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Gennifer Flowers to auction off The Tapes with Bill

Gennifer Flowers blowing Larry King a kiss

This just in and what a real coincidence!

Just in time to ride the wave of publicity from tonight's Democratic primary debate in Cleveland, the last one before the decisive March 4 votes and, who knows, perhaps the last one period:

Gennifer Flowers has reemerged. She's trying for a comeback too, it seems.

Once, she was the other woman from Bill Clinton's past. Now, she's just another one of those women. But she's made an announcement that's important for her financial future. Flowers has decided to sell the tapes of the telephone conversations she secretly recorded with then-Gov. Clinton during their long relationship. You may recall back in 1992 the about-to-be president denied having an intimate relationship with Flowers.

But, oops, she called a news conference and played part of one of the tapes as convincing evidence. One can only imagine what else is on those tapes...

about shopping lists, the stock market and the dry cleaners. Those preserved phone conversations all came before Monica and what's-her-name and the other one with the big hair.

The 58-year-old Gennifer -- geez, it seems like we've known her a long time now -- says she's kept the tapes safely all these years and, what an idiot, turned down a $5 million offer from some unidentified Japanese man back in the 1990s.

Somehow she says she detected renewed interest in the recordings recently and, thinking of her financial security, figured why not sell now? Why not indeed? If Mrs. Clinton doesn't do very well in some states next week, the couple may not be around in the political news much anymore. And there goes the market for secretly-made telephone tapes.

Asked about the timing of her announcement, which appears in Tuesday's Las Vegas Review-Journal, it doesn't sound like Gennifer will be campaigning much for Hillary in Texas or Ohio later this week.

“I don’t need to hurt Hillary," Flowers told Norm Clarke. "She is doing a fine job of that herself, along with her idiot husband. Karma is an interesting thing. If these two don’t get elected, and they are a team, it will be karma coming back to visit them. It's about time."

Other than that, the Arkansas trio remain good friends.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Associated Press photo by Michael Caulfield of Gennifer Flowers blowing Larry King a kiss during the taping of "Larry King Live" on Jan. 23, 1998, at CNN studios in Los Angeles.

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Is she still singing? ;)

Isn't it illegal to tape someone's conversations? What am I missing?

This is comeuppance if there ever was one. Hillary should have shown her true power and dumped Bill. We would then know that she is not afraid to go to war.

Maybe this woman out to start pursuing a romantic relationship with Ralph Nader. They are both losers.

This is outrageous!!!
It's not Hilary's fault her husband had an affair.
Gennifer Flowers is self-serving and destructive.Can't she make a living for herself by honest means instead of profiting from illicit and immoral activity?
It is cruel and damaging to reintroduce negative info at this time.

Who cares about a washed up bimbo. Bill Clinton must have been drunk, that's the only way he could have considered a relationship with this money hungry has-been.


Nader's too smart for that. He loses, and yet has integrity. The Clintons were once winners w/o integrity. And now they will be losers without integrity. Karma indeed.

HaHa! Go ahead, do the Clintons' dirty work and run her down. You're hypocritical enablers when you do that.

Jen, it may not be Hillary's fault (probably was though, I mean, Jesus!) that her husband had an affair, but she denied it publicly when she knew better. That's called lying.

And Truman, Bill must have gotten drunk a LOT!

Shown her true power indeed! Democratic voters are kicking her to the curb given any sort of alternative.

I can see Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton on stage harmonizing the legendary song by the Supremes..."Stop, in the name of love...before you break my heart, think it over...think it over..." After finishing their set, all three would simultateously look around the room and ask themselves, "where's Bill?"

You have Hillary, then you have Jennifer Flowers...Bill chose beast over beauty. Then there's Monica...she's all mouth!

"Isn't it illegal to tape someone's conversations? What am I missing?"

You're missing the years 2001 thru 2007.

We know the tape is fake, because Bill and Hillary looked the American public square in the eye one night in 1992 and told us that Flowers was lying, right there on 60 Minutes.

And many of you (pretended to) believe them.

So what's the big deal?

you gotta love this, you really do. the woman is smart. she got screwed in more ways than one for her association with a man who has no trouble lying to the whole country. go gennifer!

I am currently 28 years old, in 1992 I was 12.

I am so glad that noone is trying to sell my mistakes from that long ago. Aren't you?

what is the matter with all you idiots,? Anger still has a hold on you after all these years. You must really be miserable. Get a life.


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