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Barack Obama and the Clinton hydra


You know, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hillary Clinton, making the rounds of network morning shows today, says her famous husband told her that "maybe he got a little bit carried away" in his blistering verbal attacks on Barack Obama. The former first lady hasn't exactly been a shrinking violet herself, and OBatboyfbibama has responded in kind.

Which set up this wonderful N.Y. Post cover from earlier in the week, with its echoes of both Hercules battling the Hydra and the late, lamented Weekly World News tabloid and its infatuation with the "bat child."

Who says politics is all serious policy wonk stuff?

-- Scott Martelle

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So funny! Obviously, Obama and the Republicans are afraid and threatened by the Clintons. Hillary is the front runner to win the White House, no doubt. She is the only who can defeat the Republicans and the only one who is ready to lead this great nation on Day 1. Go Hillary! I support you all the way!

Go Obama!!!! We love you!! No Clinton dynasty! No ruling class!!!

There were no "blistering verbal attacks." Did you bother to actually watch or listen to the truth. This supposed "hostility" is a fabrication of the media to get ratings and viewers (that includes you). Why are you reporting on the reports and not on the facts?

Released today:

General Election: McCain vs. Clinton (NBC/WSJ Poll released 1/25/08) McCain 46, Clinton 44, Und 6 (McCain +2)

General Election: McCain vs. Obama (Rasmussen Poll released 1/25/08) McCain 41, Obama 46, Und 13 (Obama +5)

'Nuff said.

I WANT THE CLINTONS BACK. Cheap Gas, cheap houses, debt-free, war-free. Everyone is at home, happy.

OBAMA is a Republican insert, wanting to divide Clintons and the blacks.

Go White Chick, your time has come. I love you Hillary.

Hillary claims that she didn't know Rezko, but there she is standing next to him in a photograph. What else is she hiding. And while we are at it, when will Bill Clinton disclose in the public forum the fact that he has made millions from the foreign wealth funds from Dubai? This seems to be a huge conflict of interests problem going into the general election. Four to eight more years of Clinton lies, give me a break already. Go Barack Obama!!!

Liz, typical emotional response with no rational basis in fact. Clinton railroaded us into NAFTA which cost many American high paying blue collar jobs and welfare reform has been a disaster. There was not a daycare safety net put in place hence women who work in Cal Works have to leave their kids at home for 12 to 14 hours a day!
The low prices were a function of the natural highs and lows of the economy. And it was so nice for Clinton to help out in Rwanda wasn't it??? Not. He and other world leaders allowed the slaughter of a million people. Sorry but it is Clinton who is the Republican.

A person’s character is shaped and tested by their experiences. When we elect our next President, their character should matter as much if not more than their experience.

1969 – While Barack Obama was being raised by a single mother and experiencing a life of racial and cultural diversity , Hillary Clinton was learning the art of triangulation and writing an admiring college thesis on Saul Alinsky whose fifth rule of political agitation was, “Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.”

1979 – While Barack Obama was actively involved in the South African divestment movement to end apartheid, Hillary was reaping profits of almost 10,000% in the futures markets and leaving taxpayers with her real-estate losses in the Savings & Loan bailout.

1989 – While Barack Obama served as the Harvard Law Review’s first black president in its 104 year history, Hillary Clinton then wife of the Arkansas governor was receiving payments from a law firm that was doing the state's business and board of director payments from Wal-Mart where she remained silent about Wal-Mart’s anti-labor union practices.

1999 – While Barack Obama was securing bipartisan support for health-care reform and passage of low-income tax credits and child care subsidies in the Illinois legislature, Hillary Clinton was urging her husband to bomb Yugoslavia and supported was supported his Iraq “regime change” policy in an effort to divert public attention from the president’s marital, legal and ethical misconduct.

2007 – While Barack was promoting a restoration of balance between work and wealth and criticizing special interests for distorting U.S. tax codes, Hillary and her husband were liquidating their blind trust of the nearly $50 million amassed during their years in public office.

The U.S. needs a uniter not a divider for President as the global economy teeters on the brink of economic meltdown not unlike the Great Depression.

Afterall the Roaring Twenties decade that preceded the Great Depression, like the Irrational Nineties that preceded our current decade, were both a golden age for technology, scandal-plagued politicians, corporate greed, and unrestrained personal debt and speculation.


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