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Breaking News: Rudy Giuliani hints at dropping out

Giuliani_jvd3hwnc Rudy Giuliani appears to be pondering an end to his long pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination.

In a meeting in the back of his chartered plane en route to St. Petersburg, Fla., a short while ago, the onetime, longtime GOP front-runner told a small group of reporters, including The Times' Louise Roug: "The winner of Florida will win the nomination."

He then went on to predict he would win. And his spokeswoman, Maria Comella, said later he was speaking with confidence.

But that's an unusually categorical statement suggesting that only a total first-place upset by Giuliani, who trails both Mitt Romney and John McCain in all major polls for Florida's Republican primary tomorrow, will keep him in the competition, despite previous repeated vows to continue.

Giuliani's campaign, which led in national polls when it began and stayed there for many months, is showing signs of serious financial fatigue. This month his top staffers are foregoing their paychecks so the maximum amount of money can be invested to salvage his political fortunes in the Sunshine State, which was where Giuliani's late-state strategy was to kick into high gear.

So far, he's yet to finish first anywhere and ended up behind Rep. Ron Paul in Iowa and Nevada.

In his meeting with reporters today, Giuliani added that, no matter what happens Tuesday, he  definitely would  participate in the Republican debate co-sponsored by The Times on Wednesday at the Reagan Library.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Don Emmert AFP/Getty Images

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Robert Marley said a couple million posts back that, "I AM EXTRAORDINARILY DISGUSTED WITH THIS HIT-JOB PIECE BY THIS PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now he knows how Ron Paul supporters feel and maybe now understand their tenacious behavior when it comes to supporting their candidate. It's a little taste of walking in someone else's shoes. WHY NOT SHOW THE ESTABLISHMENT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PISS OFF ENOUGH PEOPLE?

S T A Y * I N * I T* R U D Y ! McCain has insider strength but a dour personality that turns off everyone. Romney is being discriminated by everyone because he is smart, good looking, smooth, rich, faithful and successful...the same qualities that earn the ire of low class high school brats....and liberals. You cleaned up a crime ridden city, made landowners and residents richer than heck, performed brilliantly during the 911 Attacks, went to more funerals and took care of more people than any American leade would. You have calm under pressure and can think clearly. There's still a lot to be offered by your candidacy. And if it doesn't work, how about a Romney Guilliani ticket? Surely that beats a Hillary-Billary ticket (No VP candidate needed as Hillary doesn't think anyone is good enough)

Thanks Chris A for illustrating the kind of paranoid extremist drivel that drove me to become an independent. We need to start thinking like Americans and stop demonizing half of the country who happento belong to a slightly more liberal political party. As a fiscal conservative I like to see a balanced budget. It would be nice to see that come from my former party, but the GOP just gives more tax cuts to the super rich and allows the middle class (who pay most of the taxes) to get hit with AMT.

Ron Who? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. . .

Mike, I'd love to see a source for your Broad Street Pump story that supports your claim that the pump was sewer was owned by "libertarians"--a term that was not in common use back then in any event. I have seen arguments in favor of public health measures that libertarians might oppose, based on the removal of the pump handle by John Snow. But at the time people were not building private sewers to protect themselves from cholera because pretty much everyone before John Snow believed that it was airborne, not transmitted through water.

Mr. Malcolm, I hope you are right. I've had way too much of his cackling at the honorable Dr. Paul. It's a total disgrace, and extremely rude, especially since Dr. Paul has bested him in nearly every contest thus far.

Here's a 2 minute video that, IMO, pretty well sums up the presidential candidates. Judge Andrew Napolitano states that all of them, in both parties, EXCEPT Ron Paul would be basically a continuation of the Bush agenda (which is, BTW, really the Council on Foreign Relations agenda.) All the other candidates are associated with the CFR.

None of the other candidates obeys or understands the Constitution. Dr. Paul reveres it.

"All the others would be George W. Bush all over again."-Judge Andrew Napolitano

Ron Paul is the only one who will reverse the disastrous Bush agenda and restore our Constitutional liberties, our prosperity, and our standing in the world. I like to think of him as the anti-Bush. I have always considered myself a "liberal" (have never voted for a Republican before) and I would not even think about voting for anyone other than Dr. Paul. All Ron Paul supporters should contribute to the campaign to allow Dr. Paul to continue all the way to the convention! After all, unlike all the others, he is not doing this for himself, he is doing it for us.

Go Ron Paul!! For Liberty!

Nice Ommission of facts.
What shabby 'journalism'

You wrote
"So far, he's yet to finish first anywhere and ended up behind Rep. Ron Paul in Iowa and Nevada."

You 'forgot' to mention that Ron Paul beat Rudy in
South Carolina!
And New Hampshire!

Was that just an accidental ommission of fact? Or was it intenally left out to mislead people?

Either way it is shabby journalism.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bumper sticker seen last year in Scottsdale:
McCain For President-------OF MEXICO

Rudy bet the wad on Fla and was awol in the events leading up to it. He most likely had to based upon his cash on hand. He has now blown the wad in Fla and without a new influx of cash he will be scraping up plane fare to fly to the next debate.

RINO Rudy doesn`t have a prayer... He`s a Boosh re-tread, and wants amnesty for illegal aliens, favors sanctuary cities like NY when he was mayor, and keeps on bringing up 9-11 over and over again... We get it, you were the mayor then... Bye bye RINO Rudy!

Sorry King Rudy has been dethroned, he's always been an arrogant idiot anyway. Next to drop out is Ron Paul when he's out of money, maybe he and Ralph Nader can run as independents LOL!! By the way what the hell is he a doctor of? Naivety? Huckabee will also run out of money and drop out next month, and after Super Tuesday only Romney and McCain will be left.

You Rudy and Ron Paul supporters are total pathetic idiots and I really wish you crawl back to your holes in the NE and leave Florida already...

Ron Paul Revolution.

Hey Mike,

You forgot to mention another Libertarian bunch. The Founding Fathers. Real nasty country they created. Right Mike ?

In your story you forgot to mention that government is supposed to protect property rights and when they don't you have consequences. So the protection of property right is paramount.

You also seem to forget that were many plagues during history and you can't attribute them to Libertarian's.

As for taxes for road repairs :

I guess it must be those Libertarians that " spill an estimated 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage every year" .

I like Ron Paul and like his ideas because they make sense.

McCain has a checkered past with war vets.

Mitt seems like a nice enough guy, but ,sorry guy, Rudy seems to have a better economic record than Mitt; however, both belong appear to be more inline with the Democratic party and progressive issues rather than Republicans.

Paul is much more inline with republicans values than any other. Which always leads me to say that there are really only 2 candidates left Ron Paul and everyone else because Rommeny, McCain, Hillary, Obama, Huckabee, Edwards and Gulliani are repackaging of the same old same old that just does not work.

(I still like Mike Gravel but the democrats have made sure that he doesn't stand a chance.)

Time for a change and a real change. Time to try something different , time to take a risk at new , albeit old in a way, ideas.

To continue to try and drain a lake by pouring more water into will not work.

I will write Paul in but I prefer the democrats to the other republicans because if you are going to have socialistic policies let the democrats do them they are better at it.

you people are nuts. the dems are going to kick the repubs ass next year. everyone knows it. It doesn't matter who the republicrap is that gets nominated.
bama a muslim? give me a break! At least Huckabee has his head on straight when it comes to helping PEOPLE rather than maintaining power for people making over $1mil/year. That's all the republicraps represent, especially Romney. Oh, and you idiots too, evidently.

Is the L.A. Times as STUPID as they appear? Where in that article does Rudy say he is considering dropping out?? Are they MORONS?? Or are they just trying to steer more mindless readers to vote for some raise your taxes, admit defeat, socialized medicine, tree hugging, pot smoking, isolationist, liberal/socialist candidate like Clinton/Obama? Please don't listen to these idiots, Rudy. We need someone in office who isn't going to listen to the crap like the L.A. Times is shovelling!!


Good get rid of him and the rest of the phony republicans theres not a real one in the bunch. What are we gonna end up with McCain I'd vote for a rock befoer I'd vote for that sell out.

I cannot believe many of the comments made here. They amount to nothing compared to what should be talked about. And that is the real threat to our freedom and what can be done about it. All the candidates are puppets of the CFR as they are members of it. All but Ron Paul that is. The CFR could care less about which one gets in as president as they will be pulling the strings. All except for Ron Paul. This fellow Ron Paul scares them as he is already upsetting their collective applecart. Through Ron Paul and his supporters an awakening of the voters is starting and the CFR does not like seeing what is going on. The MSM is the perfect example of CFR action. It appears they are to stop Ron Paul at any cost. Remember when the regulatory commission concerning the mass media consolidations allowed this happen? There were warnings then and it has now come to pass.

Our constitution is being stripped by this same outfit. Our borders to be done away with. A One World Order under the CFR with slavery and injustice to all.

Each and everyone one of you should be confirming what I have just said and you would forget the pettiness of the comments made here. You could get really scared and sick to your stomach when you realize how badly we all have been had over the space of more than sixty years.

I leave what I have said to you to confirm in your own minds by digging the truth out. You will not like what you will find. And ask yourselves at each step this question. Where do I as an individual fit in?

"But that's an unusually categorical statement suggesting that only a total first-place upset by Giuliani, who trails both Mitt Romney and John McCain in all major polls for Florida's Republican primary tomorrow, will keep him in the competition, despite previous repeated vows to continue."

According to CNN, Rudy is also trailing Ron Paul, who has 6 delegates to Rudy's 1. Funny how the MSM persist in ignoring him. Only by "funny" I mean "bloody infuriating and utterly inexcusable."

Like it or not, Dr Paul exists and is a viable candidate. Show some intellectual honesty for once and admit it.

The war is out of the news right now because the media is trying to lure the Republicans into nominating a pro-war candidate to give the Dems the upper hand! By November '08 the war, death and destruction in Iraq will be in the headlines. With 70% of the people against the war, no pro-war candidate will win, period! Vote Ron Paul or elect a Democrat! Ron Paul, the only real Republican!

why don

Good riddance. 3 to go and the nomination goes to the only patriot and constitutionalist, Ron Paul!!

Hang in there Ron.

Those who think that a die-hard RP supporter could back any of the other Repub's, are those who need the REALITY check. 27 years of voting a straight R ticket has been all the STATUS QUO I can stand!

Even though I supported Bush (twice -- yeah, sorry) and his War on Terror -- I see what a farce it is and that war truly is a racket meant to keep people in their places, subservient to higher taxes, less freedom, more government control.

I see now that you CAN be a Republican AND be ANTI-WAR. Republicans have totally succumbed to the fear implanted by the party leadership and have bought in with their loyalty to the party.

Regarding the other Reps -- had I not heard RP's platform, I would likely have fallen for Romney even though he seems to do what is politically expedient, though this can be said of all the other candidates. As for McCain -- his straight talk is that there WILL be more wars -- that's his promise. If this is really about jihad -- he is sadly mistaken if he believes we can "win" with nuclear (or even conventional) weapons. Why don't they just admit this is about control of the Middle East for oil interests? They were hoping that it would save the failing economy.

As for Huckabee and the evangelical vote (of which I was part of in the past) I no longer see the need for Government to be the long arm of God, especially since he willing to be a tool for the establishment.

Rudy, like the rest of the GOP, have benefited greatly from the War on Terror -- and a vote for the GOP establishment is a vote for fearmongering and economic depression. Thanks, but I'll pass.

Duncan Hunter was the man, followed by Tancredo, followed by maybe Fred Thompson, if he was for real. The choices aren't good now. Huckabe is universally recognised by all the farmers I know in Arkansa as a minor crook striving to reach the Clintonian level of curuption. Ron Paul, I would support if he recognized the threat from Islamic Terrorist. It is real and we will have a major strike against us within two years of Hillary being elected president. Then you can say goodby to ALL your civil liberties. Rudy may or may not be currupt, however he isn't doing well. His supporters mainly would go to Romney, thereby helping McCain by supporting Rudy. That brings to to McCain, All I can do is ask you all to google Senate Armed Forces Select Commitee on POW/MIA and see how J.Fing.Kerry with McCain declaired their was no creduble evidence that their was POW's left in Viet Nam, shredded 22,000 pages of documentation and voted to normalize relations with Viet Nam. Seriously, I wish I was making this up. Please research it, if you find it true, please spread the word. The MSM will not! On top of this several of McCains favorite organizations may possible be funded by George Soros. This brings me to the whole subject of the New World Order all the Demos and half the Repubs are pushing for including both President Bushs and President Clinton. But now, since if anyone that is still reading this will think I'm crazy, I'll sign off.

I'm from the CFR. We have your IP addresses. Ron Paul will lose. You will be tracked down. Your days are numbered.

Ghouliani should run for office over in Israel. Afterall, he seems more interested in defending Israeli borders than he is American borders.

Patriotic Americans of intelligence will be voting for Ron Paul - the only honest candidate in the running and the only candidate truly committed to ending these needless conflicts which the jews insist upon dragging Americans into.

Rudy? who is Rudy? I want to vote for the 9/11 guy who wants to 9/11 the 9/11's that 9/11 us when we 9/11 our 9/11's and who 9/11'd on the 9/11th of 9/11ing the 9/11. I am all for supporting the 9/11 candidate because of 9/11

Good riddance Rudy Giuliani. The more he campaigned, the further his poll numbers dropped. Sean Hannity & Fox News Channel will have to campaign for another candidate.

Hasn't come in first, you say. Not second or third either, right?

Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike... 1850s London a Libertarian Experiment? LOL. It'd be funny if not such blatant misinfo! Yeesh!

The most libertarian environment so far on earth -- the most free market oriented -- was 1800s USA. Far from perfect in that it failed to fully extend and protect the rights of consent to minorities and was increasingly for sale to the monopolists who eventually brought us Central Banking and a host of other pro-cartel legislation, but it nonetheless became the engine of the wealth that the 20th century social peddlers were able to coast on until eventually bankrupting it -- which is where we are today.

Stop blaming the free market ideas of freedom and liberty for collectivist outcomes and corporatist (neo-fascist) government actions, both of which are for sale to the mob and highest bidders.

On the other hand, if those are what you want, keep voting for the same old Garbage!


Also, don't confuse small government with no government.

Have no idea if you read these "comments" but I need to say something. Thank you. I, and all of mine, will remember, that when no one had the courage, to say the name, of he who may not be named...YOU did. You are brave among men and rare. I will make sure my grandchildren (6 so far), know of you and your quiet, consistent support of fairness and truth. You are among the those that give me hope for America, the country my parents told me I lived in, the one I pray my grandchildren inherit. Ron Paul may be our last chance. Press on.

(Thank you, Mary. Of course, i read these. It's supposed to be a dialogue, right? I appreciate your kind words and your taking the time to leave them and to even read mine. Hope to see you back here often.)

Ask a New Yorker...they'll tell you what a total fraud Giuliani is.

good riddance.

Thanks Andrew for your ability to point out this somewhat hidden gem in Rudy's agenda.

We will fondly remember his unhinged presence in the future of this campaign.
(Compared to his more boring cohorts Romney McCain and Huckabee)

1.) Romney is no conservative. He was pro-gun control, pro-abortion, and pro gay rights until two years ago. Refused to even acknowledge the surge as a successor until every other Republican candidate except that wacko Ron Paul said so. Also, he was an independent until the 1990's.
2.) Rudy is socially liberal on abortion, school prayer, guns, and gays. He has some good economic ideas. Unfortunately, he is almost bankrupt and his family history will be used against him.
3.) Huckabee is a good man. He is a social conservative who supported the surge. He took a no-tax pledge and wants to replace the income tax system(with a simple consumption tax). Unfortunately, he is low on money and can't make the final cut.
4.) Ron Paul seems to have a problem. He is someone who has a medical degree, served in government, and yet never read a history book. He claims that he is not an isolationist because he wants us to trade with foreign countries. According to that definition, there has never been an isolationist movement in U.S. history. In reality, there have been numerous isolationist movements(during the 1790's, 1914-1917, 1920-1941), these groups thought that we could avoid the conflicts of the world and just be neutral traders. In all three cases, they were wrong(read up on the Barbary pirates, WW1, and WW2). From what I can tell, it looks like a lot of his supporters are backing him based simply on his foreign policy. This isolationist strain(especially when he blames U.S. foreign policy for 9/11) together with the drug legalization tends to usually garner support from the left. I wonder how many of his left-oriented supporters are aware of his desires to cut taxes, do away with the welfare state, end affirmative action, do away with funding for womens programs such as title 9, border control, and support efforts at the state level to outlaw abortion. However, I'm willing to bet that many of his supporters only care about his anti-war message. They are probably afraid of being drafted. Don't worry the U.S. military will never be desperate enough to resort to drafting Ron Paul supporters.
5.) John McCain. Not perfect on immigration and looks too often for a pat on the shoulder from democrats. However, he was pro-surge and has supported the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the only one calling for government spending cuts and supports further tax cuts. He is pro-death penalty, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and opposed to both gay marriage and gays in the military. He has an 82 or 83% conservative rating. Finally, most polls show him beating both Obama(wrong on issues and inexperienced) and Hillary(wrong on issues and showing the worst behavorial aspects of Richard Nixon). Seems to me the only real choice for a true conservative.

I never understood what Rudy was even doing with an (R) by his name, let alone why he was leading in the polls. Good to see him go.

U guys r nuts, no matter what happens to Rudy, I would rather see Rambo in office then somebody like Hillary C&*%$ or Obu@&%. ETC. 1/2 of the country foregot what this country is all about & what the founding fathers went to war for in the 1700's.

This has turned, for the most part into a Rudy bashing, Ron Paul lauding debate. I've read VERY little about the issues themselves & even then it's only what each of you WANT to point out. Just like the candidates, no one will ever give the WHOLE story. I recently got an email from a relative of mine and it really opened my eyes to some things. It's a survey to compare your views on certain issues with those of the candidates. Granted it's not "scientific" but it showed me that I probably agree more overall with Democrats than Republicans although the whole Hillary & Billary show has really turned me even more against her. If I do vote Democrat in the upcoming primary it sure won't be for her. If shes the candidate I'll be voting Republican, although I do hope Romney doesn't get the nod. I could handle Obama in the White House but would love to see Edwards get the nomination and run against, Huckabee or McCain. If it happened to be an Obama/Edwards vs. McCain/Huckabee ticket I'd really be torn but would welcome the mental battle for my decision. Hillary sure won't bring people together and even though she tried to say Obama had been grooming himself for the Oval Office ever since he got to D.C., how many times do you hear her in EVERY speech talk about her 35 years of experience? Seems to me thats about 6x the amount of grooming. Anyway, if anyone is at all interested in the actual issues, check out the link & see how your views ACTUALLY compare to the candidates. I guarantee some of you will be suprised!

Let us look at McCain’s conservative credentials:

-IMMIGRATION: he wrote the bill granting amnesty to illegal immigrants (co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy)
-SOCIAL SECURITY: he voted to give your social security money to illegal immigrants
-TAXES: he voted against the Bush tax cuts multiple times (he has since flip-flopped and has campaigned as a lifelong tax-cutter)
-RHETORIC: he routinely engages in Democratic class warfare against big companies in America, particularly the “evil” drug companies who research cures to debilitating diseases for a profit
-ECONOMY: as recently as December 2007 he admitted “he does not know the economy very well” and needed to get better at it
-1ST AMENDMENT: he wrote the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that was declared to be an unconstitutional infringement of the 1st Amendment (co-sponsored by ultra-liberal Democrat Russ Feingold)
-2ND AMENDMENT: he was called the “worst 2nd amendment candidate” by the president of the NRA
-ENERGY TAX: wrote a bill (co-sponsored by his buddy Lieberman) imposing a massive tax on energy which, according to the Department of Energy, would drastically raise the price of gasoline and put 300,000 Americans out of work
-GLOBAL WARMING: supports radical global warming legislation which involved him voting with every Democrat; think only America is responsible to take action, not other superpowers
-JUDGES: he joined forces with Democrats (Gang of 14) to block the Senate Republican’s attempt to confirm conservative, strict constructionist judges
-WAR ON TERROR: fought with Hillary Clinton to demand that terrorists be given a full American trial
-GAY MARRIAGE: he joined liberals to fight against a federal marriage amendment supporting the institution of traditional marriage
-CHRISTIANS: campaigning in 2000, he famously described Christian leaders as “agents of intolerance”
-PRO-LIFE: he filed an amicus brief against pro-life advocates in Wisconsin
-BI-PARTISANSHIP: he met with leading Democrats in 2004 to discuss the possibility of being John Kerry’s Vice-President
-PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: ringleader of the infamous Keating 5 ethical scandal which cost US tax payers $160 billion (Google it)
-PERSONAL ETHICS: McCain cheated on his first wife after she had a severe accident that left her partially disabled. He then divorced her and married his multi-millionaire mistress, whose daddy bought McCain a spot in the Congress

Just as well that Giuliani is dropping out--the incompetence of his campaign underscores how disastrous a president he would have been. Maybe if he backs McCain, he can get in line for Attorney General:

I didn't post the link in the body of my last posting. If you're REALLY interested in the issues and who you should back based on who you agree with most, go to the link shown below & answer the questions. Based on the answers you give, it will rank the candidates from most to least common views that you share. It might just open a few eyes. It did mine.

Ron Paul! Ron Paul is the only one for America forget the rest corporate hacks!

Ron Paul is NOT going to win the nomination!!!

NOT because of a conspiracy, NOT because his message has not been heard, NOT because people are afraid of him-------People have heard his message and they do NOT like what he is selling!!

Ron Paul only wins internet polls, but these voters never seem to show up at the "real" polls. This is only because people throughout the world are taking part in these internet polls. Do you doubt me-----Google Ron Paul + Spanish.

Being that Ron Paul only wins "virtual" (internet) polls-----and never seems to have the same results when "real" voting is required--------Why don't you just have a "virtual" election and let Ron Paul win???

Rudy believes he's already got a significant portion of the Republican vote locked up a la absentee balloting. So I think what Rudy is saying is, he thinks he's going to win. If you do the math and report the news, that's what he's saying. Maybe he's wrong, but that's what he's saying, not that he's dropping out.

MrUNPC: Huckabee had a voting record as a governor? Weird!
Ron Paul is a racist.

People who don't believe in the Ron Paul message obviously don't know what is headed their way with the ID card, and the North American Union. So much for "borders". Ya'll need to reflect, and I can only imagine 10 years from now, when you are desprate for change, and wished you would have voted Ron Paul.

It IS time to Think for Yourself............CAN ANY PRO WAR REPUBLICAN WIN IN NOVEMBER????

You can go DOWN with Bush Clones or Vote For Change?

Vote Ron Paul........................

Ron Paul for president! The only real canidate that will bring a change

I must agree with several people that Giuliani's statements do not seem to indicate that he will drop out after Florida. I would guess that he will at least play things out through Super Tuesday. However, I hope he drops out soon because he is woefully inept in understanding economic policy and is so completely ignorant on foreign policy that he would likely lead us down even more dangerous paths than President Bush. Unfortunately, the only candidate who appears to have any concept of basic economic theory, or has taken a history class on the last 60 years of American foreign policy, has been duly pushed to the periphery of the media discussion: Ron Paul.

Though the talking heads love to label Ron Paul as a "kook" or a leader of a "fringe" element, catchwords that have obviously been adopted by several other people who mimic the media drones, he has performed far too well in the primaries thus far to deserve such a moniker. Furthermore, for a "fringe" candidate, he certainly follows the Republican platform more closely than any other candidate, and has the voting record to support this claim. Instead of making unfounded claims about the futility of Paul's campaign, or making uneducated statements that erroneously portray Paul's policies as anti-American, actually stop and STUDY his positions fully and appropriately. If you disagree with him, fine, but at least take the time to ensure you are not speaking out of ignorance. As a historian, I can tell each of you this with absolute certainty: Paul's understanding of the role of American foreign policy in facilitating many of the problems we face today from Islamic terrorism is 100% accurate and substantiated by fact. So, instead of making emotionally charged attacks against Paul, think logically. You may not like what you find, but at least it will be the truth.

(1/30/08--Guess this blog was correct two days ago when it wrote about Giuliani hinting about dropping out.)

It's a good thing that people see through Rudy Giuliani's BS. But now they need to do the same with McCain, Romney, and Huckabee. They are all just as bad.

There is only one choice on the Republican side: Ron Paul.

Rudy made the crucial error of snubbing us Iowans. The funny thing about Rudy though is that the more people see him, the more they dislike him. He just seems old mean and frankly short. He is a lousy speaker and has poor organizational skills.
You should all remember though that there have been over a million early ballots turned in BEFORE Rudy slipped in the polls. This will be a wierd state!
Incidentally I apologize on behalf of all Iowans for Huckapoo, (or was that Huckachuck) I cast my vote for Romney before it was cool, and convinced my district to do the same. Come on Florida, give us an intelligent contender to fight against Clinton!

"For all you people who support the Libertarian cause, I suggest you read some history. In particular, the history of London in the 1850's when "libertarian values" were the order of the day."

Tim, you and others like you wouldn't know free market economics if it bit you on the ass! You set up a straw man, incorrectly call it libertarianism and proceed to knock it down. Why don't you read some history as written by Rothbard, Hospers, Mises, Friedman, Bastiat, etc.

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