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Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus, McCain 2nd, Paul 3rd

Former Gov. Mitt Romney convincingly won the Maine Republican caucus tonight with about 52% of the vote.

The current GOP front-runner, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is running a distant second with 22% and Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded longshot, is in a very close third with 19% of the vote. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is trailing badly with only 5%.

With nearly two-thirds of the votes counted, Maine Republican Party Vice Chairman Scott Kauffman said, "It is very sure that former Gov. Romney wins the contest."

Although Maine does not carry the political clout of many other states, it could provide a helpful psychological boost going into nearly two dozen crucial Super Tuesday contests this week for Romney's forces, who lost to McCain in Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Nearly half the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination will be chosen Tuesday.

In a statement tonight, Romney, who was campaigning today in the upper Midwest after attending the funeral of Gordon Hinckley, the president of the Mormon church, in Salt Lake City, said, "Today the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington."

The actual number of Maine delegates he won in the non-binding caucuses will be determined at a state convention in May.

It was a disappointing night for Ron Paul. The campaign of the 72-year-old, 10-term congressman from Texas with the well-financed campaign had hoped to pull an upset in independent-minded Maine. And he did come close to embarrassing McCain for second place, which Paul also won in the Louisiana and Nevada caucuses.

Maine Democrats hold their statewide caucuses next weekend.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Despite the predictable volume of Ron Paul responses, I think the interesting story here is that Romney has dominated in three "cowboy" states (using the term more metaphorically w.r.t. Maine). I expected him to win Michigan, but his dominance in Maine, Wyoming and Nevada (and his strong showing in New Hampshire) is surprising to me.

I don't think one can attribute the NV and WY blowouts to the Mormon vote. I know Romney campaigned more than the others in these states (except perhaps Paul), but I expected him to do better in industrial states and worse in "values" and "maverick" states. Maybe that's why nobody pays me to do political analysis.

It's that interesting, Ron Paul 19%, he does well in the states where the Main Stream Media doesn't do a lot of "free" campaigning for some candidates.

Only 200 people out of a population of 121,000 in my county in Maine showed up to vote so it shows that it wouldn't take that much to tilt this race either way.I voted for Dr. Paul and easily became a delegate.Don't throw your vote away for someone like Bush who has devastated this great nation.VOTE this Tuesday for real change towards Freedom !

As a former resident of northern California, I never thought I'd be saying this....
Way to go LA times for continuing to provide us fair stories regarding Ron Paul! This is usually one of my first stops of the day for my Ron Paul news fix.
One happy reader.

(Glad to have you and hope you return often--and comment.)

Looks like Romney has taken Maine, but you must let your readers know that Maine still has one more day to caucus, and that is today. I would not call McCain 2nd place quite yet, it is very, very possible with the remaining 32% that Ron Paul may have that second place. I am a Ron Paul Supporter, but I would rather see Romney over McCain anyday. McCain is way too far out from the traditional Republican platform. Ron Paul is the true conservative Republican running and he still believes in limited government, lower taxes, liberty, freedom, secure borders, no ammesty, a strong military defense, but most importantly our Constitution of the United States of America, and WE THE PEOPLE. I am just amazed to see how the old media has flocked to a warmongering, more taxation, amnesty loving loser like McCain, even Arnold has endorsed him, what is up with that. Arnold is actually a Democrat, but because of his fame he was able to run as a Republican and dupe the voters here in California. McClueless/McCain and Huckagod/Huckabee will falter come Super Tuesday, and then the media will go on to put Romney in the limelight. I will still be voting with integrity and principle, I will not vote for the person I think has a better chance of winning, that is unAmerican, and quite frankly a cowardly wasted vote.

If you all are wondering why the mainstream media is not reporting on Ron Paul please read this:

If you are struggling between Romney and Ron Paul watch this:

My vote and support is for Ron Paul, The Champion of the Constitution.

Ron Paul has done well and brought a lot of attention to the issues. He probably knows McCains behaviors well. I hope he will be smart and turn his votes to Romney with an endorsement and turn this primary around.

I thought I saw a spark coming from the Los Angeles Times each time I check my "alerts" for The Guru of this generation. Thanks for the light, Andrew.

I began to think last evening about what would happen if we had Concerts for Ron Paul, like Woodstock, and picked up our garbage this time.

But I think the children are handling it, now. They know a great visionary when they see one. As their brothers and sisters who couldn't get another job are dying and coming home wounded from The Great Idiot's invasion of a sovereign nation, they are not afraid to speak and shout for a Sane, Benevolent Leader, make music and movies, make handmade signs and blog til they drop. At least this time, no one is getting maced, Yet.

Thank you Andrew for the report. Looks like there is a contest and that is a good thing. I think nothing has turned off voters from the establishment GOP or Dems more than having party leaders so vested in a particular candidate that they seem agitated that someone new has climbed into their sandbox to play. I think it is fun watching them squirm and if you ask me, you journalists should be excited about what is happening, good news material. Besides, all the reporting on war is pretty well worn out isn't it? Lets brings our soldiers home for a rest.

Romney won the straw vote but many of his supporters apparently were in a hurry to leave so he did not fare so well when it came time to elect delegates. The Ron Paul people hung in there and appear to have the most delegates so far

sorry, but your journalism is shabby at best! why don't you wait before you make predicitons? oh, you probably cannot. you are corporate media.
anyway, dr. ron paul is doing amazingly well considering what he is up against.
just imagine if he got FAIR and BALANCED coverage!!!
the l a times is just like the rest of corporate - praise the liars and hide the good ones!
go dr. paul - YOU ARE THE BEST!

(Who's making predictions? The party vice chair, who's doing the counting, said Romney won. So did we. He said McCain is running 2d. So did we. He said Paul is running third. So did we. No predicting.)

New England is know mostly for socialism, and a debtors' economy provided the illusion it works for generations. It's should be no surprise that the R-version of McRomney socialism still has great appeal, especially among the older populations. The real story is that 2008 will be the finally year that socialism works for anyone. Prepare accordingly?


This whole issue of Ron Paul being blacked-out by the mainstream media seems undeniable. For example, yesterday I was on CNN's site and of course a list of the candidates and their weekend campaign plans left out Ron Paul. The CNN "debate" was a disgrace. I don't know how anyone could call that a debate. The treatment of Paul and Huckabee was shocking.

This blackout of Paul seems well-orchestrated, almost as if the media is controlled by one entity. What I don't understand is why haven't memos or whistleblowers surfaced to confirm that reporters have been instructed not to mention Ron Paul, that cameramen have been told to avoid Ron Paul signs in their shots etc. Where are the stories from the whistleblowers who can confirm this orchestration? It seems to be there but the smoking gun evidence hasn't shown up. Why is that?

Thank you Andrew, its always a pleasure reading your opinions. Boy, for RP supporters, I find this primary a difficult time for them. There are those who keep the faith (faith can move mountains apparently, but not the Republican Party), and those who are upset at either the MSM or Corporate America. Personally, I like the guys who keep the faith. They are easier to deal with in everyday life. I for one, am hoping that RP is the sly fox they would have you believe, but my hope doesn't run that deep although I'm beginning to see a trend here in the primaries. Soon, the Huckster will drop out due to not having any funding. That will leave McCain & Romney going back and forth trading places as frontrunner, both with about 40 percent of the delegates, leaving Paul with about a solid 10-15%. I don't see either frontrunner attacking RP anymore, but rather trying to appeal to his percentage of followers. Unfortunately for the frontrunners, RP's people are really dedicated and can't be bought by either Mc or Romney, but can be handed to either guy depending on the changes they make in their platform. This will make RP the Kingmaker and the nominated guy will most likely be the next POTUS. It looks like in order to win the nomination, either Mc or the Romulan will have to bend over a little for some of the RP platform. I see "100 years in Iraq McCain" as the more inflexible of the two, whereas flip Romney is a known "bend with the wind" type of politician in order to win. I believe the Romulans will bend knee to the Ronulans,in order to take the nomination. We can give either guy the votes they need to have more than 50 percent of the delegates. What do you think?

Vote Ron Paul in 2008
Great ideas
secure borders
no foriegn aid
end the war
no pork in the budget

Remember its "WE THE PEOPLE"

The media is pushing their agendas on you.
Think then vote
Your future and your childrens future depends on it.

If the mainstream media are not supporting Ron Paul this is the reason why-

There's nothing to add apart from they choose not to. You ask them why this. It should be your duty as a patriot.

My only question is if Mitt Romney got 52% then where is all his supporters? Should not that amount of people be flooding airways and the internet for that matter. Don't the ones that vote during this time research and also read? I don't see any masses for Mitt, even on the lying media channels? Where are his bloggers? All I see is Ron Paul supporters, everywhere.

So being an American all my life, 39 years, I would like to see the lying media that is controling this circus act all behind bars for fixing our votes. Then I would like to see all members of government jailed that have not upheld the constitution.

Yes, I Am An American And I Already Voted For Ron Paul, My Wife Too!

Kan Nal -

Enjoy this because the ride is just getting interesting. It is nice to have a song to go along with this time in our history.

Peace - Kirk

I'm guessing that if Mccain or Mitt wins, the republican party will lose almost all support from the youth voters.

Dr. Paul

To afhisher,

You make me laugh, because you obviously don't know much about Ron Paul. There is no chance that Ron Paul would ever endorse Mitt Romney.

To Mr. Malcom,

Have your heard about Dr. Paul's new book, The Revolution: a manifesto? It is already at #3 and it hasn't even come out yet!

Andrew, you will be remembered as one of the few journalist who gave Dr. Paul the media coverage he and all candidates deserve. Thanks for sticking your neck out and covering the story. Of course, you discovered that there is a personal benefit to your career: you get a TON of attention too!


Thanks for the story. You said you don't get paid enough, well vote for Ron Paul, the true Republican who wants to put more money in your pocket by taking less from your paycheck! What blows me away about Congressman Paul is his honesty, and strength to stand up for his beliefs. Thank you Maine voters for your support!

I find it truly remarkable there are so few journalists in American today. Nothing but a butch of cowards, afraid of losing their jobs and writing what they are told to write by their organizations.

Where are they brave men and women of journalism we the courage to fairly report on the positions and accomplishments of Ron Paul in this election.

You know, come to think of it, its actually scares me that some interest group seems to have taken over America's news reporting. Dear God I hope we have not lost the ability to think for ourselves. Thank God for the internet, our last bastion of free press.

Just reinterate at the risk of seeming very redundant. It seems that researching candidates before voting and common sense are just things Americans cannot do/don't have and never will regardless of the circumstances. Is it so hard to watch 1 debate should be mandatory that voters no the issuesw and the candidates before going to a poll. McCain can be summed up as a fake war hero that has basically left MIA/POWS to rot in Vietnam and Korea. Do any voters think Mitt Romney has anything in common with people that earn less than 1 million a year. He has at least 6 lobbyist either on his campaign staff or advising.. Romney thinks that George W has done a good job..935 lies of various types concerning Iraq seems to negate that and makes me wonder what planet Romney is from.

Actually Ron Paul ended up with 18.7%, fully 4 points behind McCain. I'd hardly call that a "close third." And compared to Romney, he got crushed. Note also, Paul was the only one to campaign in the State.
Paul has had one embarrasing loss after the other. One wonders why the media, including the LA Times, keeps pumping him up?

Uncontested States is the ONLY thing Romney can win. NO ONE campaigned in Maine.

Congrats to the Paul and his supporters on another strong finish. But I am ecstatic to see a good turnout for Romney. Ron Paul is completely uncompromising on his principles, and that of course is an honorable thing. His voting record is impeccably clean - but sadly void of success. His unyielding idealism tends to get him stuck. It brings to mind Aesop's story of a boy who can't get his fist out of a jar of filberts, because he refuses to take a smaller handful.

Mitt picks a few goals, makes them happen, then goes back for more. I know that makes him appear inconsistent. But I really believe a pragmatic, highly effective conservative like Romney in the white house will help make Ron Paul's efforts in Congress reach fruition.

The revolution isn't about Ron Paul, it's about the platform he represents. For all the put-downs and dismissals against him personally, people know that our government is drifting further and further from our founding principles. Socialism and a rather militant, nationalist, form of socialism at that, has been gaining control over the American political process for several decades now and has greatly accelerated since 9/11. It is now so entrenched that a small-government Constitutionalist like Dr. Paul can be openly rediculed by the most main-stream of politicians, pundits and publications. The irony of such personal attackes against his character is that he just happens to be the ultimate rarity in Congress; a man who never uses tax dollars for his own benefit (while all other politicians take for granted their power to travel and party on public funds). From one area to another, Dr. Paul has constantly been the standard barer for how not to be a corrupt public servant; to actually serve rather than dictate. To act with humillity rather than hubris.

The media indeed has the power to shape our reality when the last honest man in town is made out to be a nut and people buy into it. The important thing is that Ron Paul is running for president and as such, a desperately needed message has found a foothold in the American political scene. All great political movements have a starting point and 2007 is that year for Constitutional Conservatism. Someday a larger segment of the population will understand the debt of gratitude owed to Dr. Paul for his self-sacrafice on their behalf.

Newsworthy is the trend. In actual elections and in national polls, Dr. Paul's support is increasing. Financial support is down, slightlly, and part of the apparent gain in Dr. Paul's popularity is that there are fewer candidates with whom he must compete. Still, this Ron Paul supporter is heartened, and anything but disappointed, by what this campaign has done and will do.

If politics is the art of what is possible, then Dr. Paul is changing what is possible. Revolutionary may be too strong. Influential may be too weak. Consider that issues that were off the radar one year ago are on screens worldwide because of this campaign. For just one example, today in Maine, a candidate who vows to pardon all non-violent drug prisoners is garnering almost 20% of the vote in a state caucus. In our country of drug Czars and the ritual persecution of drug users, this is an extraordinary achievement. Dr. Paul touches the drug war political third rail, yet his campaign not only is alive, but is strengthening.

One more issue example. Foreign intervention. Rudy threw Dr. Paul onto the third rail, saying "I ask the Congressman to take that back" or some such, when some months ago, at a nationally televised debate, Dr. Paul argued that U.S. intervention in the Middle East motivated the 9/11 attacks. Dr. Paul took it forward. Today, the causes of terrorism have become and remain a visible national issue, mostly because Dr. Paul continues to speak, to debate, and his supporters continue to blog.

Disappointed with almost 20%? That's good enough to get to the convention, good enough to keep money coming in, good enough to influence the party platform and good enough to merit a dance on the grave of Rudy's campaign. And this demonstrative popularity is good enough to maybe, just maybe, position Dr. Paul for the nomination if the conservative base rallies around Dr. Paul. If the base can't sell Romney, will it really want to run a big spending quasi-Democrat whose namesake campaign law not only tramples the First Amendment but disadvantages the Republican Party? Stay tuned for Ron Paul as the white knight.

Bob (Los Angeles)

Is there any way we could drop the "long-shot" tags? They're just getting old. It seems like shaping to me, which leads to people not wanting to "waste their vote".

I know it's an opinion based on your journalistic predictions, but Dr. Paul deserves more respect.


"I hope he will be smart and turn his votes to Romney with an endorsement and turn this primary around."

No offense, but you obviously haven't researched Ron Paul. He stands by his word and endorsing any other GOP would be a complete reversal from many of his view points. I know other candidates are in the business of changing their positions, but not Paul.

McCain and Romney are inconsequential to the fall election. Neither have a chance with a pro-war look for Muslims under every rock attitude. These guys are both beholding to the banks and their NeoCon friends while the rest of us sink further in debt and eventually succumb to a failed economy and currency. I could be sure they will do at least as well supporting us in a depression as they did rescuing the poor folks in the Gulf Coast, NOT. Except for Ron Paul, the rest of the pack is simply talking about re-appropriating funds and minor tax trimming or adding, vs actually fixing anything. This will guarantee a collapse between 2010 to 2015. The SS and Medicare systems are going to sink the ship, not to mention the continued war on terror. With more than $1Million Million dollars per year involved in the NeoCon manipulations, expect nearly anything to happen in trying to influence the public perception and the vote. Understand the FED and the money system, the root of all evil. Ron Paul is a brave man to bring the subject up in public. Go Ron Paul Go 2008!

It would be foolish to take any of these caucus results at face value in light of the evident massive (and global) media self-censorship on Ron Paul combined with ample evidence of electoral vote rigging,

Suspicious behaviour at New Hampshire Primary:

Testimony on Diebold election fraud:

Hacking Democracy:

American Blackout:

Thank you for the blog! Having said that I do find that there may be at least the appearance of a conflict of interest in how you're reporting 2nd and 3rd place. Which republican did the LA Times endorse? Not that you would be forced into anything. Keep blogging on this when Paul comes in 2nd by a few percentage points. Beyond that we'll see who's bragging when the delegates are known and counted properly. Peace

"PS. If it makes you feel any better, Dr. Paul easily won a poll of Canadians as to who they liked best to be the next President -- it wasn't even close really.

Of course, our media seems to be slightly more free than yours is currently."

Sadly, even the Russian Media seems to be slightly more free then ours is, too. One of the few Ron Paul stories between January 1st and 15th was Russian media coverage of how the US is censoring its media. And to think less then 40 years ago we used to lecture them about Pravda being a state owned, propaganda tool of the Soviet Union.

Thank you Andrew, for going where the ratings are and not being afraid to speak the name of Ron Paul in public. When the MSM deliberately ignores stories that would normally be huge ratings, even the densest of Americans should be scratching their heads. It's problematic though, the MSM is winning,(at least fo the primarys), more then half the people I canvass or talk to still have never heard of Ron Paul. Since early on even the other candidates have have censored themselvess from even mentioning his name. Which is so disgraceful it's beyond words.

I hope once all the votes are counted Ron Paul will come in 2nd but there is one thing Ron Paul is in 1st in and for some reason its getting very little attition maybe you can write an article on it. But did you know Ron Paul has recived more donations from Military Members then all the other GOP Canidates combined? Thats more then Mccain, Huccabee, and Rommney combined. Thats not all Ron Paul has also recived more Military Member donations then Obama and Hilliary. Here is a link to the latest numbers.

It is unethical to report the results before all of the votes are counted regardless of who is or is not winning. Your report may influence the remaining votes. Poor!

Ron Paul IS America's last chance. These other candidates are all jerking about on their strings held by big money corporations.

America is being run into the ground by a cabal that will not have to face the consequences of a destroyed America. Like the banking houses of medieval Europe, they have money on both sides of every conflict and so they win no matter who loses.

They are spending every last dime we have, spreading our military across the globe fostering nothing but pure hatred for our imperial policies while they secure for themselves vast markets, and they are ransacking our institutions leaving not a shred of the Constitution intact. They are not Americans, they are globalists and they will do anything necessary to achieve their goals.

If we as Americans do not remove them this last time, we deserve the burning hell they have prepared for us.

Sorry Tess, my mistake. My previous statement was meant for "afisher".

afisher, put it another way, if Romney will embrace Dr. Paul's positions honestly, then I would be happy for Romney to be President. And, if he maintained those positions he would be able to defeat either of the democrats. But if he was insincere he would never serve another term.

Looks like Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that is truly Republican. He just keeps gaining momentum! I won't be surprised one bit when he gets the nomination. Enough of the liars and flip floppers! RP in 08

Well I don't think the writer had bad doing he/she did declare only two thirds of the votes were in. Although the title is very misleading.

These delegates are non-binding. That means the totals from the caucuses are irrelevant. It doesn't matter who won, the only thing that matters is who's standing after the smoke clears in May.

Paul supporters don't give up. Paul is running a beautiful rope-a-dope strategy. If he can win a few states on Tuesday and stop McCain from taking the nominattion that'l force Romney and Huckster out of the race. In a matchup between Paul vs McCain, he's going to get the conservatives rallying behind him. And God forbid if he debates McCain. That'll be a mismatch of epic proportions.

With only 2/3 reporting, it is simply wrong to declare the 2nd place. Even after Ron Paul won 2nd in Nevada by 14% to 13%, the media still referred to his "tie for 2nd place". We all know the media is slanting everything against Ron Paul, here is another example. Assuming Ron Paul and John McCain both get 20% of the vote, then after only 2/3 it would be extremely likely to have one at 19% and one at 21%. There are only 100 votes difference and Ron Paul earlier had a 100 vote lead. Also, what nobody mentions is county size. Some might be larger than others. I like how the writer defends himself every time, but the fact is, Romney is the likely winner, and there is a close battle for 2nd place.

Based on the responses to this blog, the results are in:

Ron Paul 52 votes (85.25%)
Romney 9 votes (14.75%)
Other 0 votes (0%)

Basically Ron Paul beats Romney 6-1 here.

So in other words, we're supposed to believe that there are just 346% more online RP fans, and there are just 447% fewer Ron Paul fans that show up to vote. Please.

For ron to be at 19% with 67% of votes counted, is awesome. He could pass McCain before the day if over so cross your fingers. With Huckabee heading out of the race very soon, we should start promoting to his base. If we had his 5%, we would have handily beat McCain. Ron Paul is growing whether the media like it or not. Lets keep talking about him...

Nice read, Mr. Andrew Malcolm. This is an interesting race, isnt it?!!

And what American can be ashamed of it? Not us! Not THIS year. Thanks to Congressman Ron Paul, to his setting his preverbial lamp on the lampost, so the whole world could be reminded...reminded of what freedom really looks like.

Like others here, I confess my admiration for the good doctor, though now more robustly.

And am both proud and astonished to see this subtle but massive freedom campaign of ours picking up momentum, then as now heading to places with unvieled potential, like a long train of over-achievers on a Constitutional track leading to somewhere worthy, where we've been before, and may return to, our freedom message rumbling past heavily, on the nations grounds, it's fired engines straining noisily, always gladly fueled by our own collective energies.

The sound of the loud horn is signalling something urgent and can now be less faintly heard. Which means perhaps the truth is approaching a hoped-for tipping point. So who knows what awaits us tomorrow, what our arrival will mean at the next stop. Or the one after that.

All we know for sure, by the doctors own admission, is that we've come a long way, made great strides and already exceeded all expectations. To me, therefore, each new day has its remarkable accomplishments, and is a celebrated advancement, a victory for us.

Whatever does come of our efforts, I'm certain that these times will always be marked by each of us as special, filled with nestalgia and meaning. Knowing this rich history will add to our nations proud heritage; and remain for me, just as it is already, a thing of beauty. And an endeavor to be told and remembered and recounted to my own for many o' year.


(As we've written here many times, the Paul campaign and its supporters are one of the most interesting stories of this entire campaign so far. Thanks for reading.)

Eric Dondero says "One wonders why the media, including the LA Times, keeps pumping him up?"

And what planet have you been on lately Eric?? If Ron had equal media time, he would be first in every state. McCain is broke, Huck is Broke, Gman is out so what support do these guys have without the main media pumping them up to idiots like you?? The only ones that should be in this race is Paul and Romney because they are the ONLY ones capable of financing a solid campaign WITHOUT the media's help.

Mr. Dondero,

You clearly have a bad case of sour grapes. You are a petty person on a mission to take one better than yourself down. Dr. Paul will probably lose because the people have been conditioned to think like slaves and are frightened at the prospect of freedom. But, even if you win, you lose.

More than half the voters I know say they would vote for Paul but he 'doesn't have a chance.' I haven't heard an answer to the argument of how a Pro-Iraq -War Republican candidate can possibly get a majority in a country 70% against the war.

I am sore afeard that in two or three years Paul supporters will be saying 'I told you so' when current economic denial-policies come home to roost. That the bubbling resentment of illegal immigrants just under the surface will bubble over when the middle class has no money themselves (see 'History' concerning non-assimilation of large ethnic groups). That Health Care and Education continue to get worse as the government gets bigger and nosier (as a friend related to me, the LAUSD could not have been more oppressive and unsuccessful with minorites the last 20 years had even the KKK designed their government-knows-all policies and programs, helped along by the NCLB super-clueless policy. Obama is the kind of naiive thinker that doesn't notice this). That the U.S. will continue to experience blowback and resentment by the rest of the world for our idea that we are entitled to a military presence in 130 countries around the world. Veterans of Iraq are committing suicide at alarming rates. This is not the behavior of soldiers involved in a just war.

Better Vote Ron Paul now than be sorry later. Anyone else is a wasted vote.

Understood that Romney has won the popular vote. Understood that Maine's delegates are uncommitted regardless of popular vote. Waiting for the update to this article that says McCain has ended up in 3rd and Paul has ended up in second. Hoping that a September article will report Maine's delegates support Ron Paul.

NO TO ROMNEY! He is a SELLOUT to this nation!

Romney's VC company (Blane Capital) is assisting the communist red dragon government (CHINA) in buying the American military defense software company 3M.

He is a traitor for big money. It is people like Mitt Romney in government that this country is in the state that we see today. He is just like Dickster.

Boycott Romney.

Ron Paul did embarrass McCain. How many deligates did they each get? It is quite possible that they tied for delegates. And he also embarrassed the media that continue to ignore him. The media would like to see McCain win this whole thing and Paul damb near beat him. Ron Paul's rally in Denver on Friday had nearly 3,000 people show up at the Colorado Convention Center. Romney chose to go to a car dealership. He did pack the place though. Ha! Guess which one the media gave more attention to.

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