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California's Duncan Hunter endorses Mike Huckabee

Duncan Hunter, the San Diego County House member whose low-profile campaign for the Republican presidential nomination never really gained any traction anywhere, tonight endorsed Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

In a joint statement this evening, both men praised each other and their newfound friendship discovered on the campaign trail. "Of the remaining candidates," Hunter said, "I feel that he is strongly committed to strengthening national defense, constructing the border fence and meeting the challenge of China's emergence as a military superpower that is taking large portions of America's industrial base."

The retiring congressman, who quit the presidential race himself last weekend after negligible performances in both Nevada and South....

Carolina, praised Huckabee's integrity and character as well as lauding the other GOP candidates for their many strengths.

"My personal choice is Mike Huckabee," said Hunter, who along with Sen. John McCain was the only other military combat veteran of either party in the presidential race.

The unexpected endorsement by the very conservative Hunter is unlikely to mean much in terms of actual money or supporters. There were so few of them, Hunter barely registered in the polls.

But in a raw political sense it will give Huckabee, the surprise Iowa caucus victor who's now having some campaign finance troubles of his own, some conservative cover. Huckabee has been attacked for raising taxes and supporting in-state tuitions for illegal immigrants' children by several conservative organizations, commentators and GOP competitors.

Huckabee, a Baptist preacher, responded that much of the spending increases were court-ordered, that he had also lowered 94 taxes, and that Republicans needed to be more compassionate and attentive to populist programs.

But in recent days, having raised only a fraction of the fourth-quarter money of, for instance, Rep. Ron Paul's nearly $20 million, Huckabee had to cut back his Florida staff in the last intense week before that state's Republican primary vote.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Overwhelmed by their access to voters, the elite media talk show hosts are unknowing splitting the conservative vote, as they did with Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and Ross Perot, rather than allowing conservatives and moderates to naturally come together and elect a conservative candidate without the brain washing and negative slandering from the elite media talk show hosts.

As the talk hosts continue to mislead and split the conservative party votes the liberal candidates prepare to win.

Wake up conservatives; ignore “Rush” and the other “Rush” want-a-bees. Support Mike Huckabee for President and send a message that you have a brain, and say no thanks to their propaganda.

How uttlerly uninspiring. Duncan Hunter would have served his country better by endorsing Ron Paul. Instead he chooses a man who was a combat military veteran, as if that somehow qualifies someone to keep our country free, prosperous and out of harm's way. As if that would help us return to a closer adherence to the Constitution and limited government that respects our liberties. Huckabee is willing to drop nukes on the Middle East and blow Iranians to the "gates of Hell".. Enjoy your endorsement, Mr. Hunter. Huckabee is already broke and it will only be a matter of time.

Duncan who?

Having another GOP candidate backing Governor Mike Huckabee at this time is HUGE! The people of America like Mike Huckabee because of what Mike Huckabee stands for.

We support Governor Mike Huckabee 100%

Dan Campbell
Sgt., USMC

This is just odd...

Hunter's endorsement will only lend criticism to Huckabee's inconsistencies on the border, and hurt Hunter.

San Diego, where this man served as congressman, is dominated by Romney politics, and a whole lot of Ron Paul supporters, those who support Hunter were critical of Huckabee, and now are critical of Hunter.

Endorsements can hurt both, and in this case they do.

also, putting your name and credentials is worthless on the Internet. because it's your word, which on these anon forums will always not be credible.

In forums, it's how intelligent your argument is, and how stupid you make your opponent look. also sources, always cite your sources.

The Reality of this endorsement is simple: Huckabee will loose in a slow road to realize that he can't support his own ego. Hunter isn't running for anything this year, but his son is. he may have hurt his sons chances a little bit by backing Huckabee, because people are stupid and Duncan Hunter's son's name is Duncan D Hunter.

anyone support Huckabee has lost sight of reality and should reconsider, because he'll drop before he can even try anything at convention. In Addition Huckabee shares more in common with Bill Clinton than any other Republican.

Francis M,
Professor Emeritus of Metacognative Research at Cal State University Doesn't Really Matter

Does this really signal a positive change for the Huckabee campaign? They went from Chuck Norris to Duncan Hunter....

If what Rev. Huckabee stands for is so gerat why did he not get the endorsement of "Jane Roe" from Roe vs Wade? If huckabee was the moral compass in this campaign that some would like to pretend, it would seem a shoe-in for him to get he backing of the once pro-choice lightning rod turned pro-life advocate. However that honor was more accurately placed on a man truely worthy of it, Ron Paul.

Mr. Malcolm. I've been reading your blog quite a bit lately. Don't look now but your Ron Paul support is starting to show. :)

Mike Huckabee has the most executive experience of any candidate running. He was re-elected Governor of Arkansas until his term limits expired. He was their Lt. Governor prior to that. He was voted one of the Best Five Governors in America by Time Magazine. He is the best communicator since Ronald Reagan. Mike Huckabee is for real and he is authentic!

Congressman Duncan Hunter has now endorsed Mike Huckabee!

US Rep John Linder who worked on the Ronald Reagan campaign gives a great comparison between the Ronald Reagan and Mike Huckabee campaign trails.

(Yes, you need to read this blog more often or at least read the item you're posting your comment on. We had that news here yesterday.)

Wow, ... I must have fallen asleep and lost a few months somewhere, Rip Van Winkle style.
Are people STILL talking about huckabee?
Damn, people! If you want out of the war there is but one choice. If you want the illegal border activity stopped, there is one choice. Restrained government? ONE choice, and it DAMN SURE AINT HUCKABEE OR ROMMNEY!!

I think americans have had a little too much television and floride in their water.....

Do the American people realize that the only Presidential hopeful left that
isn't on the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) is RON PAUL? The CFR are more
ready and willing than alot of the American people realize to put us into a
Police State, that is, a NWO (New World Order), a One World Government.
Notice how the media plays down Mr. Paul and allows him very little on-air
time to voice his opinions, etc. They don't like the fact that he wants to restore
the Constitution, isn't a baby killer, doesn't want to control our guns, and isn't for
big government, choosing to allow the people to have a voice. So they try to snuff
him out like he doesn't exist. Spread the word all over America..... and soon,
if you don't want to lose your freedom!!! And pray for Ron Paul, and for America!!!


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