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Who's the better Santa Claus, Clinton or Obama?

February 18, 2008 |  7:56 am

Give Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson credit -- he's making no bones about viewing the crucial Democratic presidential primary campaign unfolding in his state as a golden opportunity to find out what's in it for his city.

Forget the experience vs. change debate. Set aside the questions of who's ready for Day One in the White House or who's best able to turn the page in Washington. Here's what Jackson wants to know from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: Which one of you can deliver the goods for me?

Specifically, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported last week, he sent to each his "wish list" for $6.3 billion in federal aid over five years for Cuyahoga County (which Cleveland dominates).

Jackson, a longtime and influential member of the Cleveland City Council who was elected mayor in 2005, hasn't yet endorsed in the primary -- a contest in which his municipality happens to offer the richest lode of delegates.

He's been coy about who might get his backing. But you can bet he didn't send off his proposals as a theoretical exercise.

-- Don Frederick