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Barack Obama beats the other Clinton on a new stage

The audacity of Barack Obama. He beat out Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Maya Angelou and Alan Alda.

Obama won a spoken-word Grammy today for the audio recording of his book, "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream."

The former president from Arkansas was nominated for his "Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World." The former president from Georgia was nominated for his book "Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bringing Peace to a Changing World."

No doubt, the Hillary Clinton campaign would like us to point out that part of her oft-cited "35 years of experience" is winning the same award 12 years ago for her audio book, "It Takes a Village." And her husband has won the award two times. So there.

And, no doubt, the 28-year-defunct Carter campaign would point out that he too has won the same award before.

And, of course, the Republican National Committee's Alex Conant points out, "I imagine Obama's Grammy will look nice on the mantle next to his 'most liberal senator' award."

Ah, another quiet Sunday.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Actually, Clinton made that change in her campaign staff after New Hampshire but made it official today to keep Obama from getting all the attention this news cycle due to Maine which all the internal and external polling said she should have won.

HRC's biggest mistake was not listening to her advisors when they told her to skip Iowa. Think about how different the momentum would have been had she started in New Hampshire.
Then there were the unfortunate racial remarks and the Bob Johnson drug remark and the Bill Clinton Jesse Jackson remark which attempted to brand Obama as the "black camdidate," which obviously has failed.
Making too big of a deal about the David Shuster remark when Obama won three in one night showed she didn't have her priorities straight.

The fact that MSNBC didn't just demand an apology from Shuster and suspended him was over the top.
It was an innapropriate remark but not as big a deal as HRC is making it out to be. Meanwhile, Obama keeps his eye on the prize.

Meanwhile, normal people are thinking how nice for the Obamas: one for Malia, one for Sasha.

What America needs more than anything right now is inspiration. Hillary and Obama would both take this country in good, albeit different, directions. All things held equal, however, I would prefer someone who can give us hope.

That said, Hillary and Obama have significant differences, as is illustrated in this article that lays out each place where their votes differ.

Willard for President. He spent eight years in the White House with BJ Clinton and he knew a lot more about what was going on in the White House than Hillary did !

Hillary deserves no credit for "It Takes a Village". How can anyone trust this shrewd woman who looks for fame and undeserved acclaim every time she opens her mouth. While Hillary may have edited or changed a few sentences, the book was ghostwritten. The title was not coined by Hillary. The book was released during the 1996 election year, to improve the image of this coldly calculating Hillary. Even at that time it was claimed that Hillary already knew about Monica, but tried to present herself as a loving wife in a strong marriage, and a good parent. The real author, Barbara Feinman, who "assisted as editor, writer and researcher" was never acknowledged as the author. Hillary never budges or admits she erred on any position, even when confronted by evidence. Hillary's tenth anniversary edition includes a few pages that she supposedly wrote. More image improvement was the objective. Unfortunately, she is part of the still powerful Clinton Political Machine that is determined to put them back in the White House.
I admire Barack Obama, he is the opposite of the Clintons in that he has integrity and the courage to face even more intense scrutiny on his path to the Presidency.


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