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Ron Paul launches eight-state ad blitz

Get ready, California. Here comes Ron Paul! Literally.

After thousands of radio and TV ads bombarded the early-voting states for months, Californians' ears are about to be exposed to the biographical story of Paul, who's gained growing attention in recent weeks for his amazing fundraising success; Paul's fervent followers raised nearly $20 million in the fourth quarter alone, including a new online one-day donation record in excess of $6 million. With those funds, the 72-year-old, 10-term Texas Congressman with the libertarian ideals is launching an eight-state ad campaign on radio stations in California, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, North Dakota, Louisiana, Maine and Florida this week.

The ad is biographical, detailing his background and hinting at his longtime opposition to increased government spending. Here is the ad text:

"Who is Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for president?  Ron Paul served his country as a flight surgeon after the Cuban missile crisis. As a young doctor, Ron Paul worked nights in the emergency room of an inner-city hospital, taking care of everyone, whether they could pay or not. As an ob/gyn, Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies. Dr. Ron Paul knows our healthcare system needs real change,   where patients and doctors are in charge, not big corporations or government bureaucrats.

"As a congressman for almost 2 decades, Ron Paul knows our Constitution is there to protect our freedom and limited government. He has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget. His record clearly shows he will cut taxes and stop runaway spending. People who know him call him the taxpayer's best friend."

Paul, who finished fifth in Iowa with 10% but well ahead of Rudy Giuliani's 4% and could beat the ex-mayor again in New Hampshire, did not have a particularly good weekend. Despite campaigning there, Paul won none of the GOP delegates chosen in Wyoming's caucuses (Romney won there) and he was excluded from Sunday's Fox News debate.

Paul is counting on a strong showing in New Hampshire on Tuesday, where he's been advertising and mobilizing volunteers for weeks, to propel him to an even higher profile heading on to South Carolina and Michigan. His vocal followers have formed more than 1,200 meet-up groups across the country and appear to be an eclectic, determined collection of disaffected Democrats, Republicans and libertarians, including numerous previously uninvolved in active politics who like Paul's idea of smaller government and bringing most American troops home.

“We are the people who care about the country and the Constitution,” Paul said the other day. “I don’t think we’re going to let it die.”

And tonight, Paul himself will be in California. It seems his exclusion from Sunday's Fox News GOP debate resulted in an invite for his second appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"  on NBC. Hey, it worked for Mike Huckabee last week, who chatted with Jay on the eve of the Iowa caucus and then won.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Dear Andrew,
I thank you for your kindness in reporting this news about Ron Paul.

I also apologize for some of our more aggressive Ron Paul supporters; they are just frustrated by this whole political process of fighting to get fair and balanced coverage in the media. After all, it's our only way of people getting to know Ron Paul that don't use or own computers. Not to mention we're still fighting the whole election vote count problem with the Diebold/touchscreen computers; with a candidate like Ron Paul that threatens the status quo and since the last election debacle, we really need to make sure our votes are counted honestly.

I understand there's a "fringe" segment of the population who judge Dr. Paul as a "kook" and this too frustrates us. But I realize it's because some people get scared when they can't comprehend the thought processes of a brilliant mind; it just goes over their head. Change scares these types of people and Ron Paul represents change in a big way.

I pray for a fair election and I pray for Ron Paul to become President. So many of us feel he is our last hope before we fall into World War III and the worst economic depression this country has ever seen.

Ron Paul's libertarian ideas are dead on right for Amererica. I just wish he would present his ideas more optimistically, i.e. Hope for America! Also, he needs to talk without that whine in his voice. He needs to talk more like a president instead of a staff person.

Regardless of his delivery, it is fantastic that libertarian ideas are being expressed in national debates. Sooner or later these ideas are going to take hold with the majority of Americans and we really will have a revolution on our hands.

2008 will see the first signal waves of a financial tsunami that is coming our way, breaking shore. Take notice, America. Dark times are ahead. Dr Ron Paul has been studying finance and economics for 40 years. Only he has the solutions to fix this situation.

Act now, in supporting DR Paul, or live hungry for a LONG, LONG, time.

I live in the L.A. Area and will be stepping up my promotion of Ron Paul leading up to "Super Duper Tuesday". I encourage all other supporters to do the same!

Ron Paul is an honest, decent gentlemen with integrety. He is a student of the Constitution, history and financial information . He is a very smart, humble man with a wonderful sense of humor. It is an honor to campaign and to vote for him.

I caught some to the New Hampshire debate and was totally blown away by this man who was speaking above the lies that are continually said by the other candidates. I will continue to watch this man with great interest from the other side of the border. Imagine a Republican who does not side with Bush! Unbelievable! Americans need to listen to the debate and issues this man is raising.

"Posted by: Tess101 | January 07, 2008 at 05:59 AM" ...................

here's the link that you posted earlier, he was so overwhelmed with response he temporarily pulled it so that he could have a talk with his family and then re-posted it, watch it and then, thank him.

.... and Andrew Malcolm, we don't always see eye to eye, but, I think we both know that would be kind of boring, you don't have to agree with Dr.Paul in every way shape and/or form, so, thanks for the words. By the way, it must be very breathtaking to actually find a candidate that you can report on, instead of just reporting on what the "other candidates" script writers wrote down for them.

Ron Paul's campaign really only started with the massive fund raising campaign on November 5th. In less than 2 months he has gained more momentum than all the other candidates combined over the past year! Wake up people and listen to the sound of the freedom!

- Abolish the IRS
- Bring ALL our troops back home
- Reduce government spending


I realize the LA Times BLOG has written many stories on Ron Paul favorable and unfavorable...however, when are we going to see his story on the front page with rest of the "front-runners"? Until that happens, LA Times, with the rest of the media, will always be dinosaurs to the realities of the country. You guys will and always be enemies to the American people until you prove yourselves otherwise to the market. Getting Ron Paul on the front page will improve your sad circulation for the day. Remember, the military supports RP along with average Americans, economists, academics, and even other countries!!! Get with the times sirs.

For the first time in decades a candidate is talking about our Constitution as though it means something. All others ignore it or pay lip service to it. Funny how Fred Thomson kept bringing it up in a recent debate and at the same time jeered at Dr. Paul! Paul is smart and principled and doesn't have to remember what he told one group versus another because he is guided by the U.S. Constitution and not his own well-crafted speeches to particular groups. All the other candidates, republicans and democrats, believe the Constitution is outdated, that the are "smarter" than the founders, and our problems are to sophisticated for a 200 year-old document to address (even though none of them would say it publicly). Those "in the know" politicians and news agencies ridicule Dr. Paul's simple and consistent messages of freedom, liberty, property rights, and small government. They try to make him look like a simpleton when in fact he the smartest and wisest candidate of all.
Thanks for covering the story L.A. Times.

Seems like Andrew Malcolm has changed his tone when reporting on Ron Paul. Good job on that story Andrew! Must have been the hundreds of emails. As you should've changed your tone. Ron Paul is the person for the job in the White House. He is intellectual, charming, experienced, and number one, he knows how to fix our failing economy! Our country is soon to be doomed! Dr. Ron Paul will fix the United States, if YOU let him!!

I'll be watching Leno tonight, never watching Fox again!!

Ron Paul 2008!

(Don't care about the networks, but glad you come here.)

It is amazing how the messages of Dr. Ron Paul have been getting though to the youth of this nation. He inspires them to have faith in their nation and its true ideals. The establishment politicians are as useless to the youth as yesterdays news in the establishment media. I say take it all the way to those who are still idealistic and go with Dr. Paul, because he might be this nations last. chance.

Thank you for your reply to my post. I think ALL of the campaigns knew the rules in Wyoming.

The Wyoming results were no surprise, but that is no reason to not even TRY to get a delegate or two, however unlikely. It should not be characterized as a bad day for Ron Paul when the results were so utterly predictable. That's the reason most of the candidates, the media and even the pollsters largely ignored Wyoming, after all.

Is it an exceptionally bad day if you do not win the lottery? I would argue that it is not.

Likewise, it is not a bad day when a handful of party insiders, who are likely Bush supporters, do not choose the one noninterventionist running for president. If he had lost that badly in an open primary, then it would have been a bad day. But being rejected by party elites may even work to his advantage.

Ron Paul DOES have popular support in Wyoming. He won the Laramie County GOP Straw Poll in Cheyenne on October 28th with 48% of the vote.

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that he would get no delegates there -- about as likely to happen as Fox News suddenly becoming a Ron Paul cheerleader -- however, when you have no choice but to throw an eighty yard Hail Mary pass, you do it.

I would also point out that there are more reasons to campaign in a state than to try to get delegates. Ron Paul gets financial support from Wyoming, which is one of his best states on a per capita donation basis.

His campaign stops were not back room meetings with party insiders. They were outdoor rallies for the general public (available for viewing on YouTube for all to see) in keeping with his desire to spread his message of peace and liberty. This implies that the purpose of his campaigning there was not so much to try to get party insiders to become his delegates as it was to reach more of the general public. If he accomplished both, so much the better.

I just don't think that it should be implied that the voters of Wyoming rejected Ron Paul. They did not. Party insiders did.

(O.K., nice rationalization. Fundraising good. But he, bottom line, he got no delegates after trying. That's not good, which was the point. That's not the end of the world either obviously.)

Fox News is owned by an Australian. And the Australian concerned is a corporate right winger. He has used Fox News to throw insulting remarks against the enemnies of his own vested corporate interests. This would be Ron Paul in the Republican selection process, and John Edwards in the Democrat selection process. This is absolutely absurd interference by a non-US citizen, whose television network makes a business from telling Americans how to be patriotic. Not sure what Obama stands for, except stopping Hillary.

AMERICANS WAKE UP!! Switch off Fox News(owned by an Australian who is using it to give lectures on Patriotism). Check out all the candidates for their track records. Then you see that Ron Paul is the best of the bunch. For one thing he is asking serious questions about a society that is on the brink of financial collapse !!

(As a point of fact, Murdoch is an Australian native but now a U.S. citizen, which you must be to own TV stations.)

"How did this person even get elected to Congress? What's wrong in Texas?"

A BETTER question would be how did we allow someone who would make that statement above, to vote?

Do you know anything ABOUT his 30 years in Congress? He is one of the BEST things EVER to come out of Tx. (even tho he is a Pennsylvanian)

It would serve you well to lean some facts prior to making a fool of yourself with statements like that.


The only FRINGE/KOOKS are those that think it's strange for a man "RON PAUL" to believe so passionately in the document that gave our nation life...The U.S. Constitution!

Those are the real "KOOKS" with bizarre "Fringe" (FOX NEWS devtoees) behavior and thinking. Sheep have always followed the "majority"...sometimes right off a cliff.

Of all the candidates, which ones will re-instate the draft?
Of all the candidates, which ones will rescind those "King George" exec. orders that are so secret that even the text is classified?
Of all the candidates, which one isn't a millionaire and knows the hands-on?
Of all the candidates, which one isn't a flip-flopper, an actor, or an insider?

Andrew youre the man!! Thanks for providing real journalism.

Ron Paul is the only person who can change the country ,, if you could only understand how troops & i mean US TROOPS are training for Martial Law & are asked if they would kill their friends & family in other words ,,follow orders to kill citizens ((better know to real humans as people))

Wake up America , 911- Oklahoma City , 1999 WTO Seatlle Riots ,,are all staged by the Elite Government that controls 75% of all countries & currencies.

I don't know what else to say except , research what i am saying yourself ,,don't believe me .. By 2012 we will be in the deepest trouble unlike ever imagined ..

VOTE RON PAUL , watch films like Beyond Treason ,,911 mysteries, Loose Change, Terrorstorm, End Game , INFOWARS.COM ,!!

Sgt John

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