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Ex-GOP senator embraces Obamania

February 14, 2008 | 10:38 am

Lincoln Chafee, the Rhode Island Republican-turned-independent, has followed through with the broad hint he recently dropped, announcing that he will be voting for -- and, if wanted, working for -- Democrat Barack Obama.

Chafee's home state holds its presidential primary on March 4 and his backing could help his newly favored candidate. The Associated Press story on the Obama endorsement notes that even as Rhode Island voters were ousting Chafee from his Senate seat in 2006, he had an approval rating of 63%. (His liberal voting record couldn't overcome what was a tough year for Republicans, in general).

Chafee's support for Obama once again puts him at odds with Sheldon Whitehouse, the Democrat who beat him in '06. Whitehouse has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

-- Don Frederick