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Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again

Well, he's hanging in there. Not only that, but Rep. Ron Paul thumped two reputed Republican heavyweights in the Michigan primary -- former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago?

Giuliani, you may recall if you can remember anything as distant as last summer, was the longtime GOP national front-runner in polls. He ran strongly against everybody in his party, even former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won one last night, taking his home state from Sen. John McCain, who won there in 2000. Everybody wondered if anyone had a chance against the hero of 9/11, who defied standard Republican theocracy with his liberal social views.

But guess what? Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texas congressman and ob-gyn who delivers babies and a strict view of the Constitution, beat Giuliani in Michigan. And beat him good. Not only that ...

he doubled Giuliani's totals of 24,000 votes, or 2.8%, getting more than 52,000 votes, or 6.3%, of the total Republican ballots.

Paul even beat Thompson this time, the real consistent conservative who was supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan until he actually announced his campaign in September. Thompson got about 31,000 votes, or 3.7%, which is more than Rudy but still less than the nobody congressman with the libertarian views whom few people but his passionate partisans took seriously months ago. He's often called Dr. No for his consistent congressional votes against spending.

Paul was so written off that Fox News banned him from its recent debate in New Hampshire. Oops, now the Paulunteers are organizing a boycott of Fox sponsors in return for the snub, a move that Dennis Kucinich's fans are now calling for against MSNBC for barring him from Tuesday's Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

True, Romney killed all his Republican competitors in Michigan, as he had to, with more than 326,000 votes, nearly 39%, with McCain trailing at 29.7%, or 248,000. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee garnered less than half of Romney's votes, 135,000, or 16%.

And it's also true that Thompson and Giuliani didn't really campaign seriously in Michigan. Or New Hampshire. Or Iowa except for a last-minute Thompson bus tour. Obviously, both Giuliani and Thompson are intentionally laying back, trying to make the rest of the Republican field overconfident. No doubt.

Paul hasn't won anything yet, either, except the continued devotion of his followers and growing national attention, including two national TV appearances on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" plus a full hour on "Meet the Press." On Tuesday, Richard Viguerie, the noted conservative author, announced he's launching a website to support Paul. Viguerie called Paul "truly a principled conservative in the grand tradition of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan."

Paul just keeps picking up his 6% to 10% each time there's a vote. But Paul also beat Giuliani in Iowa. And he came pretty close to Giuliani in New Hampshire and did, in fact, beat Thompson there. And now in Michigan, Paul beat them both rather handily. He does it by going against virtually all the views of his GOP colleagues, including opposing the Iraq war.

Fueled by the generous donations of Paul believers, the congressman was probably the most successful GOP fundraiser in the fourth quarter, acquiring nearly $20 million then and, according to his website, more than $834,000 more so far this month. He's already launched an eight-state ad blitz and has been campaigning in recent days in South Carolina, where he has three offices and will return later this week, and across Nevada. He got skunked in Wyoming, where Romney won, but imagine if Paul scored big one day in the wild West, where many people believe government got too big about 100 years ago.

Paul's website and new campaign blog claim to have quietly organized more than 7,800 precinct captains around the country. Meantime, Giuliani's top staff is going unpaid this month to save dwindling funds. Is there a pattern here?

So, while the "front-running" Republicans each win one state and no one builds up a head of steam, Paul just keeps hanging around, like a bad cold. Some of the other Republican candidates should be careful, lest they get the sniffles one of these days.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Thank you for this fair coverage of Dr. Paul!

The MSM is starting to actually talk about the economy while talking about the presidential race. Most of the issues they raise about inflation, out of control spending and the burst of the housing bubble are issues that Ron Paul constantly addresses. Yet the MSM never gives him credit for being the person to discuss these issues and give solutions. Also there is never any discussion about the Federal Reserve and how their manipulation of interest rates is a destructive force to the economy. By lowering the interest rates they encourage rampant borrowing. Then when they raise interest rates (to tighten the money supply) people get trapped with adjustable rate morgages, no income verification loans and a host of other such products. Most that buy into such programs are hoping that they can convert to a conventional loan if rates continue to fall or in the case of speculators think they can unload the property as the housing market grows. The same destructive nature of the Federal Reserve policies apply to businesses that decide to borrow to expand when rates are low. When the Fed tightens the money supply on them they can't meet their bottom line since now they have to pay more to borrow the same amount of money. Ron Paul has advocated that the Federal Reserve be shut down. They are a private institution that charges our government interest to lend them money. The federal government per the constitution is suppose to coin its own money and therefor we should not have to pay intereset to a private corporation to provide this service. The Federal reserve is owned by rich bankers that make billions off our tax dollars every year. To see more on this issue go to FreedomtofacismDOTcom. Ron Paul is a featured guest in this informative and shocking documentary.

Joe Rogan -

You, my Sir, ROCK!!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Gotta love the neo-Racist Paul!!!

Treat all people as individuals - protecting ALL of their freedoms? What a concept???

If the Establishment can have their neo-Conservative Fascism, certainly We The People can have our Paleo-Consitutionalist Libertarianism... Right?

Thank you for pointing out what many others have been ignoring. Despite the "fame" of Guiliani and Thompson they have lost repeatedly at voting time to Dr. Paul. Now in MI he beat them both at once.

Your objectivity is appreciated.

Candidates in the middle of the pack or lower, such as Messrs Thompson, Paul, Kucinich and Duncan are vulnerable to being discounted by media. The voters, the candidates, and the process are due far more respect than generally accorded. Thank you for the fair coverage.

Early in the primaries and caucuses, actions and omissions (albeit mostly unintentional) by media pundits marginalize candidates they imperiously view as irrelevant or on the fringe. It is obstacle enough to get out a message that is contrarian to the indiscernble centrist voices that comprise both sides of the aisle. Further compounding that lack of access to the eyes and ears of the populace is the apathy and futility engendered when the media culls a broad spectrum of candidates down to the choice of vanilla or strawberry from each party.

Thank you again, sir.

I don't think I've ever read so many thoughtful comments on a single page. Thanks everyone, especially Top of the Ticket and the LA Times for furnishing the space for this discussion.

Ron Paul for President! We are with you all the way Ron,It is time to wake up America and take our country back,remember it is we the people who vote for our president and put him in the whitehouse to run our country honestly & with integrity, we have quickly become the laughing stock of the western world,if we do not make this change now we will only have ourselves to blame & many will say 'i told you so' just stop and think for a minute people...and just keep in mind RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2008! GBYA....

"We the People", will wait no longer for real change. Go Ron Paul.

The article was a lot of effort talking about someone who's finished in the bottom tier of all the election contests. From what I understand, Rudy hadn't even campaigned in those early states. It should be no surprise that he'd finish with few votes. Meanwhile, Ron Paul has been busily campaigning in these states and still can't see his way out of the single numbers.

Anyway, Paul is a nutcase and a fool. I just as soon throw my vote away on Pat Paulsen. Oh I forgot, he's dead.

The honest Dr is the only chance this country has.
Ron Paul rEVOLution Restore the constitution!

Thanks much for showing that the media is not completely out to get Ron Paul!!! Keep it up & you'll start seeing your readership volume EXPLODE like one of our Money Bombs! Dig it?

Steven wrote:

For the poster: Tannim, I too have noticed a trend. About 2 dozen, the ones you listed, are well reasoned, fully informed and firmly rooted in reality, the rest, including you, still cling to their racist Messiah, who was eitehr so incompetent that he allowed his friend Lew Rockwell ( write racist, bigoted and anti-semitic filth for decades (true) or he tacidly agree with it (also true since he refuses to return the contributions from White Supremacy groups, routinely allows himself to be photographed with well-known racists, actively seeks the support of David Duke, CAIR, Iran and other bigoted groups.)

The so called, "Dr. No" is also a hypocrite for inserting earmarks for his district, then voting against the final bill, then claims he never voted for an earmark, make that a hypocrite and a liar. His foreign policy is naive in the extreme, (As explained in the WSJ=

While I do like his cut cut cut ideas, his gold based fantasy if ever enacted would be disatrous to our economy, something I think Paul would like since it would end our reign as a super power and relegate us to a has been like his fans in Europe want us to be.

So, I will ask you to follow your own recommendations: A) do some research, and B) grow up and I would C) Move out of Mommy's basement and D) Find another Rat-hole to dump your paycheck down.

Tannim responds: Obviously another uninformed troll here. Let's address these non-issues one at a time. I'll ignore his insults and delusions and keep the level higher.

1. Newsletter claims. There is a mountain of written evidence directly attributed to Dr. Paul, as well as anecdotal, most notably by the head of the TX NAACP, a 20-year friend of Dr. Paul, that he is not racist. Put up against that is a decade-old newsletter with no directly attributable evidence as to authorship, not written in Dr. Paul's writing style, that implies he is. Evidence favors Dr. Paul, not the New Republic. Furthermore, voters in his own district, both black and white, have known about it for years and consider it a non-issue. If it were, he'd have been voted out of Congress by those constituents a long time ago. Also note that this was reported just in time to undermine any momentum in NH, which clearly indicates a smear job, especially since other web sites were reporting on it (and it was debunked there, too!) months ago. I think that his re-election record of 60-75% each term says a lot more on those allegations and what his district tinks of them than a bunch of two-bit bloggers who don't have the full story.

2. Stormfront. One person sends $500 to the Paul campaign and he happens to be the head of a FL neo-nazi group whose page has a Paul banner. First of all, the Paul banner is a web page widget that can be loaded up by anybody and put on a page. That in no way implies Paul supports Stormfront or what it stands for. All it means is that someone at Stormfront went to the site and got the widget, and anybody can do that. Second of all, $500 does not influence buy. If that were the case a lot of us would be having a lot of influence, and we don't. To make the claim that Dr. Paul should filter and vet every donor is utterly ludricrous, and I doubt that any such expectation would or should be put on any candidate. This isn't Norman Hsu, folks, and nothing illegal happened. As for returning the money, reference P.T. Barnum. And as Dr. Paul aptly put it, that's $500 less that Stormfront doesn't have to spread their hate with. But that by no means is tacit agreement with Stormfront's views, unless you fall for the ludicrous and fallacious guilt-by-association trap.

3. Earmarks. Earmarks are how Congress designates how money is spent, versus a general appropriation which is decided by the Executive Branch. Every Congress member puts in earmarks as a means of returning taxpayer money to their districts. It's dictating how the money is spent. Dr. Paul votes against the entire spending bills later because he finds the entire bills to be unconstitutional because the spending exceeds what Congress is allowed under the Constitution to actually legislate. Earmarks are not voted on when they are put in--they are bill markups. Please undertsand the lawmaking process. So yes, he does vote against all earmarks, but he is derelict in his obligation to his constituents if he didn't put them in. So he's not hypocritical, he's actually correct, and criticisms of him are based on not understanding the process.

4. Gold standard. Dr. Paul has repeatedly stated that he wants competing currencies, and that some of them should be tied to metals. Nothing wrong with that, except that the media tends to abbreivate that to "gold standard" and then people within the Short-Attention-Span Theater pick up on the abbreviation and never bother to find out what that means. The competing currency can be backed by whatever, be is gold, silver, water (not a bad idea in the droughted West!), oil (like now), or baseball cards, but whatever the backing is, it has to have agreed value. That's how currency markets work. If one studies history one finds that the boom-bust cycles we've seen have been much more fluctuated since the Federal reserve was established, and until that point, the money supplpy was pegged to gold and was pretty stable. Since 1913 the dollar has lost 90% of it's value (or more), and gold, its former backing, has gone from $29/oz to $900/oz! Sound currency is backed by more than thin air or debt. Sure, a return to competing currency would hurt in the short term, but it's better to bite that bullet now than take a bigger one later by procrastinating.

As for the Superpower comment, who says we have to be? The rest of the world has every obligation and should have every opportunity to stand on their own without our aid, influence, interference, and advice. We cannot afford to, nor should we, police or nanny the world. Our own infrastructure is crumbling, our own production economy is in ruins, yet we won't fix it, and WHY? The rest of the world can run theri own affiars, and we should let them, free of interventionism, free of interference, and let them rise or fall where they may. America is established well enough that we won't be conquered militarily, but we can be conquered economically if we continue on this bad path over the monetary debt cliff. The only reason to keep us a Superpower is a fear of someone else doing it. Well, guess what, there was a time when America was not a superpower and the world did no better and no worse than when we became one.

To finish off Steven's infantile insults, A) I have done my research, for over twenty years. I was studying history and politics back in grade school while my contemporaries were trying to figure out multiplcation tables and cursive writing. I was doing simple programming on computers when 64K was a lot of memory, and terabyte was something done to barbecued ribs at a picnic. History and Economics bear out what Dr. Paul and I are both saying. B) I doubt, being a man in my 30s, making my own way with a college degree and specialties in a field that most people can't begin to understand, needs to grow up. You, Steven, on the other hand, need to look in the mirror. C) I own my own home, have a wife and children, an overpriced mortgage and debt, and my mother's house, 1000 miles away, has no basement. D) What rathole would you prefer: Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Hunter, Keyes, Gravel, Kucinich? Sorry, but those folks, when it comes to the issues facing our nation, really have no idea what they are, or how and why we got there, let aone what to do about it. I support Dr. Paul because he does, his track record proves it, he walks the walk, and is offering real solutions that should have been implemented decades ago.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

I sure hope my fellow californians don't let us down...
Let's Go Golden Bears...LET'S GET OUT THE PAUL VOTE!

Backhanded compliment to Ron Paul by your article is still appreciated.
Ron Paul is the one true conservative on the platform.
Let's hope more people wake up to what this country really needs.

I'm English following all this from Istanbul, Turkey. Ron Paul is the most refreshing politician I've heard in years. For anyone to suggest his debating skills are floored must be watching something else. He is so sure and clear; a breath of fresh air; frankly he makes the rest (and I include the Democrats) look ridiculous. They are not telling you straight. Ron Paul is telling you straight. If you can't see that, what hope for any of us?

And the response on this blog is massive - much more so than most articles.

If you don't want him can we have in in England?

Please America, make my day and Ron Paul.

Andrew, you are totally cool. Thanks for the great story, my friend.








You were wrong about Wyoming. Sure no delegates, but Ron received almost 45% of the votes.

(The point of voting is to get delegates. No delegates = skunked.)

There are two types of people in the world. Collectivists and individualists. These two different classifications cross party lines without discrimination. You will notice a great number of Americans from all parties are finding commonality through Ron Paul and his message of Rugged individualism. The obvious supporters would come, and do come from the Republican party. The Party that at one time used the phrase "Rugged individualism" to describe itself. But hhmm, there are Democrats supporting Ron Paul as well. Why? I believe each person is innately an individualist or collectivist and I believe that this trait cannot be "socialized out". The Ron Paul phenomenon is made up of rugged individualists.

Thus, what we have left in Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are the collectivists. Yes, Both parties are filled with scared and trembling collectivists. And most of them in the Republican party are closet socialists. The Dems seemed to have taken up all of Karl's ideology... snicker snicker.

Both parties continued desire for growth in government and collective control over our lives and that of our children's lives is the catalyst for the Ron Paul Revolution. Its a shame that we have so many weak, scared (al quiada - the Boogie man), and pathetic folks in this country calling themselves Americans.


PS- Great article!!!

TruckinMike hits it right on the head.

I would point out in addtion that most individualists are libertarians and most collectivists are authoritarians.

In this race Dr. Paul is the constitutionalist libertarain. The rest are the authoritarians, be they socialist, fascist, or anything in between.


While I am happy for the Ron Paul supporters having found their political savior; I feel compelled to make a comment on another part of the article that seems to have been missed.

You made mention of Giuliani being a front runner earlier in the contest. What you and most of the "coasties" don't take into account is that Giuliani was crowned the Repub king by the MSM which is mostly located on the east or west coast, and always in large cities. The rest of America was never consulted. Most of us never liked Rudy. I personally think he is a slimey piece of crap. I would actually vote for Obama before I would vote for Giuliani.(But I would vote for Rudy before Clinton.) This attitude is the reason that the national news agencies always end up scratching their collective heads during elections, and uttering that well known phrase "We didn't see THAT comming!".

Thankyou for the fair and balanced reporting! GO RON PAUL MD Rita Ellithorpe MD

Its simple guys. If us Paulistas continue to hit the pavement everyday while the other people sit their ass home WE WIN. There are "Ron Paul "Republicans" running for Congress as we speak. YOU need to become a precinct chairman for your local GOP.

Isn't liberty, peace, and a sustainable future for our children worth fighting for?

Thankyou for the fair and balanced reporting! GO RON PAUL MD Rita Ellithorpe MD

Every 4 years, the fringe puts up a David Duke candidate. That's the dirty little secret folks, he's a RACIST, an anti-semite, a Libertarian (study their platform, it's closer to the Left than the Right).

His supporters "spam" the polls and then report that he won such and such a straw poll by 40 % or 75 %. It would be a laugh if he weren't so dangerous.

His supporters post that John McCain is too old, yet they are the same age.

He is anti-death penalty. He is pro-illegal drugs. He is against putting drug dealers and prostitutes in jail. He is anti-war, anywhere, anytime. He is anti-draft. He loves stem-cell research. He is anti-teaching evolution, but he fudges. He does a lot of double-speak and his weasel room is telling everyone that everything should be switched to the state control. He is in favor of assault weapons. Many things he fudges on because he wants to be all things to all people.

He is a real corker. But, when folks find out what a VILE old man he is, and the truth about him, they will run away. He is a living horror!

He had to hustle the "inexperienced" supporters because the follks who know what's going on can't stand him.

His supporters were bragging that he was polling so high, but the polls were all rigged. When there's a box for straw votes at a fair, the "honorable" Ron Paul folks fill in dozens of cards. When there's a poll on the radio, they will call in dozens of times.

Oh, they go to the PAID polls and buy a plate of bad BBQ for $35 and that gets them another vote for Ron Paul. They go to the Young Republican Christmas parties to spam the straw polls. I have a list of lthe events they spammed and it is pathetic. IOW, they can't win without cheating.

They find out about a Republican party and they hog their way in and spoil the event for the people who work hard all year. They are very obnoxious. Loud and stick like leeches. The groups they are infiltrating can't wait until they lose interest and go away.


Go to their web site and look at the polls where they claim to have won by 57 % or 64 % and then look at the REAL polls and you will see what their lies are getting them. Right now he is "higher" but that's because Tom Tancredo dropped out.

They only get 3 - 6 % at REAL polls, but they lie to each other, like excited teen agers. Read the posts by some of the middle aged women. Wetting all over themselves because "Paul won another one." They get nothing but it's turning them on anyway.

Oh, that's right, they write checks to him and feel good about themselves.

Keep in mind that he's the David Duke candidate and then you know what his supporters are really all about.

He's hanging in there because the worlds' not completely full of idiots yet. How can people call themselves Republican and vote for anyone other than Ron Paul?? He's the only Conservative candidate in this election.

Even if Ron Paul lost the general election tomorrow, do you think the Revolution will stop? It will never stop. After we've seen the way that Ron Paul has been censored, ignored, and ridiculed for his strict constitutional views, and his anti-military industrial complex ways, we have just begun this Revolution! The media should just be plain ashamed of themselves!! If it was up to me in this country, I would've had them ALL hanging on the gallows for HIGH TREASON already! This message that Ron Paul speaks is not even close to dying off. The spreading of the message has just begun!

Ron Paul Forever!!

I am in awe that no major media outlets, like CNN, ABC, FOX mention him in their daily election updates. But they mention Thompson, who I feel is losing to Paul. Do they think we don't notice. I am now going to do everything in my power as a media outlet, to inform my readers about Ron Paul. I feel the republican party is making a huge mistake. If they chose anyone other than Paul as their nominee, they will be handing the presidency over to the Democrats and their tax increasing ways.

Ron Paul not only rocks he's going to rock the house TWH!

Careful of the foxholes everybody!

Another great article Andrew - Don got the "icon" credit for the last one I read. If I were Dr Paul, I would head west now. Doesn't California represent about half the total delegates needed?


I would point out in addtion that most individualists are libertarians and most collectivists are authoritarians.

In this race Dr. Paul is the constitutionalist libertarain. The rest are the authoritarians, be they socialist, fascist, or anything in between.

Posted by: Tannim | January 16, 2008 at 05:57 PM

Thank you for that further classification, which is dead accurrate.

I don't much cotton to having anything forced on me. We just witnessed the forced vaccinations, in Maryland, of school children. Turns out the government attorney who threatened their (sheepish, dumbed down) parents with jail, if they didn't comply, refused the vaccines for his own children. Now, that is authoritarian collectivism in action - bureaucrats and elites forcing their will upon the collective herd.

Did I mention Ron Paul's long record of supporting health and medical freedoms?

As you are aware the neocons are afraid of our movement. The "R evol ution" has started and it cannot be put back into the bottle. I was watching some old videos of Ronald Regan and it is amazing how Dr. Paul indeed has captured the true conservative values that the 40th President put forward. I think that Dr. Paul has developed an even cleaner sense of our need as a Country to get back to the values as written in our founding documents. I actually feel better today realizing that he is making these statements that I have thought about for over 35 years. I actually makes me get a little smile on my face.......Thanks to God for this movement. We Americans will be thankful for the movement as well. All of us need to start understanding that Kenndy was right "It is not want your Country can do for you but, it is what you can do for your Country!".
Let us all unite behind this little congressman from Texas with a very big message...Freedom, Freedom and yet again Freedom. God Bless Dr. Ron Paul.

The people who bash Ron Paul are often incredibly dumb and ignorant, or incredibly evil and dishonest. As for Rebekah Goldberg's comment and the comments of other Ron Paul bashers stating that Ron Paul's supporters are bigots, you are sadly mistaken. The Texas NAACP President has stated that in his twenty years of knowing Ron Paul, he doesn't view Ron Paul as a racist. In addition, some of Ron Paul's heroes such as Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard, were Jewish. He even named one of his children after Rand. But, I must say Rebekah that you bring a great deal of anti-Semitism on yourself with your idiotic and ignorant remarks bashing Ron Paul all because he doesn't believe that the U.S. has a role as the sugar-daddy to the rest of the world. To all of the Ron Paul bashers, get your heads out of your tailpipes, do some reading and studying for a change (if you can), and make an educated declaration. Stop being yourselves, and start becoming intelligent.

In regards to Hannity's treatment by Ron Paul supporters, he got off easy. Neocons like him always get a free pass in the mainstream media, and he finds it shocking that someone called him to account for his actions. He should consider himself lucky that the Ron Paul supporters were civil in comparison to the neocons anywhere.

The Democrats will beat any Republican in the general election, except for Ron Paul. Giuliani dropped out of a U.S. Senate race against Hillary Clinton while claiming that he had prostate cancer, a claim which was proven to be false.
Giuliani also lacks principles and is running out of money to the point where top staffers are working for free instead of being paid like bureaucrat.
Romney is the GOP's equivalent to John Kerry because he lacks principles.
Thompson's campaign is on life support and he's ready to pull the plug soon.
McCain wants to continue the war for 100 years and is completely insane.
Huckabee is referred to by the DNC as "an easy kill" and "the GOP's glass jaw - and they're waiting to break it."
Paul is a true fiscal conservative and wants to fix our economy through a true free market instead of the corporate subsidy and welfare state garbage we've received for a century. He wants to abolish the income tax and sharply reduce the size of government. Paul wants to bring value back to our dollar by putting it back on the gold standard while the other candidates, Reps and Dems, want to print more money and thereby devalue our currency in order to pay for the welfare-warfare-police state.
Paul wants to leave social issues to be decided at the individual state level. He also has a greater knowledge of healthcare than anybody else since he worked as a doctor. Therefore, he has everybody else beat on the issue of healthcare.
He wants to restore civil liberties by abolishing the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act (both of which were supported by Clinton). He wants to bring our troops home from Iraq and everywhere else while Obama, Clinton, and Edwards wouldn't even consider bringing our troops home until 2013. He wants to avoid conflict with Iran while the top 3 Democrats would consider using nuclear weapons against Iran. Paul thinks that Pakistan should resolve their own problems while Obama has stated that he would send troops into that country to "restore order".
Paul also has support among groups who traditionally vote Democrat: blue-collar workers, city dwellers, liberals concerned with civil liberties, racial minorities, etc. In fact, a poll showed that in a possible head-to-head race involving Paul against either Obama or Clinton, Paul received 31-33% of support from blacks, and well over 40% of latino voters.
In addition, Paul would receive the support of moderates, registered independent voters, and his base of traditional conservatives and libertarians.

I think more and more people are catching the Ron Paul fever than the media would like to think.

All someone needs to do is watch a couple Ron Paul videos on YouTube and they will get behind the man.

With the MSM, and the GOP against him, it will be very difficult for Dr Paul to win the nomination, regardless of what We the People believe. It's up to us to carry him through to November 4. It'll have to be hard fought, all the way.

"Meantime, Giuliani's top staff is going unpaid this month to save dwindling funds. Is there a pattern here?"

Yes, Andrew, there is; and some of us have seen the pattern all along.

If you follow the fundraising numbers from the 1st quarter on, you would see a pattern. Most of the candidates spend money like government themselves. Since it's normal for candidates to receive the largest amounts in earlier quarters, and less later on, you would think they would put some aside, rather than spending most or all of what they receive each quarter.

Each quarter, Ron Paul spent only what he took in the previous quarter. I'm not sure about the 4th quarter, as that is the time approaching the primaries.

Another part of the pattern is that two GOP candidates touting their skills as businessmen (Romney and Cox) have had the two campaigns the most in debt.

Ron Paul is not only promoting smaller government, but he has the knowledge and skills to make it happen.

Oh, and here's an article showing him doing what he does every year...returns a portion of his Congressional Office Budget to the Treasury.

House Says Paul Again Set to Return Thousands to Treasury



Make sure you get "The Ultimate Weapon for Funding The Ron Paul Revolution!"

It's FREE and makes your Ron Paul Life better and more fun.

What is amazing about the Paul campaign? A lot. For starters, he's been a late bloomer. He wasn't fronted by major media 2 years ago like FOX/CNN fronted Giuliani and Clinton. Paul wasn't even recognized until July or later. And despite his uniqueness, when compared to most of the other "packaged" candidates, the TV media have not embraced him and given him a free ride like the other frontrunners. Oh, they don't entirely ignore Paul, but a lot of the TV coverage focuses on his quixotic campaign or some of his exotic (but refreshing) policy positions. Compare this to the TV blitz we get on Clinton/Obama and the Republican of the day. True, the national polls (quite a farce) are used to justify this coverage, but not proportionately. A "frontrunner" gets about 500 times the coverage of a "second-tier" candidate.

I think you're picking up on the "long-ball" threat of Paul's campaign--kudos to you--as opposed to the 10-yard runs that the frontrunners are making. Thus, Paul does not even have to win to have an immense effect--he just needs to keep a viable portion of the aggressive electorate engaged. That will keep the mainstreamers playing defense with the less active and less informed electorate. More importantly, Paul's chief duty is to expose the tricks and gimmicks of the candidates; pulling rabbits out of hats is growing old, as is producing money and goodies out of thin air.

No, Paul does not have any goodies to offer. Probably a good portion of the public still want to believe in Santa Claus, despite the realities around them. Some will believe the fear-mongering and race-baiting and the usual stuff of division to go along with the sweet talk of reform being offered by the non-reformers. But most everyone eventually grows up (or wakes up) to seek out the truth-tellers. When? Time will tell.

Bronte wrote, "He is pro-illegal drugs." I guess that means that Dr. Paul is for illegal drugs. So, what does that mean? He likes drugs to be illegal or he likes drugs that are illegal? Sounds like the comment of a confused mind. And that pretty well describes the rest of Bronte's post as well. For the Federal Government to pass laws making any drug illegal is unconstitutional. We knew that early last century and amended the Constitution to correctly make alcohol illegal. Now, they don't give two hoots in a whirlwind about limited powers and just pass any laws that suit them. Fascism. All these prohibitive laws do is increase taxes, grow government, multiply violence, transfer our wealth to third world slobs, fill our prisons to overflowing with non-violent persons, and employ thousands to interdiction who otherwise might be protecting our borders from trespassers. And for what? Drugs are available on any street corner. Let me intercept the old accusation sure to come out now. I have never had a beer, never smoked a cigarette, never taken any drugs prescription or otherwise, and I am 73 years old and voting for Dr. Ron Paul even if it is a write in! As far as feeling good about writing checks, my bride of 53 years and I have already donated the maximum $4,600 and I would make that $46,000 if it were legal. We don't donate to feel good, we donate to help America return to her first principles that are being advanced by Dr. Ron Paul.

I'm asking my friends this question. "If elected, what will your candidate do to reduce the size of government." My republican friends have no answer unless they support Ron Paul. Go Ron Paul!

Andrew Malcolm,

I tip my hat to your article.

You have my vote for becoming the head of the Fox Network.

Keep up the good journalism.


"...imagine if Paul scored big one day in the wild West..."

I don't doubt he would have the same fate as Robert Kennedy if that happened. He's a serious threat to the establishment, they know it, and I don't believe they are above assassinating someone to defend their feeble cause.

Dr. Paul represents the republic for which it stands and the other candidates represent the corporations. The mainstream news has really shown there true colors in this primary. Blatant attempts to influence the public away from what is best for them and back into the hands of the corporations. And democracy stinks in the USA. Secret ballot counting!! What a system of NON transparency and electonic shenanigans and call it democracy? The democratic system is broken or maybe stolen in this case as in the past 2 presidential elections at least if not more. But are there enough people to recognize this dog and pony show and make that big leap toward REAL CHANGE? Momentum is building for it via an amazing grassroots campaign by the ones who do recognize that this is it or else. Good Luck America You NEED IT!

Thanks for the article L.A.Times, but it seems that media encouragement, or dare I say "support", may be too late. Over at the website for the "MLK free at last" money raising day, there seems to be greatly diminished support and interest compared to the last money bombs. The Boston Tea Party day had over 30,000 pledges and over 200,000 visits, has less than 10,000 pledges and a little over 30,000 visits. This looks like less than a $1.5 million day, I think it's easy to assume that the smear campaign has had a profound affect on support for Ron Paul's candidacy. I plan to pledge what I can and my time to vote in the primary for Ron Paul is coming up here in SC and I can't wait, but the sad truth is that the negative press and the unexpectedly low results in the primaries so far are causing the faint of heart to hide or leave entirely.

Ron Paul doesn't just go against conventional Republican (politicans) views, he goes against conventional Democratic (politicans) views... by standing up for WE THE PEOPLE, having principles, being consistant, not burdening the American public with excessive government waste and taxation and standing for fiscal responsibility.

Look at his record on Wikipedia.

They were laughing about who was going to come in below Ron Paul... on one news program.

Well you have your answer, Rudy and Fred! Hahahahaha.

Greetings, thanks Andrew we appreciate the unbiased comments, it's very refreshing from the 4th estate, :)

For the people who get on here and promote Rudy here is a vital vid to view.

pass this along to your friends and relatives please, or post it on other blogs, Thanks.

Ron Paul doesn't just go against conventional Republican (politicans) views, he goes against conventional Democratic (politicans) views... by standing up for WE THE PEOPLE, having principles, being consistant, not burdening the American public with excessive government waste and taxation and standing for fiscal responsibility.

Look at his record on Wikipedia.

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