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Colin Powell studies the presidential fields, again

The man who resisted considerable public pressure to run for president himself as a Republican back in 1996 is still not ready to endorse anyone in 2008.

But Colin Powell, former general for President Bush I and former secretary of state for President Bush II, gave Wolf Blitzer on CNN some hints about his thinking during a Friday interview. One of them: he may vote for a Democrat or independent, which he said last summer on "Meet the Press." Here's what he said Friday:

I am watching this race with the greatest of interest, and I know all of the leading candidates. Now, I don't know Mr. Huckabee as well as I know Senator McCain and Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, but I am watching this.

And I will ultimately vote for the person I believe brings to the American people the kind of vision the American people want to see for the next four years. A vision that reaches out to the rest of the world, that starts to restore confidence in America, that starts to restore favorable ratings to America.

Frankly, we've lost a lot in recent years. I am going to be looking for the candidate that seems to me to be leading a party that is fully in sync with the candidate, and a party that will also reflect America's goodness and America's vision.

And I will be looking for the candidate that I think will be the most competent candidate. The one who can deal with problems and bring the government together with the Congress to solve these problems.And so I know them all. I am a Republican, but I am keeping my options open at the moment. 

And I am in touch with the candidates. And anybody who wants to talk to me about an issue, I'll do so.  But sooner or later, as any other American, I will make my choice.

Hmm, a party "fully in sync with the candidate" and "We've lost a lot in recent years..." Let's see, which party could he possibly be thinking about?

--Andrew Malcolm

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"...bring the government together with the Congress"...gosh! Who could that possibly be?!?!

Colin Powell needs to type up that dismissive report on Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld job performance. Send it to the networks and newspapers. Ridicule some of the people he used to work with as incompetent.

His opinion now isn't weighted to make a difference anymore. That's Bush's fault and he's done nothing to change the dynamic.

There is nothing wrong if he chooses to be Republican and votes for a Democratic President in November. Preferably to me, he can vote for Obama.

I'm sure he's thankful for being fired. He's not responsible what Bush has done in the last four years.

He is responsible for keeping his silence and that's a shame. His point of view on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest is desired.

While he may have served at the secretary level of a Republican administration, one would be hard pressed to find a figure more respected by such a wide swath of the American body politic and the public at large across the political spectrum. An endorsement from Colin Powell is likely to go a long way -- particularly in circles where Oprah has no capital. If we're to assume that Secretary Powell is more at home with this year's Democratic front-runners, he should speak up now in favor of one or the other if he cares enough to help prevent an increasingly fractious process that may ultimately explode at a brokered convention.

powell's false un testimony in the final stages of bringing about the iraq invasion is unforgotten. anyone who cares to question his carefully groomed image of the 'innocent warrior,' will easily find ample evidence to show his fair share of responsibility in some of the most atrocious massacres and treasonous actions of modern history. anyone considering this man's endorsement for anyone running for the presidential office be advised to watch google video, 'beyond treason.'

How many lives and trillions of dollars could this one man have saved if he had told the truth at the UN about WMD?

He would do more for his favorite candidate by publicly rooting for an opponent.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell IS international liar of the highest order, and like his Repuglicrite associates
Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld-Rice-Rove Inc. et al., he hides
from both personal & professional responsibility and accountability.

Why isn't Colin Powell running for President?!
He's stately, well spoken and eminantly qualified. FAR MORE QUALIFIED then eith Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

The current field is a joke. Since when does a guy (Obama) whose nothing but a manufactured, packaged candidate lead in the race? Are YOU - the American people, so gullible has to simply accept anyone whose packaged up by the media and presented to you? The media is telling you who to vote for and you're buying it! Neither of the Democratic candidates offers any substance or details to their positions - not to menion their blatant pandering: i.e. - if you think they are going to suddenly pull all our troops out of Iraq when we're building 14 permanent military bases there - and building an embassey there - the largest in the world in fact - then you're deluded. Wake up!

JP Rattie
(Registered Independant)

See those dots? They are WMD mobile labs!!!!

The defining moment in Colin Powell's public life. Being made to look like fool by George Bush is no small feat. Well, maybe Tony Blair can match it.

O'Bama and Colin Powell Ticket, Senator McCain won't have a chance.

I believe there were none at the time (WMDS) But you can believe that Saddam Hussein was working with the Al Quaida to bring down the US, and he had the oil and the money and the reason to do it. The Muslim mind is an eye for an eye.. and they would never forgive the US for the defeat they suffered in the Persian Gulf. We got the right guy at the wrong time thank God. We now need to get that SOB Osama bin Ladin. But we do not need to bring Iran into it. We do need to see that he does not get WMDS. Get bin Ladin now! ! JLL


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