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Ron Paul beats Giuliani but loses to Fox News

OK, he didn't get the third place that Ron Paul said he thought his campaign might reach in Iowa. He got fifth, 10%. Which, as we noted earlier, is better than the 4% that Rudy Giuliani got. But then like most Americans, Rudy didn't put that much effort into campaigning in Iowa.

The next big test comes Tuesday in New Hampshire, where the libertarian-like license plate -- Live Free or Die -- gives Paulunteers hope they might score an even larger surprise. Everybody except good ol' boy Fred Thompson has put serious efforts into the Granite state.

John McCain, who won New Hampshire in 2000, seems to be closing in on Mitt Romney there. Rudy is trying hard. If he can tear himself away from being on one national TV show after another, Iowa GOP caucus winner Mike Huckabee will campaign there. But without the large cadre of resident....

Christian evangelicals he had in Iowa, he's trailing and hanging on, hoping for Baptist help come South Carolina.

But before the Big Vote comes the Big Debate. Fox News has invited five famous Republicans to a modified house trailer for a televised debate Sunday. They did not invite Rep. Paul, which has infuriated many people and not all of them Paul supporters, as you may have read in hundreds of comments on this blog recently.

The Manchester Union Leader, New Hampshire's major newspaper, ran a front-page editorial Thursday by its publisher, Joseph McQuaid, criticizing media that do not invite all serious candidates such as Paul because then it's big media and not regular New Hampshire voters making the decision. Fox doesn't return phone calls or e-mails seeking an explanation for excluding Paul, probably because it's very difficult to explain how you invite Giuliani, who's already lost one election to Paul, and the more-famous Thompson, who ran ahead of the lesser-known Paul in Iowa but trails him in New Hampshire polls.

And, frankly, Paul probably leads all Republicans in fourth-quarter fundraising with his nearly $20 million haul. But you won't be able to hear him on Fox Sunday where he would be the only Republican candidate to oppose the Iraq war, advocate pulling our troops home from all around the world to save money for domestic needs and slashing numerous federal departments.

While personally pro-life, Paul, an ob-gyn, would leave abortion or anti-abortion laws to the individual states as part of his strict constitutionalist approach. Paul's followers see the Fox News exclusion as part of a broader corporate conspiracy by the mainstream media to squelch the 72-year-old, 10-term Republican representative.

That doesn't explain how this item and this item and this item and this item, among many others, got into this blog. But that doesn't really matter because no one will hear Paul speak in the debate on Fox News Sunday. Fox says the trailer is too small for more candidates.

Ron Paul supporters have deluged with complaints. They are urging a boycott of all Fox advertisers and are exploring some kind of alternative event on Sunday. Maybe they could rent a larger trailer and invite Chris Wallace and the five famous Republicans over for a chat. And if those people don't show up, the Paul folks could set out empty chairs and pitch their own platform for the entire program.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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You would think that they could move up about 2,000 unused and rotting government-purchased Katrina Trailers from Mississippi and make a little Fox-News trailer trash mobile home park that would be able to accomodate thousands.

You suggest that because the LA Times covered Dr. Paul in a few articles that this proves that there's not a conspiracy by the mainstream media against him. However, there's a good reason Fox doesn't want him in the debates -- they don't want to show the Ron Paul pitted against the other candidates, because in previous debates, he's wiped the floor with them. This is proven by Fox's own post-debate polls, which showed Dr. Paul winning the debate. What's even more astounding is that by not having Dr. Paul in the debate, Fox is not only hurting its credibility as a news organization, but also guaranteeing less viewers. You would think the advertisers would be furious at this attempt by Fox to sabotage its own programming. I think it demonstrates how much Rupert Mudoch, who is a Giuliani supporter fears Fox. Every time one of Dr. Paul's opponents in the debate has tried to use him as a whipping boy, they've only helped raise Dr. Paul's profile and his popularity. Even though in previous debates, the networks have given Dr. Paul less time than the other candidates -- and less relevant questions -- he still manages to prevail in the debate.

People are disgusted with politics as usual and want someone with honesty, integrity, and authenticity.

(No, only suggesting there's no conspiracy HERE, which is all we can do. Up to you where you go to read. But if we were part of some conspiracy, we sure wouldn't put your pointed comment right here for all to see.)

Paul's followers see the Fox News exclusion as part of a broader corporate conspiracy by the mainstream media to squelch the 72-year-old, 10-term Republican representative.
That doesn't explain how this item and this item and this item and this item, among many others, got into this blog.

Are you kidding us? Because a few comments are allowed in to major media blogs then it follows that the major media powers aren't trying to shape the contest? I can find hundreds of articles in the major media concerning Ron Paul and some include positive comments; but that has no close relationship with the level and kind of coverage Ron Paul would get if he was well regarded by the beltway crowd. The emperor has no clothes. The powers that be in the CFR have shaped this race from day One. They have done everything that they could do - without going so far as to expose their biases to the average, distracted voter - to twist American Public opinion to their preferences. It's been obvious for months that the polling is manipulated so that the American public will decide that their favorite candidate has such little support that it would be best to abandon their first choice and vote for one of the 'viable' candidates. Nobody wants to waste their vote, so after the major media gathers up a con man like Frank Lutz and starts pushing their candidates, support for the 'non-viable- candidates drifts away. Then guess what's left; CFR members. Huckabee is a nightmare to the CFR weasels so they have unleashed Rush Limbaugh and others on him. They tried to endorse him out of the race and that didn't work. People have become so accustomed to bias from major media outlets that the more Huck is attacked, the higher his stock rises. That's very encouraging because it indicates that gradually some segments of the population have all but given up on major media being straight about the agenda being pushed by the Billionaires club members that own or otherwise exercise great control over what Americans think every day. Now the Billionaires have two problems; they must crush both Huck and Ron Paul. Edwards, Hillary, and Obama are all CFR members, so if Huck hangs on or Paul gains enough momentum to win the nimination, then the major media will push for the Democrat to win. Party affiliation is trumped by CFR membership. The billionaires don't care what party your from as long as you can be counted on to their bidding. I'm sure Malcolm doesn't see himself as part of some 'conspiracy' to elect CFR members. But, from the tone of Malcolm's writing it's pretty clear he has not really considered why some people get and keep jobs that give them great influence over public opinion while others don't get the same jobs, or why they don't keep them. Americans realize that there isn't some man behind a screen that gives marching orders to all the members of the major media regarding what they will think today and how that will inform their writing. The major media likes to use absolute terms like 'control' to describe what the 'conspiracy gang' believes about media power because it basically disenfranchise their opinion; since it's obvious to rational people that a media godfather is not dictating EVERY move every reporter or writer for major media outlet might make. I've seen the same tactic used by the Media elites for years and years. Whenever the tactic is trotted out, you get the same reaction; what's wrong with those people who believe someone or some group 'controls' the media? Can't they see that my favorite columnist trots out some populist views once in a while? So, the way the major media defines the parameters of any debate related to 'media control' always ensures that the people who say that 'certain affiliated groups have too much control over the media' look foolish. If the major media acts so independently then how come they ALL covered the pointless, distracting D.B. Cooper story on the same day. It was a 30 year old dormant piece of nothing story. Some nobody FBI agent from Oregon gets excited and holds a news conference detailing how he's going to waste time solving a 30 year old case, and EVERY major media outlet jumps on the story like it was a mini-911 and a big currently developing story. I watched NBC Nightly News and they didn't mention Iraq; the origins of the subprime conspiracy (crisises aren't planned out ahead of time) and who made money on it (Goldman Sachs). Instead EVERY major news outlet in the entire US used enormous amounts of air time covering D.B. Cooper. If anyone still doesn't believe the major media is doing hit jobs on candidates it doesn't favor, remember what the Des Moine Register did with Keynes; and how it eliminated Kucinich; and how it's moderator asked Obama an interview style gotcha question (about having Clinton advisors) a couple days before endorsing Hillary. And of course, I can't wait to hear Romney, Rudy, or Hillary asked about whether they believe in UFO's. Just curious how one on one gotcha questions are appropriate for a debate format where the question can only be effectively answered by one person. We can all see the hand of the powers that be in the questions being asked at Major media debates. Whether the participants realize they are being used as tools is immaterial. Understand Malcolm?

(Sure, understand your passion. We're not really responsible for your anger or any conspiracy out there against--or for--Ron Paul or anyone else. Sure, all campaigns have people leave positive and negative comments on blogs like this. All we can do here is not be a part of a conspiracy, but be part of an online dialogue with people who choose to come here to read our thoughts that start the discussion. Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming here. Thousands more are coming here every day, in fact. The numbers show it. They must be liking something. And we welcome them and their comments. Now, that's a good kind of conspiracy to have.)

If space is the concern - Fred Thompson is a big fellow. If Fox didn't allow him in the trailer then there would be room for Ron Paul and the other guy. Ron Paul beat both Guilani & Thompson in Iowa.... but Fox News is still trying to rationalize their decision - err national polls. Spin spin spin, Fox news slogan should be, We decide what we report, so you will decide on what we report. Fox doesn't rely on public airways - their news is transmitted via cable.... so they have different rules to follow here. Fox will not cave in to Ron Paul supporters protesting... Fox is not THE NEWS - they are a News entertainment and propaganda show. After the treatment their news people have given Ron Paul - when he has appeared on FOX - all they do is try and present Ron Paul in an unflattering - can't win, fringe candidate. So maybe it is better he NOT attend even if he were asked now. I hope the folks in charge of spending the 20 million - decide not to pay for TV ads on Fox!

(As a point of fact, Thompson did finish ahead of RP in Iowa. Not by a lot.)


Thanks for the unbiased report on the result of the Iowa election.

My only 'complaint' is that since you mentioned that Ron Paul came in 5th with 10% of the vote, IMO you should have also mentioned that 3rd place was Thompson with 13% and McCain, at 4th place, had 12%-- so Ron Paul had A LOT of people come out and vote, despite the lack of press coverage given his campaign.

Thanks also for the headsup on the front-page editorial by the Manchester Union Leader. Hopefully that may influence Fox to do the right thing. Probably not, but its nice to hope.

I realize that this is only the blog-- but can you influence your editors to allow some articles about some of the lesser known candidates in the PRINT edition? TIA, if you can. 8)

(Not really, but they have done some good individual RP articles in the paper, more than on some other candidates actually. All the paper's presidential political articles appear on this page:
So you can check there. You can also use the search function to find previous Paul articles. And, of course, you can always come back here, which is often now among the most-viewed pages on the website, by the way. Thanks for reading.)

can anyone tell me why the ron paul interview on larry king was never aired? not that it would be his best forum, but at least he'd probably have been able to answer a question without getting cut off...

(Ask CNN. We "aired" it here.)

Hey Andrew. I've always been polite to you, so I just wish you would stop making blanket statements about "Paul Supporters". Especially when it comes to corporate conspiracies.

Also note that Ron Paul didn't put that much energy into Iowa either. This is a huge win for us. He got into double digits in on of the most theoconservative states in the U.S. That bodes well for New Hampshire prospects.

(Truly, quite an accomplishment, which is why there were 2 items here on RP today. Clinton also had 2.)

Faux News - They Decide, You Report

Ron Paul is against the principles of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and News Corp founder, is a member of CFR. Therefore, his company will do whatever they can to keep Ron Paul down. By the way, Obama is also a member of the CFR.

This is all about censorship. After all, censorship is becoming America's favorite past-time. The US gov't (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like "America Deceived" from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for candidates).
Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

I wonder why Fox is keeping Ron Paul out of the debate? Could it be because they are a mouthpiece for the Bush administration? Check out who watches Fox news exclusively:

Fox News is proving that it is the joke which most Canadians always knew that it was!

Here's the score for Fox News:

Paul 10% -- Guiliani 4%

Hopefully, this snub of Paul will put an end to that joke of a network once and for all South of the Border.

The American people and their democracy have the responsobility to choose the next President of the United States, not Fox News. Thank you for shedding light on the situation Mr. Malcolm.

Sorry Malcolm, but the old Guiliani excuse of "he didn't do any time in Iowa" doesn't work here.

Guess who spent more time in Iowa than Ron Paul, ( Data for 01 Aug - 03 Jan):

- Paul - 27 Appearances, 11,598 votes

- Giuliani - 35 Appearances, 4,013 votes

See for more info.

What about Ron Paul's big pot of cash? Will he be able to use it after the primaries, if he runs as an independent or as a Libertarian in the general election?.

One strong voice for liberty in the general election could upset the regulars of both partys and their nice stable little applecarts.

Imagine what 1/2 a dozen Libertaians could do in the House Of Representives, or 2 or 3 in the Senate.

GRIDLOCK?! Better than the activists on either side. and perhaps a step towards a true revolution.


Fair and good article.


There's one small innacurracy in your article, "While personally pro-life, Paul, an ob-gyn, would leave abortion or anti-abortion laws to the individual states as part of his strict constitutionalist approach." Though that is his stance, he is also advocating a constitutional ammendment which would guarentee innocent life, thus preventing abortion.

The real reason that Fox News doesn't want Ron Paul to debate is that they know that once their so-called small government hear him, it will wake them up. Ron Paul is the only true low tax, small goverment candidate, the rest are going to spend us into bancruptcy. Only Ron Paul will reform the Federal Reserve Bank by backing our dollar with Gold. Read more at

We will be boycotting all Fox stations. Ron Paul should be included in every debate and given fair air time like all the other candidates. GO RON PAUL!

Hey Andrew,

I don't know if my previous comment posted, so I'll just say it again. I like your work and I think you're pretty fair to us Paul supporters even when you tease us. But I would prefer if you didn't use blanket statements about ron Paul supporters. I don't think there's any conspiracy within the mainstream press...insofar as they actually have to conspire among one another. I just think they live in a world of cynicism where belief in the possibility of reform strikes them as naivity or even craziness. I think Fox takes it one step further with an outright disdain for Republicans who's platforms are at odds with the neoconservative agenda. If neoconservatives maintain a hold on the Republican party, they'll have some semblance of power even when they loose in 2008. But if they lost the Republican Party...well...that a helluva bigger threat. So they've come out in force agianst him (Kristol, etc).

In my opinion, that's the broader cause for Paul's press problems. Fox is neocoservative, so they have no love for Paul. Many others are liberal, so they have no love for Paul. And (maybe) no one in the press really wants reform because it would crush the established b1tch-session form of punditry.

At any rate, Paul does have friends in the press (Tucker Carlson, John McLaughlin, Pat Buchanan, Glen Beck), they just took longer to come around given their environments.

Thank you for your fair and informed reporting on Ron Paul and his positions.

I voted for McCain back in the 2000 NH primary and have since been incredibly disappointed by his apparent willingness to compromise his integrity for the sake of political expediency.

Ron Paul's consistent principled record while serving in congress and his performance in the debates gives me hope that he will remain a man of his word and continue to speak truth to power and to the American People.

The Fox News trailer is actually a converted bus.

Considering who's on it between the included candidates and the people running the roundtable, it must be a short bus...

Oh well, at least ABC had the courage to include him. I feel sorry for the other 5 guys on that one, because it'll be 5-on-1 and the 5 don't stand a chane...

I will boycott Fox and their endorcers for life if they decide not to invite Ron Paul !!!

This discussion has been if the physical size of people would fit in the trailer. The real question is the size of all the egos going into trailer. With all those overinflated egos I'm sure it will be very cramped. I'm surprised some of them can get their heads through the door.

They still should let Paul in because his ego is very malleable. There is always room for someone like Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is so truthful and honest, and relates to the American people so well he would have surely won the New Hampshire Primary. In the straw polls done in New Hampshire Paul won by nearly 40%, and since New Hampshire is an Independant State, Paul would be a shoein. Then Paul would receive all the media coverage, and that just threatens the corrupt establishment in power. The news media chose the candidates here, not the American people!

Dr. Paul was on Bill Moyer's Journal a few minutes ago and I wept several times.

will never give up on Dr. Paul.

Thank you for this article, you are growing a large base of readers who respect your ethics.

Keep asking the questions no MSM outlet will ask.


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Fox and ABC should let Paul and Kucinich participate in their respective debates. Let voters hear from all viable candidates.

Mr. Andrew Malcolm,

I know you read these responses, and comments, and I do know you are an intelligent, logical thinking individual as well. Please if you will answer one question for me, honestly why do you think Ron Paul is being blackballed or whatever you want to call it? Do you think foxnews and the big television media types are afraid they won't have much to report if Ron Paul is doing a great job as President and there isn't so much drama. The news nowadays is so full of junk and drama queens, look at Hannity and O'Reilly, what a joke. Please share your thoughts with us normal Joes of the United States of America.

(I really can't answer that. My attempts to get an explanation were met with the statement that it was the NH GOP making the candidate decisions, as written here.)

Cancel your subscription to the Wall Street Journal with an appropriate comment. The Financial Times and Investor's Business Daily are suitable alternatives.

For those interested and serious about taking action against FOX Television and a fairly obvious bias, 47 CFR 76.205 and 76.209 (Code of Federal Regulations) pertaining to the "fairness doctrine" and "equal opportunities for legally qualified candidates for public office" FCC rules. Sending a complaint to the FCC is a small token that citizens do not want to be told who the leading candidates should be.
Good luck

Thank you, Andrew.

Who is fooled by this???
Do you really think that Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter have been excluded to accomodate the small amount of room in the TRAILER?
Or is it more likely that a TRAILER was chosen for this forum to justify excluding Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter?
Having trouble with that one?
Ask yourslef this: "How many other debates have been held in TRAILERS???
All of the other forums were also held in front of a live audience.
Gee, I can imagine that once you put Rudy, Mitt, John, Fred, Mikey and the audience in the trailer - not to mention the FAUX NEWS STAFF, it really is going to be won't be any elbow room. No what I mean? (Nudge, Nudge, Elbow, Elbow)???
Ron Paul is right: these people MUST be afraid of him.
James Hines

How can we get a list of sponsors to fox news? I would be interested in writing a letter to all of them explaining my boycott and then following thru with it. Even if it's just me, I know that I will be doing it and that's all that matters in the end. Did I (you) really stand for your beliefs or not? I think everyone here would also follow thru. I also like the license revoking idea. The laws that are put in place to do good should be used relentlessly.

(A fellow commenter provided a list above.)

Fox News has done this type of thing for a long time. It seems whenever somebody wants to do good or isn't self absorbed in corrupted interests, that they do everything they can to put them down and use whatever disinformation tactics they can. It's nice to see somebody who's good for the country like Ron Paul, be intelligent enough to not fall into their traps and setups.

Fox News should change their name to 'PRAVDA', since they seem to have adopted that media outlet's editorial and censorship policy. And, if the Republican Party Of New Hampshire and the National GOP do not insist that either ALL the candidates participate, or NONE of them do, they should change the name of the GOP to the 'COMMUNIST PARTY', since thier advocacy of censorship of legitimate candidates for President would be in line with the traditions of the rulers of the now-defunct USSR and those still in power in the People's Republic of China.

Furthermore, sanctions and fines should be levied by the party against any candidate who participates in this travesty. FOX News and the GOP should also be charged by the Federal Election Commission with violation of the "Electioneering' laws, whereby they are using pubilc airwaves to unfairly favor or disfavor one candidate over another. In addition, they should be charged with violating Federal Campaign Finance laws, as instead of a News event, this would become an advocacy broadcast for the candidates appearing, and would, in effect, amount to an illegal campaign donation to the tune of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to the campaigns of the candidates who appear on the boradcast. Of course, this will never happen, as the FEC, the Justice Department and most of our government has been corrupted and taken over with billions in lobbyist dollars by the very powers that are seeking to impose this un-American censorship- the multinational corporations who OWN the Media outlets, and who are profiting obscenely through the war and the monetary policies that Ron Paul advocates changing and eliminating.


Who cares? I doubt many people will watch them anyway. How could this even help RP? He'd get the least amount of questions, and would be in a hostile environment.

According to all the talking heads on tv and their mouth dropping reaction to all the Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers they see there, I am pretty sure RP's name is well known to NH voters. If they haven't looked up on he is by now, I doubt a few second responses to questions in a debate is going to make them curious.

If anything the exclusion will just make people more interested it him.

wow! really awesome . this posts what talent and experience you have ... great work done !

Fair and balanced, yeah right.

Here's what I sent to Faux News:

As a former Fox News supporter, I think you should go ahead and ban from your debates whoever you disagree with, whether it be Ron Paul or anyone else. Why not? The "fair and balanced" slogan has become an ironic self-parody. And I suggest changing your other motto to "We Decide, Then Report."

You mean to tell me the local Fox affiliate doesn't have a studio that affords more space than what a trailer can provide?


Whatever, just toss out Romney's ego and you'll have plenty of room for Dr. Paul. Toss out Tax-abee's moral high horse and you'll have room for the Democrats too!

It's so important to allow contrasting viewpoints in a debate so we do not get too caught up in the "group think." Ron Paul is what will keep us honest and healthy as a democracy and Fox's exclusion is truly the evidence that the corporate machine, the institution if you will, is truly afraid of these ideas.

I believe that even if Paul isn't elected the fact that these ideas he is proposing will have a great effect on future elections and should be promoted despite what chance you believe he has in winning the election.

In an ideal and 'high standards' world of politics for the people, this also says quite a lot about the other candidates. Why don't 'they' demonstrate democracy and boycott the Fox debate themselves until there is a fair semblance and debate amongst them all in the trailer? What are they afraid of?

The fact is Ron Paul got 10% and beat out Rudy. Its not very fair or balanced, I for one am going to take a closer look at what the man has to say considering Fox seems to wants to censor him. I wonder how many others follow my line of thought. "dont pay any attention to the man behind the curtain!" keeps echoing through my head!

i will not buy anything advertised on any FOX station ever>>>fair and balanced, what a joke>>>this will backfire and give RON PAUL a big boost>> FOX SUCKS

Fair and balanced my foot. This is an outrage!!!

Paul needs to be in that debate.. All eyes are on NH and millions of americans will be watching the fox debate. most people dont pay attention to the race untill the first caucus so this is tons of potential newbies hearing pauls views for the first time. Censoring him on sunday will degrade his chances of catching on to the mainstream american and they know this.........

I hope the Paul campaign has something massive planned for this debate............ we need to get out there and make some big noise!!!!!! We must demand attention or we will continue to get written off!!!

RP did get 10%, but Rudy is indeed ahead nationally and is a fox favorite. The rest of them all did better than RP in Iowa and poll higher nationally. I do see their point. I like RP, but I really don't think this is a big deal.

You NH RP supporters should worry more about getting out there trying to 'convert' independents, the apathetic and the undecided, in my opinion. The die hard republicans (who won't vote for someone like RP) and those curious about Huckleberry will most likely be the only ones who tune in, anyway.


Perhaps Paul could run as an independent candidate if he does not secure the Republican nomination. Then he could play spoiler to the party and the media that chooses to ignore him.

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