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Joe Biden, a bit bitter, gives up his latest campaign

Running for president is a tough business, as it should be. Candidates spend long hours wheedling money from people so they can ask others to please vote for them. And those crowds know they have the leverage and they grill the candidates and suck up to them and ask for endless autographs and photos and tell stories about their troubles. And the candidates listen, as they must and should.

And the crowds' cheers are great. And the laudatory introductions. But the days are long. And so are the nights flying somewhere new to start another long day very early. And the fatigue is great.

And only a few win of the many who try.

Delaware's Sen. Joe Biden knew the end of his latest presidential effort was near Thursday night as the Iowa caucus voting began. Biden has spent who knows how many days traveling Iowa and shaking hands and talking earnestly about serious subjects and inane subjects with people he'll never see again.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was visibly frustrated with how the long race had played out. The Times' Peter Wallsten asked the veteran senator why he and other candidates, such as Connecticut's Sen. Chris Dodd, with long records of government experience somehow could never find their way out of the bottom rungs of the Democratic race.

“This," said Biden, "is about celebrity. You’ve never given any of us a chance. You know in your heart I’m more qualified than any of these guys up top. I know you can’t say yes or no, but I know you know.”

He charged that The Times and other newspapers rarely mentioned him in political stories, ensuring his lackluster performance and obscurity. When a reporter suggested that Biden had a chance to make his case to Iowa voters, he shot back that it was a dishonest assertion.

“Don’t be a phony, OK?” he said.

Shortly after that scene, Biden (and Dodd) dropped out of the race. Biden issued this statement:

“I am not going away. I’m returning to the Senate as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and will continue to ensure that we protect the nation’s security and show our country that Democrats know how to keep America safe, keep our commitment to our troops and restore our country’s respect in the world.”

-- Andrew Malcolm

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The media, especially the big time and tv, basically ignored Biden; the media had stories about Hollywood stars and money

Good for Joe - he's right. If the media had done their job and covered all Democratic candidates without anointing the top three, America would be better off. Clinton and Obama talk of "experience". Theirs can be measured in months, Joe's in decades.

Crime Bills, Violence Against Women Act, Narcotics Sub Committees, Foreign Relations, the only political solution to Iraq (see Biden's, knowledge of "how to get things done" in Washington - all ignored for mere words - "hope", "change", "lead".

Iowans have spoken, it's just a pity they weren't given the full story.

Des O'Dwyer

I still think that Joe Biden was the best candidate in either party. He would have made it easier to combat the Republican machine and the freak show. The first primary was the media and the pundits. These same people will rip the next President because of the mistakes they make in their first year, because they lack experience. All you have to do is read the newspaper to see that the next President will be too busy cleaning up the mess that the current President will be leaving and dealing with a world gone mad to be worrying about change. Experience is what we need and the country has pick celebrity. Mr. Biden is right about media coverage. Even the articles that said that he was the best candidate had to say "but he can't win". It is sad that a candidate's worth is decided by how much money they raise and the opinions of two small states. It is unfortunate that the media couldn't do their job properly and that the rest of the country won't get a say. I am bitter too.

I'm not necessarily a fan of Joe Biden, or an un-fan. But I think he's absolutely right. These days, it's all about celebrity, about which candidate can sell the most newspapers or magazines or bring in higher TV ratings on so-called news shows. Let's hope that whichever celebrity does win the presidency also just happens to have qualities that can help him/her lead a nation.

Sen. Biden is exactly right. For reasons truly known only to them, the press only covered Obama and Clinton and, begrudgingly, Edwards. Biden is clearly more qualified than any of those three, he is clearly more presidential, he has less baggage and/or more experience than those three, and he could have easily defeated any of the Republicans running for that party's nomination. Now we are faced with nominating one of these three who will easily and truthfully be summed up by the Republican candidate as either "Inexperienced", "Clinton", or "Trial Lawyer"; rightly or wrongly, these are negative labels. The democrats of this country and of Iowa have just shot our party in the foot and most probably have squandered the best chance and the easiest road the democratic party has ever had and will ever have to the white house. The Iowa voters may have sent a strong signal to the politicians that america is ready for a change from the business as usual, but when the rubber hits the road ten months from now and voters are faced with actually pushing the button, pulling the lever, or punching the chad for the next president of the united states, who has the power to send us to war - or not -, the majority isn't going to choose "inexperienced", "clinton", or "trial lawyer" to be the leader of this world power. Americans may have "come a long way"; but they haven't come that far, baby! At least not yet. The day after the election, the democratic party is going to be standing around scratching their heads and asking themselves why they didn't nominate the sure winner, Joe Biden, when they had the chance.

The press had a great responsibility here to help educate the public on the candidates and their positions. Instead they allowed money and/or novelty/celebrity to dictate who they provided coverage to. What a shame. You would think the election of the next president of the united states, after eight years of a complete train wreck sitting in the white house and running our country into the ground, would be taken more seriously.

And all of those states who wanted to dilute Iowa's importance in the election of the president by moving their primaries up and completely compressing the election calendar have accomplished just the opposite. With no time to recover and raise money and campaign in the follow-up states like they do in Iowa, any candidate other than the front-runner chosen by Iowa voters really has no realistic chance of coming back from defeat in Iowa. Even a front-runner, like Edwards, has no realistic chance of slowing the Iowa winner's momentum and eventually winning the nomination because he has no time to raise money and campaign in New Hampshire. Without that time and money he and any of the other candidates have no way to campaign on anything that remotely resembles equal footing. The only democratic candidates that have any real campaign network set up outside of Iowa are, surprise surprise, Obama and Clinton. And that's because they have had the money to do so; and that's due to the constant press coverage afforded to them and withheld from the others; and that is due to the fact of their celebrity which was born from the novelty of their campaigns: the first woman and the first black man, not to mention that he has a muslim name in a time when we have been facing middle eastern terrorists for the past six years.

I appreciate and applaud idealism. But there is a time when idealism should take a back seat to realism and pragmatism. Anyone supporting Obama, Clinton, and Edwards should ask themselves will their idealism and idealistic actions have been worth it when we are saddled with another republican in the white house for four or eight more years. If they are honest with themselves the answer to that question - at least for this election - is "no". I certainly understand the distaste that question would leave in the mouth if I were advocating that they give their support to a less worthy candidate. But the fact of the matter is Joe Biden is an equally - if not more - worthy candidate. So, for the sake of the country, swallow a little of that idealism the next time, and support the best candidate who can actually win the general election. That is the end goal, is it not?

Bah, politics has always had a celebrity factor, always will. No use grumbling. Why else do you think we have Arnie as a governor? Biden chose to go op against the Clinton name, what did he expect? Barack was being billed as the next great hope for some time now. Despite his experience, I think this shows a certain naivete on Biden's part.

Biden is absolutely right, and I am glad he is speaking out.

2008 will be known as the year the media picked our President.
What a tragic mistake.

Joe is right (once again). You guys in the press know he's ready and well-qualified. But, you fail to give him a chance because someone, somewhere out there said six months ago that he doesn't have a chance and you began reporting on two then three of the "top tier" of candidates. In fact, the media's discussion of the "top" as opposed to "second" tier placed an image in Iowa voters minds about who could win or not. That's what's sad.

In my state of Iowa, retail politics did not work in the Democratic party. Note that more Iowans turned out for Joe than Richardson, but delegate counts are what get reported. Obama simply brought in new people and got a very large anti-Hillary group that were told he was the only one with a chance to beat her.

Joe's right. The media decided a long time ago who WE needed to pay attention to. They picked the candidates they thought we needed to hear and see, and vote for. Which is what prompted me to pen a letter today, telling Joe that I thought, while he's working on election reform, it needed to include minimum requirements for the media to cover ALL candidates, not just their chosen stars. This was a travesty, and neither Joe Biden, or Chris Dodd lost last night. The United States of America did.

Hillary placing third should have told Biden what his problem was and it wasn't a lack of press coverage. Hillary had the money, the media coverage and all that goes with it. She and Biden are beltway pros of long standing and that is what people do not want. Biden may be the best guy for the job, but nobody wants what it took to become the best guy. You don't tarry in the fields of Congress for years without selling a bit of your soul. Biden gave up his chance to be President years ago by plagurizing a speech or parts of a speech. That act took him from being a political wunderkind who should run for President to the smartest man in congress not to run for President. It stopped him in his prime when he had face and name recognition and could have reaped those benefits. He has been master of his own demise on that count. While I understand his bitterness, he was his own undoing. Today its too late, he seems a part of history rather than this country's future. I think Bush and Cheney have literally put a face and age to what people do not want to see in the white house. Clearly those of a certain age have manage to get us in this god-awful mess in Iraq and those who are dying for this country are no where near 60 years old. Perhaps its time for someone younger, less married to the beltway and more willing to really initiate change. to drive this bus. Real change is gonna make a whole lot of folks undcomfortable perhaps even those of us who are seeking it so fervently. So be it...real substantative change rocks everybody's boat.

Joe Biden didn't lose--America did. That loss was aided and abetted by the lazy, star-struck, profit-driven "news" media. Joe's a class act, and he's right: the media is full of phonies.

When a smart Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Comm like Biden musters barely 1% of the vote (ditto Dodd and Richardson, two of the other most nuanced candidates), while a guy whose foreign experience consists of having lived abroad for a few years as a child, we know our system is in grave trouble. Biden is absolutely right that this was about celebrity, and the press or lack of it each candidate got from the press: The MS Media couldn't stop covering Obama, hoping the first black man would get elected Pres as a good 'story" they could milk. The did cover Hillary and Bill -- almost always with a negative slant, dredging up their scandals, their 'divisive" factor, anything to hurt her/ them. -- New Hampshire has a better balance of naive hicks and the educated New Englanders/ East Coasters who form the Biden/ Dodd bases, so they should do better and Hillary, if she's allowed to get out her spiel without the media's incessant attacks, should win. -- Though keeping in mind the celeb factor, it wouldn't hurt Hillary to appear on Leno and letterman and Ferguson (like huckster Huckabee, or her own hubby Bill did) to play some instrument, however badly, and try to look less stiff. -- But I hope she won't start lying to the public like Edwards and Obama, who make promises they can't keep because they're fiscally irresponsible, just to get elected. She needs to stick to her message (actually the most honest despite any baggage she carries with Bill) while appelking more to the Next Gen crowd. Guest appearances at her rallies by the Black Eyed Peas, maybe? A little less Madeline Albright, a little more Gwen Stefani?

My wife and I didn't hear much about Joe Biden's candidacy and plans until we saw him on CSpan, and immediately sent a contribution to his campaign, but alas too late to make much difference. What I want to know is why newspapers and pollsters and the TV networks didn't give Biden more coverage. Why did they just pick Clinton, Obama, and Edwards to report on, while neglecting the candidate who is arguably best qualified. Charlie Gibson, you let us down.

Will the media continue to put on their own show and neglect fair coverage for the rest of the contest? I sincerely hope not. Democracy needs informed voters and depends on fair and intelligent reporting.

It is a tragic day for America when the media decides who our next Commander-In-Chief will be based on hype, glitz & glamour. The media has done a great disservice to this nation by not giving Senators Biden and Dodd the coverage they deserved and that we deserved. Senator Biden was my choice. When the next president is summoned to the situation room because all hell is breaking loose in Pakistan, I hope those in the media will remember who they blew off and be happy with the rookie they've hand-picked at the helm.

The media did fail Biden. And the media failed this country by pushing underqualified people for the most important position in this country.

The campaigns run by Joe Biden and Chris Dodd make it all too plain to see that we need significant campaign finance reform to make a more level playing field for future elections. Is it surprising that the candidates that recieved virtually all the air time on the 'news' networks in the past few weeks all had the most cash? I find it terribly discouraging to have people of the caliber of Biden and Dodd so quickly pushed aside without really being given a fair shake.

America is electing a head of state, which is a personality competition. Unfortunately, the winner also gets the more important job of head of government in this country - a job which is held by another person in any other western democracy. This is how we end up with Reagans and Dubyas who have almost no working knowledge of government when they arrive at the White House. Obama would join these ranks - probably a decent head of state, but quite simply unqualified to head our government or deal with its intricacies. A man like Biden - or in the past, Gore - with a deep knowledge and understanding of government, would do that job superbly. Unfortunately, Americans feel that the job of head of state is the more important one - which is ridiculous - and don't trust career politicians to do it.

Biden was a good candidate. As evidenced by my support for Obama, I personally don't think experience is automatically a virtue - or at least not the key virtue - but Biden had a lot of it, and merited more media coverage than he got. Maybe bitterness is bad form, but you can hardly blame him. Based on experience and ability, this really should have been a contest with Biden, Dodd, and Obama as the major contenders (with due respect to Richardson).

If this is about celebrity, then the question is: Did Biden have the same opportunities to become a celebrity as say Obama did? If so, then why didn't he also become celebrity enough to get the media attention when he ran for pres?

In my opinion, Joe Biden has been downright bitter for a long, long time. He is always complaining about something or someone. He grilled the Supreme Court nominees unmercifully. He was downright rude. And, he wears those reading glasses on the tip of his nose--even on TV. True, he would make a much more knowlegable president, but I doubt he would change his attitude toward those he does not like. As much as I like his experience, I'm glad to see him out of the presidential race. It is time he learned some humility and respect for the views of others, even if he does not agree with them. There was no need to chastise the reporter. The people he should have made peace with long ago are the editors, Republicans, Independents, and those who may not think the same way he does. It is time for change in Washington, and Joe is and has been a big part of the problem. He need to compromise for the betterment of the country.

If you don't think celebrity was a factor - let me ask you, what do you know more about? Any of the candidates' plans on climate change, or the newest addition to the Spears family?

American needs to grow up. Having served abroad I will tell you we have so much but do so little with it.

I'm crushed that Biden is out. America needs a President that that the rest of the world respects.

If you actually knew anything about Joe Biden you would know that he is known for reaching across the isle and getting bypartisan support for legislation. I'll be damned if I'll blame him for not suffering fools in good grace all the time either!

Nominating someone with good campaign organization but little real substance over some gushy but vague ideal of "change" is cutting off your nose to spite your face. We'll need lots of HOPE alright, and I just "hope" that the media remember their complicity in the whole thing when the time for buyers' regret comes along.

If anyone has the right to be bitter about the media, it is Joe Biden. The Times wrote his candidacy off, olong with the rest of the MSM, months ago and it's been an uphill battle ever since. Joe Biden is the best and most qualified to actually run this country, but this story was lost in the neocorporate media. Welcome to the machine, Joe.

Sadly, Bill Clinton has been whining about the media's coverage of Hillary.

Hopefully, this will inspire Biden to return to his pledge on pulbic campaign financed campaigns, which will not only help level the playing field in Democracy, but it will take dollars out of the likes of the MSM, including the LA Times. It's no wonder the MSM veers away from the likes of Biden.

To L Sheehan: Excellent post!

Biden has a right to be bitter and the media is at it again. While I'm no fan of Thompson, the media is ignoring his 3rd place finish in the Iowa caucus and is instead focusing entirely on the McCain's 4th place finish. Back in late October I sent emails to the MSM about their lack of coverage of Biden. At the time Biden and McCain were polling about the same in Iowa and nationally, yet the MSM never showed Biden's numbers or talked about him, but the ALWAYS showed McCain's and talked about him incessantly. In fact the MSM has consistently covered all the republicans, including Ron Paul, but not all the democrats. Now we have the result: McCain has made a "come back" and Biden is finished. The MSM claims the polls drive the coverage, but it is obvious that the MSM drove the polls so that they could fawn all over the first African American candidate and the first woman candidate. It makes for better ratings, which in turn leads to more advertising dollars.

The 24 hour news cycle is a huge part of the reason this country is circling the drain.

America lost last night during the Iowa caucus. Money was the force that drove the winners to where they are. Joe Biden is, by far, the most experienced person to be the next president. Democrats can shake their heads next year when we have to suffer through eight more years of what we have now. Joe Biden is a man of honor, vision, courage, and holds the most knowledge on foreign affairs. The Iowa caucus was a sad night for America.

Well said L. Sheehan.

The best candidate is no longer running.

I agree with most of these comments. If the American public could have been more informed of Joe Biden's experience and knowledge, we could have had a chance to save this country. I believe Mr. Biden would have been one of our best presidents. If only our elections were more about what really matters, than the trivial. I feel the American people were cheated because the media did not give Mr. Biden a fair deal. All we ever heard were things about the "top 3" and hardly anything about a good man with great ideas. After all, if anyone watched the debates..."like Joe said" ..."like Joe said"
over and over from the other candidates...didn't anyone listen...or get it?

The United States has missed a great opportunity to benefit from the life
long experience of this great statesman. As he goes back to his work in the senate, we hope he knows that there are many of us out here who heard him and got what he was saying. God bless you and your family Joe and good luck to you.

Another problem for Biden last night was the Democratic caucus system in Iowa. A lot more than 1% of Iowans stood up for Joe. (In my caucus, it was at least 10%.) But the way the caucus system works, his support does not get recorded as such because campaigns not passing the viability threshold (17% in my caucus) end up losing their supporters to larger campaigns or to a coalition for an "undecided" delegate. Many supporters of second tier candidates last night left frustrated that all their work got their candidates nothing. Also, the high turnout last night that resulted from so many good candidates pulling in supporters meant that many precincts were more about chaos that dialogue, so campaigns had little chance to win over new converts.

People don't dislike Iowa because it is the first test in the nation, but because it is, for so many candidates, the last. High quality candidates should not be weeded out so early in the process.

Iowa Dems need to switch to the caucus system that the Republicans use: show up, hear someone make a speech for each candidate, vote, sign up if you want to go to the convention, and leave. The final tally would more accurately reflect each candidate's support, providing more info to people in other states about who to pay attention to.

Oh, and Joe is right about that media thing. Candidates need to be assured equal time in the debates. Giving the floor so much to the three candidates with the least experience was ridiculous.

B iden is correct . I have no horse in this race, but I am truly sick and tired of the media dictating who get coverage and whether it will be positive or negative. The media did a hell of a job on Senator Kerry in 2004 and they kept it up when they thought he might run again in 2008. I hate this media infulence on what should be an open and fair elections. Since 2004 this election has been about Clinton and the "rock star" Obama. No one else mattered or was given the time of day. This is corporate America's insurance policy against having a real leader elected president who might put some of the screws the the media giants.
However, what bothers me more is the way gullible people stil buy into the hype and propaganda.

Biden is a living example of what's wrong with today's politics. Refusing to play the Hillary-Rudy-Romney game of pandering from the heart. In Iowa, he ran a tongue-in-cheek ad about the phrase often heard in Democratic debates, "Joe's right," and he has been--about Iraq (after trusting Bush in 2002) and most domestic issues based on more than half a lifetime in Congress.

But he won't be President. Maybe the Democrat who wins will make him Secretary of State.

First, I want to congratulate L. Sheehan, for an especially concise comment. Well said!

That being said, I think it is naive to think that the new candidates will effect any meaningful change once in office. You can probably tell that I am very jaded when it comes to politics in general and specifically Presidential politics. The media has been picking our top 3 candidates for many, many years and it's not about to change. ALL THE CANDIDATES KNOW THIS!

My opinion about Washington politics is this: Candidates (and especially their writers) say exactly what you want to hear, to be elected, then go to Washington and do exactly what the system (lobbyist, committee ranking members, party line, etc) want them to do. You can argue the point, but you will not convince me differently, as I have empirical evidence on my side.

My advice to you , is to continue to pick the candidate YOU feel is most qualified, and sleep soundly with your decision.

Just my opinion.

One more time...."Joe is right." This whole situation makes me sick. Joe Biden is a president to me, no matter what the voters say.

Biden is absolutely correct. From day one the focus has been on the 'inevitability' of Hillary and the 'hope' conveyed by Obama. Look at what happened with Dodd single handedly stopping the Bush administration from giving amnesty to the telecommunications giants. How much time did that get him? Look at Edwards now. He finishes second after being grossly outspent, and all the talk is how he's done. Biden won every debate he was in. He clearly demonstrates superior knowledge of Int. affairs. Would have been a good choice.

As usual, Joe Biden is speaking honestly and accurately. Obama, Edwards and Hillary were the Chosen Ones by the media four years ago. America was fed a steady diet of the charismatic, bright young black man, the tough, savvy for first lady, and the likeable, intelligent young former senator -- all woefully inexperienced in matters of critical importance to the nation. It was all about the media wish list: the first mainstream party black presidential candidate or the first mainstream party female candidate, with a challenge by a young, good-looking Southerner who was really an afterthought.

It was the same way in the GOP: Romeny, a very expensive, good-looking empty suit, spent 15 minutes running Massachusetts before he was off to run for president. He's a major phony, but he has that Mormon twist; he's from a political family; and he's handsome, like Obama and Edwards. Then there's Rudy the 9/11 guy and McCain, the POW guy. And now there's Huckabee, the minister guy. Hey, the media tried annointing Fred Thompson, the actor, heir to the Reagan legacy, but Freddy couldn't hold up his end of the bargain with a little bit of coherency.

Joe Biden was the most qualified person in either party to step up and make a run. He drew praise regularly from major pundits following debates -- for about five minutes. Then it was back to Hillary and Obama, and, grudgingly, Edwards.

If Biden had been covered like the celebrity candidates, America would have loved him. He would have walked away with the nomination.

When Biden make the decision to plug up his hair and become a human chia pet, he insured that he would never get elected anywhere outside of Delaware.

I stood up for Joe Thursday night in Iowa. He wasn't viable in my group. I walked out instead of joining another candidate. Those groups GOT my message.

Since Thursday I have joined up with

US Presidential elections are nothing more than a popularity contest that fill the media coffers. Until the US weans itself from this awful process, main stream media will keep picking lousy Presidents.

The voices of Biden and Dodd will be sorely missed. And yeah, you "faux journalists" are a bunch of self-serving little *ricks.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is correct. The media is more interested in making news rather than reporting news. We lost a person who challenges the American public on the important issues that confront us. He takes tough stances but is more of a centrist than others wanting to take charge of this great country.

I hope Iowa Democrats are happy with their choices. Hillary who will continue the division, Barack who knows nothing due to lack of experience. I would bet McCain or Huckabee will now become President...probably what the media would like considering every time you turn on a "news" program you see those two. Some system! How about writing in Joe Bidens name on your ballot? Really screw the is what they deserve after ignoring the best candidate of all. Wasn't Biden given 6 minutes in a two hour debate? How would you feel with that kind of attention? I would be bitter too and I am. I refuse to watch any news about politics...try it!

Sad day, now I have to start over. I've been saying for weeks what Joe said it's sad that the "media" can only say 3 names.

Most of the posters above miss the point. Although I agree with Biden, that it was about celebrity, that says more about ovine Democrat voters than it does about the news media. Democrats always blame someone else, the news media in this case. When will the Democrats ever take responsibility for their actions?

There was an inverse relationship between experience and qualifications for the job and how the Democrat candidates fared in Iowa. The least experienced candidates did beter while the most experienced candidates did worse. As a Republican, I thought Joe Biden the best candidate that the Democrats had, even though I disagree with him on most issues.

I've read that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to name their children after celebrities, while Republicans are more likely to name theirs after relatives. If Obama wins the Presidency, prepare for a flood of Baracks showing up in schools in six or seven years.

It's a shame in America that the media has so much influence deciding who should be our president. Even though Biden has left the race, I will be voting for him in my primary on February 5th.

Joe Bitter: No he did not have the same opportunity,because from the beginning the media portrayed him as a candidate in their opinion who could not win. Folks who did not know Biden well, then did not bother to find out anything about him,because he "couldn't win".....and also then had no reason to contribute to his campaign.. Joe Biden,will be ok personally, but we as a nation have lost our way. Nominating a black president, a woman or an espanic would be absolutely great for this country, but only if they are the most qualified to deal with the problems our country is experiencing now.
And in my humble opinion they are not. They are a PR job sold to the Iowan people caucusing and God Help Us all. Thank God we will still have Joe as the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, to try to help steer them in the right direction. I hope it is enough for everybody to be able to say" We elected our first black president and fullfilled Mr. Kings dream", when we fall the rest of the way over that cliff. It might be surprising to hear what he would think, if he were here today.

Brian: you are a perfect example of what has become of our country,
With possibly our country's very survival as a free nation at stake, all you got from a great statesman like Joe Biden was a stupid,idiotic comment about his hair. I don't give a !@#E$%^&*() if he has any hair if he could get this country out of the mess idiots with a mentality like yours have gotten us into.

To Karen Nichols from Iowa - I could not have said it better. In our precinct Joe was viable and we did get one delegate as did the top 3. However 4 others did not get their votes counted for who they wanted. All four candidates were viable right away. No second round was needed. these were the totals in the end.
EDW - 19, HRC - 17, OB - 19, Joe - 15. we actually held our ground. But we need to go to a straight vote. When the Governor is so happy about the turnout, how can he be happy so many votes were lost as well as the democratic process that they want to protect? But it was not only those voters who lost, but AMERICA

we still have Ron Paul!! vote for Ron in memory of Biden, Dodd and everyone else that was a real candidate that the Media got rid of for us. DONT let them do it to Ron Paul too! He has 10 terms experience and he'll bring our troops home!

Biden and Dodd should have been the frontrunners---in 2004. Failure to step up to the plate when the party needed them is as good a reason as any to look elsewhere for leadership.

But, if Obama wins the nomination, I hope he choses Biden as his running mate.

Biden and Dodd should have been the frontrunners---in 2004. Failure to step up to the plate when the party needed them is as good a reason as any to look elsewhere for leadership.

But, if Obama wins the nomination, I hope he choses Biden as his running mate.

Joe is not right. Sure he has a lot of great qualifications but he also has foot in mouth disease. Let's not forget how he called Obama the first African-American who was articulate and "clean". Or what about when he said,
"you cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent." He made his own bed and he should stop crying about the media. Politics is a full contact sport and if you can't hang with the big dogs you don't belong. Joe doesn't belong.

Joe is not right?? Joe is WRONG! He and his supporter (sic) just cant get that through his elitist pompous stubborn head. He got ZERO support in Iowa from liberal democrats. Of course it's not his fault. Blame the evil press. How does press coverage explain Huckabee?? I saw plenty of pics of Joe in people's living rooms making his case to them. He couldnt convince any of them to support him. Isnt he the guy who called POTUS "Brain Dead"?? Not knowing that you are wrong and that you do not appeal to a single politically informed voter in your own party after months of endless campaigning in "Brain Dead" Good bye Joe and Good Riddance.

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