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Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus, McCain 2nd, Paul 3rd

Former Gov. Mitt Romney convincingly won the Maine Republican caucus tonight with about 52% of the vote.

The current GOP front-runner, Arizona Sen. John McCain, is running a distant second with 22% and Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded longshot, is in a very close third with 19% of the vote. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is trailing badly with only 5%.

With nearly two-thirds of the votes counted, Maine Republican Party Vice Chairman Scott Kauffman said, "It is very sure that former Gov. Romney wins the contest."

Although Maine does not carry the political clout of many other states, it could provide a helpful psychological boost going into nearly two dozen crucial Super Tuesday contests this week for Romney's forces, who lost to McCain in Florida, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Nearly half the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination will be chosen Tuesday.

In a statement tonight, Romney, who was campaigning today in the upper Midwest after attending the funeral of Gordon Hinckley, the president of the Mormon church, in Salt Lake City, said, "Today the people of Maine joined those from across the nation in casting their vote for conservative change in Washington."

The actual number of Maine delegates he won in the non-binding caucuses will be determined at a state convention in May.

It was a disappointing night for Ron Paul. The campaign of the 72-year-old, 10-term congressman from Texas with the well-financed campaign had hoped to pull an upset in independent-minded Maine. And he did come close to embarrassing McCain for second place, which Paul also won in the Louisiana and Nevada caucuses.

Maine Democrats hold their statewide caucuses next weekend.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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If the delegates selected are non-binding its seems the delegates will go where ever the political winds end up in May. So, essentially, the last man standing.

Why are you declaring Ron Paul 3rd when only 67% results are in and he is 2% behind McCain. He was acually leading McCain for most of the day so its very possible to predict he will beat McCain when the last 33% of votes are counted.

I think that is not showing a very ethical level of journalism.

(Got nothing to do with ethics. It's reality. He's in 3rd place. Live with it. Two-thirds counted, which we say. If it changes that's new news and we report it. But your hope doesn't make it n ews. Sorry.)

just think where RON PAUL would be if he actually had fair media coverage. his integrity and his platform's appeal need to be known. such an injustice to him and to the citizens of this country. the media has lost so much credibility. i no longer have any respect for them as they have cheated the american people. the greedy corporate elite is responsible for the demise of our once great nation.

When you mean, won the caucus, do you mean won the most delegates or won the popular vote? As a journalist, it would be your duty to point that out.

yes Romney is correct, there will be a very conservative change in washington. Status quo for everyone. Good Game.

I was slightly disappointed, though the total vote count is not in yet...we could still beat McCain. STILL, you have to realize, here is a candidate (Dr. Paul) who barely gets any free media coverage, to the point where many people thought he dropped out...and yet he crushes Huckabee. Huckabee is gone, outta here, buh-bye.

You see, Dr. Paul has a strategy, and it's working. One by one he's been picking off candidates, and I have a strong feeling McCain is next. I remember when Ron Paul was trailing to Huckabee, the way he's trailing now to McCain.

I'm glad Romney won first...if anything it helps stress that there is still no clear leader in the GOP, which is again, good for Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul is gaining, and tonight was again a great showing. The so-called 'front-runner' McCain almost got beat by Dr. Paul, so this is nothing for us to be disappointed about.

I seriously hope some major networks show Ron Paul because he is really gaining. Thank you Malcolm for the article.

(You're welcome. But that's my job. Thanks for coming here. Hope you do it often.)

Is it really that disappointing for Dr. Paul though?

Sure, he came in third place. But if you think about it, he received 1 out of 5 votes. That's pretty good for someone that Corporate Media refuses to really report on.

The problem is that people think that their throwing away their vote on Dr. Paul, because they don't believe he would be able to receive the nomination, but it's this mentality that leads to the low support. It's a sad cycle.

Funny how 19 percent of the vote can be construed as "disappointing".
If a candidate is running a campaign of steadily ascending voting returns,
and nineteen percent represents a midpoint between starting with nothing and achieving the republican nomination for the US Presidency, then ninteen percent represents ongoing success in educating the American public. Afterall, the incumbent machine is taking this candidate very seriously, and is being forced to pull out all stops to prevent the constituency from hearing his message....

To Christopher:

If there is an ethical level of journalism available to us, we willl find it here. Mr. Malcolm is virtually the only well-known journalist covering Dr. Paul. You can come here every day and find a good article about RP. Thank You Mr. Malcolm for your good and fair journalism.

Romney is an excellent candidate and for conservatives who are sick at the thought of a McCain nomination, it is time to unite behind Romney. He won't let us down!

Ron Paul is right when he says that our foreign policy is hopelessly entangled. Right now we are broke because we invaded the country of our former ally (Saddam Hussein), so therefore we are borrowing billions from our former enemy (China) to give billions to the dictator of Pakistan (assuming he doesn't siphon the billions for himself) to hunt down Bin Laden, who used to our ally against the Russians, who are now our friends (kinda sorta). As Romney correctly said, this is 3-dimensional chess.

McCain had the endorsement of both of Maine's senators and he still lost by 30% to Romney. Romney should get the nomination. He received over 50% of the vote in Nevada as well. Romney is the best candidate running in the primaries and he is the most qualified to become President.
Romney '08

The Washington Post reported today about how much of the GOP in Arizona is against him including the Chair of the Republican party in McCain's home district. He referred to McCain as a liar.

Woohoo Ron Paul.

I love that man.

Regarless of what happens with this race, I believe that history will be very kind to the good doctor.

I'm not going to keep defending you. You're a big boy. You can take it.

And I know that I don't have to remind you that Ron Paul supporters sincerely appreciate you. Some of us don't realise that you're probably kind of sticking your neck out by writing so many articles that include Ron Paul.

We're not sore losers. We're just deperate for some good news. And actually, all things considering, this is really good news. The old Doctor, bless his heart, is hanging in there. He's a fighter. And that's one of the reasons why we Ron Paul supporters love the old man so much.

He's a tough old Cowboy.

But this isn't a Hollywood Movie. This is reality. And good (or what we believe is good) doesn't always win.

And by the way. You might have everyone else fooled. But you don't fool me. I can read between the lines. I can see a wee little bit of favoritism in there.

You closet RP supporter you.

Peter :)

(Peter, you're one of my favorite readers. So reasoned. So you know we really don't take sides here. If supporters of one candidate focus on one item or another, they might think we favor or oppose someone. But we try to be equal opportunity offenders. And over time, if a reader can set aside their cheering for one candidate, hope they will see we're pretty fair. I've said before, Dr. Paul is an interesting political story. His supporters who have gathered in such numbers seemingly spontaneously built around ideas are, despite some occasional crudeness, an even better story to tell. And that's what we do, is tell stories. So we intend to continue to do that. I've got a good one coming on one particular supporter of Dr. Paul's that you'll really enjoy. Hope to do it soon. Be well. And thanks for still reading--and commenting.)

Congratulations Mitt Romney! I'm impressed with Romney's integrity and intelligence. His debate performances were terrific and he stayed a gentleman through all the attacks of his fellow Republican candidates. Romney is someone I would be proud to have as president. I'll be voting for Romney in California on Tuesday.

Hey, isn't it time to start calling Huckabee the "long shot" candidate? Ron Paul has far more volunteers and a lot more cash on hand. Any momentum Huckabee had from his win in Iowa is long gone by now.

I guess Ron Paul will always be the "longest of long shots" despite outlasting Tommy Thompson, Jim Gilmore, Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, John Cox, Alan Keyes, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Giuliani, and despite having more actual grassroots supporter than anyone else, and despite raising more money in the fourth quarter than the other Republicans.

But no, what makes me think the media is biased? (Nothing personal against Andrew, he's done a great job of covering Ron Paul in recent months.)

This discussion reminds me of Nader's 2000 bid. He was almost entirely excluded from the 'news' and when he was mentioned it was only as a 'spoiler'. His ideas were not unlike Paul's, in that they were so 'off message' as to be threatening to the corporate power elite.
Unlike Nader, though, Paul isn't a third party candidate and he can tell the truth and make an ass of McCain in the debates. I would be surprised if he doesn't take California.

Given the makeup of the electorate in that neck of the woods I would not have expected anything else. And, as a Dr. Paul supporter I am not disappointed. Looks pretty good to me. Thanks Andrew.

Thank you for covering this article and presenting Ron Paul.

Go Ron Paul!

Why are you declaring a winner already when only 68% of the votes are in? For all you know the next 32% that come in could change the current status..

(Well, you can hope that every vote left to count is for Dr. Paul sufficient to take him from 19% to 53%. But the reality is that's unlikely. And the party's vice chair has declared a winner, which is what we're reporting. You'll have to live with it. Maybe Dr. Paul can creep past Sen. McCain into second. That's another good story!)

It's just a blog folks. Don't take it so seriously. This is someone's opinion only. There is no level of professional journalism here. Most bloggers are not paid. Lying is not illegal. Headlines bring hits and readers. Continue to vote your conscience and be smarter info consumers. Thank you Mr. Andrew Malcolm for your post.Your style of blogging has been noted by the general public.

(Thanks for the kind words. I'm certainly enjoying the writing and telling stories and the give and take with regular readers like you. P.S. We do get paid, though, of course, never enough. Now, if we could get paid by the click or the comment....)

I think this going the way it should given emphasis to the MSM leading American like sheep, and how Ron Paul campaign is starting to accelerate. What is lacking now is some momentum to be able to increase the speed of the votes coming for Ron Paul.
Republican party is outsmarted by the liberals and neoCons to allow John Mc Cain who is not a conservative to have a shot at the nomination. If they do not back a strong conservative fast enough then the neocons and liberals will successfully hi jacked the party. So the choice is Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.

I as a Ron Paul supporter of course choose Ron Paul over Romney because of the obvious reason that Romney do not have the integrity, experience, constitutional position that Ron Paul has. So how do we get Ron Paul to the white house? What are his chances?

Ron Paul got the endorsement of Alabama and Montana which both are republican state. What's interesting and important is how the other strong republican state haven't begin nomination process. States like Indiana, South Dakota, Mississippi, Kentucky, Montana, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. I think it is essential for Ron Paul to campaign in these states heavily ahead of time to be able to gain momentum. We hope these states agree that John McCain is not a true conservatives. About Romney I think he's dangerous as far as his deep wallet goes but competitively, McCain is more dangerous than him.
Should the Meet Up groups turn into Precinct Leadership in those states, then Ron Paul can be ahead of the curve and chances are he will win the nomination. If he win the nomination, there is no doubt he win the Presidency.

Go Ron Paul!
Champion of the Constitution

Do not discount the strength of the conservative core of the Republican party. McCain may have the backing of the main stream media, the DNC and other people eager to jump on the bandwagon (Rudy, last week you proposed the largest tax cut in American history, this week you endorse one of only two Republican senators who voted against the Bush tax cuts.....huh?).
The support of Romney is building........

I can't believe I am living in a country full of Clowns, what kind of circus is this. Will there be no state to move to after this is all over. My brother was telling me he was helping serve food at a banquet of people that were looking to buy houses in a high end subdivision. The prices of the houses were way upper middle class at the time. People at the banquet came over to the table and started to carve up varnished bread that was laquered with real varnish to make a decorative display. It was not meant to be eaten. He thought for a minute about telling them about it but then he figured that maybe if they were going to pay that much for those houses maybe it wasn't really his place to tell them what they should eat...I mean after all even though they had enough money to buy the houses they didn't have the sense not to eat varnished bread.
Romney will fix our budget by taking out a big loan right before the next depression ...McCain will make sure your 10 year old kid will get to grow up and see Iraq in person...Huckabee will have you kneeling to say the pledge of allegence... and Ron Paul wants sound money and freedom...
Maybe my brother was right, who am I to tell you who to vote for president. Want a glass of water with that big Romney McCain Huckabee sandwich, cause I think you're gonna choke on it.

Ron Paul is the man.
Freedom is the plan!

Ron Paul has got to be one of the noblest American politicians I have ever observed. He refuses to allow his personal religious beliefs to cause him to act in any way in violation of the letter or the spirit of our great Constitution.

His positions, which have been ridiculed by the pack of hyenas also running, find tremendous support, in pricinple, from our founding fathers, including Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin. His desire to abolish the FED, would receive the wholehearted support of Andrew Jackson.

In short, his values are solid traditional American values, his record of consistency on principles and issues, indicate that above the glib likes of Romney and McCain, we can TRUST Ron Paul to do his darndest to deliver his promises.

Our nation has been gravely wounded by all the lying, cheating, and selling out, performed against us by our elected leadership of the past several decades. Measured against this dreary backdrop, Ron Paul stands like a beacon of light, his message wafts across our troubled land like a breath of fresh air, the ultimate battle between those for America, vs, the corrupt and treasonous elites needs a dauntless, lionhearted leader, if we are to have any hope of prevailing, and that leader is Ron Paul.

Restore our Republic - Support and Vote for Ron Paul.

Thank you for your regular coverage of Ron Paul's campaign. You might not always report what Ron Paul supporters want to hear, but if it's accurate, then so be it. Thanks again.

"You got Mike Huckabee to speak to evangelicals, you got Mitt Romney to speak to Wall Street, you got Rudi Guliani and John McCain to speak to the militia. But my father was one who could draw support from all three."
- Ronald Regan Jr.

We may never have another president like Ronald Regan. But today, we have the opportunity to elect someone who speaks to people, about whom it all matters: religion, money, and security, the big three in Republicanism. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...RONALD PAUL!!!

Good work, Maine! Now, if the rest of the states could realize Mitt is the Man!
If he isn't elected because of the Mormon issue, then the voters need to realize their own bigotry is keeping them from getting the conservative American leader they really want!

thanks Andrew, for some news about Ron Paul. I used to live in cali, but i woke up. hopefully the voters wake up, before its to late

I am tired of the media portraying McCain as the winner way ahead of Super
Tuesday. He also talks like he's got it all sewn up - big fat head! He's a
liar as well - why would anyone want to vote for this guy - liberal, liar,left-winger - think about it! Make the right choice before it's too late! Romney is
the only one in this race with real integrity and smarts - save yourselves!

If Romney and McCain had been only a couple of percentage points apart for 3rd, the reporter would have reported it as being too close to call. That's the difference. People see the first report and never see any others. That's why it sucks to predict so close an outcome.
I'm guessing a lot of the reporters and TV station owners consider themselves safe from NASCO. They actually believe these politicians and it would never occur to them that a superhighway might bulldoze their business, their job, their homes, churches, schools, etc. If they understood what is planned for this nation with these corridors, they would be taking an entirely different tack. So long as they can comfortably imagine that it won't happen, or it won't happen to them, they don't care and they will continue to hide the only candidate who opposes the whole NAFTA/CAFTA catastrophe.
If any of these reporters had investigated H.R. 393 Universal Service Act of 2007 to see that it has been in committee and is likely to be pushed through before the end of Bush's term so that a lame duck president can sign it, they might be a bit more concerned about who our next president will be themselves. They might stop taking orders from the global news corporations and come right out to report the election fairly. I, and other Ron Paul voters, who have been disinfranchised by the mainstream media in this election will not feel a bit sorry for the reporters who get drafted. The bill says, "All persons (wives and mothers included) between the ages of 18 and 42" will be required to perform military service. This is what the politicians and reporters mean when they say, "expand military forces". I wonder how old this reporter is, whether he is over 42. If he is not, then I wish him the best of luck in Iraq. It's one thing to support a war that others are volunteering to fight. It's quite another to support a war you yourself may be conscripted for. A Ron Paul victory would change the landscape and render the draft an effort in futility. A Romney or McCain or Hillary victory would render the draft an effective engine for generating cannon fodder, which we will need if the war expands, as it will if we don't get the heck out of there. And the reporters may think, "Oh, they don't want me. They want 19 year old kids." But, my husband was just the right age, the draft never got around to him for Viet Nam, but it got around to his uncles. The draft for Korea never got around to my uncle who was the right age, but it got around to most of the fathers who lived in his neighborhood and many of them never came home. So, whatever you have to believe to feel safe, go right ahead. "When they come for you, there will be nobody left to speak up..." To paraphrase the Lutheran Minister, Dietrick Bonhoffer, executed by the NAZIS in Germany.

Everyone relax. Take it easy. Take a breath.

This article tells us that Romney won 52% of the vote. For those of you who know nothing about how the Primary's work. Let's just say, there can be many surprises in store.

All you people throwing mud at each other. You're not betting on the superbowl with this election. We're talking about our future, and our children's future. Whomever wins, you'd better be praying, he understands monetary policy, or we're done. DONE!! Checkmate to China.

Statistically, Ron Paul is a SHOOTING STAR. A year ago, he didn't even register 1%. The winds of change are blowing in the U.S., the dollar and markets are in the TANK, the real estate bubble (created by the Fed) is bursting and in non-binding caucuses like Maine, delegates are free to go wherever the political wind is blowing in May. As more and more Americans become aware of the dire situation the U.S. is in, I expect Ron Paul's stock to continue to rise, as it has over the past year. Win or lose, this presidential season is going to be a wild ride. What Huckabee should do is back out and offer to sign up as Ron Paul's second in command... THAT would be tough combination to beat this summer.

This is intriguing .. I still see 68% of the votes showing. Im guessing the 32% left are Ron Paul's? lol.

Talk about irregularities.

68% reporting:

Romney 52%
McCain 21%
Paul 19%
Huckabee 6%

Looks like the good doctor is closing the gap. Still 32% to go.
Vote to end the War on the Middle Class,
Vote to end the War in Iraq,
Vote for Freedom!
Vote Ron Paul in 2008!

Look at the bright side, people...

Dr. Paul got roughly 20% support from GOP voters in the Maine caucus... His support is, in fact, growing.

In case, you haven't yet also noticed the GOP isn't exactly known for their intelligence... Just look at their candidates for the last ten years, for example. I would bet that most of you probably won't even vote for the GOP if Paul is not their candidate.

I am wondering why wouldn't Dr. Paul run as an Independent?

PS. If it makes you feel any better, Dr. Paul easily won a poll of Canadians as to who they liked best to be the next President -- it wasn't even close really.

Of course, our media seems to be slightly more free than yours is currently.

Just an FYI. Keep an eye on the delegates. Reports are that Paul and Romney are neck and neck with delegates. Of course we won't have final numbers until the convention. tI appears though that Paul beat out Romney in a number of counties.

Alright , now you're really done it. You have completely dispelled my thoughts that you will be doing another Ron Paul hit piece.

I saw stories in Yahoo about Ron Paul and was surprised and I am seeing endorsements. Ron Paul has a base of supporters that will finance him. Heck he raised another 1 million this week. Lets hope that the GOP realize that former Democrats like me don't join the Republican Party because of Mitt, John or Mike.

Just so that you know, Ron Paul changed my view of governments when he told a student, who asked about about Students Loans, where is the money going to come from ? The government doesn't have any money it gets its money by taxing people either by direct taxes or by an inflation tax so why does a waitress who never got a chance to go to college have to support you. The student was not pleased with the answer but that made me think.

Yet another time when taking about social polices on a talk show a listener said I have received a lot of help from governments to which Paul said I am glad but have you ever thought about who had to pay to help you, have you ever thought about who have to suffer to help you.

Even the listener understood.

Just maybe libertarians, conservatives, real republicans (Ron Paul ones) and other democrats will realize that poor nations cannot defend themselves, war is the health of the state, and tryants enslave you through the promise of protection and security. More importantly it is very lame to try and promote democracy through the barrel of a gun.

Thank you Andrew as a former cave dweller I can finally see the light. I can only hope that people will read this article and take it for the good news it is. Ron Paul can be a factor and even after Super Tuesday there will still be more than half of the country to continue onwards with. Which is promising news since his number seem to finally be creeping up there where they belong IMHO :-)

Dear Andrew Malcolm,
Thanks for mentioning Ron Paul because most articles don't even mention him, but I think you'd do justice if you didn't use prefixes like "long-shot" for him because he has outlasted the "front-runner" Guiliani, and he's getting 15% more votes than Mike Huckabee in the very state you're reporting about!

Secondly, the Headline "Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus" suggests that all votes have been counted, but that's not true. "Romney winning by a huge lead after 67% votes counted" would be true, but you can't declare the 2nd and 3rd position yet becuase 33% of votes are yet to be counted and it's too close to call for the 2nd position yet. Huckabee should be called the long-shot candidate now.

(No, the headline says Romney has won, which is fact and what the party says. The story clearly says McCain "is running" in second place, same "is" for Paul. Present tense. That says that could change. if it does, we'll write about it. But for now that's it.)

Hey, Matt, thanks! Now that's some real news! Delegates are what count. And if Ron and Romney are battling it out for delegates, I can go to sleep happy tonite.

Knowing that Ron Paul's supporters will spend their last penny on him, as opposed to Romney, who will spend his last billion on himself, there's no question who is going to be the Last Man Standing.

Ron Paul's middle name is Ernest!!!
President Ron Paul 2008

Actually, this is not disappointing for Ron paul and his supporters. Of course he would have liked to win his SECOND primary (He did win Louisiana, if they ever decide to count all the votes!), but second place (sorry, Andrew) is pretty good in Maine, especially considering it was a continuation of the steady uptick in votes he has been experiencing.

While he may not win the nomination (I won't say NEVER, since we have seen major candidates implode before, right Rudy?) I liken this year's campaign for the Doctor to Ronald Reagan's in 1976. I am old enough to remember that 'longshot' and 'kook' that everybody in the me mainstream media laughed at and dismissed. But after yet another failed (but well-intentioned) Presidency in Jimmy Carter, Reagan's message started resonating with people, and four years later they were ready for a radical change. Interestingly enough, ROn Paul was one of only four Congressman supporting him in '76- so much for John McCain's hollow claims of being a 'footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution'!

That example of perseverance and committment is why I and many others feel the media and the Republican Party leadership are being short-sighted in dismissing Ron Paul and his supporters so easily. REAL change (not the illusion of change being sold by most of the other candidates) takes time to build momentum. But if it's message is strong, and backed and led by people of character and integrity, that slow momentum will eventually build to an unstoppable crescendo eventually.

That's precisely what many people are slow to realize: it's not just the man, Ron Paul- it's the message. It's not just a campaign, but a real revolution of ideas and a policy of real change. THAT will be the true legacy of the Ron Paul campaign that will remain well beyond 2008, while the seemingly titanic campaigns of the other candidates with feet of clay will crumble into the dusty pages of history.

Ron Paul 2008, and beyond!


I stand with Anne Coulter - I'll fight for Hillary just to defeat McCain the traitor.

Ron Paul is the only person who can save our country. But the powers that be who have destroyed our country are determined to keep it that way.

I hope Susan Collins is defeated this November - we don't need anymore traitors in out midst. She is sponsoring the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terror Bill in the Senate that will take away all of our rights to free speech and expression and throw innocent Americans into the new Halliburton Domestic Detention Centers.

Most of Ron Paul supporters complain about the “unfair” media coverage he is receiving. This seems to be the main theme of the online discussions on youtube, blogs and other online forums.

Here is why I disagree: Ron Paul’s followers want to bring change to our current government processes. Go back to the teachings of our founding fathers; be champions of the constitution. These are great ideas and although they might be 200 years old they nonetheless appear as revolutionary concepts in the America we live in today.

In my mind, in order to bring about change you need first test them. In other words, if Ron Paul wants to bring about change he cannot use the conventional strategies to get his message across. He needs to overcome the obstacles of the so called “establishment” and gain the support through non-conventional vehicles.

He claims he will disconnect the special interest groups, lobbyists and others from Washington. But also complains when these groups, who he claims own the mainstream media, do not help him get his message across. So let me get this straight, he wants their help to get to the White House in order to kick them out?

Moreover, if you need their help to get into the White House, what makes you think you won’t need their help once you are there?

In my mind, Ron Paul’s candidacy brings about more change in the democratic process by coming in second, third or even fourth (but be in it until the end) in the primaries without the “establishment” support than winning the ticket with its backing.

Thomas Jefferson was very wise when saying: “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”…….A well-informed person, I feel, is not the one that gets its information from the mainstream media but the one that actually goes out and actively seeks the truth.

After note: I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I feel she can best use the establishment for the good of MORE people than just the FEW. With that said, if Ron Paul is able to win the nomination without the help of the establishment, this will prove that his ideology has been tested and proven, so I will support him for the good of ALL.

Libertarian Long Shot Candidate? Such a long shot has a lot of money and has outlasted John Edwards, Dennis Kuccinich, Tom Tancredo, Rudy Guiliani, Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson. A LONG SHOT? The only people making him out to be a long shot is the Council on Foreign Relations owned MEDIA. We see you exactly for what you are! The Elites are at work here, everyone can see you. The cat is out of the bag Rockefeller and friends. RON PAUL REVOLUTION!

Love Ron Paul. The only man with integrity.

I always knew that MSM was a tool to control and to manufacture conscent and I've always regarded CNN an Fox as 'political theater' where all "debates" are staged with pre-framed arguments, but it is the first time that I have actually FELT this control and I realised it had dumbed me down as well.

I was watching the Republican Reagan Library debate when I saw Ron Paul for the first time. In the beginning, I was "hearing" but wasn't "listening". It actually took me a while to realise that this guy was making SENSE.

So afterward, I went on the net and searched. I read, youtubed, googled all night. I learned so much about what the Constitution is, about what a Republic is, I SAW the media try to label, demonize, ridicule Ron Paul, I SAW him handle it with class, I learned about Martin Luther King, I learned about American history.

And I went from being anti-American to understanding the proud history you were built on, the founding fathers' dreams and wisdon. Ron Paul has single-handedly made me appreciate true American ideals, the beauty of a true free market economy and what it means to be a TRUE Republican. I no longer support Clinton, Obama or the Democrats. Vote for him because so you get your country back.

A Canadian

The beauty contest straw poll that Mitt "won" in Maine is meaningless. In many of the precincts that Mitt won the "presidential preference poll", Ron Paul ended up with more delegates. Mitt didn't actually win anything today.

It still amazes me that people expect a MSM writer to remain objective. It's headlines that grab the reader regardless of the truth. If they didn't lead the sheep, they wouldn't have a job. If ya think of it, they've goit to chuckle a little bit at how they get the dander up of all of us Paul supporters every time they do this. Don't forget the cat's out of the bag, and no matter what they write, they can't put it back in.

Every dog has his day, and the MSM will have theirs fairly soon I'm guessing.


Thanks for actually including Ron Paul. I am fed up with mainstream TV news channels ignoring him and will not watch any mainstream news show again on any network except for Lou Dobbs- period.

An educated and democratically minded leader wants to repeal the IRS, give power back to the people, bring back a constitutional government, strengthen the military and only go to war when Congress declares war- and he is ignored by all of maninstream media and all but ignored when he is only one of four in the Presdiential debates.

I have never been so disgusted with the media in my entire life!

Thank-you again for actually reporting on him. I sincerely appreciate it.

Jeff Barnard, a Ron Paul supporter (or a supporter of anyone else who will come along in the future with a similar, pro-constitution, anti-tax and pro-people platform)

I appreciate this LA Times blog. You guys want to give them a hard time, but frankly they are one of the very few that do give Ron Paul and fair shake, most of the time. If I lived in LA I'd buy Andy a couple of cold ones down at Joe's Bar & Grill.

Also out yesterday: Ron Paul recieves the most donations from the active military in the 4th qtr. of '07, again! He had more donations than ALL of the others, combined!

The only way we can lose is to forget that we are winning!

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