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Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again

Well, he's hanging in there. Not only that, but Rep. Ron Paul thumped two reputed Republican heavyweights in the Michigan primary -- former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago?

Giuliani, you may recall if you can remember anything as distant as last summer, was the longtime GOP national front-runner in polls. He ran strongly against everybody in his party, even former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won one last night, taking his home state from Sen. John McCain, who won there in 2000. Everybody wondered if anyone had a chance against the hero of 9/11, who defied standard Republican theocracy with his liberal social views.

But guess what? Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texas congressman and ob-gyn who delivers babies and a strict view of the Constitution, beat Giuliani in Michigan. And beat him good. Not only that ...

he doubled Giuliani's totals of 24,000 votes, or 2.8%, getting more than 52,000 votes, or 6.3%, of the total Republican ballots.

Paul even beat Thompson this time, the real consistent conservative who was supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan until he actually announced his campaign in September. Thompson got about 31,000 votes, or 3.7%, which is more than Rudy but still less than the nobody congressman with the libertarian views whom few people but his passionate partisans took seriously months ago. He's often called Dr. No for his consistent congressional votes against spending.

Paul was so written off that Fox News banned him from its recent debate in New Hampshire. Oops, now the Paulunteers are organizing a boycott of Fox sponsors in return for the snub, a move that Dennis Kucinich's fans are now calling for against MSNBC for barring him from Tuesday's Democratic debate in Las Vegas.

True, Romney killed all his Republican competitors in Michigan, as he had to, with more than 326,000 votes, nearly 39%, with McCain trailing at 29.7%, or 248,000. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee garnered less than half of Romney's votes, 135,000, or 16%.

And it's also true that Thompson and Giuliani didn't really campaign seriously in Michigan. Or New Hampshire. Or Iowa except for a last-minute Thompson bus tour. Obviously, both Giuliani and Thompson are intentionally laying back, trying to make the rest of the Republican field overconfident. No doubt.

Paul hasn't won anything yet, either, except the continued devotion of his followers and growing national attention, including two national TV appearances on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" plus a full hour on "Meet the Press." On Tuesday, Richard Viguerie, the noted conservative author, announced he's launching a website to support Paul. Viguerie called Paul "truly a principled conservative in the grand tradition of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan."

Paul just keeps picking up his 6% to 10% each time there's a vote. But Paul also beat Giuliani in Iowa. And he came pretty close to Giuliani in New Hampshire and did, in fact, beat Thompson there. And now in Michigan, Paul beat them both rather handily. He does it by going against virtually all the views of his GOP colleagues, including opposing the Iraq war.

Fueled by the generous donations of Paul believers, the congressman was probably the most successful GOP fundraiser in the fourth quarter, acquiring nearly $20 million then and, according to his website, more than $834,000 more so far this month. He's already launched an eight-state ad blitz and has been campaigning in recent days in South Carolina, where he has three offices and will return later this week, and across Nevada. He got skunked in Wyoming, where Romney won, but imagine if Paul scored big one day in the wild West, where many people believe government got too big about 100 years ago.

Paul's website and new campaign blog claim to have quietly organized more than 7,800 precinct captains around the country. Meantime, Giuliani's top staff is going unpaid this month to save dwindling funds. Is there a pattern here?

So, while the "front-running" Republicans each win one state and no one builds up a head of steam, Paul just keeps hanging around, like a bad cold. Some of the other Republican candidates should be careful, lest they get the sniffles one of these days.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Andrew you Rock.

I'll be canvassing my precinct this weekend in my 4 block area in West Los Angeles. The nice thing is there are so few Republicans here I don't have that many houses to do.

"Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago?"

We The People, perhaps?

His grassroots. Yes that one. The real grassroots out here that's actually working it's ass off through word of mouth, canvassing and donating. It really is the biggest political story of year.... if anyone will tell it. ;)

Thanks for a nice overview of the Paul campaign so far. The worse the economy gets, the more people are going to check out Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk website and realize he's been right all along.

My thoughts on Ron Paul? google "JOE ROGAN TALKS ABOUT RON PAUL ON WEBCAM" Disturbing photos of Ron Paul at dynw[dot]com/ronpaulisracist/ I think these photos are Andrew-Malcolm-Blog-Worthy.

Censorship I tell ya!

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather and irate, tireless minority keen to set the brush fires in peoples minds.

Why don't we endorse him already?

America wants real change, not the usual status-quoa, establishment candidates who may give the illusion of change, but offer the same policies that are threatening the middle class,with foreign wars, civil liberties, etc. Ron Paul is the solution to many problems this Empire is accumulating by persuing over ambitious adventures. America is waking up,. Join the Revolution!

But I'm for my change! If you put my record aside, I'm the most for change. Some people lose change in their sofa, not me! I change my underwear everyday! I promise you my next kid will be named Change Obama. I'm black!I 'm black! look at me I'm black! NOW THAT IS CHANGE ! Please don't listen to David M. Walker I promise you the welfare+warfare state is sustainable. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!


Thank you for the great coverage. You are reporting fairly and on something that you are wise enough to see is very important. You are rare. Thanks so much again.

Great article! The conservative that actually believes in the things he says! Not surprising that he would be ahead of the talkers. Let's hope people catch the message.

It's good to know that 52,000 voters took a little time to study ethical politics and civil rights. it doesn't take long to appreciate Ron Paul for his wisdom and perception. (The same wisdom and perception of which the Constitution is based on, so I can't say he's original,-just wise).

And all this in the face of a televisual media blackout!

Now imagine what would happen if the networks actually gave anywhere near the coverage that the alleged "front runners" receive, to Ron Paul?

Sorry, for a moment I got caught up in the fantasy that those television networks would become fair, objective and balanced.

A crazy fantasy, I know.

After 3 well publicized races in Iowa, NH, and Michigan, we have 3 different winners. Ron Paul has hung in there with 6-10% of the vote with his worst showing in Michigan at 6% where he did not really campaign. Interestingly in the county with Hillsdale College Ron Paul got 17% of the vote. Romney, McCain, and Huckabee split the vote fairly evenly with 27%, 27% and 21%, respectively. Hillsdale College is likely the most conservative college in America. Ron Paul's ideas are strongest among the young people according to the exit polling.

I see great things in the future for REAL limited government policies in the Republican Party. Go Ron Paul and the freedom message!

We shall see what happens now that we are going wholesale, if Ron Paul's money combined with his ardent supporters will help. California will be especially interesting, where there will be a county by county allotting of delegates, NOT based on population.

Good Article ....Thanks for the links.

Thumbs up for quality journalism, cutting some slack for a guy who gets intentionally ignored by the media juggernauts.

Wow nice to see some decent Journalism for once. I appreciate your effort in showing how Ron Paul trumped some of the Media's Darlings. So far over 80k people have voted for him, and that number just keeps getting bigger. Just in case you didn't know Ron Paul raised the most money of any Republican Candidate last quarter. His next huge fund raiser is January 21st at

Thanks again for this great piece

"Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago?"

kOS is/was CIA :)

Hot damn! Good article Andrew! I like how you alternate between positive and negative articles about Paul. I think its funny but I think it's cruel to the Ron Paul supporters because you clearly see Paul for his merits but your criticisms can be sharp. Paul gets plenty of sharp criticism as it is so articles like this are a welcome refuge for supporters.

"Who'd have predicted that a couple of months ago?"

kOS is/was CIA :)

Wow, you almost wrote an unbiased column about the man who could save our failing economy and pull our troops from an illegal war (that means me, and it's no coincidence that more troops support RP over any other candidate)... so here's an almost "Thanks" .... you can't even mask the hate, huh?

Andrew, are you getting soft or something ?
I saw LA Times and thought, not again, another article from Andrew Malcom should I even waste the energy and read it ?

I got fully prepared to read and write a comment on another one of your not so unbiased pieces and zip, zam, bam this. Alright not exactly the most glowing article in the world but certainly not one of your other pieces.

This presents a dilemma, what should I do, how should I respond ?

What the heck...

Thank you Andrew and I am certainly glad I head your article today, it made my day.

(Thanks for returning and giving us a chance to write again. we just call 'em the way we see 'em.)

Awesome. Lets keep it going people!!!

And PS; I'm an Aussie, but the world without horns is united!!!!

You mentioned that Giuliani did not campaign and Thompson did a bus tour. Paul did not campaign, either. No TV (The Huckster, McCain and Romney were on several times a day, for a week), no personal appearances. It was just grass roots canvassing and some get out the vote calls. Not bad for no official campaigning.

Well, thank you Andrew. Finally, a fair and objective view of Ron Paul and his campaign from an "outsider". This is all we ask, ok? No more snowballs, we promise.

Now, if we could get the major's on TV to be a bit more fair to the American people, this campaign would get the coverage that Congressman Paul is due.

Keep up the good work on your very informative articles. The links that you provide are appreciated too.


IT is amazing to me with all the media censorship or the downright nasty fox news negative campaign against Ron Paul that he manages to beat Fred and Rudy. The Nation just wrote a major article about the Michigan results and discussed everyone including Rudy and Fred, and did not mention Ron Paul once. So what most people don't realize is there is dirty pool going on in the media and that is holding Ron Paul back to 4th place finishes. Why on earth are we voting for warmongers and business as usual when we are in such financially bad shape and can't afford it. Why are we voting for candidates who are for the patriot act and our loss of habeus corpus and privacy. Bush just announced he plans by feb to start unlimited internet and email spying. I also dont understand why someone would vote for McCain who was one of the biggest proponents of illegal immigration. It makes no sense to me what these followers are thinking but obviously as someone who FLED the invasion in California it may well be that people in Mich and NH just dont feel the illegal alien invasion quite yet.

Well Andrew, we Paulites we're seriously wrong when we believed we would score higher and that the polls were wrong.

Anyway, we will keep on fighting till the end. We might surprise people in a few states.

(That spirit and turnout is part of what makes this such an interesting political and social story. Thanks for reading.)

Great article - thanks for giving Ron Paul some deserved coverage. He is a true leader who is telling it as it is and who is not changing his message according to who is listening at the time. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and others before him have shown what a daunting task this is.

As most freedom movements Ron Paul also attracts some followers who I for one am not proud to be associated with. It is unfortunate because the message of Ron Paul is one that I believe we all should pay attention to before the economy and the wars drag down USA further leaving an impossible burden for our children to carry.

You can post links to future articles about Ron Paul at for all to see.

Thanks again for reporting the truth.

Ronald Reagan did not see Ron Paul as a "no-body". The GOP hero, Ronald Reagan, said that "we need to keep [Ron Paul] fighting for our country." Ron Paul was one of the first people in 1976 to actually support Ronald Reagan. Even the son of another conservative hero Barry Goldwater is a big Ron Paul supporter.

I still see nothing in your blog to say that Ron Paul is a "nobody". You even had to add the word "probably" to your statement that Ron Paul was the best 4th quarter GOP fundraiser. You seem to be in denial. I am not asking you to support Ron Paul. But please do some research and come up with an argument as to why Ron Paul is a "nobody". I think you should write a blog about how the GOP has no chance of winning this year's election. I am sure you can come up with such an article with minimal research of looking at polls and the 2006 elections.

(The 4th quarter fundraising numbers are not official for anybody until they're reported to the FEC on Jan. 31, hence the probably.)

Well Well Well, And how much is 6.3% of the total that voted? That surely is impressive and let's take note ..he is being smart about this whole thing. Slow and steady and that is the motto...
I don't think McCain or Thompson can go the distance neither can Huckabee, Guliani is going to be found out for his 'drag queen' incidents and very ultra liberal positions...
Romney is a flip flopper, and believe it or not if you look at the last South Carolina debate, in all honesty I thought it was the most cordial they have been to Ron Paul, I even noted Romney getting cozy with him.
It may be Ron Paul/Hucakbee it maybe Ron Paul/Romney but one thing is for sure Ron Paul is going to be in the mix!

I think the wild wild west holds out some surprises for us all...and as more and more U.S companies are snubbed by China in their game plan to weaken the U.S , and bread and butter issues come home fast...
I got two words for the American people reading this...

Stop beating around the bush Andrew, I think even YOU want to see him win now ;)

just goes to show you what we've been telling you all along .....THE POLLS don't mean you'll miss all the attention when Ron Paul goes away won't you?

He's the Republican party's conscience, and few among us ever listen to our conscience. I sure like the guy, and I'll vote for him, but when it's over he'll end up with a handful of delegates and a convention speech at 2AM that no one will ever see. Just a footnote, and that's sad. So much for liberty. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of crushing debt, police-state control and permanent global war.

Interesting about The Nation article, on Michigan, not mentioning Paul. No surprise, though. The Grand Rapids Press (largest daily after the Detroit News) ran a full page on the candidates and their positions, the day before the primary. Ron Paul was not included.

How many other candidates could stand up to such blackballing (occassional) and the relentless attacks of Fox News, neocons and neolibs? If the MSM had fawned over Paul, as they have Giuliani/McCain/Clinton, he'd be running in the top three.

We shall see.......

Ron Paul did not even set foot in Michigan once either. He actually campaigned there less than Giuliani. It was entirely a grassroots effort.

There is very little difference between the mainstream candidates, Democrat or Republican., Foreign policy under either part will never ever change with these "TOP TIER MEDIA DARLINGS" . Domestic fiscal policy, the welfare entitlement system will never change.

For years, both parties have been double teaming the American people. One gets in power and further advances of a New World Order agenda, and then falls out of favor and passes the baton to the other. Both parties are supported by special interest groups, and many are waking up to the fact that the Democrats aren't going to save us either.

Nice article. A great number of people say they'd vote for Ron Paul if they thought he could win. As long as the media keeps labeling him the long-shot candidate, the attitude won't change. If people actually looked at the numbers, though, and researched this man, I have no doubt he'd win a vast majority of voters.

Thanks for the "no spin" for the Ron Paul Revolution!

Great article. It's nice to read about all the candidates, not just the ones that the big media decides we should hear about especially since there is no clear front runner. It's still any candidates game.

I just started reading Dr. Paul's book "Foreign Policy of Freedom" last night. Even in the early 80's the good doctor was explaining that we cannot continue going around the world stirring up hornets nests and trying to buy friends on every side of any conflict. Even in those early speeches he was warning about meddling in the middle east, and the dire consequences of interventionism on our economy.

Finally 25 years later a large chunk of Americans are starting to listen, and starting to spread the word themselves. Maybe another 20 years of educating the public and sending better informed and constitutionally principled leadership to Washington and we might be able to get back to a Jeffersonian foreign policy. That's of course assuming that this countries economy can suffer on long enough for the rest of its populace to wake up.

Perhaps if those paying real attention work hard enough, and talk loud enough we might wake up the other 90% of this country who aren't paying attention. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone in charge next year who understands all this? Personally, I'm voting for Dr. Paul even if I have to write it in. : D

Clif: I think what the author was trying to reference was his reputation of being "Dr. No" and the general dismissive air that the media gives that dubs him as supposedly a nobody. I did not get that tone from this article - I thought it was fair.

Now lets get out and canvas!

As the Fed cuts the rate, the dollar falls this spring and Wall St. continues reporting Billions in "sub prime" losses, the other candidates from both parties will look silly. Ron talks about WHY our country is in tough shape today... and how we can fix it. When the 30 sec timer in debates goes "ding", Ron is just getting started, while the others are already out of material. Doesn't AAA preach that you need to first admit the disease before you can reach for the cure? America's Comptroller General ,David Walker, has been on tour shouting about the $50 Trillion in unfunded entitlements. America, its time to step away from the punchbowl... we have 8 months to get our act together; please don't waste your vote on a candidate that won't even talk about our disease! There's a reason Ron Paul has been described as a latter day Thomas Jefferson, please endeavour to discover why. Are you going to vote for a puppet president or the real thing?

Kudos! I've read most of your articles, and do agree that you write a fair and balanced report.

>>And it's also true that Thompson and Giuliani didn't really campaign seriously in Michigan. Or New Hampshire.

Actually, that is false. Giuliani campaigned *hard* in New Hampshire. He had tons of events and spent a lot of money up there. I believe ABC News did an analysis of how hard he was working in N.H.

If you add up the popular vote in IA+NH+MI (Wyoming I could only find the delegate count), you get:

Romney 443,139 36.2%
McCain 361,546 29.5%
Huckabee 207,308 16.9%
Paul 84,554 6.9%
Thompson 50,925 4.2%
Giuliani 49,198 4.0%
Uncommitted / Other 23,070 1.9%
Hunter 4,567 0.4%
Tancredo 531 0.0%
Brownback 354 0.0%

I really like you Andrew. I'm not being sarcastic, although I think you can be delightedly so sometimes! Some of us have been in Ron's corner for a long time and have become sophisticated in the way journalist work. Some are truly amazing in their efforts to discredit and pick apart Ron's message/agenda. You my fellow American cast light on Ron Paul as all should do. READ, compare and decide on your own. Censoring just makes stubborn independent-minded people want to know more about this "forbidden" candidate. I understand your critical view of Dr. Paul. I hope and pray (I'm not even religious) that he is granted equal debate time at LEAST until super tuesday. Kudos Andrew!!!

Thanks for the report, Andrew.

People need to know that if you are for LESS government, LOWER taxes, and MORE individual liberty, then Ron Paul is the only logical choice. The rest of the candidates are mouthing change, but do not come up with any real solutions.


Thank you for being "Fair & Balanced". It is much appreciated.

........."lest they get the sniffles one of these days."

Wonderful comment to end this story. Worry not, the good Dr. can cure, apathy, addiction to spending money, and the sniffly noses of those frauds that the MSM is trying to push on us.

I watched a little CNN last night and for the first time in about a decade I heard actual meaningful discussion about our gov't's spending habits and how it's dragging us into the abyss of bankruptcy and how one of the candidates is going to have to break it to this entitlement society of ours that the free ride is coming to an end very soon. Now why is that all of a sudden a hot topic for discussion? I've never heard MSM discuss such hard hitting issues.

Hmmm... Let me venture a guess at who's been pounding away at this topic for years now. Oh yes they guy they say is a kook. Now there discussing the same topics they once called him crazy for discussing

RON PAUL in 2008

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