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He can't vote, but he can memorize

January 7, 2008 |  8:02 am

Manchester, N.H. -- It's not unusual for younger children to parrot a phrase they hear over and over on television, often to the dismay of the parents. But Erica Murphy, who handles public relations for a company in Ashland, N.H., simply laughs as she relates what she's been hearing lately from her four-year-old, Brandon.

Often around dinnertime, when ads for the various presidential candidates bombard the airwaves in the Granite State, Brandon will suddenly blurt out, in sync with what's he's watching: "I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message" (or some such variation, depending on whose spot is on).

His mom adds that even when the TV isn't on, her son has taken to piping up: "I'm Brandon Murphy, and I approve of this message."

Let's see, if the political stars align properly for the tot, households across the country could be hearing this line mid-century. And remember, you heard about him first here.

-- Don Frederick