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Life hasn't been perfect for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney -- who by most outward appearances has lived a pretty charmed life -- is not without some remorse over roads not taken, he revealed during this evening's debate among the Republican presidential candidates in California.

Romney has been stressing of late that, with his background as a businessman and governor, he is better-equipped than John McCain to grapple with the nation's economic woes. Appropriately, he got asked tonight about another of a president's prime responsibilities -- what makes him more qualified than McCain, who has an extensive military background, to serve as commander in chief?

In answering, Romney said in part: "One of the two great regrets I have in life is I didn't serve in the military. I'd love to have, but I don't believe that you have to have served in the military to be a great commander in chief or to be a great foreign policy expert."

True enough. But before this campaign is over, we'd also like to know what that other regret was.

-- Don Frederick

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Telegram from Florida’s Straight Talk Express. stop….

Florida’s blue-hair’s and snow birds just had a tragic senior moment. They flocked to John McCain’s pitiful lies and angry scare tactics… stop….

Governor Mitt Romney nearly beat McCain in Florida 35-31%, but the petty little old senator turned even uglier… stop.

Mitt Romney needs your help to bury McAmnesty on Super Tuesday… stop.

Conservatives every where have rejected John McCain, but with Huckabee splitting republican votes, well, here we are. stop.stop. stop voting for Huckster.

You must derail McCain’s nomination next Tuesday. Please, GO Vote Mitt Romney!

"One of the two great regrets I have in life is I didn't serve in the military. I'd love to have..."

That 'served' to remind me that his sons didn't volunteer for the military either. Perhaps like Cheney, who claimed to have had "other priorities" during the Vietnam War. I guess it's only the "not our kind" sort of families who are supposed to enjoy risking their lives so people like Romney can work on advancing their careers. Rubbish. His priorities need to be straightened out, and not in on-the-job training as President.

As for "economic" chops - no. He ran a venture capital company. He may know how to flip businesses and go for short-term increases (including lay-offs to make the balance sheet look better that year), but that doesn't mean he knows how to deal with long-term issues such as health care and Social Security (except how his choices affect big business).

But the worst thing is...unlike McCain, Romney is convinced he's an expert on all things financial. I can't imagine him really listening to any experts, or taking their advice seriously. He honestly believes his constituency, as President of the United States, is business.

I'll pick McCain over Romney any day of the week.

Life hasn't been perfect for Mitt Romney's family dog either. Ever find out what happened to the Golden Retreiver he stuck on the station wagon roof before driving the family on vacation? Maybe that's his other regret.

Tom J has a lot right in his post. Romney's military wish sounds just as fake as when Bill Clinton said the same thing a year ago.

Meanwhile, I have an innocent question about McCain. I don't mean any disrespect, just curious. Why don't people worry more about the fact that POW's under stress for long periods of time have long term cognitive and emotional issues? Obviously the Senator has a long record of keeping things together, but it's a fair question, and I think the military types would especially back me up as asking a relevant question. I suppose war is hell anyway, so any live fire vet might be wondered about, when being given codes for launching nukes. McCain's still my top choice among Republicans, and my choice over Hillary, but if crazies are fearful that Obama might be a Manchurian plant because he played with Muslim kids when he was six years old, well, how about some guy who had to live in a bamboo box for four years of his life at the hands of the Viet Cong? I've heard the issue raised on the street, but never in the press.

Just a couple of observations...

1. McCain has been caught lying/distorting the truth several times about Romney and I thought it was great the Romney finally had a chance to call him on these untruths during the debate. McCain lookeded smug and smirky during the whole debate. No thanks, I don't want another war president as that is what we have had for 8 years. His attitude seems to be the familiar ..I am right and I will stay in war situations and I don't care what American citizens think...sound familiar?

2. Democrats are the usual tax and spend players that want to give everything to all free of charge without working for what they thanks, I already work 2 jobs and slave away 15 hours a day to pay for the families needs. I don't want to pay anymore for the lazy bums as they already get part of my paycheck every week. And they want to keep 20 million illegals and those 20 million will bring another 20-40 million as tag-along families..geeeeeeeeeez. I would have to quit my job and go on welfare as I couldnt pay another dime for anymore people..heck, the "new citizens" would probably have both of my need to worry about it anyway I guess. Oh yeah..this sounds like something McCain is trying to get...seal the borders...what the crap...all get to stay and bring in 20-40 milion more. I remember back in the 80's they checked on this one guy that brought almost ---400 people with him---unreal!!!

3. I like Huckabee because he is a great speaker. He has good morals and makes a lot of sense as to what would America needs to do to move in the right direction.

4. I guess my pick will have to be Romney though, We need someone that doesn't string along 20 names of politicians that already occupy the House to make him look important(note: McCain Obama Clinton), He will owe NOONE for any money they have thrown at him. No old political friendships to pay back for their name recognition and endorsements. He will fight to get and keep jobs for Americans in America. He will have a sound strategy to keep us safe but also for FAIR trade and not free and unbalanced trade. I just like what he stands for and I look forward to hearing more about his plans as time progresses.

John McCain is not suited for the Presidency. He has trouble telling the Truth. He has trouble with his anger. He is as liberal a Republican as you can get and still call yourself one. He has poor background credentials as an undisciplined Naval Officer. He has to rely on other questionable character endorsements to pull him through along with his dirty tricks. He is a worse Flip Flopper than the person he labels as such. His record shows that he is now pretending to be conservative to get the vote. He has presented McCain Kennedy bill which is an amnesty bill but he doesn't want to call it that. He has spent a lot of time fighting against his own party principles. A blind man should be able to see through this guy if he does his homework.

Romney has an MBA and a Law degree, cum laude. He has extreme business smarts. He has turned around everything he has touched including multiple businesses and the Olympics. Don't believe McCain's description of what he did for Massachusetts. Romney got them out of debt and turned around their economy and job loss. He has a great deal of energy to get things done and he gets the very best people involved to help him out. His credentials far exceed those of McCain. Don't let name recognition or Arnold Schwartzenigger cause you to make a mistake on this one. Don't let Huckabee split your vote, which may be the only reason he's staying in. McCain will ruin the conservative nature of the Republican Party. Please do your homework and vote for Romney. If the Mormon thing scares you then do your homework on that too and get it from the right people not the histerical views of an evangelical.

Why did Mitt Romney not serve in the military? That would be a serious question if all of our American presidents were former soldiers. Why single out Romney?
He is the only one out of the four candidates up on that platform who would be capable of leading America. Governors lead and legislators do not….plain and simple.
Give me a break and get off the flip flopping. This has been beaten to death and ad nauseum. Senator McCain, never once changed his mind about anything? How about anyone else out there. Have you never changed your mind? No even once? About anything?
I am sick and tired of hearing McCain talk about himself and his cronies….and does he really think we believe he will be beholden to no one….what a joke. And how about McCain’s claim that he has a plan to find Bin Laden? Why wait till now to come out with this revelation? Let us not fall into his trap. He is a scary candidate.

(In the current season's presidential field, Ron Paul was in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and John McCain and Duncan Hunter were both in combat in/over Vietnam. So why single out Romney of all the others who weren't in the military? He was deferred due to his two-year religious mission overseas.)

Actually, my favorite Anderson question was, "What do you see when you look into Putin's eyes?"

As a Massachusetts resident who fought for marriage equality, I'd like to warn you about Mitt Romney. It's no big news that he's a mercurial kinda guy who likes to cast himself in whatever the current role, BUT, he has an agenda. The guy will do or say ANYTHING to get elected to garner power. We here in Mass have been there, done that and found ourselves the butt of his jokes within a few months of his winning the governor's seat.

Mitt wants to superimpose his version of religious conservative values onto our society in order to fulfill a directive by the late Mormon leader Gordon Hinckley who said that government officials MUST promote conventional morals under pain of ostracism from the church. Read it yourself at the LDS website, it's quite revealing . . . .,4945,105-1-11-1,00.html

It's not that Mitt's a Mormon . . . It's about him wanting us to live under Mormon values and ideals . . . sorry Mitt, but I don't want to!

Vote for whoever, but don't vote for this guy, trust me.


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