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Rush Limbaugh is in a funk and someone's gonna pay

Good news for Rush-haters.

Not only has the controversial conservative radio talk-show host got a sore throat, but he's anguishing over the inadequacy he sees in the current field of Republican presidential candidates. You can actually hear the pain, the mounting impatience, the frustration in his voice. It's kinda sad, if you believe in talk-radio.

Monday on the air, he'd had enough of these impure candidates and enough of all these questions about his endorsement and when it would come and how he'd make his decision and he just blurted out to Jim in Kansas City and a few million others listening in: "I can see possibly not supporting a Republican nominee."


Across the country, people were dropping their coffee cups, choking on sandwiches, fainting and driving off the road. The king of conservative talk-radio not supporting the Republican nominee? Was Rush Limbaugh pulling....

a James Dobson on his now nervous fans?

"And I never thought that I would say that in my life. This stuff is very tough."

No kidding. Who'd a thought? It's tough enough just listening to him go through this, let alone live it like he is. What's a genuine broadcast conservative icon to do? "You don't have a genuine down-the-list conservative," he noted. So, he advised, a Republican voter must look at "variables."

For example, Rush said: "It's easier for me to support a Romney than a McCain, for example. Because I believe his conversion is genuine. And he's not lying about his past positions. He's not trying to tell people they're wrong when they assess his past positions. He explains why he changed his mind."

Rush would just like someone in the GOP field to display some real take-charge leadership. "These front-runners want it," he complained, "because it's their turn. We tried that in '96 with Bob Dole and now they're running the same scenario [from] 2000."

He said many Republicans now favor John McCain simply because he endured a crushing loss and felt cheated in the 2000 South Carolina primary. Rush indicated hoarsely that was not a good enough reason to support the co-author of McCain-Feingold, in Rush's not-so-humble opinion, which is, after all, what we have all come to expect when we listen to him.

Finally, Rush was running out of time. "I'm telling ya," he said, "it's gonna come down to which guy do we dislike the least. And that's not necessarily good."

Thankfully, it was time for a station break to give Rush's listeners a chance to catch their breath, maybe grab a lozenge themselves and at least begin the recovery process.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Hmm, once again not a mention of Ron Paul and I quote "Rush would just like someone in the GOP field to display some real take-charge leadership." Where has Rush been or has he been told to keep his mouth shut too. Makes one wonder.

I wonder where credibility, integrity, honesty, and a strong backbone has gone.

This is misdirection on Rush's part. You have to be seriously naive to think Limbaugh will not support the Republican candidate, whoever he is. He has been carrying GOP water so long he has calluses on his hands.

I agree with Rush, if the GOP ticket ends up being Huckabee or McCain, I'll stay home that night. Wouldn't cast a vote for either one of them. I also believe that that's why they are being pushed so hard by the media and built up, it's a "let's support this guy, he's destined to lose" strategy. No GOP ticket to support, I guess I'd be reasonably happy with Obama. At least he would be entertaining, much better than 4 more years of Mrs. Screech.

Rush Limbaugh's adherence to his conservative principles is just the thing to make liberals run to their typewriters and scoff. Anyone with values, morals and principles is obviously something this writer doesn't understand and therefore, naturally a target for derision.

I agree with Rush !!!

There has never been a more opportune time in modern American politics for a third party candidate to win the White House. The GOP is in a shambles and the Democrats are showing signs of a deep division within their ranks. Perhaps a no-nonsense patriot who will stand up against the globalist elites in Washington will step up to the plate and give me a reason to vote in November. If that doesn't happen, I'll probably stay home.

No problem. The remaining moderate, responsible-adult Republicans are planning to vote for Barack Obama anyway.

Rush secretly wants Hillary to win so he has ample fodder to rant against for the next 8 years. He was a heck of a lot more entertaining blasting Bill Clinton than he has been playing apologist for George Bush's big government conservative administration.

Looks like the Republicans have a major problem. Of course the Democrats have such great choices in Hillary, Edwards and Barrack Hussein Obama, who if he were white wouldn't even be considered as presidential material. Oh well, down we go. Maybe Calderon can run here. Sure enough of his people living here

I don't listen to Rush, but I am a conservative and I "feel his pain". I will be voting for the candidate that I dislike (can I say hate?!?!) the least. I really do detest them all...every one...both Republicans and Democrats. I'll miss Fred Thompson. He was the only likable one in the bunch.

Ron Paul has "credibility, integrity, honesty, and a strong backbone"?

The man has NO backbone! Surely, you wrote satire.

Anyone who publishes a racist newsletter AND THEN, when caught at it, has the lame excuses "well, someone else wrote that" and "I never read it".

Of course, there's also the $400 MILLION in earmarks to his district, which he inserted in various bills BUT "I didn't vote for them, I'm trying to change the system". Huh? Change the system by NOT putting in earmarks.

We're NOT overlooking Ron Paul; we've listened and discarded him. Your bandwagon has disbanded.

Conservatives vote on their principles, something liberals do not have. That Rush does not support any of the candidates is no surprise at all to me as I am a principles Conservative and McCain is no Conservative.

It is boiling down to a Socialist and a Marxist.

Thanks national media for not doing your job. Just once I would like to see one of you spineless media types as Hillary a real question instead of the pandering pablum you dish out.

The woman is frightening if you have any concept of what a Free Market is.

No matter to liberals, the end always justifies the means.

Rush Limbaugh is the Jerry Garcia of politics. Very poplular amongst his fairly narrow swath of fans, but largely irrelevant to the rest of us.

I agree with the other Keith. If the Republican nominee is either McCain (a RINO) or Huckabee (a preacher), I'll stay home or write in the name of one of two conservatives with whom I do agree (and support) - Duncan Hunter or Mitt Romney.

I agree with Nash. But, what if Hillary would decree the end of conservative talk radio? Who would have the guts to oppose her? The Clintons seem to think they can snap their fingers and the whole world will fall at their feet.

Nash, you aren't fooling anyone into thinking you actually listen to Rush.

"Anybody but Mitt Romney," seems to be the strategy of the liberals.

Clearly, many Dems and their supporters in the liberal media want the Republicans to nominate a candidate Hillbillary can beat. “Anybody but Mitt Romney,” seems to be the strategy of the liberals. They don’t want to make it too difficult for Hillbillary to win the Presidency.

Thus Big Media and their liberal cohorts on the internet have been working to undermine Gov. Mitt Romney’s candidacy. Mitt is simply too qualified . . . too well educated . . . too smart . . . too articulate . . . too experienced . . . too organized . . . too well funded . . . too thoroughly vetted . . . too formidable . . . to be an acceptable Republican candidate. The Clintonestas would have a tough time against Romney. He might actually defeat Hillbillary in a debate . . . and in the general election!

So that leaves amiable, under funded, disorganized, ill prepared, Michael Huckabee . . . someone Hillbillary could more easily handle. And if Huck should actually win, he is easy to maneuver as the Dems learned in Arkansas. Huckabee is soft on criminals, immigration and boarders. He is a tax raiser and can be intimidated by the liberals. He is a big spender and literally blew the top off of the Arkansas budget as Governor. His compassion gets in the way of good judgment, which enabled him to commute the sentences of over 1000 convicted criminals and 12 murderers as Governor. Huckabee has been severely critical of GWB’s War of Terrorism and knows little about foreign policy. He is basically a social liberal . . . a RINO (“Republican in Name Only”) . . . and not an appropriate Republican nominee.

The latest alternative is the Big Media darling, John McCain, a RINO and a disloyal publicity hound who could always be counted on to say something negative about the President and the Administration. McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts . . . has been highly critical of the President’s handling of the war . . . and was a strong advocate of amnesty for illegal immigrants. He is an inside-the-beltway, Washington, career politician with a temper problem. He collaborated with the Dems in the ill-conceived “campaign reformed” election laws. Frankly, McCain is over the hill, disorganized, and under-funded. He wants to run the country, but can’t even organize an effective, properly funded campaign. He would be another “Dole” in the general election . . . a sitting duck for the Liberal/Dem/Big-Media smear machine . . . and would assure a Hillbillary election.

Objectively, Gov. Mitt Romney is the Republican’s most competitive choice. He is not a career politician . . . an inside-the-beltway elitist. The Clinton/Liberal-Left smear tactics won’t work against Mitt. He’s already been thoroughly vetted in liberal Massachusetts where he won the Governorship against formidable Dem opposition. Mitt has the gravitas, experience, leadership, family values, charisma, credentials and energy required to take on the Clintonestas and win the 2008 Election . . . and, most importantly, to govern successfully for the next eight years.

Some make a big deal about the fact that Romney has changed his positions on some issues. What’s wrong with that . . . particularly since he has moved in the direction of moderate conservativism . . . where the majority of American voters are at? Intelligent people learn and grow in office, as Romney has.

The Presidency is the biggest management job in the history of the world. It’s not a job for career politicians who have never run anything larger than a senate office. To be a successful President, one needs big-league executive, administrative and leadership experience; strong credentials; above average intelligence; appropriate traditional-American values; and be electable. Romney has it all and can defeat the Hillbillary attack machine.

All the best!

Only Rudy and McCain are in my "stay at home" catagory. (Please tell me I don't need to even mention avoiding Ron Paul, the Uber-Libertarian)

If Huckabee was what Rush says he is, I'd stay home from him too. Unfortunately, Rush has fallen prey to the mis-information of the Romney spin-machine, when it comes to Huckabee. I've had a high degree of trust for Rush in the past, but after this, I'll check source on everything he says.

I may vote or not, who knows....

Would genuine conservatives slacken their principles in sponsorship of an ever-expanding and more intrusive government? Historically, the answer was always in the negative. Yet after Thompson recently dropped his bid for presidential candidacy the answer seems less clear. Since the dawn of this great nation we conservatives fought for the ultimate in individual freedom and against those who support excessive government control. It appears that our choices have dwindled to those who would prefer to slouch towards Moscow and those who openly embrace the timelessly disastrous philosophy of liberalism.
What alternatives do we have? A candidate who has advantageously and opportunistically changed his tune to sound like a conservative, hoping we wouldn't notice? Or One who has openly embraced amnesty for illegal immigrants, opposed tax cuts, and sponsored anti-business and anti-First Amendment bills with Democrats? Or the one who is a proponent of gun control, has bullied businessmen in the courts, and has a record of abusing his position for personal gain? Or perhaps the one who has who increased net taxes in his state, is a staunch anti-Federalist, and is deadest on amending our United States Constitution to conform to his religious beliefs?
While there has never been a better sample of individuals who conclusively establish that not every Republican is a conservative, Thompson's departure leaves the responsibility of restoring this Republic of limited government to one unlikely and now indispensable candidate: Congressman Ron Paul. It surely is hard on us to see Thompson bow out at this point in time, but to support those who are clearly more liberal than our now ex-candidate is contrary to what I believe we stand for. Endorsing a candidate who has, like Thompson, fought to protect First and Second Amendment rights, who stands for economic liberty, embodies the Pro-Life movement, and has fought tirelessly against fiscal irresponsibility and government expansion, it stands that sacrificing our conservative principles is not yet a requirement but still a choice. I choose to still fight for the conservative ideal of limited government and the ultimate in individual freedom, and preferably, my fellow Thompson supporters will too. The smear campaign by the Libertarian Media against Ron Paul has not persueded me to choose a more liberal candidate either. Having read how out-of-context thier remarks were (see Link 1 Below), and how effective they were at getting the word out (see Link 2 Below), I've decided that even the most colourful reinterpretations of these newsletters will not intimidate me from voting for limited government.


J.D. Atworth

Link 1:

Link 2:

I think Rush may be too easily dismissing Rudy based on his past mayoral tenure. Remember Rudy went from mayor of a liberal city, to now proposing some of the greatest cuts in government of any of the candidates.

Rush is in a tough situation. Rudy has never apologized for his abortion views, and most Rush listeners tend to favor Christian conservatism. There are no candidates running that represent both sides of the equation as proposed by Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps it is the myth that Reagan was a christian leader that is causing the most harm. Its hard to say.

I think no matter who the Republican candidate is, I will vote for him just to avoid the Democrat. Except Ron Paul, that would definitely keep me home. I think Rush is right on and his opinion of McCain and Huckabee though. McCain is no conservative, and Huckabee is literally looney. With Thompson out of the race, hopefully Romney, the only real conservative left, will be able to gain some ground on McCain. I'd rather not have to hold back my vomit when voting in November.

I love Rush and he is right!!!

I will never ever vote for McCain or the a Fred Head...I will now support Romney!!! The Huckster is a liar...ask your self why Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy over the Huckster...cause Hucster Liar lied to CBN...and Pat now does not trust him. The Huckster has stolen furniture and destroyed computer when he left the Gov, Mansion in Arkansas...sound familuar? Clintons did the same to Bush..Anyone wonder why you do not see interviews with Hucksters wife aloner? She is a Theresa Heinz Kerry! of the Bible thumpers!!! Notice the only one standing behind Huckster at stuff is Chuck Norris wife? Huckster wants you to think that is his wife.

Rush Limbaugh is "controversial? To who? Far left wing nuts? This rant is so boring. Rush is the most popular radio personality in America by far. He makes $40 million a year. And exactly who is this nobody who wrote this pathetic attempt at condescending to Rush? The guy on the next bar stool, that's who.

(FYI, these words that got you so excited were so pleasing to Rush that he read them all on the air today, as you no doubt heard because you love him so much. So much for you knowing nobodies.)

Rush is conservative/conservative is Rush.

Declare Romney our guy....

Hope is all we can spit for Mitt.

I know how to rhyme.

Rush's bigger funk is that in 2000 he helped sink McCain. And he couldn't do that in 2008.

Rush and the rest of the Jaw Bone Media is simply not the powerful force it once was. For the past 7 years, they've had to play defense instead of offense. It's not as fun. It doesn't make for great talk radio.

Rush helped create the Republican takeover in 94. He was a major factor in stopping McCain in 2000. There are countless other times and issues where he was either a portion of or the major driving force. No longer. His listeners are now listen to him passively rather than actively. They are now their own people.

The bigger question is what will Rush and the rest of the Jaw Bone Media do if McCain becomes the republican standard bearer? They've spent years trashing him, yet if McCain does win the nomination, then what?

I agree with Rush! I could not and will not support a candidate that is for ILLEGAL immigration! No way, no how!

I am a conservative. When I started looking at the upcoming election, I was hoping for either Newt Gingrich, or Paul Allen. Those are two guys that are truly conservative. When Allen lost to another Republican that ran as a democrat, I knew then that he would not run for president. I was still hopeful of Newt. When Newt bailed out I was crushed.

So I started looking at the candidates, First Mitt Romney, then Giuliani, then I heard about Hulkabee. I looked at all of them. Of these 3, I crossed out Giuliani out right away. What has he done? He was the Mayor of New York when it was struck by terrorist. He also cleaned up the city and in particular Times Square back into an area that tourist could visit. But so what, he has always been labeled a liberal. He endorsed Andrew Cuomo instead of Pataki. That is NOT a Republican. At best he is a moderate.

Next was Mitt Romney. Mitt has supported abortion in the past, now says that he doesn’t. He did lower taxes in a state that has the nickname taxachussets. Romney faced a projected $3 billion deficit, Through a combination of spending cuts, increased fees, and removal of corporate tax loopholes, by 2006 the state had a $700 million surplus and was able to cut taxes. The state legislature with Romney's support also cut spending by $1.6 billion, including $700 million in reductions in state aid to cities and towns. You see, he was able to get a liberal body, the MA legislature to cut spending. Exactly what we need now in the Federal Government.

Next I looked at Huckabee. Mike seemed like a good candidate at first. He lowered taxes, he improved the amount of people on welfare, he introduced Healthcare insurance (using federal funds available) that dramatically increased the amount of people that had access to medical care, he banned partial birth abortions. Then he was re-elected! Oh boy! He raised gasoline taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, his net Gain between Tax increases and tax decreases was about 550,000,000. He passed Body Mass Index (BMI) for kids, he endorsed in state tuition for illegal immigrants. To top it all off, he has the endorsement of the NEA. The NEA does NOT support conservatives, period. Mike Huckabee is a gifted speaker who talks the talk, but does not walk the walk.

Then I looked at Ron Paul. I love his fiscal conservatism. Less government, more individual. No bail outs, etc.. But He does not support a strong national defense. He is an isolationist, that doesn’t believe that the US should be involved anywhere in the world except at home. Then when I read he had also contributed to the “earmark” problem in Washington, that was it. Another hypocrite!

Finally John McCain. What an arrogant man he is. First the Keating 5. The man survived by becoming buddy buddy with the press. The man has never met a democrat that he didn’t love! Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform. Talk about arrogant, taking away free political speech. Don’t forget the “Gang of 14” where McCain thinks that it is okay for an unconstitutional filibuster for judicial nominees. Finally the last nail in the coffin as far as I am concern was the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. This was and still is another amnesty bill! I don’t care if they say they have to pay a fine and go to the end of the line. That will work just as well as the border security that was supposed to be inacted in the last amnesty bill. Never was funded, never wil be! Not with people like John McCain in office. I find it very ironic that Arizona, which has just enacted one the toughest and best anti immigration laws on the books loves John McCain.

I am supporting Mitt Romney for President. Is he the perfect conservative? No. Has he changed his position on certain issues? Yes. But the thing I like about Romney is he says, hey look, I made a mistake. I was wrong. This is my position now. He doesn’t hide from the past. He doesn’t say things like “I never was pro-choice”, he says I was pro-choice, but I have seen the errors of my ways and I changed my mind. I like that.

Remember, Ronald Regan was a Democrat, before he was a Republican.

I would agree with Rush about voting outside the Republican ticket. If McCain gets the nomination there wouldnt be much difference in voting democrat or Republican. I would also go third party if there is a true conservative run

Rush is known for backing losers. His show once pulled in 20 million. Now he lucky to get 12 million on a heavy news day. McCain is the only republican who can beat Hillary/ Obama running in the shadow of idiot George Bush. McCain will pull in the independent voters. As independents vote so goes the election. Its about winning STUPID! So unless you want Billy& Hilly picking the next Supreme Court justice(s), allowing gay marriage and sayiing goodby to the Second Amendment, you best wake up real quick and smell the coffee.
John McCain: ACU rating = 83%. Hillary / Obama: ACU rating = 0.00%.

Mitt is now my choice after Sen. Thompson called it quits, and no... Not all people in AZ like Sen. McCain, but please don't stay home if he gets the nod versus any Democrat left standing come Election Day.

Rush is a much larger force in politics than the left gives him credit for. He makes sense to many, and they can identify with him on most every topic on talk radio.

Memo to Rep. Ron Paul: Isolationism is a tried and failed policy of the 20th century. Please note that the United States is the only super power on the planet and our influence in the world is far more that of just economics and economic security. Remember, evil exists in this world.

Have a conservative day!

Rush Limbaugh "is" broadcast media!

Wake up, Chase Harris. It's not just about winning. As soon as we start doing things just to win and not to advance our principles, we are no better than liberals. And McCain CAN'T win against Hillary. McCain is a liberal wannabe who delights in annoying the Republican base and all the Independant votes in the world won't make up for the lost votes in the base. Also Hillary is a genuine liberal, hocking her universal healthcare and foreclosure freezes. And the electorate will always choose the genuine article over a wanna-be, regardless of how bad a decision that might be.

Do us all a favor and stop thinking just about who, in your finite wisdom, you think can win and start thinking about who would be a good president.

He pulled a similar stunt back when Bush1 was running for a second term. Not very long after his rant he fell back in line as a good little conservative (well, maybe "little" is not an appropriate word here). It's an act people. Rush Limbaugh is a showman, nothing more.

"Across the country, people were dropping their coffee cups, choking on sandwiches, fainting and driving off the road. The king of conservative talk-radio not supporting the Republican nominee? "

Actaully, some of us conservatives didn't even hear it because we turned Rush off months ago. Some of us figured out that we need to think for ourselves and not look to Rush LImbaugh or any other radio personality to decide what IS and is NOT conservative.

He's already done so much damage to the eventual candidate that it is quite possible he will be out of a job. If a democrat is elected, I'm sure the Fairness Doctrine will be high on their priority list and talk radio will be the first to go.

Thanks Rush! You're such a great help to the conservative cause.

Rush will do the right thing and endorse Ron Paul!

Dr. Ron Paul is the only major candidate not owned by special-interest, big corporations, bankers, lobbyists, etc.

Ron Paul will cut spending and stop feeding the beast that steals our money, liberty, and security. The beast is owned by special interest. The beast will attack anyone in the world to feed itself and will even resort to eating itself.

I know other politicians have lied to us in the past saying that they can tame the beast but Ron Paul has proven his dedication to the cause.

Ron Paul has been in Congress for 20 years.
He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He hasn’t voted to raise congressional pay.
He hasn’t voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He doesn’t participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

Ron Paul is the man of integrity and courage that America needs at this time.

Rush Limbaugh -- Join the Revolution! -- Vote Ron Paul!


Regarding Earmarks...

When someone steals from your constituents then you have a moral obligation to try to return it any way possible.

The federal government stole the people’s money in the form of federal taxes. Ron Paul is returning the stolen money to the people it was taken from.

Pork is different from Earmarks. Pork is adding more spending 'stealing'. Earmarks is just dividing up what has already been agreed to spend, what was already stolen.

Put another way, Earmarks are spending money that was already budgeted in. Earmarks don't affect spending levels. Earmarking is more transparent, effective, accountable, and representative of his constituents' interests than letting Washington bureaucrats decide where to send his constituents' tax dollars.

The reason he votes against every bill that he places earmarks on is to make a clear statement that he thinks the system is messed up.

CNN called the offices of members of the House to ask whether they would make their lists of earmarks public. Only 50 members' offices provided a list (including Ron Paul); of the others, 68 declined, and 311 did not respond.

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, Ron Paul is rated at 95% for the year 2006 and earning grades of A by the National Taxpayers Union. By comparison, Hillary Clinton comes in at 14% for the 109th Congress while earning a 10% lifetime score.

John McCain has said that Ron Paul is the most honest man in Congress and Pat Buchanan recently stated that Ron Paul has the best voting record in Congress.

I would just suggest that he is a good man trying to do the best he can with a very bad system. And he makes very clear to anyone who will listen that it is a very bad system.

Something else to keep in mind about Ron Paul’s 20 year is that he has never voted to raise taxes and never voted for an unbalanced budget.


Regarding newsletter,

Google Hillary Racism, Obama Racism, Huckabee Racism, Guliani Racism, and on and on and on... Every candidate is attacked like this. Most people have given up reading the non-sense because most of us see through it, the rest would just prefer to wallow in mud. Go ahead google any candidate you want and I guarantee someone attacked them as a racist. No truth to it.

Of course, Paul has never said anything racist. No one has alleged that he has.

Paul lent his name to a small newsletter for a short time that he did not edit, while he was out of politics and concentrating on delivering 4,000 babies. I look at it as running an unmoderated blog in the days before the internet. The writing style was not Ron Paul’s. The New Republic did not even contact Ron Paul to talk to him about their story and they did not seem to know that it had been discussed ad nauseum several times over the years and dismissed as not reflecting Ron Paul’s beliefs. The New Republic, if you will remember, compared Ross Perot to Hitler! Ron Paul is a good man being smeared for political reasons.

Check out this video for the CNN interview with Ron Paul where he explains his position:

So seriously, let’s get behind the candidate with the greatest record for integrity and has a 20 year voting record to prove it.

Learn more...

Rush Limbog was never a conservative. Conservatives don't believe in Nation Building, Big Governement, Intrusive Governement, Buck Passing and Deficit Spending. He create this economic mess with his "Deficit Smeficits" garbage. Rush Limbog is a Bad American.

I'm pulling for Romney, and most people I talk to, even Dims, say, anyone but Shrillary...

This comment is to Tom Jefferson... Do you really think rush will endorse ron paul? If you do, then you are living on another planet. I think for the most part, the American people, at least the ones that have families and work, are conservative in nature. I have been very dissapointed in the republican party over the last several years. They lost their conservative way, and they are losing the faith of the American people. Many years ago, a lot of sensible people saw where the democratic party was going and started voting republican, hoping that there was a least one party in government who would stand up for real Americans. I think the American people, in general, are now losing faith in both parties and it is a real shame. Goodbye America, I will miss the way you once were. As always, politicians had to screw up a good thing, possibly the best thing in human history. I pretty much lost all hope when Fred dropped out of the race. He was the only true conservative. The only way I will still make the effort to vote is a Romney/Thompson ticket. I pray for our future as a country.

1/24/2008 a e caller to rush...he asks her, whats the difference between a psycologist and a psychiatrist? she..a psychiatrist can prescribe druigs...he shoots mean like they did for ledger...yes she says...I think this big foot had a drug problem he tried to conceal himself...after he said all drug users should be in jail...a few weeks before..
he should apologize for this crass remark...pass it on...I wrote to WABC's biggies and let them know how I felt...

Clearly, now that Rudy will be finished in another three days, Rush is looking at John "I'm endorsed by Lieberman" McCain, Mitt "I outkennedyed Kennedy 13 years ago" Romney, and Mike "I increase taxes to subsidize illegals and love releasing rapists" Huckabee, and I'd have to say that now that the war is a non-issue (less than 30 casualties per month now that we gave up on the surge, decided to have peace with most of the insurgents to use them against the worst ones like Al Qaeda), Ron Paul ought to look pretty good to Fred Thompson conservatives.

He looks pretty good also since, as TIm Russert pointed out in the five-way debate, 59% of Americans now think it wasn't even a bright idea to get rid of S. Hussein. ALso, try to imagine a 2008 election that's a repeat of 1996 (McCain) or 2000 (Mitt, but this time losing) and you see why Ron Paul, opposed to the war from the beginning and not a rapist-releaser or a theocon like Huckabee, looks good.

Let's also look at the Dems, who are raising more money than the GOP and whose primaries, including SC, are better attended. Up until yesterday, the primary attendance wasn't an obvious fire alarm, since IA, NH, and NV were always seen as potential battleground states, but the land of Strom Thurmond?! 530,000 votes for the Dems versus 430,000 for the GOP? OOOOPS!

Everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to Howard Stern to Michael Savage had BETTER get their dittoheads to STAND up, LINE up, above all SHUT up on the war, and if possible GROW up concerning the war, and VOTE FOR RON PAUL, or the GOP can kiss 2008, and possibly its very existence, goodbye.

It really is a no-brainer when it comes to deciding which Republican candidate to vote for --- the one the democrats hate the most. That would be Romney. Steer clear of those candidates whom the democrats say nice things about, such as Huckabee and McCain.

As for the two front-running democratic candidates, it's like choosing between cancer and heart disease. They are both highly undesirable and patently bad for America's health.

Nuff said.

The fact that Mitt Romney bought clearchannel the exact air waves Limbaugh talks he will absolutely and must support his new boss. That is why McCain or whoever else would be a treat to Mitts presidency bid will always get unfavorable plugs from Limbaugh. I think for myself and Ron Paul gets my support.

Mitt Romney has recently embraced the Bush-Cheney "legacy". The country wants to separate itself from Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Gonzalez and if Rush thinks a Mitt nomination is going to allow the GOP to keep the White House in '09 he is even more delusional than I ever thought.

A McCain nomination is the only chance for the GOP period. He is the only one of the two that can attract a significant number of independents and non-Hillary Democrats.

Sometimes I wonder if Rush, Beck, and Sean are even that concerned. Would they rather in all sincerity support Mitt or would they rather have Hillary as president. The latter would undoubtedly be a boost to their rhetoric and possibly make their repsective shows more popular. The ratings is the thing.

Perhaps we are going to have to come to the realization that the old "Conservative" ideals will eventually cause problems. They allow companies and individuals to run rough shod over a group of people and get rewarded for it. Unfortunately the victims in this scenario get to be too numerous for pure conservatives to actually survive in a democracy where the victims get to vote.

It's time to reinvent conservatism, in a way that addresses the inbalance of power of large corporations and a few wealthy individuals, so that they can't prey on the masses.

Rush, the chairman of the talk radio distribution of misinformation, twisted facts, untruths and general political conversation that lacks any kind of reality is not going to support the repub candidate if it is McCain, the war monger or the Huckster. He may just stay home. I do agree with him that his choices seem pretty bleak if those are his party's candidates. He might see the light and pick Obama. But then he probably wouldn't have anything to blab about for 8 years and his ditto heads would have to listen to something on the airways with some intelligence for a change.

When McCain comes to NH, tell him he'd better support our GOP candidate for governor or he won't win this state.

KrisB: Ron Paul is a more honorable man than McCain could ever hope to be.

Ron Paul has "credibility, integrity, honesty, and a strong backbone"? Yes indeed he does, one of the few in a very long time.

There is nothing in the writings of that employee that could be remotely considered a "racist newsletter". You see, some of us have not accepted this premise so, the argument doesn't fly.

Earmarks are simply giving people back the taxes they pay, lest the money go to someone else. Of course if he could get rid of the pay and get back system, he would! No rocket science there. What is he supposed to do, give it back to someone ELSE?

Change the system by NOT putting in earmarks is what he does every time and the rest of them vote it down. So, if earmarks stay, Texas will get their money back. It's the only fair thing to do..

No one has discarded Ron Paul -- he's teaching a lot of young people about the illegalities of the Fed Res and the IRS and who really runs things in this country.
Hopefully soon we'll have enough people who 'get it'.


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