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Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus, McCain 2nd, Paul 3rd

Former Gov. Mitt Romney convincingly won the Maine Republican caucus tonight with about 52% of the vote.

The current GOP front-runner, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is running a distant second with 22% and Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded longshot, is in a very close third with 19% of the vote. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is trailing badly with only 5%.

With nearly two-thirds of the votes counted, Maine Republican Party Vice Chairman Scott Kauffman said, "It is very sure that former Gov. Romney wins the contest."

Although Maine does not carry the political clout of many other states, it could provide a helpful psychological boost going into nearly two dozen crucial Super Tuesday contests this week for Romney's forces, who lost to McCain in Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Nearly half the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination will be chosen Tuesday.

In a statement tonight, Romney, who was campaigning today in the upper Midwest after attending the funeral of Gordon Hinckley, the president of the Mormon church, in Salt Lake City, said, "Today the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington."

The actual number of Maine delegates he won in the non-binding caucuses will be determined at a state convention in May.

It was a disappointing night for Ron Paul. The campaign of the 72-year-old, 10-term congressman from Texas with the well-financed campaign had hoped to pull an upset in independent-minded Maine. And he did come close to embarrassing McCain for second place, which Paul also won in the Louisiana and Nevada caucuses.

Maine Democrats hold their statewide caucuses next weekend.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus, Primed to Win Over 1/3 of State Delegates


Vive Le Constitution!!!!

Mc AMNES-NASTY loses to Dr. NO!....Oh, YES!

Once again I was able to use the internet to determine the actual results and none of the mainstream media outlets seem to be able to do that. Is inferior intelligence to blame, or is it malicious?

Anyway, the fact is that no one won plain and simple - not anything that counts yet. We won't know which way the delegates will vote until the state convention. And even then, they are NOT bound to vote for any candidate when they go to the national convention. They may vote their conscience. What Romney "won" was the "Presidential Preference Poll", which is just that, a poll. It is NON-binding, used for informational purposes at the state convention.

It is my understanding (thanks only to that Romney is reportedly in the lead in the delegate count. But Ron Paul is in 2nd place with 35% - 215/608. McCain is in 3rd place. That is based on only 10/16 counties so far. In other words, Ron Paul will end up with over 35% and we know they aren't going to change their minds and will vote as such at the national convention.


Go Ron Paul! He's up at 5.2 million USD and is aiming for 8 million USD by tomorrow. Help feed the revolution!

Ron Paul is the only candidate that is really different. More support from the miliatary officers than any other candidate. A real education (MD) that translates to real life expreience. The man can think, speak and cut our taxes and foolish policing of the world. What more do you need to find that this is the best choice?

What really happened: Guiliani was their front man. But Ron Paul's adamant supporters reacted so violently in the face of the status quo. It was then that those in positions of power began to realize that Guiliani was far too controversial. They realized their glaring failure when Guiliani put America to sleep with his hour long opportunities to answer in the debates and mediocre political jabs. They quickly realized that a new "set," of men were necessary. Ones that virtually sold their souls for the promise of power. Money rolled in behind the scenes into all their campaigns. Effectively, once choice appearing, actually, as many. The media elites chimed in with giaganitc support for the new front man Romney, who will soon be exposed as an immoral, hipocritical fraud. McCain's no better, his hands greased with texas oil and good 'ol boy support from the south. Half the time, people had great difficulty determining if Thompson really had a pulse. Guiliani's campaign is dead. The others are forgotten. And the ballot boxes are stuffed for Romney, liar, a long-time brown-noser to his bosses, a grandiose history of polygamy, a douche. Really, if you had to describe it, he's a goddam liar. Saying to the press that his father marched with Dr. King., although King was in a different city. Special interest money and corporation cash jammed in his pockets. It's sick when a douche masquerades as god when he's actually the Anti-Christ. Is god really dead?

the poor coverage and unfair media coverage paul gets is disgusting , how dare they give him no time to talk in debates and almost obnoxiously cut him short while talking and give other candidates full power to talk as long as they want , absolutely disgraceful.

IF you really think Romney is a conservative you might need to take Intro to Politics. If ROMNEY OR McCain, for that matter, where conservative then wouldn't they be for less spending and more tax cuts? And wouldn't they also be for less government; maybe this is before my time but I remember when the Constitution was actually meant something and Republicans would look out for my Bill of Rights and my Natural Rights given to me by God. If you like Romney or McCain, your going to be in a world of hurt because if the Republicans put them as the front runner; the democrats will get the white house because they are not much different.

If so many people online like Ron Paul then why is he behind in any poll or election ever? Tell your friends. Tell your family. Take a stand. Donate money. Donate time. Display signs.

Show the world they can not shut Ron Paul up.

Show the country that the next man voted in will be a Ron Paul disciple.

- return to the constitution
- smaller gov't
- restore liberties
- ban the fed
- demand balanced budget
- return the the self sufficient greatness that we used to enjoy. It DOESN'T take a village. Sometimes it takes just ONE MAN.

The reason Ron Paul has gotten so little media coverage is that media (radio and tv)has been consolidated into basically four (4) media conglomerates. The federal government (FCC) is to blame here because they have to give the O.K. because award the licenses for the frequencies in which they are broadcast. Therefore, the opinions can be narrowed and controlled by four different organizations. Also the news coverage is a production and media would like it better to display two candidates on the tv screen or sound bites on the radio. The FCC needs to break up these 4 companies to diversify the opinion and give back the people of America a greater access to expression and the press.

"A Foreign Policy of Freedom," Ron Paul's book, is BRILLIANT! Read it!

FACT: People are not counting votes for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is only a long shot because the corp. media wants to shut him up. People see right through this, and Ron Paul supporters will not give up.

Ron Paul is more Republican than McCain, or Romney. He's been a REPUBLICAN for over a decade. GIVE ME A BREAK! Live with it and accept main stream media.

There is a conspiracy to SNUFF out RON PAUL.

Latest news is Ron Paul is in second place, beating John McCain.

as a marine who has been in Iraq, I support Ron Paul and everyone reading this should learn more about Dr Paul, hopefully the media can start showing all this momentum and support for Dr. Paul, so that everyone in the WORLD can learn his message.

Wow. More irresponsible journalism. "long shot" Ron Paul. I cant believe that with all the money and all the support, no one can just say "Ron Paul". It sadly is always prefaced with "Long Shot" or "No chance of nomination." He beat Giuliani in almost every primary, yet people still called Giuliani a front runner and ignored Ron Paul... Came in second in Nevada, arguably won Louisiana, once they actually count the Ron Paul supporters' votes... I Checked CNN website, they have every candidate running (even edwards noting that he dropped out)... But, Ron Paul is no where to be found. Mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves for their role in this election. And shame on the people, too. I spoke with three people last night that said they liked Ron Paul but didnt feel like he could get elected, so they are voting for someone else. Whats the point of having the freedom to vote, if you are going to vote for someone that isnt your first choice? If the media stopped dismissing this incredible, honest, educated, brilliant and humble man, he would have the most delegates at this point.

If you want a story that matters, you should cover the Louisiana caucuses... Ron Paul most likely came in first - but has to sue the LA GOP, because their lists were old, and they were denying Ron Paul voters and changed the registration dates to allow other candidates to catch up after an overwhelming Ron Paul turn out. Disgusting that this is what our election system has come down to.

Focus on what you can do to make positive change, instead of contributing to the disgust of the media-driven election system.

We have a man that will set our country straight, but no one will cover him. This man could bring us back to constitutional government, and get our nation back on track to be out of debt, and extremely prosperous. He could easily pave the way for a great future for our children, and stop wasting all of this rediculous money on illegal wars. (whatever your political opinion about the war - WAKE UP - we have NO money - we can't afford it)

Shame shame shame that RON PAUL may not come in first like he would have if you people in the media actually gave him some fair exposure without being dismissive. Without Ron Paul, your children will suffer too. Maybe you should think about that.

Thanks for the article. I am a Ron Paul supporter and have been reading your stuff. Thanks again. I have some renewed hope after this. Frankly, you are one of the few that even bring up Dr. Ron Pauls' name!


Just imagine if the mainstream media talked so highly of Ron Paul as they do of their hand picked "front runners".
The reasons for the media avoiding Ron Paul so blatantly is beyond me but it is truly disgusting to see this unfold.
To the CNN's, Fox News, and MSNBC's out there, we are watching and like the ELEPHANT'S that WE ARE, we shall not forget.
I have seen very limited coverage on a few commentator's shows, Wolf Blitzer, Glenn Beck, and a few others but overall the major "news" outlets magically forget about Ron Paul when they are talking about the Presidential elections, why is that?
There are a lot of us out here and whether or not Ron Paul comes in first and wins the Executive Seat he so fairly deserves as the "Last Honest Man in Washington", and for you Hillary supporters, she is a liar and hypocritical opportunist like the rest of Washington.

As many have noted, the media in general gives precious little time to Ron Paul. And when they do it is largely in a demeaning fashion: they always mention "he can't win"/"longshot"/"darkhorse"/even "wacky" -- although those terms are never used against the NeoCon candidates who have since dropped out who by most objective standards weren't doing as well as Paul.

Because he is seen by those who understand his beliefs and professional history as a necessary antidote to the "business as usual" mentality of Washington DC, the state Capitols and the corporate media, ordinary Americans get excited about Ron Paul. But that's only IF they understand what's gone wrong and what needs to be done. And IF they hear about Ron Paul at all.

I'm utterly convinced that there ARE enough people who understand that govt, especially at the federal level, needs some serious reigning in. That we are going broke. That trying to police the world isn't particularly bright and is ruinously expensive. That every govt program is a mega-flop and that the feds should be trying to do LESS, not more. That a polics state won't make us more secure. That giving up our sovereignty won't make us stronger. And that Ron Paul, within the confines of the Presidency, could start to turn things around before the whole sorry mess collapses.

But that's only IF he gets heard so that people can get behind him. And I know they would if he got real coverage. Paul frightens some powerful people. So they've done a damned good job of silencing him sufficiently that Joe and Jane Average across America won't have heard of him in order to consider him. Not in time. And that's too bad because we've all got a lot to lose when the bills come due.

Hence the passion of us damned Ron Paul "tinfoil hat wearers". We understand. We care. We dare to hope for a real change. We recognize it when it's before us.

Ron LONGSHOT Paul, is a LONGSHOT Liberterian, who came in LONGSHOT 3rd in a useless LONGSHOT straw poll. What a LONGSHOT bunch of LONGSHOT bull.

Did I forget to mention that he's a LONGSHOT?? Funny, he was a LONGSHOT a long time ago.

Enough already, just report the news instead of trying to manipulate it. Where is the "FRONTRUNNER" Guiliani now?

I'm Heading to the poll right now to vote for Ron Paul!!!!! And about 50 of my friends!!!!!

I'm hoping that Ron Paul will team up with someone like Lou Dobbs and run as an independant in the general election. Then maybe he will get some media attention and the American people will hear his platform and he will be able to debate the establishment elites on the issues.


Un-Constitutional Wars, Imperialistic Foreign Entanglements, Domestic and Foreign Lobbies, McCain-Feingold Suppression of Free Speech, Patriot Act Spying on Citizens, Human Sacrifice by Abortion , Illegal Immigrant Amnesty, Discrimination Against Christian Culture, Alien Birthright Citizenship, Abolition of the Death Penalty, Burdensome Taxes, Burdensome Government Spending, Burdensome Government Regulations, Borrowing from Social Security, Expensive Technical and College Educations, Expensive Medical Care, Expensive Medicaid, and Expensive Litigation.

Solar Energy Dependence, Scientific Research and Development, Highly Selective Proactive Recruitment of Immigrants, Government Support for Religious Schools, Internet Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Impenetrable Military Defenses, Environmental Restoration and Protection, Tax Exemptions for Motherhood Contributions, Proactive Foreign Diplomacy, Comprehensive Immigration Reforms, Mexican Border Fence, Illegal Alien Deportation, Seasonal Agricultural Guest Work Contracts for Poor Nations, Normalization of Relations with Cuba, and Bin Laden Dead or Alive.

Go Ron Paul!!!

My wife and I have decided that we will vote for Ron Paul in the presidential election. Even if he is not on the ticket we will write him in. Why would we vote for a candidate not on the ballot?
We have not voted for any candidate in the last several elections as we were Voting Against the less of to evils but not really voting for a particular candidate.

When you cast your vote for the Media and the system selected candidates are you voting your own convictions or there choice.
No thanks as feeble minded as we may be, we will vote our convictions.

Hi Andrew. Thanks for putting our Ron Paul comments here. A lot of other sites, including Fox, of course, refuse to put any of them up. So we thank you for writing articles -- even if you keep calling him a LONGSHOT -- and putting up our comments about Ron Paul.

Like someone else said, just imagine the first places he'd be winning now if he was given any unbiased coverage by the TV and newspaper media and everyone had heard of him and his message.

But even so, with all the obstacles thrown in his way by people who are threatened by his anti-war, smaller government message, I think he's holding in there really well! And we are too, thanks to fair people like you (except for the constant LONGSHOT tag, which, again, is only because he is not given any media coverage!!!)

Whoops NO! DUH!

It was actually Romney first, Paul second and McCain third, but then again the Washington Post is part of the corporate biased media who get everything wrong.

That was a popularity poll you idiots! Paul is second with 35% of the delegates, right behind Romney. That's the tally for the caucus and the caucus is what counts, not a popularity poll.


Ron Paul Finishes Second in Maine Caucus
February 5, 2008
(Long Island, N.Y.) Three days before Super Tuesday, Texas Representative Ron Paul gained steam in his bid for the Oval Office by placing second to Mitt Romney in the Republican GOP nominations for the state of Maine and ahead of Senator John McCain in garnering over 35% of the votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney logged 52% of the total votes to win the state.

“In the last weeks, I was sure it was Ron Paul,” said Julie Ann O’Brien, executive director of the Maine Republican Party. “But in the last three to five days, both of the Republican candidates Romney and McCain really kicked into gear and got people up here.”

10-term Texas Congressman Ron Paul was the only candidate who personally campaigned in the state of Maine and drew tremendous support from local groups as well as the business sector from the area. In the last quarter of the year 2007, Ron Paul amassed over $20 Million of funding for his campaign and was the highest and most successful Republican fundraiser.

This placing by Dr. Ron Paul in Maine’s caucus represents a growing national support for his candidacy and installed new optimism for his supporters and staff coming into the biggest Tuesday of his campaign. Dubbed as the “Tuesday of Destiny” on Feb. 5th, 2008, the Republican GOP nominations will simultaneously hold Primaries and Caucuses in 21 different states including Utah, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Alabama, West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona and Alaska. The total size of delegations for Super Tuesday will be 1,081 for all 21 states, a number that will give tremendous advantage to whoever seizes the day.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney’s win in Maine solidified his spot as a serious contender for the Republican GOP nomination as he closes the gap with Arizona Senator John McCain who was the early favorite after winning on key primaries in Florida and South Carolina in January.

Ron Paul received more delegates in Maine than mccain. Delegates are more important than polls.

Looks like Christopher didn't have to "live with it" regarding Dr. Paul being in third place for too long.


i have 2 words


There is only one choice if you want the peoples wishes to be honoured.....
Just look at the candidates voting record for a change....!!
For the Clinton voters:
Hillary started as a CORPORATE lawyer... voted FOR torture FOR the war
FOR Guantanamo bay....
You want any more "change"?

If all voters where properly informed and knew the ins and outs of "politics" ,
and Ron Paul had the same amount of media coverage
we wouldnt even have a real contest.....guaranteed!
For now lets hope that when people see he is un-rightfully ignored,
that all will experience that as if they are pushed certain direction

And behave and vote accordingly.

Ron .Paul .2008!!!!


Paul, Huckabee, and Romney are the Reagan Conservatives for God and Constitution; McCain is the Podhoretz Neo-Con for the un-constitutional McCain-Feingold suppression of internet freedom of speech, the immoral sacrificial killing of children by their mothers, the treasonous amnesty for illegal Mexican immigrants, and the sacrifice of the wealth and blood of the American People in un-constitutional wars for Israel.

Shall these Podhoretz Neo-Con traitors against God and Constitution be justly expelled from the Republican Party by the Reagan Conservatives; or, shall they be allowed to continue to subvert it? Shall McCain have a date for the presidency; or shall he have date for the Conservative Republican firing squad?

Google: Mearsheimer Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy; Stricherz Why the Democrats are Blue; Wall Street Journal McCain-Feingold; Human Events Ron Paul Interview; Who Would the World Elect.

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