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Should Ron Paul be allowed at Sunday's debate?

There seems to be a debate going on between Fox News and New Hampshire Republicans over precisely who will participate in this weekend's presidential debate.

Rumor has it that online fundraising sensation and Texas congressman Ron Paul and San Diego congressman Duncan Hunter will be excluded because their N.H. poll numbers are not in double digits, although Paul's fourth quarter fundraising numbers were way into double digits, nearing $20 million, according to his website. In the first 240 minutes of the new year, nearly $11,000 more came in.

Over the weekend a Fox News spokeswoman told Top of the Ticket that the New Hampshire Republican Party was making the choice of candidates to participate in the televised GOP presidential debate on Jan. 6 with Chris Wallace moderating. She even provided the chairman's e-mail: to confirm that. Alas, the chairman never responded to us.

Then, on Monday, that state party chair, Fergus Cullen, issued a statement saying that limiting candidates was not in the party's tradition, suggesting the media should not be in the ....

business of excluding serious candidates and talks were continuing with Fox.

So whose decision is it?

Understandably, neither side apparently wants to incur the online wrath of Paul's passionate parishioners, who scour the Internet around the clock and descend like locusts on any opportunity to praise Paul or right perceived wrongs on any website or blog they can find. If word got out that Fox/News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch's e-mail was, his mailbox would be full in a flash.

Paul's supporters have set up a special protest website to marshal support, as well as urge his fervent followers as follows:

"We need to send a message to Fox's Rupert Murdoch & his fellow Neocon buddies that he is not Musharraf and the U.S. is not Pakistan, yet!  Fox News cannot just stifle public opinion, debate and impact a primary election by excluding Ron Paul just because they don't like his message of freedom and liberty. Cover them up with e-mails and they will just say it was a mistake or miscommunication.  Be respectful as all of the e-mail addresses below are just employees trying to keep their jobs with the world's largest media monopoly."

The mainstream media -- or msm -- are a particular target of Paul's vociferous followers, an eclectic mix of libertarians and disaffected Republicans, Democrats and, until now, non-voters. Outspoken to say the least, they disregard stories like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one. They believe that major newspapers and broadcast networks have conspired to pay insufficient attention to Dr. Paul, a 72-year-old ob-gyn and 10-term House member, citing his low numbers in polls, which Paulites believe are self-fulfilling frauds designed to cause voters to invest their votes in more traditional candidates with a seemingly more realistic chance of winning.

Only when these followers, led by a mysterious amateur musician and fundraiser, began making their average $100 campaign donations by the thousands last fall, setting a new one-day online record in excess of $6 million and making Paul the only Republican candidate to increase his donations every quarter in 2007, did the media begin paying attention. But no amount of attention seems sufficient for Paulites, who complain when there is no coverage and then complain again about any coverage they do get. Watch the comments section below.

They gather in chatrooms and more than 1,200 meet-up groups across the country to paint signs, write letters, organize marches and protests, support each other and otherwise promote the Ron Paul Revolution, which they believe will arrive when primary voting starts.

Some 300 young Paul supporters have been in caucus-training camps in Iowa in recent days and are shooting for maybe a stunning third-place there ahead of more famous fellows like John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. And they hope to possibly do even better in New Hampshire where the state slogan "Live Free or Die" would seem to lend itself to their cause.

But first fights first. Iowa this Thursday. The Fox forum on Sunday. Then on to New Hampshire and beyond, carrying Dr. Paul's antiabortion, antiwar, strict constitutionalist banner.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Right on.
Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!!

Boycott Faux News and all its sponsors!

You need to watch this about FOX news and pass it along...I am moderate Republican who believes Ron Paul is correct in his views and needs to be heard

FOX news hates him; both parties hate him.
Big industry hates him. Warmongers hate him. Big government hates him.
What's not to love?

I find it absolutely UNNERVING, as well as UNAMERICAN, what FOX NEWS is trying to pull, by purposely excluding Ron Paul from the N.H debate! Who the hell does FOX NEWS think they are? I, for one, will no longer watch FOX NEWS for their communist attitude toward the freedoms of the American people. FOX NEWS is using censorship as a means to control, manipulate, and steer these presidential debates. I’m not sure about you but I never got the memo that FOX NEWS was now its own government.

If Oprah Winfrey can promote and use her influence to promote Barack Obama, who hasn’t nearly the experience that Ron Paul has in his little finger, then why is FOX going out of their way to intentionally boycott an exceptional man that has been a great service to this country for many years. A man who his entire career has created a solid foundation and proven track record of consistency in his beliefs and ideas? Ron Paul not only addresses the problems of this nation, but also has a very clear and logical SOLUTION!!!

With that being said it makes me wonder if there’s something more to this FOX NEWS verses Ron Paul boycott? Perhaps FOX NEWS is being paid off by other political leaders that want to blacklist Ron Paul? Maybe the IRS has threatened the FOX Network in some way if they don’t cooperate? Or could it be that FOX is run by communist or fascist? Whatever the reason for this boycott the FOX network is deliberately withholding crucial information from the public, which I believe is completely ironic being that they claim to be “Fox 7 On Your Side”, or FOX “NOW”. Well actions speak louder than words and right now it doesn’t seem like they are on AMERICA’S side! Ron Paul IS the here and the “NOW”!!!!

It makes me wonder what other decisions FOX has made without consulting the public? What else have they censored, boycotted and steered that the public hasn’t been made aware of? Is the FOX network above the constitution? Do they dare to assume that they automatically know what is best for the American people without letting us decide for ourselves? Since when does FOX have the authority to decide what I see or hear? I think that the FOX network is acting as a totalitarian network, by deliberately trying to “police” what people have a CIVIL RIGHT to hear and see. This is not ONLY unconstitutional; it is, at the very least prosecutable. Their position on this is MOST unjustified, and I personally feel violated and disregarded as an American and a human being. FOX should not have the power to speak for me nor should you let them speak for our AMERICAN’S FUTURE.

I will not be watching the FOX NEWS, or ANY OTHER FOX related programming, until I hear FOX NEWS formally apology to Dr. Ron Paul, and the American people for treating US like we are ignorant and blind to our constitutional rights to FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUCTICE FOR ALL AMERICANS. Don’t let the media dictate what you believe in. That makes the media just as bad if not worse than the terrorist/radicals that OUR SOLDIERS are fighting for in Iraq. Our troops aren’t their just to fight for our FREEDOM of Land or FREEDOM for PEACE; they are fighting for our FREEDOM to CHOOSE what we believe in, our FREEDOM of SPEECH, and FREEDOM to VOTE. FREEDOM of EXPRESSION and lack of CENSORSHIP.

Do your country, family, friends, and neighbors a favor. If FOX NEWS continues with this willingness to control the public with their attempts at prohibition. Give them the same respect they gave you, and FORBID FOX NEWS in your homes and offices, and don’t forget to spread the word to everyone that will listen. PLEASE FORWARD this message widely.

Brandi D.
Austin, Texas

Fox news has some very heavy advertising supporters. Best Buy, Office Max, Toyota, Priceline, and Orbitz just to name a few.

The above link lists advertisers on Fox News. Boycott these businesses and let them know that we will not stand for the unfair treatment Dr. Ron Paul received regarding the New Hampshire Debate.

Take the time to call these advertisers, or email them and let them know of your disgust at the Fox News treatment of Dr. Paul.

Do not go to these business’s unless Fox changes the quality of it’s news and it’s stance against Dr. Paul or they withdrawal their financial support of the network!

Hit them where it really hurts, in their pocket. We have the power to make them feel our opinion.

Help me spread this word! Send this message to every Ron Paul supporter!

Thank you!

Heather Lewis

I heard Obama quote the saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, and I agree with him. Dr. Ron Paul, for President-2008-

I have known Dr. Paul since in the '60s when he was a practicing physician -- and an excellent one. I am a Democrat but I admire Dr. Paul tremendously and will tell anyone that he is a man of deep compassion and firm strong patriotism. You can believe every word that comes from him. I never watch Fox News because they are so unfair and unbalanced they make me ill but now I will check to see who their sponsors are and will boycott the sponsors from now on. I suggest everyoone who holds fairness to be important to do the same.

Marie Harvey
Springfield, MO

See Dr. Paul fire back at Fox News from this morning on CNN!!! Video Here!!!

I want to thanks you for writing this piece. I have been a supporter of Dr. Paul for some time, but have been on the fence of going out and doing anything. Your sarcasm and amazement over Paul fans has inspired me to join one of these meet up groups immediatly. I have a feeling you are a supporter, and this is exactly what people need, a little fire to get them moving. Thanks.

I will tell you:
This was good!
Funny, correct and a lil rude! :)

Two things.
There are more of us than you think.
Way more.

Ron will win. He always does. He has had this same type of campaigns here in our district EVERYTIME he runs.
Karl Rove and Tom Delay refer to him as a Democrat. He has been ignored! They make this mistake every time.
He lies below the radar. So do his supporters. We are many. We are everyone. Same in his district. The neoconservatives got a Democrat to jumpship in 08 and join them to try to unseat him and they spent milions of dollars and FAILED. What a story. Google Laughlin paul Tx-14.

Anyways, he has won 3 non incumbent elections.
He has won 10 consecutive times by a WIDER margin each time.
The media ignores him here too.
He has eveolved in how to beat this.
He has every time and he will this time too.

Always in American history, someone comes out of the night with a message that resonates with millions of Americans at our true time of need.
This dark horse is Ron Paul and he truly is a modern day founding father.

I would trust this man with my mother and my checkbook.

It's blatantly obvious that the Reverand from Arkansas is not the only Huckster in New Hampshire these days !!!

Suppressing Ron Paul makes you more of a traitor to America than not voting for him!

Vote for RON PAUL, or you simply hate what America was meant to be, you hate liberty and freedom. You have to live with shame knowing you are a traitor. You have to watch the dollar fall and your savings and pay become worthless you have to live with sending your kids to perpetual WAR.

Yeah, that address for that guy is not real....I just tried to leave him a message. We want to see Ron Paul on Debates...on National news, on your program. Or I swear, I will never watch Fox news again.

Ron Paul should have been given the opportunity to speak. I think it hurt him and helped others. This was totally not fair and constitutional. Where's the integrity of people?

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