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Bill Clinton is on the line

Carol Ann Campbell plans to return Bill Clinton's call. But she insists that whatever the ex-president has to say, regardless of how persuasive he may be, she won't be swayed.

As a Democratic superdelegate to the party's national convention, she's decided to back Barack Obama. And she is not about to reconsider.

Campbell, as The Times' Peter Nicholas detailed in this story, was wooed over the weekend by Obama's wife, Michelle (these candidate spouses apparently are burning up the phone lines). By the time their conversation ended, Campbell had gone from leaning toward Hillary Clinton to solidly rooting for Michelle's husband.

Campbell, a former member of the Philadelphia City Council, mentioned to Nicholas that she was surprised she had not already heard from an old friend in the world of Democratic politics -- Tony Podesta, a renowned D.C. lobbyist whose brother, John, was a chief of staff in Bill Clinton's White House.

Nicholas, as part of his reporting, called ...

Tony Podesta. Not surprisingly, Podesta later called Campbell. And Monday night, Clinton left his message for her.

As of this afternoon, Campbell and Clinton had not connected. But when they do, his efforts will be in vain. “My word is my bond," Campbell told Nicholas today. “I’m committed to Obama."

At the least, she and the ex-president can catch up on old times. “I’ve talked to Bill Clinton before," said Campbell. “He used to invite me to parties" held in conjunction with the Army-Navy game, which is played annually in Philadelphia.

-- Don Frederick

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$100 that Campbell is black. If she weren't black, she wouldn't be that quick to committ to a black man with no experience, and no clear stance on issues. No doubt about it, this is good old fashioned ---- you name it.

you win!

The Obama has no experience and no position line is tired, old and thankfully has not held water with the voters up until this point. Clinton has 35 years of experience - as a corporate lawyer, many as a first lady, and a couple years more than Obama in the Senate. By contrast, the Bush administration elders - Cheney, Rumsfeld and the crew - have all the experience in the world. And where did that get us? Obama has something that years in DC can't get you - judgment,wisdom, and the ability to move the country to a better place.

If you're interested in Obama's positions - move beyond the sound bites and visit his website or listen to his speeches in their entirety.

dear jon, i'm white and i'm for obama. so, where's my $100?

Jon, you are just the type of voter supporters of Hillarity Clinton need on her side. Bigoted, ignorant fools who have no place in the future America that Barack Obama will lead. I'm surprised your wing of whatever party you belong to hasn't nominated David Duke for President.

Obama's core strength comes from al the young people: From 2008 HS graduates to all college grads of the past 8 years are only too well aware that their futures have been mortgaged into the stratosphere without their votes..They also know that the chokehold that K-street lobbyists have had on all congresses of the past 30+ years MUST be broken.Corporations have had the run of Washington DC for too long...Obama - with their votes- will stop that.....ONLY THEN will change in Wash Dc be possible.In his 1st term in the Senate he saw the crux of the problem in Wash DC..Where was Hillary all this time.?Making deals, - the old fashioned way - no doubt..Wake up. america.

This Obama-has-no-experience-but-Hillary-does line is idiotic. Good judgment is far more important than experience and the two things don't necessarily go hand in hand. Hillary was certainly experienced enough in the ways of Washington to be cynical and vote for a war that has cost a million Iraqi lives, thousands of American lives, and billions and billions of taxpayer dollars. It was a calculating, cold-hearted, and gutless decision -- all because she thought it would help her chances when the time came to run for president. Obama, on the other hand, while he undoubtedly had similar political ambitions, had no experience in Washington back in 2002 when he opposed the war; what he had, instead, was a strong moral sense, sound judgment, and the courage of his own convictions. He opposed the war when much of the nation, still in the violent throes of 9/11, was howling for blood. Spinelessness is not the mark of a leader; the courage of going against the tide is.

Hey, Jon, I think Kay is right. You owe me $100 too, cause I'm not black or white. And I think Michelle Obama is a much better American than Bill Clinton. I'm mostly Chinese, with a sixteenth Spanish. If you want, you can mail the $100 plus interest to my kids, who will be half Irish-German-NativeAmerican (Mayflower and Lincoln sourced), Pledging their Allegiance to their Commander-in-Chief, President Barack H. Obama.

You know, Billy C was born "Blythe", which I think is a pretty fitting name for him. For example, under his political gravestone, which you can start cutting now, it can say:

"Here lyeth Bill Blythe,
Who did lieth here and there;
he belied his office when he be laid in it;
he was renamed not Bill B'layeth nor Bill B'lieth,
for Bill Blythe, alas,
but sadly was renamed Bill Clinton."

The right wing hates Obama because he's the most natural threat. The Clinton camp hates Obama because he didn't get a dirty blow job in office, cover it up and didn't have to dump millions of dollars in investments to "look" unattached from the unscrupulous financial entanglements that may not jive with their "clean up Washington" act.

His record was against the war in Iraq. Who else campaigning can say they voted against killing 4000 soldiers and the maiming of tens of thousands of other soldiers for a war based on egregious lies to the American public.

Only Barack Obama. This time - character counts - so deal with it.

It is a sad day when voters in the DEMOCRATIC, supposed to be progressive, party drop to the level of insinuating that Obama's success is due to some sort of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. "He's not really the best candidate, but you just voted for him because he's black." As in, the reason he's pulling ahead is not because he's a better candidate running a better campaign, but because he's black.

Not only is such an argument offensive, it is detached from reality. Yes, Obama has substantial support among African-Americans. But, if you consider the numbers coming out of Wisconsin, he's winning in nearly every other category as well, if by lesser margins. If you want to crunch the numbers further, you will find that the black electorate, while being substantial in some states, is not nearly enough to carry anyone to victory.

Arguments like "he wouldn't be winning if he weren't black" amount to nothing more than veiled racism. This is the same twisted logic that Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits have used for years about affirmative action in other arenas. It is a shame to hear it parroted by members of the blue party. The most disgusting thing about this line of reasoning is its ugly pair of fundamental assumptions - that minorities are racists and that whites are not, thus reclaiming the moral high ground for Aryans. Is the real story that Obama is winning a supermajority of the black vote, or that he is the first black candidate in history to be winning overall?

This is nothing more than desperation. By the way, if you're going to "plagiarize" these kinds of ideas, you should cite your conservative sources.

Experience? Is it any good if a person is not wise enough to make good use of it? With all her 30 or so decades of political experience and more decades of life experience than Obama, Hillary Clinton is now at a loss of what to do when faced with this youthful and inexperienced upstart. Experience is not always a positive thing. It can trigger dithering and fear of acting when a person has not the intuition to see the way ahead clearly and act fearlessly. Obama has the intuition to see the way ahead with 20/20 vision and the audacity to act fearlessly.


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