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Breaking News: Mitt Romney wins Wyoming

The candidate wasn't within 1,500 miles, but Mitt Romney scored a victory just now. He won most of the first Republican delegates selected in Wyoming today, which had moved its county selection date up on the calendar to attract more attention from candidates who usually just fly over most of the Rocky Mountain states.

The Republican candidates did flood the state with campaign literature. But Romney, who lived next-door in Utah while reviving the Winter Olympics, did that and then also visited twice while three of his five sons also worked the state; one son, Josh, owns a ranch in southwest Wyoming. Romney has quietly made stops in several of the less-populated once-reliably Republican states including Montana and Wyoming. And today he was rewarded with at least a minor public relations victory, seven delegates, just four days after his disappointing second-place finish in Iowa.

"Today," Romney said in a statement to be issued shortly, "the people of Wyoming took the first step towards bringing true conservative change to Washington.  From Gillette to Jackson and Riverton to Cheyenne, my family and I visited Wyoming many times, meeting with residents and addressing the issues most important to voters in the Cowboy State."

It's not big like the win in Iowa by Mike Huckabee, who got none of Wyoming's delegates, something of an embarrassment since former Wyo. Gov. Jim Geringer is a Huckabee national co-chair. Nor did big-city boy Rudy Giuliani win any. Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter, two conservatives who both campaigned in the Cowboy state, each won delegates, two for Thompson, one for Hunter. Ron Paul, a Texan who also campaigned there and beat Giuliani in Iowa, won none.

In one line of his upcoming statement sure to go down well in Wyoming, Romney added: "I will continue to campaign in this important state as the remainder of its delegates are selected and through to the general election in November. This is just the beginning." The candidate also vowed to fight for restoration of the half of Wyoming's total 28 delegates rescinded by the Republican National Committee as punishment for moving its selection date ahead of Feb. 5. Romney's Wyoming victory coincided with release of a new TV ad for New Hampshire, revealing some more rhetorical passion than other recent Romney ads.

All the GOP candidates were in New Hampshire for Tuesday's primary and focusing on tonight's ABC-TV debates and tomorrow's partial Republican debate on Fox News.

--Andrew Malcolm

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We are beginning to see how well organized Mitt Romney is. This is a man that has planned well, with foresight and attention to even the small states. He deserves the victory, the citizens of Wyoming have been heard.

Organized? Romney entered the primaries with a huge amount of money. In terms of his fitness for the office of President of the United States, that doesn't impress me. Nor does his knack for telling people what they want to hear.

Duncan Hunter has earned his place here by being the real thing and by tirelessly fighting for everything decent the Republican Party stands for.

I'm sick and tired of hearing disparaging jabs at Romney based on the fact that his campaign is the best financed. Romney didn't inherit his money--he earned it through his own talents and exceptional performance in the business world. In this race, that fact has been glossed over almost as readily as the fact that the majority of Romney's campaign finances came from his supporters, not himself.

From reading some comments (and the main stream media), you'd think he'd just decided to go it alone in terms of his campaign finances--that all those advertisments in Iowa were paid for by Romney's success at Bain. But, that's not the case! I paid for those advertisements! Others paid for them. And I have no spare money! I contributed a (very) small amount to Romney because the sacrifice was worth it. I believe in his message and I am confident of his ability to lead this country where it should go.

How dare the media continue to discount Romney's supporters as having merely been bought? It's an insult to our intelligence, to our dignity, and to our honor as politically involved concerned citizens. I'm sick and tired of it.

An early lead in Iowa won by out-working all the other candidates was dismissed as a result of the money. The money was dismissed as a result of his wealth. His wealth was dismissed as a result of having come from a privileged family. Well, quit dismissing this exceptional candidate! Take the time to visit his site and learn about his plan to make America better for us and for our kids.

The reason Romney has money is because he earned it. Go Mitt!

I donated, too. He also earned my support.

Strong donations demonstrate strong support. Mitt's supporters put their money (and vote) where their mouth is.

Lovely, gentleman. Donate more money to illegal, unconstitutional, and most importantly, unnecessary wars in the middle east. Oh, wait.. it doesn't matter what you contribute because a Romney-headed federal government will just borrow more unredeemable fiat money from the Fed, printed (not minted) out of thin air. All we have is a 'confidence' in the value of a dollar manipulated by private interests.. which is really only worth the paper it is printed on, or about .04 cents. If you want to continue to allow wealthy, private bankers (the Fed) and bureaucrats to dictate the amount of "money" in circulation, and thus it's value through inflation and deflation, then vote for Mitt Romney. We are facing a $9 trillion dollar debt, which only reflects the balance the government owes on current loans and not the billions that will be spent on wars and entitlements for thousands of Americans in the near future. Accounting for spending, a real estimate of our debt is closer to $50 trillion dollars.. if you have the use of calculator, divide that astronomical sum by the number of US citizens and you will find that your share is roughly $175,000. Check, please.

Ron Paul 2008

Another Ron Paul spammer trying to get his 2 cents worth. Ron Paul has never sponsored a bill in congress that has ever passed. You would think with all the years in congress he could have manged @ least one bill. But, he just trys to be a nonconformist. I for one am tired of goverment being bogged down. I am ready for change, I dont want some looney Ron Paul and his crazy's running my country. They think because they are louder it some how makes them right in their commits. Mitt and his democratic state reps were able to furnish privatize health care to his state of Massachussets. Mitt Romney 08.

To Garry B:

"Ron Paul has never sponsored a bill in congress that has ever passed."

That is because his bils are in line with the constitution while the rest of Congress, the president and even the courts are not, plain and simple. His bills reduce the size of government, something no other conservatives seem interested in any more

"Mitt and his democratic state reps were able to furnish privatize health care to his state of Massachussets."

While I applaud privatization, I do not applaud it in the name of growing government, and growing it unconstitutionally at that. How is the state of MA authorized to force me to pay for health care. Next, they will be telling me what I can and can't eat, while I wait years to get a cancer screening (and die in the process). Perhaps Mitt should have lowered the taxes in Taxachussettes, so that people could afford to pay for their health care on their own. Mitt is nothing but an appeaser who has to take advice from lawyers on when to go to war. Duh, it's about the Constitution, stupid!

Ron Paul 2008

I agree - Mitt is an appeasing show-dog. Nothing he says is really from the heart. You can tell by the way he says, "thank you - THANK YOU!" the exact same way after he answers audience questions.

Excuse me, Ron Paul DID WIN in Wyoming - he placed second - where do you get your info? It is obvious that the mass media HATES PAUL - they have their own facist agenda - please get your facts straignt before you MIS INFORM everyone further - thank you.

(No, actually the facts are that Ron Paul got zero delegates in Wyoming. Mitt Romney got seven. Fred Thompson three and Duncan Hunter one. But now, of course, he's gone.)

I tried to post this before, in the blog entry about Ron Paul getting "skunked" in Wyoming, but the moderator never put it up.

I live in Wyoming. I attended the Natrona County caucus.

Seems there may just have been some shenanigans in Wyoming, too.

A day or two after our convention, the Casper Star-Tribune (our local newspaper) published an article, Some Question Romney Victory.

Seems the straw polling results didn't jibe with the delegates.

Some key quotes:

"The results of Republican nonbinding straw polls in some Wyoming counties Saturday don't jibe with the statewide delegate selection results in favor of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney."

"In Campbell County, Romney supporter Greg Schaefer won the delegate slot although Paul won the straw poll, according to published accounts."

"Osborn, a state GOP committeewoman, said in a telephone interview Monday that people were asking why the national news media were reporting Wyoming voted for Romney when her county's straw poll gave him fourth place.

""I've had several people say to me, 'Why did it come out for Romney? I'm not in favor of Romney,'" she said. "

"He said he talked to Republican officials in five counties that conducted straw polls. Romney won four and Texas Congressman Ron Paul won one, he said."

In Park County's straw poll, Hunter outpolled Romney 26-20, according to the Cody Enterprise's online edition

Here's the link:

Make no mistake about it: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, her husband will be her rogue co-president, causing constant chaos, crises and conflicts for her new administration and our nation. If that’s what you want then vote for Hillary and get Bill too at no extra charge. Then we can get that old feeling- being sick to our stomachs when Bill corners one of Hillary’s aids.


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