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Hillary Clinton shot a duck once

Ex-Pres Bill Clinton holds a dead duck like the one his wife Hillary Clinton once shot without provocation

In an amazing coincidence just days before another crucial Democratic primary, Sen. Hillary Clinton, campaigning in Wisconsin -- where thousands build their annual vacations around deer-hunting season -- has let it slip that she went hunting once.

"I know you don't believe it," she told an enthusiastic audience at Kenosha's Brat Stop over the weekend, "but it's actually true. My father taught me to shoot 100 years ago."

According to The Times' Nicholas Riccardi, who was there, she then launched into an explanation of how school shootings can be stopped without infringing on gun owners' rights. She declined to elaborate on her hunting career later except to say that she had nailed a duck.

But anyway here's a photo of another Clinton holding a dead duck like the one his wife recalls shooting down.

But then today, on the eve of voting in the Badger State, the New York senator remembered more details about hunting once in Arkansas with male colleagues and standing in chilly water early one morning.

"They said, 'We won't shoot. You shoot,' " Clinton told reporters. "They wanted to embarrass me. So, OK, the pressure was on. So I shot, and I shot a banded duck. And I was as surprised as they were."

Not to mention how the unarmed duck felt.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo: Gary Hershorn / Reuters


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I seem to recall John Kerry making a foolish hunting claim before he crashed. And I seem to remember Mitt Romney making foolish hunting claims before he crashed. At least Obama repeats the words of the great successes of history. Hillary "plagiarizes" the most ridiculously flagrant political failures.

Hillary's campaign will soon be as dead as that poor duck!

You know, this tactic didn't work for Mitt. We laughed at him. We'll laugh at her too.

Duck season!
Wabbit season!
Duck season!
Duck season!

One wonders what her people are telling voters in Hawaii? That she's of Polynesian ancestry and that she can navigate thousands of miles over open sea by starlight ...

Wow! The Obama cult of personality is out in full force...stop acting so petty because you are now realizing that you have all been bamboozled by empty rhetoric

Beyond being the face of a successful campaign and having the correct foresight on one issue, the war, what else has he done? No one seems to have an answer beyond this vague notion of undefinable "change"...

Killing animals is a big turnoff for me. I can't see how that's beiing used as a cool thing.

And Hillary was allready doing so bad. Djee. I expected so much more of her. I guess politics stole her heart.

You liberals don't like to face the fact---We right-wing gun owners have enough power to make even Hillary pander to us..Last week Obama even said he was for individual gun rights(of course we know they are lying and just ashamed to admit they are liberals because we won't vote for them)..

Here is a suprise wake up to the LA Times liberal editors.., no matter how much you wish it to be true,the rest of the country doesn't think like you or even like you based on your low subscription numbers..

She went hunting once and bagged a duck. She traded cattle futures once and bagged $100,000. My god, this woman is a genius!

I downloaded and read Hilary's "Economic Blueprint: Restoring the American Dream. I also read Obamas. Winner by a long shot - Hilary

WOW Hilary tied it all together into a economic vision and plan for getting back the American Dream. Just what I was looking for at a time when I certainly see that dream slipping away from friends and family.

Great Vision Hilary... You’re the Candidate that can make it happen. You have won my vote. Sorry Obama, I could not find the beef and now seriously doubt your credibility. Also, I cannot go along with your Liberation Theology; a theology that led tens of thousands in Central America to lose their lives and freedom to those who sold the people on a vision of "change"
If you want to know what Obama means by “change” –Google this – Obama Liberation Theology

P.S. Obamatrons, please stop drinking the Kool-Aid it is making you blind, venomous and mean-spirited.

She was plagiarising Cheney.

I am glad that Hillary can fire a shot. That is the kiind of President we want! Obama sure has never fired a shot...he just brags about his drug use as a youth.

Obama has never been a Boy Scout, Obama has never marched in a parade. All he knows how to do is quote Lincoln...he thinks he is Lincoln reincarnated. His wife thinks she is Jackie Kennedy. She is sporting a flip hair do and three strand pearls like Jackie wore. How nice that we shall have "Corn Rows" in the White House.

Hillary is a strong woman. Obama has no shame because he is not qualified and is running for President like some ordinary man off the street. I believe he is a puppet paid for by the Kennedy's. Obama seems mechanical and not real.

Also, if he is a Christain, why does he associate himself with Oprah who is cohabituating with Steadman and has no plans to marry. Halle Berry is pregnant and broadcasts that she has no plans to marry. How can Obama uphold the morality and preserve the status of Marriage for the Nation???

I think this was meant to impress all those hunters in Texas who have a gun rack in their pick-up trucks. Guess what Hillary, those guys with the gun racks in their pickups aren't Democrats, and even if they were, they wouldn't be voting for you.

Well she was named after that great adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary. What's that-dates didn't come close-just another ridiculous Clintonista' lie? Suprised that never came up during his passing.

I wonder if she had a hunting license when she killed that duck or was she poaching game? We all know that democrats couldn't give a damn about the 2nd amendment. She and her husband think the second amendment is about the right to hunt ducks and deers. Bill Clinton once said that deer do not wear bulletproof vests and that therefore ammo that could penetrate a bullet proof vest should be illegal. What an idiot any legitimate deer or elk hunting round will penetrate a bulletproof vest. In order to have a humane kill the rifle rounds are very much more powerfull than a 9mm pistol. You don't shoot deer or elk at 5 yards you do at 200 yds and the bullet has to penetrate the animal and kill it in a fast humane manner. That is why rifles are more powerfull, but Clinton (Bll and Hillary) don't know anything about hunting they only go hunting once every four years at election time. Even then they are only hunting for votes from midwestern states.

What phonies I would respect them more if they just told the truth they a fear guns but they fear gun owner's votes even more.

"Killing animals is a big turnoff for me. I can't see how that's beiing used as a cool thing."

Indeed! Killing animals for fun is disgusting.

Hillary just lost my vote.

Senator Clinton tries too hard to be a man. She tries to too hard to be a women (or should I say feminist), too.

She fails in both efforts.

Yes, the obvious punchline is:
"And 30-some years later, you just have to appreciate the irony that now I'M the dead duck! What goes around comes around, I guess."

Good timing with the quote Hilary, right after a crazy guy uses a shotgun to shoot up a classroom in Illinois

Notice she didn't let that story "slip" in california. Ohhh no.

I have no problem with the right to bear arms, I don't even have a problem with people hunting/fishing, as long as they eat the damn thing.

What I *do* have a problem with is her blantant pandering to whatever demographic she's visiting. I guess she really is an "agent of change".

Next week - Wise Owl will remember white people who don't live up to Christian ideals of marriage.

I'm supposed to be turned on by the fact that she shoots at defenseless animals? I won't stand for a president who orders the shooting of PEOPLE let alone animals. I think she just shot herself in the foot.

Huh? This subject of Hillary shooting a duck is absurd. Pundits and overeager journalists will now make it seem like Hilllary would strike the match that could kill Bambi's mother.

I abhor the thought of killing animals for sport. But that's not the point right now. Whether or not she will be a good chief executive of our nation is the subject at hand. And -- be it Hillary or Borack -- I have faith in both candidates.

I shot a 180 lb. boar in the swamp this weekend. And yes, I had fun. I enjoyed going in the woods with my daughter and killing it. Does this make me evil? We like fatback in the morning, is that ok with you city folk? When yall are crying that there is a food shortage, I will send Becky out with her rifle and tell her to bring back some meat for your starving kids. Oh, it has a pistol grip and flash hider so she does not lose her night vision. I guess this make it an evil assault weapon-therefore you will not want to eat the burned carcass of a murdred animal. Enjoy your tortured chickens from KFC you hypocrites.

Wise Owl, wow. Your post is a great example of the desperation of HRC and her supporters.

"Obama seems mechanical and not real." Are you kidding!? I mean can anyone who has paid any attention to this election and can call him or herself an informed voter seriously make this claim? As for the rest of your post, it reeks of desperation and distant tangents. Why don't we just stick to duck hunting stories?

You would think she would want to team up with Cheney and take Bill hunting.

Hillary lost my vote. I can't stand women who feel they need to be "one of the guys."

Mr. Malcom,

Those bright blue "over-shorts(?)" is something to behold. Now, did he wear this particular outfit while going over documents inside the "oval" office while portraying a sitting duck?

Now that she's a known hunter, whatever will she tell the animal rights groups that she wants to court?

In response to b.iers question of what Obama has done. How about the following 37 bills attributed to his effort and support:

Senator Obama is one of the authors of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (S. 2180). The Congressional Ethics Enforcement Commission Act (S. 2259) The Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act (S. 2261) The Curtailing Lobbyist Effectiveness through Advance Notification, Updates, and Posting Act (The CLEAN UP Act) (S. 2179) Senator Obama is a cosponsor of the Medicare Informed Choice Act (S. 1841), which would extend enrollment without penalty until the end of 2006. This bill would also allow all Part D beneficiaries to change. He helped draft and introduce the National MEDiC Act (S. 1784), He introduced the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Efficiency Act (S. 2247), he obtained $25 million for international efforts to combat the avian flu and called for an inter-agency task force to immediately address this issue. This funding is now being used to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in Southeast Asia. Senator Obama introduced the Attacking Viral Influenza Across Nations Act (S. 969), Senator Obama also worked to push $7.9 billion through the Senate to help the U.S. prepare for the possibility of an avian flu pandemic.Senator Obama pressured the Environmental Protection Agency to issue long overdue rules for home remodeling and renovation that could prevent 28,000 lead-related illnesses each year, resulting in an annual net economic benefit of more than $4 billion. Senator Obama introduced the Lead Free Toys Act (S. 2048), requiring the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to ban any children's product containing lead.
He also introduced the Healthy Communities Act (S. 2047) Senator Obama introduced the Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act of 2006 (S. 3822), Senator Obama introduced the Lead-Free Toys Act (S. 2048) Senator Obama is also an original cosponsor of the Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act (S. 2053), Senator Obama has been a strong supporter of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration and is a cosponsor of the Great Lakes Environmental Restoration Act (S. 508). He is a cosponsor of the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act (S. 1151), Senator Obama introduced two bills - the Mercury Market Minimization Act (S. 3627) and the Missing Mercury in Manufacturing Monitoring and Mitigation Act (S. 3631) . These bills would significantly reduce the amount of mercury that is deposited in oceans, lakes, and rivers, which in turn would reduce the amount of mercury in fish. Senators Lugar and Obama introduced S. 2566, Senator Obama successfully passed legislation in the Senate to force the Pentagon to work towards an efficient electronic medical records system that will help ensure better care for our nation's troops. Senator Obama passed legislation in the Senate that requires all soldiers to be assessed for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after they return from deployments.
Senator Obama introduced legislation to prevent another tragedy in which the poor and elderly are left behind during a natural disaster or terrorist attack. His proposal, which was included in the recent port security law, requires states and localities to have emergency evacuation plans in place that take into account the special needs of senior citizens. Senator Obama cosponsored the Combat Meth Act (S. 103) Senator Obama has supported greater funding to fight meth through the use of Byrne Justice Assistance Grants. Senator Obama cosponsored an amendment to raise Byrne funding to $900 million in 2006; the amendment passed the Senate.
He supported the reauthorization of the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Senator Obama cosponsored Dru's Law (S. 792) He also cosponsored the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. Senator Obama cosponsored extension of Violence Against Women Act (S. 1197), which passed the Senate on October 4, 2005, and was signed into law. Obama and Senator Durbin worked together to beef up security at our federal courthouses. Senator Obama played a key role in the crafting of the immigration reform bill that the Senate passed in May 2006. Senator Obama offered three amendments that were included in the Senate bill. Senator Obama, working with Senator Lautenberg, introduced tough legislation to drastically improve security at our nation's chemical plants. The Chemical Safety and Security Act (S. 2486) Senator Obama cosponsored and voted for an amendment that would have increased rail and transit security by $1.2 billion. He has introduced legislation to ensure that the mistakes witnessed before and after Katrina are not repeated in the future. Senator Obama cosponsored the extension of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (which became Public Law 109-144). Senator Obama introduced the Spent Nuclear Fuel Tracking and Accountability Act (S. 1194), Senator Obama drafted an amendment, which was included in the Safe Drinking Water Act, which passed the EPW Committee on July 20, 2005. Senator Obama has introduced the Innovation Districts for School Improvement Act (S. 2441). Senator Obama introduced the Summer Term Education Programs for Upward Progress Act (STEP UP) (S. 2149) Barack Obama's first bill as a U.S. Senator was the HOPE Act (Higher Education Opportunity Through Pell Grant Expansion Act) (S.697), Following reports in December 2004 that Illinois veterans have for decades ranked nearly last in average disability pay received, Senator Obama led efforts to uncover the reasons for this disparity and to correct it. Senator Obama cosponsored a bill that led to a $1.5 billion increase in veterans' medical care. Senator Obama introduced the Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act (S. 3988) He authored the Sheltering All Veterans Everywhere Act (SAVE Act) (S. 1180) Senator Obama passed an amendment to increase funding for homeless veterans programs by $40 million. These funds would benefit programs that provide food, clothing, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and employment and housing assistance to homeless veterans. Senator Obama introduced the Homes for Heroes Act (S. 3475), Senator Obama introduced an amendment that became law providing food services to wounded veterans receiving physical therapy or rehabilitation services at military hospitals. Previously, service members receiving physical therapy or rehabilitation services in a medical hospital for more than 90 days were required to pay for their meals.
He and Senator Durbin passed an amendment that has become law preventing the VA from conducting a review of cases, without first providing Congress with a complete report regarding the implementation of such review. In November 2005, the VA announced that it was abandoning its planned review.Senator Obama passed an amendment to ensure that all service members returning from Iraq are properly screened for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Senator Obama passed an amendment that became law requiring the Department of Defense (DOD) to report to Congress on the delayed development of an electronic medical records system compatible with the VA's electronic medical records system. Senator Obama introduced the Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act (S. 3988) which would help veterans transition from the DOD health system to the VA system

To steven (at 8:36 pm)

There's nothing humane in hunting down defenseless animals. All forms of animal blood-sports are abominable.


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