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Ron Paul gets some revenge

An easily overlooked aspect of the Iowa caucuses -- Ron Paul not only besting Rudy Giuliani, but doing so by more than 2-to-1 -- sparked a trip down memory lane for us.

It was mid-May, and the former mayor of New York was riding high following one of the early debates among the Republican presidential candidates. The primo sound bite had been a snap to identify: Giuliani's outraged, impassioned reply to Paul's assertion that U.S. foreign policy, especially the periodic bombing of Iraq in the aftermath of 1991's Gulf War, was to blame for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Giuliani, not waiting to be called upon, seized the moment by terming Paul's comment "an extraordinary statement" and urging the Texas congressman to retract it (which Paul did not).

To give Paul his due, even in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 -- when the emotional response to the assault was at its rawest -- serious scholars had begun hashing over the role played by American policy in the Mideast, particularly long-standing support for Israel, in fueling Islamic extremism and hatred for the U.S. But in the format of a candidate debate -- where rhetorical zingers count far more than lengthy discourse -- Paul's remark amounted to a grooved fast ball down the middle, and the consensus at the time was that Giuliani parked it.

As MSNBC's online political note put it at the time, Giuliani may want to "hire out Paul for the campaign trail -- he could be the Washington Generals to Rudy's Globetrotters" (i.e., the patsy willing to get beaten in every game).

That was then, this is now. In Iowa, Paul, 10%; Giuliani, 4%.

-- Don Frederick

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reporting facts not manifested fiction....way to go, there is hope for your online paper yet!

One thing we'll never know, but which should be reflected in New Hampshire: the number of people that were primary supporters of non-viable Democrats like Kucinich, Gravel, Biden, Richardson. Being already committed by physical presence, they switched their vote to Obama, Edwards, or Clinton. Some of them DEFINITELY would come Dr Paul's way. Those %'s should be considered to be his. But the Dems never report such numbers that the non-viable candidates attracted. We just know that it wasn't 15%.

For someone who gets very little respect from (most of) the press I am impressed with how well he did.
It's funny the stories they pick. The stories i heard last night on TV were...
Romney got slaughtered (He lost by about the same margin as edwards and clinton)
Clinton had a bad 3rd place loss (she lost by 1% to edwards)

I thought Ron Paul would have been a story they could have at least mentioned. And they only made excuses for Guliani. Don't give him excuses... a top notch candidate should be able to get lots of votes without even having to make an appearance. He's the most well known of them all.

Why would Iowa vote for Paul? Noone should be discouraged that Ron Paul did not do better. Iowa voted for Jesus, ethanol, and corn subsidies. Ron Paul does not do subsidies, ergo he had little chance to begin with without pandering to the corn farmers.

I think we can WIN in NH! Go Dr. Paul!

Hmm I wonder how this plays into the fox news forum that Faux was planing on excluding Ron Paul from. By their logic wouldn't they have to exclude Rudy now(?) but we all know that game is rigged. I guess I will have to wait and see how the powers that be usurp our freedoms once more.

The difference in the youth/independant vote:

Obamma= More handouts (not trying to dis the guy but its true)

Paul= More freedom (our rights mean more than free healthcare)

Any questions?

10-15% was going to be a win for us in Iowa and we hit 10%. Baby steps.

My family all stated the following from their precincts and mine...

6 votes out of 54
12 votes out of 110
8 votes out of 25
21 votes out of 130

From my precinct and my folks....we were the only supporters that came in with signs and shirts. Across the 4 precincts above, Ron Paul was the only candidate that was represented by a supporter's speech in all 4 precincts.

We know we're not going to get any help from mainstream media to continue to pass on Ron Paul's message. There are still people that haven't a clue who he is -- I just talked to a co-worker in Penn. and a coworker in Mass. yesterday and neither had heard who Ron Paul was.

Keep the cogs turning and the machine on. All we need is a 1% improvement in the each of the next dozen states.

10% is good, especially since the media has been cramming 0 to 4% down our throats for months and completely ignoring him.... and Ghouliani...hahaha he didn't join the party because he knew he wouldn't win but still the media had him slated for third place... Boycott the products advertized on Fox...

GO RON GO -- He did really well considering that all the major media and PBS ( shame on PBS - they are no longer the public broadcasting - they are also corporate ) just ignore him as if he does not exist . I watched PBS for 1 hour last night at 6 pm and not once did they mention his name. And as usual the NBC nightly news as well did not even mention him . This is a good start given the odds and with that blimp many people will will actually see his name .

Whoever wins the nomination should take Ron Paul as their Vice President.

If Paul can poll 10% in Iowa without doing much campaigning (compared to Huckabee and Romney) then he will easily get 15% in New Hampshire where he has laid more groundwork.

Last night showed me that the Republicans had better get behind Ron Paul or they have already lost this election. The Democratic turnout was twice that of the Republican. Obama, Edwards, and Clinton each had TWICE as many votes as Huckabee - and that came from a 'conservative' state. Huckabee, nor any other Republican, besides Paul, stand a chance against the Dems in a national race.

It's obvious the people want change, and are tired of the Bush/Cheney neo-con's running the world. If the Republicans don't get their heads out of the sand and realize that Ron Paul is the only one of them actually offering any change, and can actually beat the Democrats at their own game, then this fight is over before it's even started.

Last night showed that Ron Paul is needed more than ever. Otherwise, we just witnessed our new president last night, Barrack Hussein Obama.

With Iowa's track record of picking the nominee in either party, Im not very concerned about a 5th place showing. Paul supporters should be pleasantly surprised Ron Pauls showing in Iowa. Between the large Evangelicals turn out and Pro Farm subsidy voters. Its really quite a surprise that Ron Paul recieved 10% of the vote. Its important to note Ron Paul out paced John McCain in Iowa amoung Independent voters by 6% according to exit polls. This will be a much larger and important block in the NH prmary.

Polls currently show John McCain and Romney fighting it out in NH. Ron Paul campagin is much more organized in NH and has much more support in the Live free or Die state. The campaign didnt really start campaigning in Iowa until the fundraising bonanza on the 16th. I truly believe a 2nd or 3rd place finish is a distinct possiblity and even first isnt out of the question if McCain, Romney, Huck and Julie go at each others throats.

Be interesting to see if Fox & ABC reconsider and invite Ron to the debates this weekend.

Why is Wyoming being ignored?.Ron could do very well there too this weekend.

Here are some eye opening quotes that just might cause you nightmares:

1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt – U.S. President

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” [the Federal Reserve]

1950 James Warburg – Rothschild banking agent

“We shall have WORLD GOVERNMENT whether or not you like it…by conquest or consent.”

1991 David Rockefeller – Trilateral Commission Founder

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop OUR PLAN FOR THE WORLD if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards A WORLD GOVERNMENT. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

1991 Henry Kissinger

“Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow, they will be grateful! This would especially be true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by A WORLD GOVERNMENT. “

1994 Rudy Giuliani – World View Speech

“What we don’t see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority...Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.”
[Oh my God that is scarey.]

Carroll Quigley, CFR member, mentor to Bill Clinton

“The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England... (and) ...believes national boundaries should be obliterated and ONE-WORLD RULE established."

Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy

"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an ALL POWERFUL, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT."

"Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of (the) CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically, any opposition." [like Ron Paul]

Who belongs to the CFR? All current Republican and Democratic presidential candidates except Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel. All mainstream media networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. Most of the major newspapers. The oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the military industrial complex.

From the above quotes it's easy to see that the gameplan for the CFR is WORLD GOVERNMENT, AKA GLOBALIZATION or the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is interesting that Hitler called his plan for world domination the NEW ORDER. Add WORLD between NEW and ORDER and the picture starts to look familiar. Hitler took away all of the civil liberties of Germans during his reign too. Ron Paul is adamantly fighting against this mentality. He knows exactly where their power lies and how to remove it, rendering them powerless (eliminating the Federal Reserve). Even though 70% of the Republican Iowan voters choose their candidate based on religion rather than position, even though Ron Paul is against farm subsidies and made this clear (which many Iowans are strictly for), and even though Ron Paul was put down, ignored, and marginalized by the CFR controlled media, Ron Paul still got 10% of the vote! That is a true miracle and a sure sign that God is working hard to awaken the sleeping republic to the truth.

"Whoever wins the nomination should take Ron Paul as their Vice President." ?
don't get me wrong,I agree with Ron Paul's 'peace first' policy but I dont see any of the republican candidates picking him up for their "vice" seat. did not you know Fox opinion TV is trying to exclude him from Jan. 5th debate in NH?

Ron Paul is the only candidate I'm voting for, the rest are nothing but politics as usual, all politics and image and no substance.

Just so we're all on the same page:

1) Congressman Paul placed in the top 3 in 17 Iowa counties! Hardly a so-called long shot. Corporate media is going to have to try much harder to keep Ron Paul out of our election - and they will definitely try. Just watch them start to attack Paul any time he seems to be gaining ground from now on.

2) Anyone who found Giuliani's debate exchange with Paul about 9/11 to be authentic must be half asleep. Rudy's response was clearly phony (pretending to be impassioned) and, of course, divergent from reality. We don't want a good ACTOR for president. We want a brave, honest man who knows the facts such as Ron Paul. (Kucinich & Gravel were other choices in this category. And let's see Obama, Clinton or Edwards forced to answer hard questions or debate Ron Paul. Paul would expose them as political actors as well.)

3) The mainstream 'news' media are not an independent, unbiased group. The top U.S. news corporations are ALL interconnected with each other and with other enormous corporations, such as those who make billions of dollars on weapons and war. Want to take a frightening peak at the board members of our news media?

It is perfectly logical that Ron Paul will be either ignored or ridiculed by mainstream media companies. These people OPPOSE Ron Paul's ideas.

People –

It is ironic that we are sending to undeclared wars by Congress thousands of our young man and women to Kill or be kill “to bring Democracy and freedom” as President Bush once says, while here at home we have a set of media and industries conglomerate behaving in ways that point to a different trajectory. These groups are following the trajectory that our founder’s fathers were against it, the trajectory they suffered from, the one they saw and felt and united them to bring about our beloved Constitution.

For the most part these conglomerate using sillies excuses act like third world countries during any governmental elections. Once only need to look next door elections (Mexico) as well as Venezuela just to mention a few. If you look at those two countries past elections you will see the same pattern of distortions and half-truth to those individuals they do not want to get any track while giving as much media cover to those they represent and want.(did someone says Fair and Balance?) it must be an illusion. May be that is why In venezuela one main Tv station GlobolVision was closed by the goverment not so long ago for portraying to be "Fair and Balance"...

One need to think What is going on? Do they think the American people is so concern about their daily chores that we have actually become sheep just as Judge Napolitano latest book “A Nation of Sheep” explain?

There is so much the American people can take before the giant awakes, and that my friends is what is taking place, this and other important issues is resonating to the American people of all ages, they are being carry by Dr. Ron Paul message.
It is common Americans that are awakening from all the noise that for so long has been dominating the political arena and the people in general felt disfranchised.

A concern of our present and future wellbeing is at stake and change is desperate WANTED. Use the power of your vote and voice
[*** Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper. THOMAS JEFFERSON ***]

Funny, check the other stories for the other candidates, 2 or 3 comments, here is where the action is. Corporate media blackout of Dr. Paul won't work, we will continue to spread the word. 2 Delegates 1 state, more states to go. Just check the other "main stream websites" Choosing the ugliest pictures of Dr. Paul, telling in a negative way everything that he wants to do. Watch this video on how he is misrepresented: Come on people, you are being brain washed, wake up!

"Whoever wins the nomination should take Ron Paul as their Vice President"

No way, Jose. Ron Paul is nobody's patsy, and none of the other candidates are principled enough for him to be vice president to.

He'll win this out of sheer morality.

I'm in MA. Glad to see little Rudy cut down a notch. I've affiliated with the GOP (first time ever!) for this election so I can vote for Paul in the primary here.

If Paul doesn't make it to the general, hopefully I'll have Mike Bloomberg as a fall-back by then, though his fascism does bother me.

If I can't have a prez representing the constitution , at least I can try to get someone who knows how to run a business instead of another gravy-sopping party hack.

Spoken like a true journalist, Don. Right down the middle. No curves or sliders. Just the facts.

I was a loyal Democrat until Pelosi, Reid, Harman, Clinton, Obama and all the rest of the pathetic Dems decided they'd rather "go along to get along" with Bush/Cheney than do the right thing. The right thing would have been to publicly speak out against all the corruptive, unconstitutional legislation that has been passed that is a flagrant destruction of our civil rights. You will recall that after 9/11 Bush said, "AQ has done this because they hate our freedoms". So what does he do? Introduces the Patriot Act and begins stripping us of our freedoms, and spying on us, all with the help of the loyal Neocon Democrat supporters.

The Democrats took an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" along with Bush/Cheney. Now, with the House passage of "The Homegrown Terrorism Act" (thanks to L.A.'s own JANE HARMAN!), and the Senate about to pass it (Obama sits on the Homeland Security Committee...let's see how quickly he rushes back to D.C. to fight against what should be called, "The Stifling of Dissent Act of 2008), I realize that the Democrats no longer support my American values.

There is only one "viable" candidate left who I would trust to defend the Constitution and that is Ron Paul. He voted against The Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act and although he missed the House vote on "The Homegrown Terrorism Act" he publicly spoke out against it in a speech in New Hampshire two weeks ago:


I am thrilled he received 10% in Iowa. As a result ABC has included him in their New Hampshire debate. Of course I believe Fox is still excluding him, although Giuliani has been invited. We must not allow the corporately controlled media to decide who our leaders will be. That is called fascism, not democracy.

In the above speech he addresses the issue of "Executive Power" and states unequivocably that he opposes all the unconstitutional infringements of our civil liberties that have been made law by Bush's various Presidential Directives and numerous "signing statements" (over a thousand to date...more than all other presidents combined).

The United States is now in the company of China and Malaysia as being among one of the countries having the MOST surveillance of it's citizens than any other country in the world. The most free country? Greece!:

And Ron Paul, (unlike Obama, Clinton, Richardson and all the other Democrats (except Kucinich)) is fervently against the death penalty and always has been!

I am thankful I had the insight to change my voter registration from Democrat to Republican so I can hold my head high on February 5th and vote proudly for Ron Paul in the California primary!

It will be very interesting to see how the voters of New Hampshire respond to Ron Paul's candidacy.

Godspeed to the voters of New Hampshire! "LIVE FREE OR DIE!"

Ron Paul came away from Iowa with a victory, even though he placed fifth. He was not far behind Thompson and McCain, and he gets barely any media coverage compared to the other candidates (excluding Hunter). Faux News should be ashamed for deciding to not include him in the Jan 6th forum. Even though Ron Paul beat Giuliani, Giuliani is still invited while Ron Paul is not. This is tyranny of the mind at its best! Boycott Faux News and their advertisers!!!

The Baltimore Sun has an article running today that has the headline: What will we do if big two go bust? Talking about FannieMae and FreddieMac potentially facing huge losses, so huge that they will require a massive taxpayer bailout.

The article goes on to say that Congress should have listened to Ron Paul back in 2005 when it proposed legislation to prevent such a bailout on the backs of the taxpayers. Unfortunately, Congess and the voters of Iowa haven't listened to Ron Paul on many issues and yet Dr. Paul has, time and time again, not only warned us, but predicted many of the problems we now face in this country. Yet, we continue to be swayed by the Media Darlings and Political Pigs as they continue to slumber up to the trough awaiting for the taxpayers to continue to back a system that is rapidly failing.

I don't blame the people of Iowa, they are simply following the pied piper of the Media and the hype of the entrenchment candidates who will ultimately do little to pull the reigns of this government back into sound policies, rational actions and clear thinking.


I am in central Iowa and my family Voted for Ron Paul You can watch TV or look at internet polls all day and never hear his name yet you can here of the ones that recived 0% Media controlling voters !!
GO RON PAUL !!! I met him in Des Moines he is the future He is the only candidate I trust
He lead off with Prayer and then The pledge of Alligence, Both wich are almost illegal in the USA anymore
It's time to take our Country Back !!!!!!
I would rather Die on my feet than Live on my knee's

Isn't there a conflict in that: Fox cites Paul not polling over 10% nationally as reason to exclude, but supposedly the state race polling data is cited as their criteria for the debate? Am I mistaken about their "formula?"

(Formula = A combination of polling data that is least favorable to Paul + the ignoring of ACTUAL voting results + arbitrary money qualifications, including a "fundraising total" with a deadline prior to Paul's first money bomb.)

Or something like that...

Regardless of what combination of polls you use, at this point Ron has demonstrated that he has at least double the support on the ground than was expected. I do statistics myself, and if one is to consider trends, Paul is NOT the one that should be excluded from the debates if "the trailer only has room for 5" as some are claiming.

See - Iowa Republicans ran an election that cannot be verified and they broke their word about releasing results in real time.

Blackboxvoting dot org. Educate yourself - Elections can be stolen at the primary level too.

Peace, Liberty, freedom, ....Ron Paul 2008!

I find it hilarious that Paul's statement about US foreign policy as the catalyst for 9/11 are being cast by the LA TIMES as centered around "bombing Iraq after the first gulf war", and not about what they REALLY point at, which is four decades of supporting the Israeli occupation and settlement movement.

The Iraq study group, the 9/11 commission, the UN (virtually almost every other member nation), Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanon, George Bush the elder, Colin Powell, and a HUGE list of other qualified people all point to the Israeli Palestinian conflict and our role as the financial and diplomatic supporter of the settlements as the largest single factor that drives terrorism against the US and Israel.

This is what Paul is referring to.

That is also why Hillary and Julie have gotten her lunches handed to them. The front runners are people who have insinuated CHANGE in our middle eastern policies, not MORE OF THE SAME. and they are not referring to bombing Iraq more than a decade ago. They are referring to our CURRENT policies, and putting an end to the Israeli settlement movement (which even Bill Clinton, after 9/11, said was the philosophical underpinning of middle eastern terrorist recruitment ) once and for all is a BIG part of that change.

People recognize the central role that our Middle eastern foreign policy has played, especially our ongoing financial and diplomatic support of the settlements, and want change. When we cut Israel off financially until they agree to withdraw from ALL settlements (as Bush Senior tried to do) The settlements and the occupation will finally end, and the real beginning of peace will soon follow. As Paul suggested maybe both Hillary and Julie should do some homework and read the 9/11 report and the Iraq study groups recommendations.

ron paul is the best he is gunna be the next prez and free us from all the TAXXXEes that making us slaves to the goverment! gooo ron paul 2008!!!

RON PAUL 2008!!!

The straw poll results listed on Ron Paul's website ( predicted fifth place in Iowa with 9.1% of the vote. So Iowa was no surprise (in fact, he did a little bit better than he did in the straw poll, and also has the satisfaction of trouncing Guiliani).

The heartening fact is that, if the straw polls are any guide (so far, so good!), he ought to do extremely well in Wyoming and New Hampshire.

Carry on!

The CFR uses 'their' media to promote 'their' candidates. Don't expect any help from the CFR media. What the Ron Paul supporters need to do, is raise money to buy out a Newspaper or start up a TV network that can reach the masses.

$20million is not much because the media doesn't sell air-time. They provide it free-of-charge to CFR members and non-CFR members get no coverage. Huckabee was getting 100s of millions of $$ of free coverage when he was polling at 2%.

I love it. If Huck was born on Second Base in Iowa, Paul and Rudy weren't in the lineup and Paul still scored an RBI. Rudy... still didn't make the cut. 0 delegates... it's going to be a short convention for Rudy if he can't hit his Feb. 5 targets. Paul should continue to exceed in states more apt to hear his message... and now that people know he can show up in the VOTES... screw the polls.

If there's a case for Rudy still being in the game... Dr. Paul's case is by default, better. As Paul supporters, we want to win states, but we're good with delegates. That's why we've been working so hard to get delegates. We've been trying to get delegates at the convention harder than get out the votes. I don't know about the campaign but this has been the revolution's strategy.

Call me overly suspicious, but I don't believe for a minute that dead-men-walking Thompson and McCain got more votes than Ron Paul. Even in Iowa. The "results" were announced hours even before precincts totals were in. Even then, the Republicans took hours counting the remaining 14% of precincts -- I'm still not even sure they're all "in."

One red flag pointing to vote count fraud is taking an abnormally long time to count votes. And Ron Paul won (at least) one whole county, while McCain and Thompson did not. Places 3, 4 and 5 were so close, if this were a real election, people would be demanding to see a recount to check for vote count fraud.

There was some vote watching going on in Iowa but this needs to be 100x multiplied in New Hampshire. Ron Paul supporters should be more than aware of the reality of vote count fraud!

If Ron Paul does not place 1, 2 or 3 in NH then I'm contacting Dan Rather to do a follow-up investigation on the election fraud expose he did a few years ago.

I still don't understand why the American people are not demanding total transparency in their voting process. Why can't we have paper ballots counted in front of the poll-goers at each precinct?

The Ron Paul Revolution can only win with a Vote Count Fraud Revolution!

From an international view: It would be interesting to see an Obama-Paul debate. Both provide very interesting views on foreign policy, but would like to know what they think of Asia, too.

Too bad that Evangelical Iowans don't realize that a Paul presidency would allow them to live the Puritan, oppressive, homophobic lifestyle they desire. They could ban gay marriage, outlaw abortion, teach creationism, burn books and watch all their young people flee the state in droves. Huckabee? Wow. Luckily, and I need to believe this, Iowa was an awful fluke of human judgement and the remainder of the country actually researches the issues and votes based on reason and logic. Please let this be the case.


Black Box Voting is throwing red flags on the Iowa Republican Caucus

And with the Republican race, I wouldn't look first at fraud in the number one position. I'd look for it in the area of repositioning candidates in the second through sixth spot.

- The delay in results is a red flag.
- The vote totals going down during the count is a red flag.
- The failure to release county results in live time, as promised in a Republican Party press release on Jan. 2, is a red flag.
- The failure to release precinct totals at all is a corrupt procedure. Note that the day before the caucuses, after much pressure, the Republicans did (belatedly) promise to release the precinct results on election night. They didn't.

In addition: I'm trying to get information on whether the public was kicked out of the room during hand counting in all locations, or just some.

I fail to understand why not one of the candidates is interested in educating Americans on the "CFR".
All of the candidates,except Ron Paul,and Dennis,are members of the "CFR".
Is it not important to know that our next President is interested in Americas well being,and not the well being of those that want to destroy Americas Sovereignty?
I don`t understand why any America would even consider voting for a member of such an organization.
Also! I can not understand why the "CFR" has not been mentioned in the debates.
Americans need to know the candidates that are not "All American".

Iowa is irrelevant except as a barometer of the cognitive abilities of sheeple and the smallness of the world they live in. So they want another neocon. Shocker there.

I recently learned about Ron Paul. I knew nothing of him but something about him tweaked my interest, so I spent several days over the holidays to do research on him. What I learned was so exciting to me that I donated money for the first time to any cause. During the course of attending many holiday parties, I would bring the subject of the campaign and ask my milieu if they if anyone could really say what any candidate really stands for? I was not surprised when none really knew what a candidate stood for. Then I would speak about Ron Paul his record and views. It seemed some already knew about him but nothing that would indicate that they really knew him. When I was done I had their complete attention and suddenly a dozen or so people discussing Ron Paul. If these informal settings are a barometer of things to come Ron Paul's campaign is just beginning.

Considering the polls showed him at 4% in Iowa up to election day, I think it's fair o say that the pollsters have grossly understated Ron Paul's support.

Speaking for myself, I don't agree with Congressman Paul on many issues, but still plan to vote for him simply because I strongly believe him to be the most honest politician of my lifetime.

New Hampshire will decide the fate of Patriot Ron Paul. If he places in the top three, Then he will be a major force going forward. -If not, then it's over for him.

Giuliani, Huckabee, and McCain have blasted Congressman Paul on his views about 9/11 and his objection to the war in Iraq. Interesting to me then is the HUGE support for Ron Paul in the US Military, and Veteran circles.

Check out this soldiers powerful video. (link bellow) It's from one of our American Iraq War Veterans himself..

GO RON PAUL!! Rudy has no business in this race, if he can't manage his money, and "wasn't trying" both are bad marks for the leader of a country!!! Ron Paul is against heavy spending and is working hard despite people continuously telling him that he can't win.. perseverance.. that's the mark of a leader!! RON PAUL 2008!!!!

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