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The Sunday shows: A bold prediction

Just ask the candidate: The Ron Paul juggernaut continues to gather steam.

The Texas congressman told CNN's "Late Edition" on Sunday that his longshot campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is on track to raise at least $12 million -- and perhaps much more -- this quarter, with $10.4 million alone collected since the beginning of October. That total includes almost $4.3 million raised on Nov. 5, the commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day in Britain. (In 1605, Fawkes led a failed plot to blow up Parliament; he was captured just as he was about to light the fuse to the gunpowder placed under the House of Lords.)

Paul's campaign has a similar goal for Dec. 16, the anniversary of another revolutionary act -- the Boston Tea Party. "There is going to be another super day sponsored by our supporters, spontaneously, like they did on 11/5, when they raised $4.3 million," Paul told CNN. "This one is going to be bigger."

The home page of Paul's Web site has a counter that tracks donations. "We run the tab minute by minute," he said. "Everybody know exactly what we are doing. And, I mean, at this rate, it could be, you know, maybe $14 million or $15 million" by the end of December.

Fund-raising isn't the only area where Paul is showing an increase. Back in May, the Des Moines Register's Iowa Poll showed his support at 0%. In the paper's latest poll of likely GOP caucus-goers, Paul now has 7%, tied with Sen. John McCain of Arizona and only two percentage points behind former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee. (This is the poll that has former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in first place, with 29%.)

"Something big is going on," Paul said. "The people are really annoyed with conventional politics and we are spending this money. We are spending it in Iowa. So I think those polls are going to continue to shift. Our numbers are going up."

-- Leslie Hoffecker

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The fact that money plays such a huge part in modern politics and elections, it is good to see Ron Paul getting so much financial support. This will allow everyone to see him and hear his message and decide for themselves.

Ron Paul is the only candidate in either party likely to reduce our governments wild and extravagant spending, which is in the process of eroding our economy.

Ron Paul is the only candidate in either party not owned by a corporation, or interest group.

He is the only chance for a step in the right direction for this country.

As the money continues to come in to the campaign, name recognition will increase, as will media coverage. That will only continue to build on his exponential growth in financing and polling. Paul has the ability to shock the world in Iowa and New Hampshire, and ultimately change the world in Washington.

Ever notice that when a person says Ron Paul can't win, there is an attitude of cynicism and resignation? People seem to feel that our government is immune to change. It is a monster that feeds on itself. The elections merely change mascots. We have a very unusual opportunity this time to dismantle our out-of-control government and rebuild it as it was meant to be by our founding fathers. Ron Paul can do it.

Ron Paul's supporters plans for Dec. 16 can be found at

Finally a candidate that we can vote for without having to choose the lessor of two evils. Ron Paul is the only choice for this country from either party.

Ron Paul has pledged to bring the troops home from Iraq immediately. All of the other candidates want to continue this wasteful war telling us, "if we leave now we will lose" This is not true! Iraq is liberated, Saddam is captured, and there we're no weapons of Mass destruction.

The active duty troops have donated more money to Ron Paul than any other candidate in the entire presidential race! Even Hillary and Obama say that the WAR WILL STILL BE GOING ON IN 2013!

People, remember we voted the democrats in last year because they said they were going to put an end to the war? Well, the haven't comer through so Ron Paul is the man for the job!

Please look into him instead of listening to the Main Stream Media!

Ron Paul continues to gather momentum because people are sick and tired of what they are getting and want real change. I want to restore fiscal sanity to this country, restore lost civil liberties, and roll back federal drug laws which lead to more crime just like it did during prohibition. Our foreign policy is a mess and the ONLY person running that makes sense on any of these issues is Ron Paul.

There HAS to be something to Ron Paul's rise. It is not just crazy druggies or anti-war fanatics. He is touching a very raw nerve in the electorate of this country that is driving more and more people to find out more about him. Once they find out and not rely on the press to tell them, they are hooked. EVERY election cycle needs a man like Ron Paul to wake people up. Wouldn't it be interesting if he actually won?

As Clintonites and the Fourth Estate watch the Paul / Huckabee phenomena with trepidation I'm cheering a glimmer of hope. There is essentially no difference between the current administration and the front runners of either party sans window dressing.
The war in Iraq has been ill conceived at best and a thinly disguised oil grab at worst. Either way it's been a bloodbath where the American taxpayer has been funding the opposition from the start; and all the front-runners can offer is a four or five year window to get out. Kinda makes me yearn for the Nixon years.
The current administration has raised the bar for incompetence in government. From the pardon of Scooter Libby to the still incomplete half billion dollar embassy in Baghdad we've funded blatant corruption that would have resulted in impeachment and prison a few decades ago.
Our best hope is still our greatest strength; our ability to choose our government. The system's been bent but it's a long way from broke. What's really needed now is for folks to step up and get involved and the press needs to stop pushing personal agendas and do their job.
That means applying their touted principles of balanced, accurate reporting and equal time to allow the "tail end Charlies" to be heard. If the Huckabee / Paul phenomenon is any indication, I'm not the only one completely fed up with business as usual.
Bill Clinton came "out of the woodwork" as a dark horse to win the election. I'm not saying Arkansas is the breeding ground for Presidents, but I'm sure a change is needed.

Ron Paul is also attracting former democrat supporters, such as myself, who are tired of inflation and taxes eating away at our paychecks. At the same time, the war in Iraq continues and more and more of our young men and women are being maimed. These wounds will be with them for the rest of their lives. For what?

Hilary refuses to commit to bring our troops home immediately nor does she address the issue of fiscal responsibility. Her only answers seem to be more taxes and more spending.

I am amazed that I am supporting a Republican, but he has the integrity on the issues - that is what wins my vote.

Hillary is a fundraising machine.

If the Republicans hope to win in 2008, the only chance is to be able to raise as much, or nearly as much, as her. Paul is currently heading for a $20 million dollar quarter, which will likely double the fundraising of any of his opponents (unless Mitt makes an emergency $10 million dollar donation to his own campaign).

NO ONE in the Republican field can outraise Ron Paul or even come close - he's the only chance the party has against Hillary.


Dr. Paul is the most amazing public servant I have ever seen.

He is untouched by the slime running through the halls of D.C. He represents REAL CHANGE.

It doesn't take long for someone to lose their apathy and become an activist after hearing his message.

Check him out:

The whole country will soon know his name.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn't have a scandalous past or any argument with the other candidates. Why? He is simply running on issues, not drama. Without drama the people have only the issues respresented and the candidates character and personality to assess as qualities for president. What a nice change, and Ron Paul actually is thinking about America and Americans first!

Thanks for the coverage, Ms. Hoffecker - excellent article! I'm very pleased to see Ron Paul's poll numbers and contributions rising daily, but even these do not accurately reflect the total support Ron Paul actually has from the American people.

I personally know two lifelong Democrats who will switch to vote Republican for Ron Paul in February. I personally know two first-time voters who will be voting for Dr. Paul in February. None of these people have ever been polled, they have not made campaign contributions nor are they active online so they have not been "counted". But they (and I) wouldn't dream of missing our opportunity to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries.

I am confident that the Primaries are going to surprise a lot of people.

Thanks for the article!

Ron Paul 2008!!

Hoooray for Ron Paul! Thank you for the article! I was a registered Independent and now I'm a newly registered Republican just so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primary!

Go Huckabee!!! Go Ron Paul!!! The only 2 honest grass roots candidates out there!!!!

The question of the day is not "Who is John Galt" It is "Do you know about Ron Paul?"


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