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Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus, McCain 2nd, Paul 3rd

Former Gov. Mitt Romney convincingly won the Maine Republican caucus tonight with about 52% of the vote.

The current GOP front-runner, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is running a distant second with 22% and Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded longshot, is in a very close third with 19% of the vote. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is trailing badly with only 5%.

With nearly two-thirds of the votes counted, Maine Republican Party Vice Chairman Scott Kauffman said, "It is very sure that former Gov. Romney wins the contest."

Although Maine does not carry the political clout of many other states, it could provide a helpful psychological boost going into nearly two dozen crucial Super Tuesday contests this week for Romney's forces, who lost to McCain in Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Nearly half the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination will be chosen Tuesday.

In a statement tonight, Romney, who was campaigning today in the upper Midwest after attending the funeral of Gordon Hinckley, the president of the Mormon church, in Salt Lake City, said, "Today the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington."

The actual number of Maine delegates he won in the non-binding caucuses will be determined at a state convention in May.

It was a disappointing night for Ron Paul. The campaign of the 72-year-old, 10-term congressman from Texas with the well-financed campaign had hoped to pull an upset in independent-minded Maine. And he did come close to embarrassing McCain for second place, which Paul also won in the Louisiana and Nevada caucuses.

Maine Democrats hold their statewide caucuses next weekend.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Even if he doesn't win. He's still given me a bandwagon with my name on it to hop into. Instead of settling for subpar candidates with subpar ethics. Whatever happens, the Ron Paul Revolution needs to Continue.

Unlike pretty much all of the other media outlets, the LA Times has been extremely fair in its coverage of Ron Paul. Thank you for that.

Andrew, Question, "Are you Conner's brother?", I Just wish we would talk of winning and losing after all of the votes were counted, Ron Paul is the only choice and the only voice for change. I think Dr Paul is right, be whatever drummer you march too, You get those Rights to dance from the Constitution, rember, Vote for Paul, if you feel you can take care of yourself, if you believe in peace, and personal responsibilty, and all the good things that make all of us American's. If not, don't worry there are plenty of media outlets to do your thinkin for you, Have a drink the Big Game is on!! everything will be just fine

Andrew -- I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your generally fair coverage of Ron Paul. I also

I must however inquire: is there some written or unwritten rule that any coverage of Ron Paul must always include the "longshot" label? Why is it that other, lesser known candidates are not consistenly labeled longshots but Ron Paul is?

Such a label serves to marginalize the designee. I must also ask: is that the intention? Certainly you must know that many voters will not vote for a candidate they perceived to be a longshot for fear of "wasting" their vote. I'm afraid that even polite articles that marginalize the candidate are just as or even more destructive than openly derisive and hostile articles.

So, why the label? You may argue that it is accurate, but is there a reader that does not know he is a longshot?

(One, you're correct, it is accurate. Two, I don't always use it. and three, it seems to objective people like kind of a compliment sometimes that someone expected to do so poorly is actually doing so well, which one could argue Dr. Paul is sometimes.)

You need not worry, it has all been taken care of...

go to youtube: search for... Hacking Democracy

"If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention"

I agree that the Los Angeles Times, has been fair in covering Ron Paul. I sincerely appreciate that. Perhaps Ron Paul supporters should purchase subscriptions or stock as a thank you for the unbiased reporting?

Ron Paul is just now building momentum. Think about the large majority of the anti-war GOP vote that went to McCain in the NH exit polls. Those people obviously didn’t know what the heck they were voting for in “Hundred Year War” McKill. Every dollar donated, every commercial ran, every door knocked will keep growing this peaceful movement to restore the Constitution, restore sound money and end perpetual foreign wars.


Thank you for sharing that video on Ron Paul, that was awesome, and thank you L.A. Times for allowing it to be posted so we could view it here.

Ron Paul for the win! He has my vote and support in California.

Ron paul has been blacked out by the media, it's disgusting, Huckabee is only still in due to his constant TV coverage, he;s all over the place, ron paul doesn't get a look in, ... this is democracy ? well you can stuff your democracy if this is it.

We all have been living a nightmare. A vision D. Eisenhower warned of in his 1961 farewell address to the nation. In his address, Eisenhower warned of the corruption of our government, our society, and our culture by the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It seems that as a nation, we have not listened. Eisenhower’s dire vision has become our reality. And from this fearful dream, this nation is waking. Our eyes are opening to the truth collectively for the first time. WE THE PEOPLE are finding that we have been subjugated, placated into ignorance and fear, lied to by the very people we have entrusted to preserve and protect our rights, liberties, and our constitution. Many will turn away in fear of truth and close their eyes once again. To open our eyes to this reality, is to also understand that we are all responsible for it as well. complacency and dependence upon the machine keeps THE PEOPLE in line because it is convenient and safe. We have sold our souls. We have as a nation let this happen to ourselves.
My heart breaks for the people of this nation. Our government wages war upon our freedoms, liberties, and our constitution. I watch our republic’s destruction, not to the sound of guns or bombs, but to the sound of thunderous applause of those held captive by terrified patriotic blindness, guided by the propaganda of fear, as we give our rights and even the lives of our fellow man for the profit of the corrupt. A fear that is erasing our great history of freedom and repeating itself 70 years later with another dictatorship of war, under the guise of homeland security and the protection of the people.
With love and openness, we can overcome ignorance and fear. It is our right as the people, and my duty as a United States MARINE written into our constitution by our founding fathers, entrusted to us, by the people, to ensure that our liberty, freedom, and the constitution never again become the subjugation of the corruption that we have wrought upon ourselves. We must take back our country, and give it to the people. So let us open our hearts, take responsibility, and make our HOPE become our reality. Lets begin REVOLUTION. His name

Dr. Ron Paul

It's nice to See Ron in third and hopefully wins 2nd. I still don't think the average person knows who the heck ron paul is. Seriously, the typical person could care less about the election. They are so fed up with the crooked politicans they just tune out. I think back to Michigan where only 1 million people voted in the primary and there were 6 million registered voters. These are the people we want! I wish Ron would go independent, but I don't think he will, but he has started a movement, and hopefully a new party some day. Don't be discouraged Ron Paul people the fight has just begun. Remember this is a grass roots movement, first we go local, then state, then national. With the constituation as our guide there will be no stopping us!

Just wish we had someone like Ron Paul in the Uk. Outstanding individual, Why is Mccain leading in the election. He seems so unstable..scary

For those of you plugging Romney:
Listen to me. I'm from Massachusetts. I didn't like Mitt Romney as our governor.
The thought of him becoming president makes me want to move out of the country.
He made it mandatory that everyone get health insurance. The people that couldn't afford it before
can't afford it now. Plus, they get fined if they don't get it? Are they supposed to get the money out of thin air?
That sounds familiar. Our tax money will be paying for "The Big Dig" for many years in this state. I can't blame
Romney completely for that but he definately had some part in it. He also proposed to privatize the state colleges in Mass.

DR RON PAUL IS the right man for the USA!!!!!!!!!!
and people we should not let those other clowns screw us up again!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Mr. Malcom:

Thank you for having the moxie to at least mention Dr. Ron Paul when reporting on the various Republican primaries and caucuses. That is much more than most media reporters do.

One small point of criticism, however. You appear to have fallen into the widespread media trap of refering to Dr. Paul as the "longshot", that is when they even bother to mention him. It is interesting that I've yet to have seen any other media outlet refer to any of the previous six Republican candidates (who have now fallen by the wayside) as "longshots". This stigmatized prefix, reserved by most media writers only for Dr. Ron Paul, subtly implies a negative assessment of Dr. Ron Paul, reducing his chances for victory in the subconscious minds of many readers.

Why not refer to him as a "swelling minority supported" candidate? Or a "champion of timely change" candidate? Or the "real threat to the compromised establishment" candidate? Or perhaps simply a "revolutionary Republican" candidate?

Please, whatever you want to call him, please kindly drop the "longshot" label.

Thanks and be well,
John Schumacher-Hardy, South Lancaster, MA

Romney is just another big buisness freak like BUSH. He (romney) supports Bush almost as much as the faciast dictator McCain.

Vote Ron Paul 2008

The actual number of Maine delegates he won in the non-binding caucuses will be determined at a state convention in May"
Stop making it look like Romney actually won in Maine when all your doing is predicting he won.

re: "longshot"

I almost posted about that yesterday, today I am.
You should use a qualifier for every candidate or just drop it.

Maybe something like...
"McCain, the war monger candidate" or "Huckabee, the Jesus freak candidate"

Anyway, just like at the track, when the "longshot" comes in,
we'll all win big!

Please. Many have asked why all of the free media coverage has been given over the last year to GOP'ers McCain, Huck, and Mittens. I would like to know why too.

It's not like Ron Paul is Tom Tancrado, or Sam Brownback! RON has a huge base of support. RON has a continually growing base of support. RON is the LARGEST FUNDRAISER in the fourth quarter of all the GOP candidates! And all of this was grassroots, $19.9 MILLION DOLLARS of support by the people! The news media didn't cover this. They say all the campaigns are broke, except romney. iT'S NOT TRUE.
McCain is IN DEBT.....TO WHO????
Romney is IN DEBT.....TO WHO????
Hucakbee is IN DEBT...TO WHO????
Ron Paul is not in debt, and he is funded my you, and me, and your neighbor, and the news media is not covering it.

GOOGLE RON PAUL. Look at the issues. He stands for and has stood for what YOU WANT.

Filter your choice through the constitution, not the news media,. Think for yourself! There is no other choice. George Bush has ruined our country, and Ron Paul is poised to take it back, for us!

In an interview with Bill Moyers it was correctly pointed out that the air waves belong to the citizens and that the private media companies such as ABC, NBC and CBS owe something back to the public in the form of fair and unbiased media coverage. While they are constantly doing stories on the other candidates and giving them millions in free advertising Ron Paul goes almost completely unreported. This is especially discraseful when you consider that he has had almost as many donations from military service men as all other remaining candidates combined. If they aren't even willing to give representation to the men fighting for the country then how do we have a free press. The world is watching and noticing the hypocricy of our system.

We in Canada are watching closely. How could any reasonable thinking American not vote for Ron Paul? He truly seems to be for the people. All the other candidates are part of the old problem.

I would like to punch a giant hole through the perception that the main stream media blackout is responsible for Ron Paul's lack of a greater percentage of votes. To borrow from a political advisor, "It's the software stupid!"

I am a computer programmer. I consult for banks. Despite the spin that you may have been fed, I can assure you that optical scan and touch screen voting machines are most certainly NOT as secure as ATMs!

Hundreds of corporate computer technicians guard banking software and data at all times; that's 24/7 real time. Custom layers of security software are installed to prevent hacking and substitutions of data. Strict authentication and authorization security protocols, encryption, and a thorough auditing trail are all used in banking software. Criticial banking hardware is protected from unauthorized intervention by a constant signed chain of custody as well as background investigations. None of this exists for e-voting machines. It costs banks tens of millions of dollars for round the clock security. Since a state can't mimic banking security, it can't secure a software voting system.

With that understood, I now have to blast the propaganda that, because the voting machines aren't connected to the internet, they are safe. Outrageous. Software installed on very easy to remove memory cards is required to run an e-voting machine. The e-voting machine will behave precisely the way the programmer instructs it to behave.

IT IS THE SOFTWARE, NOT THE PEOPLE, DOING THE VOTING when using a software voting system (touch screen and optical scan). You can touch the screen or fill in a bubble for your candidate, but the programmer can give your vote to another candidate, and still print out your candidate's name for the paper trail (if there is one).

As a programmer, I can tell you it is sooo easy to FOOL PRE-ELECTION TESTING so that the registrar assumes the machines are accurate. Just as an example, suppose the state requires a test of 1000 votes for each optical scan or touch screen voting machine before the election starts. The software can be written to count the votes accurately until 1000 votes have been fed thru the machine, then begin using code instructions that corrupt the votes. How can a state get away with this? THE SOFTWARE IS KEPT SECRET, that's how!


The ease with which an election can be rigged via a delibrately written computer program that corrupts the vote counts, or by having memory cards installed with preloaded votes (the programmer can fool the pretest and make sure the vote count appears to start at zero for all candidates), or by having hundreds of "missing" memory cards, or by means of a hack that can leave no trace, is shocking and totally unacceptable.

Regarding software driven voting, "missing" memory cards, and "missing" voting machines, search to read, Papering Over OptiScam Problems, by Rady Anada, which was posted on the internet Jan 6, 2008.

Since our soldier's lives are at stake for this election, please do them the courtesy of researching how easily these machines can be controlled and hacked by visiting if you are not convinced. While you're there, read eyewitness accounts, view video clips, and view photos of the New Hampshire recount. Many "secure" ballot boxes arrived at the central counting location with slits all along the side, large enough to slip a hand through. You can guess why. I'll let you be the judge.

The solution? The ONLY solution is hand counted paper ballots at each precinct, with public bipartisan oversight. The state must also mandate a secure chain of custody of the paper ballots during the hand counting process. Sacrificing a few hours of time to count paper ballots pales in comparison to the sacrifice our military makes everyday. The fate of our soldier's depends a great deal on who the next President will be.

Ron Paul should of got first, I mean the news media isn't airing Ron Paul on the air, with all the camera's on McCain
and Romney but not on Ron Paul, it is obivous that the Bidlerberg Group is paying off the media away from Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only real candidate with the rigth message.

He will remain a Congressman, so he can still play a role but president, there has never been a better candidate than
Ron Paul. Even Russia is supportive of Ron Paul because he is against NATO as this is a crooked foreign policy that the Russian's don't like.


There is still 30% that hasn't been repoted and Dr. Paul is barely 100 votes behind. Furthermore the results you're reporting is a non-binding straw poll which has no bearing on who actually wins the caucus. The real winner is the guy who's supporters get elected as delegates. Especially in this state since they are all uncommitted.

It may not be unethical to say that Dr. Paul is in third place, but it is pretty poor reporting.

To all you believers out there, get involved, vote for the only President that can help us, (Ron Paul) hand out bumper stickers, buttons, stickers,etc become involved as precinct leaders, tell your friends, email them , call them on the phone, tell them to vote, keep our country free from martial law, national ID cards etc.. we are not going to get another chance like this, let it be a land slide, REVIVAL IN THE LAND, (VOTE FOR RON EARNEST PAUL)

The U.S. constitution was written to keep the role of government limited in order to allow for individual liberty. The founding fathers of this country knew that a government without restraints would threaten the civil liberties of the people under it. The political process has unfortunately been polarized by two opposing views of the best ways to run the government, as liberal or conservative. Conservatives are supposed to lower taxes and keep the size of government contained. Over the last 7 years with the "conservative" Bush Administration, the government grew to the current enormous size that it is today and we've lost Bill Clinton's $6 trillion surplus and now the country is more than $9 trillion in debt. The two Democrats running for President call for the return of troops from Iraq in one way or another. Both of them still leave all options on the table in regards to Iran and it's nuclear power program. None of the so-called mainstream candidates are speaking about the weak value of the dollar and the increasing cost of everything from a gallon of milk to a gallon of gasoline. We've never had so many foreclosures in our Nation's history and meanwhile the world's markets are anticipating our economy to slip into a recession. Most of the candidates on both sides make some amazing promises to the American people (in regards to Universal Healthcare or continuing the War on Terrorism for another 100 years). No one talks about how such things could be afforded. Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.

There is one candidate who can get us out of the political and economic mess we're in – Dr. Ron Paul. Here's what he stands for:

1. Cut taxes so people can spend more, save, and invest which helps the economy
2. The only proper way to go to war, the only legal way to go to war, the only constitutional way to go to war is to declare the war, by the congress, not by the president
3. The biggest threat to your privacy is the government. We must drastically limit the ability of government to collect and store data regarding citizens' personal matters
4. In a free society each citizen must have the right to keep and bear arms
5. We must stop special interests from violating property rights and literally driving families from their homes, farms and ranches
6. Both Jefferson and Washington warned us about entangling ourselves in the affairs of other nations. Today, we have troops in 130 countries. We are spread so thin that we have too few troops defending America
7. Government regulations, taxes, and corporate subsidies have distorted the energy market, causing some prices to rise above what they would be in the free market, while artificially lowering other prices and discouraging conservation

Read more information about Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul at

Well if nothing else the power of the internet is being tested. I suppose more people are more connected to MSM than the internet. Maybe not...I am sure if Ron Paul got as much coverage in MSM as the rest of the candidates he would have probably already have won. Cause no doubt the people are sick to death of all the Neo Con BS that has taken over our nation.

I don't want to give up hope for Dr. Paul a man that loves humanity and has integrity. Surely humanity still has a voice.

I read something the other day that stated that the people are being manipulate enough to be fearful but are lulled by the media enough to not awake up. We need to keep saying Ron Paul's name in public places. I ask every cashier, door person, server, members of my choir, ect... do they know about Ron Paul? People are used to voting the lessor of 2 evils many of them do not realize that we do have another choice with Ron Paul.

Yea I admit Romney is good looking and, I could get behind him if were to say he agreed with Paul and got behind his principals immediately. I am not giving up on Paul until he says it's over.

Mitt Romney is a bit creepy. He reminds me of a used car salesmen, and not a very good one. Yeah making a lot of money, but by selling garbage and taking advantage of the uniformed consumer. Sorry folks that's just the vibe I get from the guy. He has no integrity. He shys away from accountability like a vampire would from sunlight. Every time he gets cornered by reporters on any issue, he squirms his way into a different subject. Then the worst part... when he was asked if the president has the authority to go to war... he has to consult his lawyers? I'm sorry but he lost any chance of getting my vote with that one. Does this guy even know what job it is he is spending so much money trying to get? You do not have the power to go to war as president, you have to go to congress. I learned that in grade school, and people are actually voting for this guy? That is scary, he's just as bad as Bush. And don't get me started on McCain, another 100 years in Iraq? This from the former POW of an undeclared war? What a jerk. Mr. Luke Skywalker has joined the dark side. He lost my vote with that comment, he is officially insane, and I am officially NOT voting for him.

OK... time to prove your investigative reporting skills. You said you would "report" when new numbers came in... well they are in. Can you find them? Where is the announcement that McCain has dropped to Third as Ron Paul's surprise momentum carried him into second place in Maine. .. and with a majority of Delagates committed to Dr. Paul, a surprise split delagation is likely in May at the least... and a full 21 to Dr. Paul very possible. Could we be looking at the political equal of the Giants/Patriots game? Sick em Andrew.

Rasmussen Polls:

From this morning. They have been close in the past. Will your candidate be there after Feb 5th?

% likely To Drop Out of 2008 Presidential Race On or Before February 28, 2008

Mike Huckabee 82.2
Mitt Romney 83.0
Ron Paul 33.1
Barack Obama 25.2
Hillary Clinton 15.0
John McCain 12.0

Hang in there Doctor! You might get to dissect McCain yet!

I'm disappointed Ron Paul didn't win Maine.

However, thank God it was Romney and not McCain. I will be so embarrassed if a man as stupid as John McCain becomes our next President. He is even LESS articulate than George W. Bush, I really believe that. If you can stomach McCain's long-winded, convoluted speeches enough to analyze the "substance," you find a grim preponderance of redundancy, malapropisms, totally irrelevant facts, clumsy equivocations (he can't even equivocate well! What kind of politician can't do THAT?), and, of course, those famously stupid resolutions like "we'll be in Iraq for the next 100 years" which are his hallmark.

More of it come, folks, if America catapults that half-wit into office.

Thanks, as always, Andrew, for acknowledging Ron Paul's existence. The vast majority of journalists can't even perform that bare-minimum service for its readers.

The more MSM censorship, the more We The People will boycott the MSM and their advertisers products.


The main reason to support Dr. Paul is that he is against the United Nations. He has dedicated much of his career to trying to get the US out of the UN and its educational agency, UNESCO. UNESCO tries to promote teaching cross-cultural values to all the children of the world, red or yellow, black or white. Sound familiar? Only American mothers and fathers can be trusted with education, or soon we will all be shaking hands with enemies--you know who they are. Check out his brave anti-UN and anti-UNESCO legislation! Support the homeland and home-schooling!

If I lived in the United States I would not hesitate for one second to vote for Ron Paul. Here is a man that finally stands for the rights of the people. In Canada we are totally overrun by Government and it is NOT WORKING. United States finally has a chance to fight for themselves and I cannot believe that anyone would vote for any other candidate than Ron Paul. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE PEOPLE, PLEASE VOTE FOR RON PAUL AND HELP MAKE THIS NOT JUST A BETTER AMERICA BUT A BETTER WORLD. How nice it must be to have finally have someone worth voting for. I agree with Francis...get out there and make your voices heard, slap on the bumper stickers, the buttons, whatever it takes to make everyone who's watching stand up and take notice that the people want Ron Paul.

PS if you don't want him, we want him in Canada.

could someone tell me where the FULL results are? All news stations seem to be stalled at 68% an update has never taken this long with any of the other states...
shaaaaady stuff going on!

Good reporting. I look forward to seeing the full results. It would do Dr. Paul good to pull out the 2nd place.

Ron Paul rocks. If the media featured him, he would have won the Republican nomination. Now it really looks like they are chucking votes.. so much for democracy..

Unless voter fraud is examined, we will have a tough time electing Dr. Paul

Please encourage examination of vote fraud in your county.. Do so personally


p.s. RON PAUL 08

RON PAUL 2008!

In the race for delegates, Ron Paul appears to closely trail Romney for first place

February 4, 2008

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – While most reports about this past weekend’s Maine Caucus focused on the purely symbolic presidential preference poll, in the meaningful race to secure delegates to the state convention Ron Paul is primed to finish second with likely 35 percent of the total delegates.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis are elected by the state delegates. Internal results from 10 of 16 counties, including the largest cities of Portland, South Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor, and Brewer, show Ron Paul picking up 215 of 608 State Convention delegates so far reported, or 35%.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”

In the presidential preference poll, with 70 percent reporting, Ron Paul is in third place just two percentage points behind John McCain. However, the Maine preference poll is purely a beauty contest, and in the actual election of state delegates the so-called “frontrunner” McCain is far behind Ron Paul.

The Ron Paul campaign is declaring a 2nd place victory in Maine:

When 68% of the reports were in, Dr. Paul trailed McCain by 107 votes.
When 70.5% of the reports were in, Dr. Paul trailed McCain by 107 votes. (WTF?)
Now, 74.7% of the reports in, Dr. Paul trails McCain by 54 votes.

At that rate Dr. Paul will be in second when 80% of the reports are in.

Assuming, that is, that the votes are counted accurately.

And that has nothing to do with delegates. The delegates at the caucuses are for the state convention, which then selects national delegates. In state delegates, Dr. Paul is winning, which means he's ll get a big share of the state's national delegates. The MSM has it wrong on that one.

WRONG!.... This is most up to date! from Wall Stree Online

Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus, Primed to Win Over 1/3 of State Delegates
Leser des Artikels: 36

While most reports about this past weekend´s Maine Caucus focused on the purely symbolic presidential preference poll, in the meaningful race to secure delegates to the state convention Ron Paul is primed to finish second with likely 35 percent of the total delegates.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis are elected by the state delegates. Internal results from 10 of 16 counties, including the largest cities of Portland, South Portland, Lewiston, Auburn, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor, and Brewer, show Ron Paul picking up 215 of 608 State Convention delegates so far reported, or 35%.

"Ron Paul´s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over," said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. "We´ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination."

In the presidential preference poll, with 70 percent reporting, Ron Paul is in third place just two percentage points behind John McCain. However, the Maine preference poll is purely a beauty contest, and in the actual election of state delegates the so-called "frontrunner" McCain is far behind Ron Paul.

Autor: © Business Wire

this said that Ron paul came in second in Maine with 35%

This IS a great country and has much more greatness to offers. Say what 'they' want, if it were not for super class papers like the LA Times, we would ALL be making mud bricks in the desert.
Thank you for your space offered and your well writtne articles. I for one, can not wait to see what the final outcome is for Maine. Sometimes, printing 'breaking' news takes the thrill out of the finised facts.
Good sources, good script, good stories, good sales.
Peace Out. FAJL

Ron Paul supporters, shouldn't each of you be phoning and visiting neighbors in your precinct before super Tuesday?

This article is misrepresenting the facts. It is represents the non-binding Presidential Preference Poll as the 'Official Results"
Ron Paul beat Mc Cain in the assigning of actual delegates.

Another case of the Mainstream Media taking you for fools. Evidently it is becoming easier.

Generations educated by newspapers & news channels. Sad as even if you arent for Ron Paul, you truly get a Free America that is not going to keep the monied interests in power.

If you are for Ron Paul....the best idea is to repost his views in all of your posts to other candidates forums & news stories. Preach to the uninitiated. Not stories Ron Paul followers are reading. Get people who dont know who he is, by posting his views.

Then get a LED message sign & put it in the rear window of your car, showing messages of his campaign positions.

Keep it on while you are driving. " Honk if you love Ron Paul" should be great for news stories locally.

Ron Paul and John McCain. As of 4:34est the Maine Republican Party website showed there were just 154 votes separating the two with over 25% of the caucus locations still to report in.

According to a press release by Jesse Benton, of the Ron Paul campaign, the Texas Congressman, with his message of liberty and freedom, has already picked up 215 of the total 608 Maine state delegates. This number could increase as results come in from the final 6 counties. 35% of the state delegates place him second behind Mitt Romney even though McCain has a slight lead in the popular vote. There is no way for John McCain to catch Ron Paul in state delegate count even if he holds on to his slim lead in polling simply based on cities and caucus locations already won by Ron Paul

Although many major newspapers are giving all 18 Maine National Delegates to Mitt Romney that is not the case. State delegates in Maine are non-binding. The actual allocation of the 18 national delegates will not be determined until May 2 when the Maine Republican Party State Convention is going to be held and the state delegates will then decide.

"Ron Paul's strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over," said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. "We'll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination."


Freedom and truth are more important than "who can win".
Mitt Romney will not win. McCain will be the nominee and will do what he has done several times before. The democrat will push his buttons until he loses his temper in a debate. At that point, the media will show him as a dangerous hot-tempered and possibly senile man. I have seen this mulitple times with McCain. And it will work again.

Regardless of the Mitt and McCain show, I will vote for RON PAUL.. And, if he does not make it through, I will NOT vote against my conscience and vote for McCain. Nor will I vote democrat. Both Romney and McCain are liberal, big government, anti-gun, abortionists who will force nationalized health care and ID cards down your throat. Their records prove it. WHY would you think years of their voting records will suddenly change? How are EITHER of them different from the two neo-marxists running for the democrat party? I will vote Ron Paul, the only true conservative, pro-liberty candidate running. The American nation built by older Americans is at stake and the freedom of our youth to make their own way in the world unencumbered by a tyrannical government is threatened. Freedom and truth are more important than "who can win"

Ron Paul Beats McCain in Maine Caucus, Primed to Win Over 1/3 of State Delegates

Sorry, Andrew!

To Francis:

If I may humbly add if it isn't too late. First off, Christianity is NOT Zionism first and foremost! We serve the Prince of Peace, at least that is what we are told. If any bible believing Christian would open up their bible and search out the idea of taxes they would clearly see that the bible warns of them being SLAVERY. What do you think 666 is? It is a TAX SYSTEM.

Abortion. As a President there is little you can do to overturn Roe v Wade other than elect Justices that may work in that direction. Dr. Paul would be faithful here. More importantly though Ron Paul consistently introduces legislation to the House to STOP the federal funding of the INFANTICIDE! Wherein does Roe V Wade say that taxpayers should fund this heinous crime against the unborn? He has mostly stood alone in this effort. It is absolutely INSANE that Christians would not rally behind this man. Our God is not only the Prince of Peace, but the God of Life, and Father of ALL. It is stunning that Dr. Paul has almost stood alone in this endeavor during his tenure in Congress. Perhaps you should research if your Representative has stood with him in this, and if not, WHY???

The Concept of Pre-emption could be nearly translated as "who can make war with the beast". Surely you see this?

More importantly and at the very CORE of the Faith is Liberty. Who the Son sets free is free indeed. Do NOT mysticize this statment and the REVIVAL is near. It should go without saying that the follower of a Sovereign God is Sovereign as an Individual! We have one law that is unpersecutable by any government of Earth. The Golden Rule: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Surely as you peer into the Perfect Law of Liberty you can begin to grasp the underlying roots of Dr. Pauls message of individual liberty? Let he who is filthy be filthy and let he who is righteous be righteous still. Everyones reward is with them according to their works. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus!

The Theocracy that some zealously crave is not to be found in the stone halls of bureaucrats. It is found upon the Hearts of believers. It cannot be forced on others by MANDATE. You only leaven the law by attempting to do so. You were warned of this leaven! For reasons unknown you have disassociated the lawyers of Christ's day with the lawyers of today. Why?? Have you seen the volumes of law they have produced that are holding you in captivity? Do not say you weren't warned.

You say you want a marriage amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman? Does this give more centralized power to a federal government that already has too much power? Marriage is and should remain a STATE ISSUE! That is basically saying you want to "seed" the department of unions or marriage. Are you INSANE? If Massachussetts wants gay marriage sobeit! If Georgia does not sobeit! To each his reward. Where is the patience of the saints? To busy wondering whose names are not written in the book of life?

I would like to note a disagreement I have with Dr. Ron Paul on the immigration issue. While I believe that our borders should be hastily defended I am opposed to a wall. The root idea of a wall is war. Genesis 49 Simon and Levi.....surely you know the rest. The most important thing to remember about walls is that they have 2 sides. Please tell me that you all understand this statement.

I am fully in support of stopping the entitlements that bring them across the border not only in government subsidies but also in fines, if not right out suspension of business liscensing to those that employ illegals into bondage. While I am on it intense pressure should be put on the Mexican government to stop the inadequecies and human rights violations that are sending these people across the border. Yet our elected Aristocracy colludes with theirs. You should be outraged! American corporations have the gall in this day and age to IMPORT slave labor. How much worse could it be in the neighboring state? The pursuit of Life and Liberty should spread south of the border instead of death and bondage spreading into the north. You only need to look to the Mexican central bank to see where we are headed. Fighting for liberty on our front is in the best interest of the mexican people. Their land is as fertile if not more so than ours. It is a nation of great wealth with one of the richest aristocracies in the world. I do not endorse the redistribution of wealth, merely the concept of free markets, and allowing the citizens of earth to keep the fruit of their labor so long as they do not infringe on the liberty of their neighbor.

With great faith and in humility I ask my fellow Americans and fellow believers to consider the message of Dr. Ron Paul. While it is not perfect It is quite obviously America's writing on the wall.

Sincerly Dominic

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