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He didn't say "Read my lips" ...

... but during an interview broadcast Sunday on ABC's "This Week," John McCain, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, did utter those three little words so beloved of conservatives:


"No new taxes," the Arizona senator told host George Stephanopoulos.

McCain's statement came during a discussion of his support for making President Bush's tax cuts permanent. He initially opposed the tax cuts, twice voting against them because, he has said, they were not accompanied by spending limits. More recently he has contended, as he did Sunday, that allowing the cuts to expire would impose "what essentially would be a tax increase of thousands of dollars per family in America."

In fact, he continued on ABC, "I could see an argument, if our economy continues to deteriorate, for lower interest rates, lower tax rates and certainly decreasing corporate tax rates, which are the second-highest in the world." He also supported allowing individuals to write off depreciation in a year and eliminating the alternative minimum tax, which was created to prevent the wealthiest from avoiding the long arms of the Internal Revenue Service but has increasingly ensnared middle-class taxpayers.

Last year, McCain refused to sign a "no new taxes" pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative group that, according to its website, "opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle." He defended that action in September during a Republican candidates debate at the University of New Hampshire. "I stand on my record," he said then. "I don't have to sign pledges."

McCain's verbal "no new taxes" pledge came the day before he is expected to receive an endorsement from former President George H.W. Bush, who spoke those same three words -- preceded, for emphasis, by "Read my lips" -- during his speech accepting the GOP presidential nomination in 1988. (And we all know how that turned out.)

The whole McCain video is available here.

-- Leslie Hoffecker

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Most polls show Huckabee and Mccain in a statistical dead heat and Huckabee keeps gaining momentum!

The experts say they can not explain it, because a normal "presumptive front-runner" should have like a 70% to 15% lead at this point.

I guess there is a lot more to Mike Huckabee than they want to admit. The people pick Huckabee, and we want Huckabee to be President!

We do not want either of them as President.

If you vote for McCain or Huckabee, you're voting for either a militarist or a theocrat. Neither candidate is a good choice because neither respects the Constitution.

Guess which candidate DOES respect the Constitution: RON PAUL!

Voting for anyone else is voting away your rights, because the Constitution is the only thing protecting your rights, and Ron Paul is the only one protecting the Constitution.

Get eductated! Read the Constitution and support a candidate that lives by it!

Read my new taxes. Read my lips now...I Lied!
Mr. McCain, You really don't have to raise taxes anyway because taxes are going up on their own. Inflation is rampant, and it in itself is a TAX.
Like most Americans, I am living on less and paying far MORE for it.
Now if you would promise to LOWER our rising taxes, you just might get an extra vote or two.
And why should I believe you when the folks who endorse you are liars?
Read my lips John...NO, I will not vote for you...ever!

McCain apparently can't handle elementary accounting, much less economics. He wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years, continue the irresponsible Bush tax cuts, and balance the budget.

Yeah....right. To quote Bugs Bunny "--What a moroon!"

Ok, the stage has been set. McCain has said no new taxes. This will please the wealthy class which consists of a fraction of the voting population of the US. The middle class and the poor want new taxes for the upper class. Warren Buffet illustrated that the rich have been getting a pass on taxes for many years. He challenged all his wealthy peers, the CEOs of the Fortune 500, to show him an instance where they paid a greater percentage of their income in federal taxes than did their receptionists. Buffet offered a million dollars to any of them who could do so. He got no takers. Buffet is a beneficiary of the skewed (aka screwed) system, but at least he is now helping to expose the elites' gravy train. The millionaires are becoming billionaires while the middle class is being driven into poverty. If the elections aren't fraudulent, then logic would predict that McCain will lose by a landslide. There is a considerably greater number of voters who have been hurt by the Bush taxation policies which have given the rich a pass. These people will not vote for McCain.

Of course Obrador should have won the Mexican presidency for the same reason, but he didn't. Could that election have been fraudulent? Of course it was.
America is no better than Mexico when it comes to election fraud, especially with black box electronic voting, voter caging, and a complicit Supreme Court. So, McCain could still become the next president of the United States. Sad, but true.

We don't need new taxes. Just bring back the old ones that required the rich to pay their fair share of this country's upkeep. It was the Reagan give aways that started us down this road to national destruction that all the McCain supporters seem to think is a great idea. Repeal the Alzheimer's economics that got started 27 years ago, and we MIGHT stand a chance of regaining our country. Keep lowering every tax you can (except those on working people), and you will just shove us further down the rabbit hole. There is such a thing as paying responsibly for the society you live in, and this republican idea that you can actually HAVE a society without paying for it is just plain ridiculous.

Read My Lips... No new Neocons!

Please donate to Ron Paul today at

thank you!

This country is deeply in debt and continues to get deeper. You can relate the Republican policy to that of a family that refuses to work for their own money and borrow's and borrow's and borrow's until someone else owns everything they once had. The Republicans refuse to understand we, the citizen, have ownership of this country and should be supporting it. They refuse to understand that we, the citizen, have the responsibility to provide the resources needed to grow and build this country. This is a responsibility of every American including those that now are favored by Republican legistation.

I would like the Republicans tell me, where does needed income come from? I'm sure part of their answer would be small govenment requires less money. Well, as this country's population grows, so does and will the government. As long as the government continue to put us in uneccsary wars our needs will continue to grow, for the war and more importantly for the health and injury costs of the citizens we put in those uneccessary conflicts. Is it more important to continue to grow our indebtness to China or find our way back to supporting our own country with our own money?

Taxes are nothing more than money spent to care for this country and to make it better. No doubt the politicans can do a better job of using the money and our tax laws need to be revised to better balance tax responsible. There are also no doubt the Republican stance of tax cuts and no tax increases not only promote but makes necessary the continued borrow, borrow and borrow of funds to promote the war, and the issues of America. Where else will the money come from.

I would suggest you start learning Chinese, they may call in their debts some day.

I am always curious when people advocate taxing the rich, just what they consider rich. Is making more than 100K rich? What about 200K? As a corporate attorney I make a good living, but I worked hard to get here. I am taxed at the 30% rate. How can that not be enough?

With the state’s disinvestment in the UC system I paid quite a bit for both college and law school. I have tons of loans and would love to be able to pay them back quickly. Why can't I keep more of my money so that I can pay off my bills and start investing in retirement since it is obvious social security isn't going to give me much when I am old? I am not against paying my fair share, but I disagree with those who say the "rich" are not paying enough now. Giving away almost a third of my income a year while not getting better roads, schools, etc in return is enough!

That said, I'm not a republican and I'll never vote for McCain.

Angela, you are richer than many, but you are in the middle class. The rich are millionaires many times over. If you have a hundred million, then you are who I was speaking of. We are talking about the rich, not the comfortable.


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