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Clinton's troubles are felt in California

The Times' dogged Dan Morain did some talking to California politics in recent hours and he found some very interesting political tremors, even this far away from Iowa and New Hampshire.

"It's going to be very difficult for her (Hillary Clinton) to win in New Hampshire," admitted Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. "We need to evaluate, look at those states where we're strong, and that's where we need to spend our time right now." He suggested Clinton must "cut her losses" and focus only on states where she can still win. She could win in Nevada, he said, but maybe not South Carolina.

"Is everybody concerned and nervous?" asked a Los Angeles political consultant who represents a major Clinton donor. "Yes!" Several other Clinton backers told Morain they fully expect her to lose in New Hampshire today, perhaps by double-digits. They also anticipate a major shake-up of the campaign organization, possibly as early as Wednesday, and that the New York senator would pivot away from investing time in South Carolina.

While Clinton's contributors may not be bolting to Barack Obama yet, a Californian who's raised significant sums for the Illinois senator was already preparing a fundraising appeal aimed at wooing Clinton donors. As it happens, Obama has planned a major California fundraising trip next week, with stops in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. And that could turn into a victory lap after two early wins.

"You may see less of a bolting and more covering of all bases," said Andy Spahn, an L.A. consultant whose clients include Clinton backer Steven Spielberg and Obama backer David Geffen.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Obama he has managed to avoid media bias against Clinton. "Obama, through an unprecedented convergence of luck has never before faced serious attack yet, Media refuses to show he is a phony, someone whose lofty rhetoric isn't born out in his own public record. His lack of foreign policy experience and showing he isn’t ready to lead in a dangerous world. His votes in the Senate to fund the Iraq war even as he tried to position himself as the strongest anti-war candidate. facts show he always supports the war, voted twice in 2006 against bringing America's troops back home, votes for war appropriations giving our money to Halliburton and Blackwater, voted with Bush on posturing S 433 which allows the Bush to suspend any troop withdrawal! Record also shows Obama faced with tough choices always gave in to pressure from Bush admin and corporate lobbyists. Obama voted for Bush's energy bill, sending more than $13 billion in subsidies and tax breaks to oil, coal, and nuclear companies, voted with Repub to allow credit card companies to raise interest rates over 30 percent, increasing hardship for families. "He talks about change but has no real record of making change. Lastly his use of the race card will not play well nationally, We are absolutely sick of obama saying hes not running on race, but thats all he offering and all we are talking about!!!!, he is a self proclaimed Black Racist. Again media attacks Romneys Mormon faith but refuses to discuss obama church. Go to website to know what he believes. I think the media needs to be held accountable! ALL the candidates should have been given the same treatment. All these OLD men who own these media outlets are afraid of an educated strong woman like Senator Clinton. Is why they attack her on clothes, wrinkles etc...And refuse to show her in any positive light. They have completely lost CREDIBILITY CNN, MSNBC etc...Are just the “Enquire on TV.

There seems to be two developing events that have equally captivated the public who are watching the change of our political landscape;

1) The meteoric rise of Obama and...
2) The pathetic and tragic fall of Hillary, who did not forsee this happening.

She should write a new book titled, "Now, I Know How Goliath Feels".

Imagine that! The inevitable Hillary , running like the incumbent 90's style, might be in trouble in California.

The nature of Obama's message and the activation of new voters who heretofore have not voted previously is a perfect storm for politics 21st century style.

It won't be long, the Hillary shills will post their same old critiques and tired memes, because they truly do not understand the phenomena unfolding before their eyes.

Anyone curious about policy and platform can simply visit and see that there is substance behind the candidate. That people come away from his speeches inspired is not something a routine inside the beltway candidate can understand.

The obvious weakness of the republican field indicates that people have realized the neocons were all about lies, corruption and appeal to the basest of emotions.

Fear and more fear have been replaced by hope and change. Join in or cower under your bed , the choice is yours.

I hope New Hampshire is not her fire wall
but where her campaign crashes and burns

Carty--your post makes absolutely no sense. guess that's why you're voting for Clinton. good luck with that.

Hillary is toast. She has co-opeted the GOP election playbook and it is blowing up in her face.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clintion? No thanks. The only person who really wants Hillary to win is Jeb.

Why would anyone bash a candidate who has no bad intentions. Hilary Clinton and Obama both are exceptional people who stand for equality for all. Unless you have anger in your own heart, there is never need to bash a candidate with excellent credentials and hopes for the US. Stop the bashing and make your own choice.


Bill Cliton is just ungracious in defeat. He just keeps complaining and Hilary keeps crying.

Crying doesn't solve anything.

GO HILLARY GO!!!!!!!!!! You have what it takes. And I feel deep down in my soul that you can lead this country to a better place. I honestly think that Barrack DOES NOT have the experience, and we need all the help we can get at this time.


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