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Duncan Hunter makes it official

We have to give Duncan Hunter -- the little-noticed and, of late, almost completely ignored Republican presidential candidate -- credit for good sense on at least one count.

He didn't bother spending any money on renting a place for campaign aides and supporters to gather today in Nevada (even though it only needed to be a small room). Nor did he write a check for space in South Carolina.

Instead, starting his day in Reno, he watched as he got creamed in Nevada's midday caucuses. Then, as the first votes trickled in from South Carolina, it quickly became clear he was suffering a similar rebuff in that state's primary (as of now, it looks like he'll be lucky to break the 1,000-vote mark in the Palmetto State).

Early this evening, he bowed to the inevitable and issued a statement officially ending a White House bid that was the very definition of quixotic. He said that "not being able to gain traction in conservative states of Nevada and South Carolina" meant that "it's time to allow our volunteers and supporters to focus on the campaigns that remain viable."

Not that it particularly matters, given the un-viability of his campaign, but Hunter made no endorsement in his statement. But perhaps he will later tonight -- he's returning to San Diego and will speak to backers at the Broadway Pier at 8 p.m. (PST).

[UPDATE: Hunter did not cast his lot with another candidate. Nor did he indicate whether he would. Nor is it clear whether any of the remaining campaigns much care].

-- Don Frederick

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It's too bad that Hunter did not gain "traction." He was a fine conservative candidate, and in my estimation was the best candidate for the presidency. The others either do not share my views or have not gained my trust.

Imagine that, a "conservative's" campaign, arguably based on bigotry, unable to gain "traction" with the broader U.S. population (the majority of whom descend from some form of immigrants).

With Hunter out of the race, conservatives must begin to look at the only two candidates left who can win the nomination: Romney and McCain.

Forget about Giuliani. Forget about Thompson.

Only two candidates have shown appeal in more than one state: Romney and Mccain.

Only two candidates have serious campaigns: Romney and McCain.

Pick the one that hasn't betrayed you. Please, for the love of God, vote Romney.

Hunter out?!? Oh, no!! Who now will speak for America??

If he hardly spent any money campaigning, what did he do with any donations???

Sounds like he, along with one state Giuliani, wasn't really interested in becoming president, but liked to raise money.

Imagine that, a "conservative's" campaign, arguably based on bigotry, unable to gain "traction" with the broader U.S. population (the majority of whom descend from some form of immigrants)."

Your statement is a BALD FACE LIE!

I DARE you to post one example of bigotry demonstrated by Congressman Hunter!

As you CLEARLY have difficulty in grasping the DIFFERENCE between ILLEGAL ALIENS and Legal immigrants (more like you just don't want to), I will point it out for you.

One, the RACISTS BIGOTS are people like you who think you can spew your racists BS towards people just because they DEMAND the enforcement of the laws of the U.S.

TWO, where Americans come from is irrelevant to the invasion of tens of MILLIONS of THIRD WORLD ILLEGAL ALIENS...who COMMIT CRIMES BY ENTERING THE US ILLEGALLY, NOT PAYING TAXES, and destroying our quality of life that they have NO LEGAL right to, PERIOD!....did you get THAT?

ILLEGAL ALIENS... are NOT immigrants, NOR do they have ANYTHING to do with where Americans come from, NOR does that MAKE Ducan Hunter or any other ANTI ILLEGAL ALIEN American...a racist..


This article about Hunter leaving the race with the comments here almost make it seem sad that he is gone. I guess that means one more group of people for Ron Paul.


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