clinton.

Am I missing something here? Are American's really voting for a man whose middle name is Hussain? God forgive and guide you foolish people. Soon this lovely country will look like all the other 3rd world countries - where terror is used to control the people. God protect his people.

I agree with CAW . What are people thinking even considering Obama or Hillary.
Especially Obama. It's not his color of skin, it's his lack of respect for our flag and the bible.
I beg the citizens of the United States to please check out this Obama before casting your vote. What better way to infiltrate our government than to have one of your own running it. I am soooo turned off by even his name, middle name of Hussein. Give me a break!!!!!

Hillary is a "piece" of work, she will say or do anything to win, and the lame-stream media will give her a pass and often spinning it to be a positive whenever possible.
What has she ever RUN, what has she ever successfully DONE? What has she ever attempted that didn't fail? How many 'gates has she?
What president and family has ever been more scandal ridden? And you want them to return?

The difference between the two incidents is that Hillary smiled when the questioner used the term "the bastard". McCain didn't smile or make any other physical or verbal sign to show approval of "the bitch" comment. This incident is one of dozens that gives insight to Hillary's character and explains why she has a higher negative rating than any other candidate. And even if you don't agree with it, it explains why the woman who called her "the bitch" did so.

Jon, I disagree with you! Darn Fool!

"Please make the courageous vote" in voting for Obama? A bit of hyperbole, don't you think? Well I guess not if you are willing to vote for a man who has three years experience as a senator and throws around the word "change" as if the word in and of itself it will make unicorns and rainbows appear.

Reading these posts is amazing. Calling a woman a Bitc* is worse than calling a man a bastard? It's more sexist? It the same old liberal double standard. In our politically correct world, a black man is "African American" while a white guy is just plain old white. It's nothing more than hypocritical, left wing silliness.

Look up the 'B' word in the dictionary; next to it is a picture of Hillary.

Its nothing new for Clinton. She probably put the woman up yo it and arranged for it .

She will do anything to win and that's the last thing we need. 2 Clinton was enough.

Well, I think that if Hillary wants to run for President then she (along with her supporters) need to put on their big girl panties and take the bad with the good. You can't expect people to bow down to her and always say good things about her just because she's a woman. I'm sure a lot of people think she's a bitch. Just because someone feels that way about her and chooses to express it (what's that called?---oh yeah freedom of speech), doesn't mean that person is sexist. I know there's a huge double standard these days when it comes to Democrats and Republicans, but come on people, what's good or not good for one should be that way for all. I definitely don't think it's right for people to degrade our President by calling him names. Obviously people that support him have to get over and deal with the fact that people that don’t like him call him names, etc, but we don’t try to make a bigger deal out of it than it actually is (but maybe we should sometimes considering he is our President). Reality check, it's not that serious. I feel like it's a huge playground, and we're all a bunch of kids running around saying "he or she called me a name."

Jon wrote
"There's a pretty significant difference between these situations. When Hillary Clinton is referred to as "the bitch" and no other title, the attack is mean, degrading, and contains serious sexist implications (even if it was a woman who said it)."

The difference here is that the old lady had to use the Presidents name so that Hillary knew she was reffering to Bill.

Hilary may love Bill and forgave him for cheating on her but in my eyes to stay with him means she's weak. We need a strong leader. If she were in the White House he would drag her down. She wouldn't be able to make a decision without him putting his 2 cents in. Some people may vote for her for that reason, but that is one of the reasons I won't be voting for her. He's a jerk and to be honest just not to bright. Didn't he know he was going to get caught? Fooling around with a young intern- she couldn't keep that secret.

its true about her. Gw is a Saint next to her

How in the world can anyone think Obama has the chops for president? And as to having Slick Willy back in the White house makes my stomach turn. We need a pres. with some backbone and I would first like Mitt, but can handle McCain.

This is just another example of how dumbed down the Democrat party has gotten....some idiotic lefty calls President Bush a bastard and everyone roars their approval. What has President Bush done to deserve such hatred and vitriol? Don't give me the lies about Bush having lied to get us into war, that's been disproven a thousand times over. Don't give me the lies about Bush going in with Mexico and Canada to form one government and give away our country...don't give me the lies about 9/11 being an inside job, or Iraq war being just about Bush getting rich on oil proceeds, and so on....all those things have been disproven thousands of times over.

How about waking up and educating oneself to what Bush as actually cuts that helped the poor and middle class (taking what was it 20-40 million poor people off the tax rolls entirely). How about instead of acting like selfish little 3rd graders, we talk about how successfull Bush has about Bush taking the fight to the terrorists and winning on all fronts. How about no terrorist attacks on our soil since the cowards attacked us on 9/11???

People seem to forget-either selectively or otherwise.
For whatever reason, ill planned, ill advised or you name it, since Bush took the stick to the enemy, there have not been any attacks on US soil. He has succeeded in keeping us safe. And on the rare occasion that they do get one of the bad guys, it is usually IN IRAQ. Personally, I'd rather have them fighting in a little two bit country whose leader was giving us the finger prior to 9-11 than on US soil.
By the way, can somebody please explain to me why it is so bad that Bush is Hitler, when the holocaust never happened?

Even you liberals are safe. (the bastard!)

D. MacPherson

The ony question I have is what are you left wing, Bush hating liberals going to do when he is out of office? I guess there will be nothing left for you to do but abort innocent babies, increase taxes on the middle class, surrender to islamic fundamentalists and add more useless social programs to overburden us middle class citizens. This is a classic example proving that liberals have no class.

Of course the media will gloss over Hillary smiling when another citizen called her President a dirty name.

For the most part, the media is biased, period. They like Democrats & hate Republicans. They like sex, violence & bad language.

The media ridicules anyone who stays married to the same person of the opposite sex. They pick on anyone with strong moral convictions; especially if they live up to those strong moral convictions.

But woe to the Republican who falls while Bill Clinton got to redefine what sex is while in the Oval Office, literally. If this isn't yellow journalism at it's worse, then what it? The media in this country, for the vast majority of outlets, is predjudiced & biased. There's no such thing as real news anymore. Does anyone remember Walter Cronkite? I do.

John L,
good point. In fact I have the definition for Political Correctness.
It's a doctrine promoted by a delusional, illogical, self-loathing, self-deprecating, ultra-liberal minority and rabidly fostered by an unscrupulous, leftist mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that is is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end"

H. Clinton will be the destruction of our country if she is elected. Our taxes will be raised to the point that will stifle growth. Obama sounds good on stage, but he as no substance or experience. The Rep needs to go back to their roots and quite being Dem.

I served under six different presidents. Pres. Clinton's signature is on my retirement certificate. As a country we belittle ourselves when we allow each other to insult or curse our institutions such as the presidency. WE should hold ourselves to a higher standard. At least Sen. McCain had the class to later say he thought the comment inappropriate. Doesn't Sen. Clinton know the kudos she would receive if she came out and said the comment was wrong? Missed opportunity on her part.

Hm, I was just thinking about Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks who's career was derailed for saying something that did not even involve name calling (thank goodness we didn't hold people to the same standards in the 60s) and people were up in arms over her "being embarrassed that the President was from Texas" . Wonder what a smile will get ya these days. Just curious. This whole process is so embarrassing for kids on a school yard.

why do the elderly like democrats who want to give the government the ability to pull the plug on them when it costs too much for them to live?

Don't show any class and berate the lady for calling the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES a bastard Hillary?! Doesn't surprise me to hear the democraps applaude either?

We live in a wonderful time when no one has any respect for the office of President. The united states has turned south, and is going down very fast. I fear it is only a matter of a few years when we will no longer have any power, or respect in the world at all.
Lets all get a good laugh from our leaders while we can. It is the middle class who will suffer the most, and they could care less about us.. Do not be fooled by what they say...They are all very wealthy people. Bottom line is, they are lining their pockets and emptying ours.

Okay, really the woman is 76. She has earned the right to express herself, even if we think it crude. Personally it seemed Senator Clintons smile was more of a expression "how do you handle that one". And for Dee4Obama I looked in my soul, did some research, and thought long about it. In the end I could not let illusion and dreams override common sense so I voted for Senator Clinton. When Obama gets a little more experience, I will vote for him. It will be interesting to see how speaks and to see his demeanor after a few more years with the sharks in Washington. Right now he is still under some grand illusion that he can fix the world or that he can make some great change. Every election we here the same thing, the same promises. The Clinton's are the only ones that have gotten close to completing their promises.

If Hillary had done the right thing and chastised the lady for calling our president a bastard she may have gotten my vote? What does she do? she smiles?!!? SHAME ON HER!

I can't really believe what I have just read above of what people are saying about our President.
Do you know that this is all being read in other countries and is not at all helping our position in those countries.
I am a Republican but am hoping that Obama with very little experience is nominated an wins the National Election.
Obama will no doubt be as bad as Former President Jimmy Carter but at least he can surround himself with some intelegent people and Cool thing for at least four years. By that time Hill will then be an old lady and too old for elective office. Let's get it over with Elect obama.

not EVEN close Jon 2/4/08 @2:45 am

I think the salient point here is that Hillary Clinton is a bitch.

Absolutly amazing some of thoughts that go through alot of the Kool-aid drinking far left nut cases that is for sure. it was wrong for either of those words to come out of anyones mouth in my opionion, hilary is a "Bitch" and a ruthless one at that. would stab anyone in the back to get what she wants. as for bush I may not agree that everything that has happened during his term was all that correct but I am sure glad that he is our President. A "Bastard" he is not and that gal that got paid to say that by some far left nut case should apologize!!!

This is what I love about the Dems. Such class.

Go Mitt!

Bill Clinton wasn't the only president who ever had an affair. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy have all had affairs, some while in the White House.

Using Hillary's marriage to bash her is just more of the usual trashy tactics that some Republicans predictably resort to.

But when I think of those who smugly drove around with "Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For Him" bumper stickers after the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, I just have to smile. Because the worm turned, and we are just about to say goodbye to what many predict will be remembered as "the worst president in history".

And leave it to the Republicans to have elected him - TWICE!

I'm a republican and I don't like Bush, but I respect the office regardless of who's in the White House. I didn't like Bill Clinton, but I respected the office. Now that the gloves are off, who's the real bastard?

For starters: The Late JC

are you all serious? george w bush IS a bastard. when the country was handed over to him in 2001 we had the LARGEST surpluss in history. we had a good political relationship with most of the world and we wernt involved in a POINTLESS war spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day of the AMERICAN PEOPLE's money. i wonder who was the president before george w bush? oh yea! bill clinton. big friggin deal the guy got a bj in his office. wouldnt you if the situation presented itself? yes yes yes a thousand times yes you all would and no one can deny that. even precious george w bush would if an intern walked up to him and offered up the goods. how dare all of you compare the c student, previous coke addict, money hungry, school yard bully to one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. and you know what, im going to vote for obama because i dont think that hilary would be a good president. but i dont think that she smiled and nodded when bush was called a bastard because she doesnt respect the job (she is running for president by the way). she smiled and nodded because HE IS A BASTARD.

When I read this article, I simply shook my head and moved on. Does Hillary think that Bush was born without a father (i.e. a bastard)? I doubt it, since he has been compared to his father throughout his term. I don't think his parentage is in question. Is Hillary a "bitch", I don't think so, since the definition is a female dog, when she is obviously a human. Both terms are derogetory and mean spirited, but in the end, so what?

Hillary didn't say he was a "bastard" and Bush didn't say she was a "bitch", although they may both be thinking it in back rooms. Personally, I would think that questioning a person's parentage is worse that attacking their character, but that doesn't matter.

The main point is how the comment was treated. She could have just responded to the comment, without acknowledging the insult. Perhaps she was thinking of something else when she smiled, like how to respond to the comment. And perhaps she just forgot to censor her inner thoughts, as all politicians do. Big deal. One second out of an entire day of campaigning.

I really hope and pray that people do not vote based on a one second video clip.

And just for the record, I personally don't like her position on most, if not all, issues. I'm a Catholic, conservative, wife and mother of four. As such, I'm more than happy to look past single moments, and focus on what really matters.

Retired Master Sargent: A very good point. However, McCain IS a Republican and may have said what he did out of respect for his party. If Hillary were president and someone referred to her as "that bitch president" he would NEVER have told them the comment was inappropriate. And I do believe he would have at least smirked.

That old lady was so wrong. President Bush may be an arrogant, stupid, inept, pea-brained, liar and a complete jerk. But he's certainly not a bastard. hat designation clearly belongs to the vice president. Dick Chaney's earned it and by god, he should keep it.

The simple truth is that neither Clinton nor McCain are obligated to defend themselves against the words of a 3rd party.

The real point to be made here is that the willing media loves to play on emotion against conservatives (attacking McCain for the bitch comment) and is more level headed when it comes to one of their own (not attacking Clinton for the bastard comment).

Objectivity does not mean "Not Taking A Stand" on an issue, it means "Standing Up For What's Right" regardless of political affiliation.

If it's right or wrong, it should be so regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican said or did it.

Bastard is too tame of a word to use for "The Decider". Murderer, Thief, Liar...choose any one..they are all accurate. Hillary is simply a mirror for the American people. I fault the Democrats for not stopping this meglomaniac before THOUSANDS were killed and maimed because Bush and Cheney wanted to "play war".

One does not have to respect the man in office. But, one should respect the office itself. George Bush is still PRESIDENT Bush whether America likes it or not. For Hillary to simply keep quiet regarding the comment shows a lack of respect for the office she is so desperately trying to win. Shame on her, shame on the woman who made the comment, and shame on all those who agree with the comment.

One reason for the decline of America in both national and world politics is because we have ceased to show respect for those who have earned it. "Bush did not earn my respect!" Maybe not, but his office sure demands it.

Give me break! Those are two totally different words.
Dont make it a bigger deal then it is. In that case Hillary was letting that person express their Freedom of Speech!

Some of you people are so ignorant. Both of these terms have megative connotations. Calling bastard is just as bad as calling someone a bitch. The liberal media again gives their favored candidates a pass on almost anything that they say. Now let someone say something bad about Obama or Clinton, the outcry from the media would be much different. Look what happened to Biden when he said something about Obama that the media twisted.

Hillary Clinton is like school on Thanksgiving - NO CLASS!

"the Decider". Murderer. Thief.Liar...choose any one...they are all accurate for Bill and Hillary...check their record.
I'm grateful for Pres. Bush. So who is the Bastard - you or him?

Hmm...swearing shows an incredible lack of intelligence.

All the Bush lovers, crying about a slight of their lying, war criminal of a president.
I have read some vitriolic garbage on this message board, accusing the Clintons of everything from trashing the White house (not true), to being liars, to treason.
If they want to talk about lies, lets talk about the WMD, the uranium from Niger, and the mobile weapons labs (remember those). The WMD was destroyed years before the war, by the weapons inspectors and Iraq. The uranium from Niger was a lie. The mobile weapons trailers turned out to be for making weather balloons. Also, the aluminum tubes the president said pointed to the manufacture of nuclear weapons were not suitable for a nuclear program and were never intended for that purpose.
Lies, lies, lies and more lies.
Those are the lies that count. Those are the lies that have cost our nation 4000 soldiers, over 30,000 soldiers seriously wounded and will cost over 2 trillion dollars of taxpayer money.
The Bush loving clowns continue to worry about lies concerning Monica Lewinsky while we are mired in Iraq.
Lets put things in perspective.
Now we have a candidate for president, John McCain, who says we may be in Iraq for 100 years and has indicated he wants to bomb Iran. Wow.





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