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Florida TV execs must love Mitt Romney

The Nielsen Co. today released statistics on television advertising in Florida, figures that will loom as particularly telling if Mitt Romney wins Tuesday's Republican presidential primary in the state.

The report spotlights the extent of the media campaign Romney has run in Florida. From March of last year through the first part of last week, TV spots for the former Massachusetts governor totaled 4,475.

The comparable number for John McCain: 470.

All of McCain's ads have been broadcast this month. Romney's total for the month: 1,392.

Romney had the advantage last year of being flush with cash, while McCain's campaign at times was virtually tapped out. And even as McCain's financial situation has improved, Romney ...

has maintained a big edge over him, in part by funneling an unknown (but presumably hefty) amount of his personal fortune into his campaign coffers.

Rudy Giuliani, despite long ago keying in on Florida as the cornerstone of his White House bid, was dark in the state until December, when his campaign aired 189 spots. But he flooded the market in the first 22 days of this month, with 2,878 ads.

If the primary results parallel the latest polls and he finishes a weak third (or worse) in the vote, an old Madison Avenue saw will be confirmed: An aggressive, well-done ad campaign can quicken a current's pace, but it can't reverse its course.

-- Don Frederick


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Mitt Romney is clearly the best candidate for President.

He understands issues and can make America stronger.

McCain is what like 80 or something and Huck well he has his nose up McCain's rear hoping to be his VP. Both too weak, liberal for me.

Mitt focuses on the facts.. we need a smart man and a CEO to turn around
our nation.

I think the situation with Rudy Giuliani's campaign demonstrates how issues truly matter to voters.Mayor Giuliani's campaign had immense name recognition and plenty of money.However,Rudy Giuliani is out of alignment with most Republican voters on the critical issues of the right to life and the right to bear arms.Socially conservative voters are not going to support a pro-choice candidate for the Republican nomination.I'm a Christian,conservative citizen who will vote for a candidate who believes in the right to life.That candidate is Senator John McCain.His devotion to our nation and his conservative principles should earn him the GOP nomination for President.

Mitt Romney can not be trusted. He will say anything and pay anything to win. Just look at the debate, Romney cheated. Do you want someone dishonest and deceptive as our president? Don't believe me? Look at these 3 videos. Romney has someone telling him what to say. And yes, the prompts are in the original video feed. Romney's cheating tells us a lot about his character. I want a president that has integrity and Romney proves here he does not.

Romney is the candidate to vote for as Romney is the expert of the pack regarding the economy. This should be the chief concern of American voters.

Romney for President!
Smart, Successful, Intelligent, Conservative...and NOT part of the Washington establishment!
Unlike Obama: This really sounds like a change you want to see realized. Vote for Romney and spare yourself a EUdSSR

Hey Dan, nice try with the whisper conspiracy lunacy..

It was a whisper from the crowd.. If anybody needed somebody to whisper them an answer that night it was McCain when Ron Paul asked him the question on economics..!!

Brian Williams stated that he heard the whisper come from someone in the crowd not from the lecturn..

BTW, Romney graduated cum laude from Harvard, McCain graduated 694th out of 699 students in his graduating class..

MItt Romney has what it takes to bring us out of a possible recession. He is very intelligent and gets things done. He is not a "politician" in the McCain sense. He hasn't spent his life worrying about how to negotiate with the Democrats. He argues his side and his logic wins over people. We want someone who will truly reflect the values and concerns of most Americans. Mitt Romney is that man.

McCain For President!
Do you want to learn how much of a Straight talk McCain is?
Would you like to see how much honesty to give McCain has?
Then watch this video and learn:

McCain For President!

Mitt Romney is the most liberal candidate running. He's buying the election, he needs to be secretly coached during debates, he's never met a bill sponsored by Ted Kennedy that he wouldn't sign.

If Mitt buys the election then millions of grassroot Christians supporting either Huck or Paul will stay home on election day and Hillary or Obama will win handily.

Mitt Romney will bankrupt our country even more than Bush has. He wants to stay in wars, he wants to preemptively strike. We need to make the USA the country everyone wants to look up to. We need to abolish the Patriot Act, and bring our civil liberties back. We have to show the world that peace starts with us.

If you think Ron Paul doesn't know economics, he has been on the House Finance committee for many years, he knows far more about the state of our nation's finances than Mitt Romney.


Hey Hope, the last thing Mitt want to do is to prematurely strike. And of course he wants to stay in Iraq till it is finished, otherwise we are no longer the bully on the play ground, but yet the bullied. It's simple politics and government, take a damn class! McCain will die in office of old age if he is elected, and give a very bad name to the Republican CONSERVATIVE Party. He is Ill tempered, ugly, and a lose cannon. He doesn't even get along with his mother for cryin out loud, and All you McCain supporters think he will get along with foreign Governments! Holy Crap! The definition of STUPID is: lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind.

Go Mitt!


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